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Seasonal Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Quality Outdoor Furniture Covers

Patio Armor Oversized Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover with Pat James-Dementri

Our line of durable outdoor furniture covers is built to demanding quality specifications. You can always rest assured that our outdoor furniture covers will protect your investment from the elements.

Dont be fooled by cheap patio furniture covers available today. The primary goal of outdoor covers is to protect something. If they cant accomplish that basic task, then they are a waste of money at any price. We ensure that our outdoor furniture covers meet our stringent quality and durability standards while also accommodating budgets of various sizes.

Every one of our patio furniture covers is designed and manufactured to perform season after season for years to come by protecting your outdoor patio furniture from harsh UV rays, rain, snow and ice. Innovative features include high quality fabric and waterproof marine grade materials. Dont accept less.

Patio Watcher Patio Chaise Lounge Covers Heavy Duty

The Patio Watcher Chaise Lounge Chair Cover is a great cover for long outdoor lounge chairs. Its made to cover the entire length of a chaise lounge chair including the legs! While it looks plain compared to most cover designs, it doesnt lack in functionality. It is made of waterproof woven polyester fabric, and it uses high-density stitching on its bounded seams and edges. Its side air vents also reduce moisture inside the cover and help prevent mold after the cold and wet winter season.

Material: Woven Polyester

Patio Furniture Covers From Americas Largest Source

We specialize in getting you the perfect patio furniture cover for your needs. We do this by offering a wide variety of outdoor furniture covers made from the most durable waterproof marine grade materials including Marinex and Sunbrella. National Patio Covers carries industry leading patio furniture cover brands including Regent, Meridian, Portofino, and Seasons. All of our brands are hand-selected for durability, long life and style. Protect your investment for years to come with the biggest and best selection of patio furniture covers today!

Please call us if you need help selecting your patio furniture cover. We are happy to help! 800-616-0599.

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What Are Patio Covers

There is nothing quite like transforming your backyard with a patio cover to spruce up your home. Lumon’s versatile and elegant roofing systems enhance the enjoyment that you get from your own property, breathing new life into your outdoors. Our patio systems are an affordable and easy way to extend this year’s patio season for your home.

How Much Does A Patio Furniture Cover Cost

Buy Outdoor Patio Furniture Table and Chairs Cover 108"  Length Dark ...

The price tags of outdoor furniture covers can vary, based on a range of factors like size, material, and levels of protection. Naturally, a thick and highly protective cover for a large item like a table or outdoor sofa will be much more expensive, on average, than a smaller and simpler cover for your grill or BBQ.

If you’re going to spend some money on covers for your outdoor furniture, you should probably know some tips about how to use these covers! Check out some need-to-know tips from Sunniland Patio below.

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Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Round Fire Pit Cover

If you have a fire pit in your yard, this Duck Covers Firepit Cover is a great choice for winter storage. Duck Covers made this round fire pit cover to secure any fire pit in your yard during the rain or snow. Its waterproof material ensures that it stays dry no matter what. You can secure the cover with its Rip-n-Grip straps to tighten and fit the cover around the fire pit. It is easily the best winter fire pit cover!

How To Use And Maintain Your Patio Cover

Maintain your patio throughout the year. Regularly cleaning your patio throughout the year saves you a lot of hassle. Wondering what products you can use to clean your deck cover? Well you’re in the right place. Lumon has specifically designed our patio covers with a durable material that requires as little maintenance as possible. Find out what your next steps are.

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The 10 Best Winter Covers For Outdoor Furniture For 2022

In Buyers Guide, Winter by JamieSeptember 3, 2020

Winter poses a different challenge for homeowners. Unlike other seasons of the year, the winters extreme temperature and precipitation can be a problem against your backyard. Aside from your lawn and the rest of the plants in your garden, one thing you should also take care of is the patio furniture that is sitting around.

Patio furniture is made of different materials, each with a different tolerance to extreme cold and snow. Some can be left outside, while others need to be stored inside. Thats why it is a must to have some winter cover for outdoor furniture to protect them from the weather. Read our article about what types of patio furniture can be left outside during winter.

In this article, we give you a guide in choosing the best patio furniture covers for winter, the factors to consider, the best brands out there, and our top 10 among the many others sold online. I created an ultimate guide for finding the best patio furniture covers for winter.

Remember that furniture cover is unique to each of your needs, so make sure to take note of each of them.


  • 5 Final Thoughts
  • Patio Furniture Cover Experts

    How to Make Patio Furniture Covers

    Every patio furniture cover that we offer at National Patio Covers has been tested by our team of outdoor experts for quality, toughness, and style. We place heavy focus on visual appeal, durability, ease of use, price range and numerous other factors specific to each product line. Here at National Patio Covers, our goal is to bring you the best selection of high-quality patio furniture covers at the best possible price. Dont settle for cheaply made patio furniture covers. Protect your furniture for years of great use with a durable cover from National Patio Covers.

    Our success is built upon selling only the best high-quality outdoor furniture covers and supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Please call us with any questions if you need help selecting a cover for your patio furniture. Our USA-based call center staff are here to help you find the perfect cover to protect your outdoor furniture. Call today: 800-616-0599.

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    Who Makes The Best Patio Furniture Covers For Winter

    There are two brands that make the best patio furniture covers for winter: Duck Covers and Classic Accessories.

    One great thing about Duck Covers is they have inflatable airbags which you can use to cushion the insides of your furniture. This prevents the covers from sag and touches the surface of the furniture. This accessory is is what makes it one of the best winter covers for outdoor furniture.

    Classic Accessories also have a great variety of furniture covers of different sizes. Aside from furniture, they also have covers for grill and cookers, and garage tools and materials like your lawnmower.

    Both brands also have an excellent quality of materials and fasteners. So, you are ensured that your furniture is well-protected the entire winter season, and even during the extreme heat of summer.

    You can expect them to be a bit more expensive than other brands but consider them as an excellent investment in protecting your patio furniture on extreme weather conditions. Remember patio furniture is expensive, you must do your best to protect it!

    Visit Our Photo Gallery To View More Patio Covers Designs

    Duck Covers Elite Patio Rectangular Table &  Chair Set Cover With ...

    Who wouldn’t want to have a stunning patio that will turn into the entertainment centre for your family and close friends season after season? Make your patio come to life and create memories on your backyard rain or shine! Browse through our gallery of our patio covers to gather some inspiration to get the ball rolling for your home.

    The project has exceeded our expectations, and we have enjoyed many hours of sitting outside next to a warm fire-table and heater under cover during rainstorms, and now snow. The quality of the workmanship and the great job your installers have done has earned our praise, and the praise of friends that have come over to experience it. And thanks for getting the project done on time for our birthday party, it was the highlight of the evening!

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    Do You Need Patio Furniture Covers

    There are many reasons why you may want to invest in some patio furniture covers. These items can be very versatile, used in lots of different situations, and suitable for all-season usage too. Read on to discover some of the main benefits and reasons why you should consider investing in some covers for outdoor items.

    For protection

    The main reason to buy and use patio furniture covers is, of course, to protect your outdoor items like outdoor tables and patio furniture. Although patio furniture is usually designed with strong materials to be able to withstand all weather conditions, most can start showing signs of wear and tear within a few years if you don’t use covers.

    For money-saving

    Another good benefit of using patio furniture covers for outdoor accessories is that they can save you money in the long run. If you dont use a cover on an item like a table or chair, for example, and then snow falls or a storm arrives, that piece of patio furniture might get damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Having a cover can help to save you from paying those big repair bills.

    For convenience

    Another great benefit of using a patio furniture cover is how convenient it can be. Without them, you have to use up precious time and effort to clean your patio furniture or wait for them to dry out after heavy snow or rain. With covers, however, you can simply step outside, take off the cover, and start using your furniture again without any issues or delays.

    Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Chair Cover

    Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Chair Cover is a perfect waterproof seat cover that will secure your furniture on heavy rains. However, its nylon fabric is thinner than the polyester ones. If you experience really heavy snows, this might not be your best option. Its also not known for its UV protection. Better not use it during summer. However, all those aside, this is still one of the most trusted covers out there. Its breathable material and air vents make sure that your patio chairs are safe from unwanted mold forming in because of moisture. It also comes with elastic seams and drawstrings, plus buckle straps to secure itself on the furniture.

    Material: Nylon

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    How Did We Choose The Top Patio Furniture Cover

    Patio Armor Oversized Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover with Jennifer Coffey

    In order to recommend the very best products to our readers, we always put in the time and effort necessary to research every product as thoroughly as possible. We look at brand history to find products from only the most trusted providers, as well as user reviews to ensure that each product lives up to expectations. We also include a range of products at different prices in order to offer something for everyone.

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    Duck Covers Soteria Waterproof Patio Table With Chairs Cover

    This Patio Table Furniture Cover from Duck Covers solves your problem for an entire dining set on your patio. It can cover rectangular or oval patio tables, including the chairs. You just have to push the chairs forward, tucking them in the spaces under the table, then cover it and securely fasten them. That way, you wont have to buy individual covers for the entire set. This is made out of the same waterproof nylon fabric that all Duck Covers products are made of. That alone, you are already assured of quality material.

    Material: Nylon

    Why Trust The Spruce

    Sage McHugh is a freelance writer specializing in home decor and lifestyle content. For this roundup, Sage considered dozens of outdoor furniture covers, carefully evaluating each models material, design, and special features like security closures, weatherproof resistance, and warranty policies. She also took hundreds of customer reviews and write-ups from third-party websites into account. Additional insight was provided by Susan Frechette, Associate Director of Corporate Communications for Wayfair.

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    What Should I Consider When Buying Patio Furniture Covers


    One of the main factors to think about when looking for patio furniture covers is their size. These covers can come in a wide range of sizes, and the size will determine how the cover can be used and what items it can work on. Some small covers might only be able to cover one chair, for example, but bigger covers can be used on large tables and seats.


    You also must think about the material of your patio furniture cover. Various materials can be used, such as tough canvas, waterproof polyester blends, polyethylene, and more. Different materials will be able to offer different levels of protection. Some of them are better at resisting water or protecting your patio furniture from the suns UV rays, for example.


    Theres also the design of patio furniture covers to think about too. The design refers to the shape of the cover and the type of closure it offers. Some covers are specifically shaped to be draped over tables or L-shaped outdoor sofas, for example, while others are more universal and can be placed over a lot of different items. Different closure systems make covers suitable for a particular type of furniture, so it’s important to verify that the closure system being offered will ensure a good fit for your outdoor furniture.

    Ease of use


    Let A Bit Of Sunshine Into Your Life

    Patio set winter cover.

    Warm days make a perfect excuse to embrace your outdoor spaces and enjoy everything the summer has to offer. From expansive backyards to narrow city balconies, it’s important to set up your patio with outdoor furniture in a way that offers you the most comfort. Whether you’re looking for a dining set to host that big family meal, a comfy sectional to curl up on with a cold drink, or a reclining lounger to stretch out on and soak up some rays, The Brick’s patio collection has got you covered.

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    Hiraliy 118 Inch Patio Furniture Set Cover For Outdoors

    Last but not least is Hiraliys patio furniture cover for dining or outdoor living sets. It is made of durable material to withstand wind, rain, and snow. It is also PVC coated, which makes it a reliable waterproof cover. It uses an elastic cord with a toggle to adjust and tighten the cover around the entire set while it uses snap buckles with adjustable belt hems to secure and fasten it in place around the legs of the chairs. The disadvantage is it only comes in one size. So, you have to make sure that your entire set fits the size. Otherwise, opt for other set covers that can accommodate the size of your furniture set.

    Material: Oxford PVC Coated

    Building The Perfect Patio

    There are few things better than relaxing outdoors at the comfort of your own home. Building the perfect patio provides a beautiful and relaxing place to gather with friends and family and its not as difficult as you may think. Consider what the purpose of your outdoor refuge will be and its centerpiece. Holding parties? Maybe a large outdoor table complete with sectionals and a firepit is in order. Planning a more active patio that includes a pool or grill? Consider some club chairs and patio umbrellas. No matter what your plan is, it is important to protect it with a quality patio furniture cover after you set up. Plus, stylish outdoor furniture covers can improve the overall look of your patio rather than detract from it.

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    Why Patio Furniture Covers Are Necessary

    Once you have spent the time, money and effort building your perfect patio, the goal should be to keep it in good shape for years to come. Proper patio furniture covers are not optional. Mildew, dirt, weather, insects, and the sun can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture. It is important that you not only protect your patio furniture but protect it fully. If your furniture will be in the rain, it is important that your covers are waterproof and fitted so that rain does not soak through or build up on top. Cheap patio furniture covers offer peace of mind initially, but that will fade quickly the first time it rains. Investing in high-quality patio furniture covers are a necessity because they both protect your furniture and save you money in the long run because they do not need replacing every year. We love perfect patios. Please protect them.

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