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Sound Barrier Walls For Backyard

Soundproofing Tips For Your Backyard

Outdoor Noise Barrier Walls for Retail Noise Reduction

Is it really possible to have a soundproof backyard? While you cant turn your backyard into a total monastery retreat, there are certainly steps you can take to control the noise in your space for a more pleasant and relaxing experience for you, your family and your guests. Backyard soundproofing can be done by installing sound-absorbing barriers such as fences, shrubs or even water features to mask unwanted outside noise.

Construct A Brick Wall

If youd like to have a more substantial sound barrier around your estate, you could construct a brick wall. In that case, you wouldnt have to add any MLV into the mix. Between the bricks and the mortar, this fence should be dense and massive enough on its own.

Theres just one problem. This project would admittedly be more expensive than putting up a wood fence. First, you have to consider the overall cost of the materials youll need to completely encircle your backyard. Then, theres the matter of hiring a construction crew.

If youve never laid bricks before, you may need to get a whole team of people to do it for you. Well, if your yard is on the smaller side, perhaps one or two people could do it. But if its relatively large and you want the work to be done as soon as possible, youd need a bigger budget.

And theres one last catch. Depending on where you live, constructing a wall around your property may require some kind of permit. So you might want to consult neighborhood and city codes before you start designing the wall.

Two Types Of Noise Reduction

First, well have to look at the two types of ways you can remove noise in your backyard. And they are:

  • Sound deflection
  • Sound Attenuation

Sound deflection is when you create something that allows you to bounce the sound off before it ever reaches you.

Many of the walls built near highways are attempting to deflect noise up and away from neighborhoods.

You can think of the sound waves like a stream of water. The best way to stay dry is to put a barrier between you and the water that redirects it away before it even hits you.

Deflection can be harder to handle because your solution needs to be as close to the source of noise as possible.

Since most peoples backyards are unfortunately close to the noise, it will be easier to find solutions that will absorb the noise.

Sound attenuation is the more common approach. With this approach, youre looking to absorb the sound. So back to the stream of water scenario, you want something in front of you that can absorb the water before it reaches you. Or think of it like an umbrella that covers you in the rainstorm.

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How To Soundproof A Room When Building

Its heavy, so if you buy it online, anticipate to pay another $40-$50 for shipping. Popular Checks out Here are 7 methods to kill weeds with household items. Youll conserve cash while revealing no grace to these unwanted guests. Painting concrete surface areas needs more skill, tools, and time than throwing a coat on drywall.

STC is a procedure of how lots of decibels of sound reduction a product provides. An improvement of 10 STC makes the noise seem like its been cut in half.

Now To Enjoy A Little Outdoor R& r

Durisol Noise Barrier Walls

Theres something serene about hanging out in our own backyard, listening to the wind whistling and the birds chirping. But that serenity can quickly be interrupted by the sounds of traffic and neighbors yelling. Although its impossible to keep out all unwanted noise, with some careful planning and a bit of time, you can create an effective sound barrier for your humble abode and make your backyard your favorite room in the house. If you have more backyard soundproofing projects, then you should check out our soundproof shed article!

Second Skin prides itself on offering this best quality products for any home or automotive soundproofing project. Take a look at our full line and feel free to call us any time you have a project where you’d like some help!

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Add Some Acoustic Management Materials

Perhaps youre not just trying to stop sound from entering your outdoor space but are trying to stop it from escaping. While the options mentioned above will help with this, youll benefit from using some acoustic management solutions too.

Acoustic foam tiles like the ones used in recording studios will be helpful here. You might also want to fit some bass traps too for maximum effect.

Fitting some acoustic tiles in strategic locations will help to reduce echo in your outdoor space. This in turn will reduce the amount of noise that escapes, as much of it will be absorbed into the tiles.

To understand where best to place these tiles, watch this video on a rooms reflection points. While this isnt strictly accurate when applied to an outdoor area, itll give you enough information.

Similarly, consider the following tips:

  • Acoustic tiles can be disguised by covering them in fabric, but dont use any glue to stick them down.
  • You might want to build a pergola or trellis over your outdoor space for easier application.
  • Bass traps generally go in corners, so these are easy to place.
  • Try to keep the acoustic tiles dry, as they wont be as effective if they get rained on.
  • This option wont block sound but will help to absorb sound waves before they escape your yard.

Acoustic management shouldnt be used on its own because its not designed to be a sole soundproofing product. Think of it more as a finishing touch, particularly for stopping noise pollution on your side of things.

How To Reduce Noise Effectively

The first step to effective noise reduction is understanding the noise source and noise type. This way, you will know if you need to absorb the noise or reflect it.

Our handy guide to acoustic fencing goes into noise source and type for extensively, but generally:

  • To reduce noise from passing cars, you will need a road noise barrier.
  • For reducing neighbourhood noise , acoustic fencing is the perfect choice.
  • To reduce low-frequency noise like air-conditioning units or hot water heaters, an acoustic enclosure will be best.

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What Materials Should I Use To Soundproof A Fence

When we soundproof a fence, the process looks a little different than it would if we were soundproofing an interior room of a home or office. We arent dealing with walls, so we cant add things like a layer of drywall or acoustical insulation.

The specific materials we use to soundproof a fence must be designed to be used outdoors and solve the problems associated with most fencing when it comes to acoustics. Lets look at a few of the most effective outdoor acoustic fence panels on the market.

The Width And Height Of Sections Are Variable Depending On The Noise Barrier Wall Application

HVAC Noise Reduction with Outdoor Sound Walls

Outdoor sound barrier wall panels. KNP perforated metal panels can be attached to walls ceilings or other surfaces and can be located in a manner to achieve an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Using outdoor sound barrier walls like HDPE wood sheet metal and masonry as well as position and size in a sound wall partially or completely ABSORBS sound. KNP sound absorping panels are useful as additions to existing metal or concrete barriers to reduce reverberation time and to lower reflected sound.

Our Sound Barrier Walls are an engineered modular panel system designed for high reduction of outdoor noise. Ad BAUX is a global market leader in designed acoustic products. Steel Guard Manufactures a Variety Outdoor Sound Barrier Curtains Panels for Sound Attenuation that is made for Permanent Installation on Commercial or Industrial Sites that absorb and block sound.

Reflective walls merely bounce the sound back or deflect it inadequately. An existing wall can be lined with Acousti Barrier sound-absorbing cladding panels as an effective cost-efficient method of reducing reflected sound. We engineered these incredibly durable and easily maintained panels specifically to resist the most rigorous industrial uses and outdoor.

Absorptive sound barriers diffuse sound inside its panels with little to no noise reflected off the barrier. Without compromising tomorrows safety and environmental standards. Ad BAUX is a global market leader in designed acoustic products.

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How To Soundproof A Backyard & Best Fence To Install For Noise Abatement

Ive lived in a rural area for most of my childhood life. One thing I can say about that is how quiet and peaceful it was. Its an entirely different story now that I live in a suburban neighborhood. I can now hear everything that is going on around me for the most part. This article will focus on how to reduce noise in your backyard and try your best to soundproof a backyard.

Of course, you cant soundproof a backyard. You can, however, certainly do many different things to reduce the noise coming from the other side of the fence, that is if you have one. Having a fence would undoubtedly be the place to start because if you dont have a fence, youre fighting a lost cause.

Plantings Must Also Be Located Close To The Source

The closer the trees or hedge are to the source, the better. Barriers positioned too far from the source will not make nearly as much of a difference.

For example, if a landscape barrier is located 200 feet from the noise source but near a residence, its likely to not make a noticeable difference at all.

They must completely block the line-of-sight between the noise source and the receiver: According to studies conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, natural sound barriers must also completely block the line-of-sight between the noise source and the receiver.

If the barrier is too thin or patchy, it will not accomplish its intended purpose. The culprit is the sound waves themselves, which pass through and around any openings, no matter how small.

However, experts do say that the out of sight, out of mind notion may come into play here. You see, by creating a visual barrier between the source and the receiver, the trees reduce the perception of noise, making people think the noise is reduced when in fact its not.

So, before you bank on out of sight, out of mind, and invest in landscaping as well as the regular upkeep and maintenance that goes with it, it might be worthwhile considering other options.

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The Quiet Quilt Soundproof Blanket It’s The Hero We All Deserve

Quiet Quilt Soundproof Blankets make the absolute BEST exterior barrier that can be built without investing in a full-on enclosure system. Reinforced mass loaded vinyl, sewn vinyl facing, built-in grommets, and exterior rated Velcro make an impressive soundproof fence that can be installed just as easily on a construction site as it can as an HVAC enclosure.

  • Reinforced 1lb mass loaded vinyl
  • Vinyl coated polyester facing sewn over 2″ absorptive fiberglass
  • Customize sizes, colors, and thicknesses
  • Used outdoors or indoors as soundproof fences and enclosures
  • Free shipping and made in the USA

Fences Walls And Earth Mounds As Sound Barriers

Lorton, VA residential development sound barrier wall

High-mass fences or walls, or earth mounds, can reduce external noise as long as the source is lower than or level with the barrier.

Barriers will not reduce noise that originates from above the barrier.

The ideal house may not be possible if there is a significant source of noise from the north side. Careful design can minimise the disturbance caused by the noise, while still allowing sun into the house:

  • Brick/concrete walls: A 2.0 m high brick or concrete masonry wall is an effective barrier against direct noise, but some noise will pass over the barrier.
  • Earth mounds: A similar effect may be achieved by building an earth mound to a similar height.
  • Timber fences: A 2.0 m high timber fence with solid palings , sheet material or a combination of both will create an effective noise barrier. The palings or sheet material should have a minimum mass of 12 kilograms per square metre. The fence must have no gaps or cracks or no spaces under the fence at the ground level. Some noise may pass over the barrier. The effectiveness of the barrier can be improved by building the fence on top of a bank or rise. The maximum height of fencing is governed by requirements in the district plan, which can be obtained from the local council.
  • Trees and shrubs: These are not effective as an acoustic barrier but they provide a visual barrier and may have psychological benefits.

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Utilize Plants And White Noise

Whichever material you choose, your noise-barrier fence will bear the brunt of the load in keeping your home quieter. But other things can work along with your fence. Two examples are:

  • Water fountains
  • To further block out road sounds, make sure your property is landscaped with plants that have substantial mass, such as trees and shrubs. By themselves, plants will not be sufficient to solve the problem, but they can absorb enough sound to merit their use as additional noise-barrier elements. The plants can be grown in front of the fence, in back of it, or both. Evergreen shrubs and trees are best since they can help reduce noise year-round.

    Also, consider “white noise” noise-blocking components. Some noise-blocking elements fight sound with sound rather than reducing the noise levels in your yard. For example, the natural gurgling sounds of a fountain’s cascading water, indoors or outdoors, can mask some of the less desirable noises of traffic or a neighbor’s children playing loudly.

    Relish In The Peaceful Environment Youve Created

    With a little effort, you can transform your yard into your slice of heaven. The only catch is that youll have to tweak some things to get it just right. Hopefully, these tips will bring you one step closer to enjoying your time in nature without having to put up with annoying traffic sounds.

    Remember, many of the methods mentioned above should work perfectly well together. So pick the ones that make sense for your yard! You can build a fence, enhance that barrier with landscaping solutions, and top it off with speakers. Whatever you choose, itll surely be better than the roaring of engines!

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    Noise Barrier Wall Product Details

    Panel ConstructionNOISEBLOCK panels are fabricated with outer solid shell of 16/18 gage and inner perforated shell of 22 gage. Panels are stiffened with 18 gage internal channels and edge rails. The acoustic grade fill is 2.5 to 6 pcf long strand fiberglass or mineral wool and are inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof and incombustible and is suitable for wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycling.

    Structural PerformanceNOISEBLOCK wall systems are designed per industry standards following the applicable IBC building codes, referenced standards and guidelines. These referenced codes, standards, and guidelines include wind, snow, and seismic loading conditions.

    Standard Panel DimensionsNOISEBLOCK panels are available in standard designated widths of 21.625″ and 45.625″ and lengths up to 144″. Other widths and lengths are available by request.

    FinishNOISEBLOCK wall systems are available in mill or factory powder-coat finish per selection of Kinetics standard colors color matching is available.

    Finish Up With Some Decorating

    Noise Barrier Walls: How Are They Made

    If youve ever been inside an empty house with no furniture or decor, you know how sound can carry, echo, and reverberate inside blank walls. Similarly, a fence alone, although great at sound blocking, can be improved with a few extras.

    The additions of trees, shrubbery, gardens, and other landscaping and lawn decor can help absorb and deflect sound to help your patio hangouts feel more private. You can place items on either side of the fence to help with sound blocking as well.

    In addition you can create white noise to mask the less desirable noises from the outside world. Consider things like water features or wind chimes that are pleasant to the ear. Ill take a babbling fountain over the noise of highway trucks any day.

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    Keep Your Neighbors Happy

    Sometimes we are the ones causing the noise, but still want to soundproof a fence to keep our neighbors happy. Whether weve got a barking dog, host noisy pool parties on a regular basis, or run lots of noisy machines on our property, dealing with that noise before it reaches their ears will go a long way.

    If you operate a business on your property, its especially important to address noise. There are likely all kinds of processes and machines that are essential to your business but also capable of creating enough noise to leave your neighbors irked. Build a sound barrier fence to keep those noises contained.

    Create A Berm Barrier If You Can

    If youd rather turn to more natural-looking solutions to your noise problems, there are several landscaping tricks that might work. Creating a berm requires the biggest commitment, but it may pay off. Either way, its good to know you at least have it as an option.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, lets take a moment to define berms. In essence, berms are hills manmade raised barriers between two areas. Their original purpose was to provide a border or a fortification line, but theyre also decent sound barriers.

    The only problem is that they usually take up a lot of space. If you wanted to build up an 8-foot tall berm, it would have to have a large footprint. The base would need to be quite wide for you to pile more soil on top. At that point, you wouldnt be able to hear surrounding sounds due to sheer distance.

    Moreover, some studies have shown that earth berms generally provide 2 dBA less noise reduction than walls of the same height. But all that is not to say that there isnt a use for them. If you wanted to use a berm around your estate, you could use it in combination with another method. For example, you could top off a short berm with one of those ready-made wood fence panels.

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