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Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

Vevor 22 Smokeless Fire Pit With Stand $152 Original Price: $257

Top 5 Smokeless Wood Burning Fire pits: stoves for camping and backyard fire

This heavy-duty stainless steel smokeless fire pit from Vevor caught our attention for being durable and coming with a stand . Its portable, easy to use and designed by a company known for its high-quality nature.

Though its not 100% smokeless, its double-wall design ensures that smoke will be reduced to a maximum extent, as oxygen is added to the combustion through its vent holes.

Largest Wood Burning Fire Pit Sunnydaze Cosmic 42 Round Fire Pit

Why We Like It

The Sunnydaze Cosmic fire pit at 42 in Diameter is the Largest wood-burning Fire Pit in our reviews. And one of the most popular choices available. Many users find that portable wood fire pits are not deep or wide enough to burn a cord of wood or even an average size log. With this Sunnydaze 42 Firepit those problems are solved.


Before You Buy A Fire Pit

Before you buy a fire pit, youll want to determine the type you want, decide where you will put it and, of course, establish your budget or how much you want to spend. Fire pits can look at home on decks or patios, or you can create a separate seating area in the depths of your backyard for relaxing.

First, lets consider the types of fire pits you can choose from.

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What Are The Different Types Of Fire Pits

Fire pits come in many different styles and shapes, and can use a variety of different fuel sources, as well. Our guide seeks to cover the best fire pits in each category, including fire tables, chimeneas, fire bowls and table top models.

There are five main sources of fuel for fire pits:

Each has pros and cons, depending on your needs and the availability of fuel sources. Firewood is one of the easiest, most readily available ways to fuel your fire pit, but youll need to replenish the wood and clean out the ash.

Also, unless you choose a smokeless model, traditional wood fire pits give off lots of smoke that can burn your eyes and make your hair and clothes smell. Some regions and campsites do not permit wood-burning fires due to local fire safety ordinances, so youll need to be sure youre allowed to burn a real wood fire before you purchase a wood fire pit.

Natural gas or propane fire pits produce odorless, smokeless flames, yet may not have the same ambiance as a wood-burning fire pit. However, if you have a natural gas hook-up in your home, a natural gas fire pit is a convenient alternative.

Propane fire pits can use portable propane tanks or connect to your homes propane source.

Natural gas, propane and wood fire pits all give off substantial heat to keep you and your friends and loved ones warm on chilly spring and fall nights.

Best Value Smokeless Fire Pit Solo Stove Ranger

Rectangular Wood Burning Fire Pit  Shermanscreek.Org

The Solo Brand is the original company to re-engineer the outdoor fire pit. Starting with an all stainless steel construction , super portability as a fire pit with carry-handle, producing superior heat output than typical wood fire pits cannot radiate.

Why We Like It

If youre looking for a smokeless fire pit, the Ranger model is one of the best values in stainless fire pits that offers this feature. Most are aware of the need to Dodge smoke while sitting around a fire pit. The Ranger Solo fire pit design increases combustion and heat output with cleverly designed air vent holes and double-wall stainless steel construction


  • Portable Carrying Case Included

Our Take Away

While the Ranger Solo wood-burning fire pit is certainly a premium upgrade to own, it does have a couple of drawbacks. One drawback is that the high heat generated by this fire pit doesnt allow for placing it directly on combustible or sensitive surfaces such as wood or grass.

However, you can purchase the Solo stand separately, which elevates the fire pit above direct contact with those surfaces.


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Best Overall: Tiki Brand 25

Also available at Home Depot.

Pros: It’s clean-burning and stylish.

Cons: It’s heavy and expensive for its size.

Selecting our top choice came down to the Tiki Patio and the Solo Bonfire 2.0. In the end, the Tiki edged out the competition in a few areas, including its more stylish design. The mouth of the firebox is 16 inches wide, which allows for a greater amount of wood than the Solo, and more people can share the warmth. The airflow design allows recirculation of hot air, resulting in better combustion, which leads to the “smokeless” declaration and fewer unburned coals to clean up later. The removable ash pan makes cleanup easy, and the fire pit ships with a weather-resistant cover. In addition to proprietary wood packs, the Tiki can burn standard, dried firewood at lengths up to 16 inches.

  • Size: 25 x 25 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Fuel: Wood or wood packs

How Do I Know If Wood Is Seasoned

There are three ways to know if wood is seasoned, by its colour, weight and hardness.

  • Colour – The colour of wood will fade over time when seasoned

  • Weight – Once the wood dries and loses moisture it becomes lighter

  • Hardness – Dried wood becomes harder, making it more difficult to split

Seasoned woods should be stored away from rain and moisture to prolong its lifespan. If it does get wet make sure to leave it air dry for a few days before using.

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A Versatile Bowl That Doesnt Get Hot To The Touch


Size: 10-by-10 inches | Weight: 19 pounds | Special features: Easy to handle, cool stone design

Want a small fire pit that you can place just about anywhere? The Terra Flame Fire Bowl is it. This portable pit comes in a rustic-look concrete bowl that doubles as a design feature. Its incredibly versatile, working as a small fireplace for roasting smores or an attention-grabbing centerpiece while youre dining al fresco. The bowl is powered by 13-ounce cans of Terra Flame Gel Fuel thatll give three hours of burn time per can. A nice perk: The bowl doesnt get hot, so you can easily move it when youre done.

What the Reviews Say: I bought this on a whim and I am so glad I didI literally get compliments on it every time we have company over, a satisfied shopper wrote in the reviews. It’s a super unique piece and the gel fuel is so cool! It creates a pretty darn good flame plenty of heat to roast marshmallows! A fellow fan calls the bowl a fantastic value for the price, adding that its heavy and sturdy, looks beautiful and provides a nice flame.

City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit

Top 7 Fire Pits

When space is lacking but your desire for fire is heating up, these portable mini bonfires fit the bill . Perfect for urban settings, these convenient and controlled fires are easy to light and can be reused for your next smores session.

Given an A+++++ from one shopper, these tiny fire pits are perfect for the beach, camping, or just chilling in the backyard.

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What Is The Best Type Of Wood Burning Fire Pit

With the evolution of wood-burning fire pits, we think the stainless steel Smokeless fire pits such as our Editors Pick from TIKI, represent the best overall fire pit choice for decks, patios, backyards, or camping.

Smokeless fire pits are a little more expensive, however, and If youre looking for a more economical but fully functional outdoor fire pit, we recommend the Sunnydaze 36 fire pit or the 32 Fire Bowl from Bali.

Q: Can You Put Wood On A Gas Fire Pit

A: Although one can sometimes purchase a gas log lighter for their fire pit, most manufacturers draw a strict line on their pits they are gas or wood-fired. Latner explains that accumulated ash can clog the burner jets from burning wood in a gas grill. These clogs can affect performance and lead to pressure buildups in the burner, which may yield catastrophic results. Additionally, the direct heat of coals and the weight of wood logs on a gas burner can warp or bend the burner element, again leading to decreased performance and dangerous circumstances.

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Can I Burn Anything On My Fire Pit

No is the simple way to answer this. There can sometimes be a temptation to burn household items, but trust us this can be harmful.

  • Plastics – If you burn plastics they can release toxic chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment

  • Magazines – Sounds harmless, but the ink can be harmful when burned. Stick to seasoned soft woods to start your fires

  • Driftwood – Can release toxic chemicals when burned. It can also release salt which can lead to corrosion.

  • Treated woods – Best to avoid in case it releases any toxic chemicals.

Freeport Park Lewisville Wood Burning Fire Pit

36"  Slate Top Wood Burning Fire Pit by Hiland

We can say that this one is more focused on being a grill rather than a fire pit. The fire pit has a very big steel mesh covering that you can put over the fire pit while youâre grilling your hot dogs and hamburger meat. It also comes with a built-in grill that allows you to have ease while youâre doing your grilling. If ever youâre looking for something that allows you to hold barbeques in the summer, this is for you.

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Can I Cook On My Gas Fire Pit

Cooking on a gas fire pit that isn’t specifically built for cooking is not recommended, the only exception being toasting marshmallows, since they only touch the flame and not the pit itself. However, some fire pits do sell accessories that you can add for safe cooking, and others are designed with cooking in mind.

Wood Burning Fire Pit Faqs

Here are some of the most requested questions concerning wood-burning fire pits.

Can I Burn Wood in My Backyard Fire Pit?

Absolutely, yes.

This is the most common fuel for outdoor fire pits based on its prevalence in nature. Plus, theres something about a good old-fashioned wood fire that stokes peoples imaginations . Oh, and smores taste better over an open wood flame.

Are Wood-Burning Fire Pits Good?

We think most people agree that keeping warm on cool spring, summer, or autumn evenings is a good thing.

Plus, some of the pits can be used in other ways, such as a large ice chest for summer picnics. And they add a decorative touch to any backyard. We believe, given all those factors, that fire pits are a positive addition to a family home.

What Do You Put in the Bottom of a Wood-Burning Fire Pit?

If youre considering building a permanent fire pit, then we recommend starting with a layer of sand on the bottom, followed by some soil, paver stones, gravel, lava rock, fire glass, and concrete.

But if youre content to use one of the portable fire grills mentioned in this article, you might lay some aluminum foil across the bottom. Otherwise, simply build your fire triangles with kindling and some paper, and you should be all set.

You dont necessarily need anything at the bottom, see our lighting a fire pit post for example.

Whats Best to Burn in a Fire Pit?

Hardwood is the best type of wood to maintain a long-lasting and clean fire.

Yes, and sometimes a lot of it.

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Can You Put A Fire Pit On Grass

Yes, you can put a fire pit on grass — but you need to take a few precautions. For one, you’ll want to make sure the grassy area you choose is level, so the pit doesn’t tip over. You’ll also want to avoid damaging your grass: The high temperatures coming from a fire pit cause heat stress to your grass, which can discolor or kill it. The best way to protect your grass from damage is to put a barrier between the fire pit and the grass. You can simply put some patio slabs underneath the fire pit, or buy a heat shield or a fire-resistant mat. Whatever solution you go with, you should make sure to move the fire pit around frequently, so as not to damage grass in one location.

Sunvilla Rectangular Fire Pit


The SunVilla Rectangular Fire Pit is the ideal hybrid between a warming, cozy fire pit and the perfect outdoor coffee table. This 56-inch sleek, low-profile wonder is made of durable magnesium oxide and stainless steel that is naturally fire retardant. The 50,000 BTU burner relies on a 20-pound propane tank outside the pit itself, offering the ideal toasty warmth on cool summer evenings and for November smores. Natural red lava rocks radiate heat from the inner chamber while the exterior displays a timeless brown stone finish that meshes well with both modern and classic decor. The flame is also adjustable thanks to quick light and pushbutton technology.


  • Coffee table size with an inner fire pit chamber
  • Metal alloy stands up to the elements and is naturally fire-retardant
  • 50,000 BTUs of hand-warming heat
  • Fits nicely with most outdoor furniture styles
  • Adjustable flame and quick lighting


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Best Wood Burning Fire Pit: Solo Stove Bonfire 20

Also available at Solo Stove.

Pros: It’s stylish, compact, and nearly smoke-free.

Cons: It’s a little low to the ground without purchasing the optional stand, and it may be too efficient it burns wood quickly.

The Bonfire 2.0 is a sleek, bare-bones fire pit. But don’t let that description fool you it effectively burns clean and hot. The stainless steel construction offers durability and the airflow design allows near-complete combustion of wood. You won’t have to move your seat when the wind changes.

The removable base plate and ash pan make cleaning easier when coupled with the combustion power of the firebox. The Bonfire ships with a carry bag, and that’s about it. Any add-ons, such as a stand, lid, or cooking surfaces, are available separately.

  • Size: 20 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds

Which Is The Best Softwood For A Fire Pit

Softwoods come mainly from trees that stay evergreen. They are less dense so they light quickly but have less burn time making them the perfect wood to start a fire. You can then add a hardwood to maintain a slow burning fire.

  • PINE – Good to use as kindling, burns well and fast to start a fire

  • CEDAR – Pleasant smell and a good heat.

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The Best Disposable Cameras To Snap Up Especially Now That Chris Pine Uses Them

When choosing the best fire pit for your needs, theres a surprising number of hot topics to consider.

First, you want to make sure its durable and built to last. Second, you want to make sure the look of it suits your outdoor space. And third, you want to make sure its well within your budget while still capable of cooking incredible smores.

With the breezy months around the corner, its not a fire drill to buy a fire pit ASAP but when youre loading up on gardening tools and new outdoor patio furniture , its likely on your wishlist.

That said, we curated a fiery edit of the 25 best outdoor fire pits to add some heat to your space. From top selections at , Lowes and Wayfair among others youll be all set to entertain and emblazen. .

Plus, more heat-ridden options are available in our guide to the best space heaters.

Terraflame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace

Wood Burning Fire Pits  Sheridan

You dont need a large setup or expansive yard to experience all the joys of fire pits. This TerraFlame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace comes in four colors. Just place it at the center of your outdoor dining or coffee table, use a match or electric lighter to ignite one of the included flammable gel cans and enjoy the warming ambiance. Its a smaller profile fire option that features 3,000 BTUs and makes a conversation-starting centerpiece your guests wont soon forget. Its also an affordable find and one of the best things to buy at Wayfair.


  • Compact size fits neatly on most outdoor dining and coffee table sets
  • Diameter of just under 11 makes it a fun focal point or centerpiece
  • Comes in four neutral colors to match most decor styles
  • Made of fire-safe cement
  • No wood or gas is necessarythis fire pit relies on affordable flammable gel cans that emit nearly no smoke
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 3,000 BTUs means it wont give off enough heat to warm your guests in the depths of cooler seasons.

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Biolite Firepit+ Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit And Grill $220 Original Price: $300

Adored for its rectangular, BBQ-like design, BioLites FirePit+ creates a wonderful gather-round-the-campfire experience, many thanks to its X-ray mesh body for 360-degree views.

Interestingly, you can control the size and intensity of your flames either manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth paired app.

Pleasant Hearth Stargazer Fire Pit

The Pleasant Hearth Stargazer Fire Pit seems to be a big hit among children because of the design. On the body of the fire pit, there are actually hole carvings of stars and a moon. However, these are not only used for designs. Theyâre also used for regulating the airflow of the wood chips. Other than the design and the efficient airflow system, youâll also be given a fire poker as well. This can be used to tend the wood if ever you want to cook some meat over the fire. Just so you know, it also comes with a cooking grid to help you with that.

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