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What Are The Best Patio Furniture Covers

Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

Most patio furniture covers claim to be waterproof but they are only capable of withstanding a light drizzle at best. Vinyl patio furniture covers allow beads of water to roll off the cover, keeping your furniture nice and dry. It also protects your furniture from dust and debris that will leave ugly prints on your clothes. Be careful, trapping moisture inside the cover can lead to fungi growth which leads to my next tip.

Abba Patio Outdoor/porch Table And Chair Set Cover Water

Abba Patio is one of our favorite outdoor products brands , but their patio furniture covers leave a bit to be desired. Abba Patio has a wide range of patio furniture covers, with several different sizes of circular, rectangular, and square table covers to choose from.

The Abba Patio covers are all the same general tan color and are probably the least attractive of all of the patio furniture covers on our list. Some of the covers Abba Patio lists feature dark piping around the seams, which helps the aesthetics somewhat.

See the following chart for information on the various size and shape configurations available.

Size Chart

Abba Patio Furniture Cover Size Width

The Details

These Abba Patio covers are relatively inexpensive, and they are advertised as fireproof, but they are not waterproof. Most people are more concerned with their patio furniture getting wet than they are of it catching fire!

The material is a 185K polyester yarn material in a khaki color and is both breathable and mold resistant. The covers are double stitched and do a decent job of keeping the dirt off of your tables, but we would not suggest relying on a cover like this for true winter protection, and in fact, Abba Patio does not recommend these covers for heavy storms.

There is no information about UV Protection on these covers, so our assumption is that they will not stand up to the suns heat long term.

Cleaning and Care

The Bottom Line: Passable Budget Lawn Furniture Covers

Who Makes The Best Patio Furniture Covers For Winter

There are two brands that make the best patio furniture covers for winter: Duck Covers and Classic Accessories.

One great thing about Duck Covers is they have inflatable airbags which you can use to cushion the insides of your furniture. This prevents the covers from sag and touches the surface of the furniture. This accessory is is what makes it one of the best winter covers for outdoor furniture.

Classic Accessories also have a great variety of furniture covers of different sizes. Aside from furniture, they also have covers for grill and cookers, and garage tools and materials like your lawnmower.

Both brands also have an excellent quality of materials and fasteners. So, you are ensured that your furniture is well-protected the entire winter season, and even during the extreme heat of summer.

You can expect them to be a bit more expensive than other brands but consider them as an excellent investment in protecting your patio furniture on extreme weather conditions. Remember patio furniture is expensive, you must do your best to protect it!

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Two Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Covers

  • The presence of 100% woven polyester fabric ensures the durability of the furniture cover.
  • It comes with waterproof features that let it prevent water from getting through and reaching the furniture.
  • You can use the click-close straps to make sure the cover is locked securely with your furniture. This wont let the strong wind to blow the cover away.
  • With the loop handles the cover boasts, you can adjust and remove the cover with ease.

Do you want the taste of functionality and design? AmazonBasics 2-seater deep lounge furniture cover can get you both. The product boasts a whole package of durability, water-resistant feature and many more. Lets dive into the details of the product.

DurabilityConstructed with 100% woven polyester fabric, AmazonBasics 2-seater deep lounge furniture cover comes with the ultimate durability youve always craved for. It doesnt matter how you keep it, where you keep it, the cover can take a beating and withstand harshness.

Use roughly as much as you want. Unlike its competitors, AmazonBasics 2-seater deep lounge furniture cover will still work as new for year after year.

WaterproofYoure keeping your outdoor furniture covered outside. How will you feel if the cover fails to protect your furniture from getting wet when theres heavy rain?

Easy to UseYoull find AmazonBasics 2-seater deep lounge furniture cover very easy to use. There are loop handles provided by the cover which helps you to adjust or remove it very easily.

Look For True Waterproof Covers

Best Rated in Patio Furniture Covers & Helpful Customer ...

Nearly every patio furniture cover on the market claims it is waterproof, but when put to the test, most people find that waterproof means it only stands up to a slight drizzle. When the rain really starts to fall, your furniture can get soaked. It is important that you pick a material that can withstand heavy rains.

The best waterproofing is likely to be found in vinyl furniture covers. Vinyl allow water droplets to bead up and slide down the furniture cover before it has time to soak through. Durable polyester blends are also common but be sure you dont go for the cheapest one you find. More often than not, this cheap polyester ends up becoming brittle and then cracking. The resulting exposure could mean you spend even more on a new cover, or perhaps replacing furniture that was damaged as a result of the unexpected exposure.

No matter what material you choose, its strongly recommended that your furniture is completely clean and dry before you cover it. This will help prevent mildew or mold from building up.

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Best Waterproof Cover For Patio Furniture: Ultcover 600d Square Patio Table Cover

ULTCOVER 600D is big enough to cover almost any chairs and patio table, heavy enough to weather any storm. This unit made of durable polyester canvas, which still supports me around 3-years with the same colour and same features. This waterproof equipment is really has done an amazing job with my heavy-duty outdoor furniture cover.

The measurement of this unit is 56L x 56W x 28H which covers my table and chair perfectly. By incorporating structure air vents on the sides of their cover, this unit took care of the most common complaint with the large furniture covers. The zipper system allows me to cover my table and prevent without a single hassle easily.


  • Big enough for large furniture
  • Meet waterproof and windproof
  • Use the perfect and waterproof zipper
  • Provide 3-year long-time warranty
  • It significant investment

Installation And Setup Of Covers

Nowadays, you can find furniture covers for outdoor furniture of all shapes and varieties. People often wonder what they should cover and what they can leave uncovered. The answer is simple: cover the furniture that you want to last. Leave the rest uncovered. Outdoor dining tables and chairs, bar stools, chaise lounges, sofas, loveseats, coffee tables, end tables, you name it! If you want it to stay in fantastic condition for many seasons to come, put a cover over it.

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What Is An Outdoor Furniture Cover

An outdoor furniture cover is a piece of fabric or material that is designed to be placed over items of outdoor furniture. These covers can come in a wide range of different materials, sizes, and shapes, and they can be used to cover all kinds of furniture items like tables, chairs, and cushions too.

Dakota Fields Patio Sofa Cover

The Best Patio Furniture Covers
  • Dakota Fields patio sofa cover, £89.99, Wayfair – buy here

For an L-shaped set of garden furniture, try this patio sofa cover from Dakota Fields.

It measures D250cm x W250cm x H90cm and is made from UV-resistant and fade-resistant polyethylene.

It comes with cords that you can use to secure it in place.

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Classic Accessories Side Slider Water

If you have a grill sitting outside your yard, you might want to protect them with Classic Accessories Side Slider BBQ Grill Cover. This cover comes with a full height zipper for easy access and closure. The zipper is also water-resistant, so you wont have to worry about them getting wet inside and rusty. The covers are secured with their patented WindLock Attachment System to make sure it stays in place. One great thing about this grill cover is that it is not only waterproof; it is also tear-resistant. You wont have to worry about tears caused sharp objects falling on it such as ice and hard snow.

I live in Canada and get a lot of snow, I know a BBQ is difficult to store away so we leave ours outside covered, but its under a roof. This helps reduce snow damage a lot, if you can store it under something similar like in a gazebo or under an awning that could save your barbeque.

Material: Nylon, Laminated PVC

Best For Sun: Budge Neverwet Mojave Extra

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

  • Not big enough for large dining table sets

  • Limited sizing available

The sun’s rays can fade your upholstery and potentially cause cracking on wood and wicker frames. Whether you live in a year-round sunny climate or just want to play it safe in the summer months, Budge’s NeverWet Mojave cover is a great option.

As its name suggests, this waterproof solution will ensure your outdoor furnishings never get wetbut it really stands out for its UV resistance. Made of woven 600D polyester, the thick, heavy-duty material doesn’t allow any light to pass through, while air vents prevent mildew and mold growth.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Nylon | Waterproof: Yes

  • Limited sizes available

To protect your outdoor armchairs, consider the Duck Covers Ultimate Series. The cover comes in four sizes, each made of high-strength polyester with a multi-layer wraparound panel for ventilation.

The waterproof fabric is ideal for rainy and even snowy climates, though it also offers UV protection to prevent fading. Plus, these outdoor chair covers feature durable straps and buckles, helping them stay in place in the windiest conditions.

Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester oxford fabric | Waterproof: Yes

  • Doesn’t cover wheels or legs

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Classic Accessories Ravenna Rectangular Patio Set Cover

Another highly-reviewed patio furniture covers from Ravenna collection, and its the rectangular one. This product is the number one best seller in Patio Furniture Set Covers section on Amazon. So, there is no doubt in choosing this product.

As the Ravenna collection, this cover features Gardelle One polyester fabric, easy-to-use reinforced padded handles, and structured air vents. All of them are very reliable in offering you the great quality patio set cover.

The prices are also varied due to the size, $56 for medium, $60.28 for large, and $66 for extra large.

Product Detail

88 L x 58 W x 23 H

108 L x 82 W x 23 H

128 L x 82 W x 23 H ColorADark TaupeWarranty3-YearManufacturerClassic AccessoriesCustomer Reviews4.4 out of 503 reviews

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers By Season & Region ...


The first thing that should come to your mind when looking for the best furniture covers is the material for making the cover. As such, you need to consider materials that are durable and last long. You can opt for the covers made of synthetic materials or natural fabrics with the treated exterior. Even though natural fabrics have a more elegant, softer appearance, we advise customers to opt for polyester covers strong toughness.


The weight is also a very important factor to consider when finding the best patio furniture cover. You need to acquire a sufficiently heavy cover to hold onto the chair or seat even during strong wind or storm. Keeping this in mind ensures that any strong wind cant lift the cover off and destroy your furniture. Therefore, youll be shopping for outdoor furniture cover; the more massive the cover, the better.


Are you searching for a cover to protect the whole patio set or solo covers for each unit? Either choice comes with their pros and cons. Of course, a single body for the entire set will cost less; however, it necessitates mildew and condensation over time. On the other, individual covers will cost you more in the long run; however, they provide excellent protection from dangerous elements, and they wont come out in the wind.

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Why It’s Important To Cover Your Furniture

You’ll be lugging your sets indoors and out several times a week.

It’s understandable that after spending a decent amount on your gorgeous patio furniture you don’t feel like taking on the extra cost of buying covers for it. However, consider these items an investment. You may be spending a bit more now, but you’ll be saving a tremendous amount of money later when you don’t have to replace your deteriorated outdoor chairs and tables. Perhaps you say you’ll just store your furniture inside during the off-season, but you probably have better ways to make use of that extra space in your home or garage. Furniture is bulky and can quickly eat up all the storage space you have. If you get good covers, then you can leave your outdoor sets on your deck or around your pool year round and still protect them.

If you live in a tropical, temperamental climate where you see sudden downpours one day and sunny skies the next, putting your outdoor furniture away for every bout of rain makes no sense. You’ll be lugging your sets indoors and out several times a week. It’s much more convenient to simply put covers over your furniture when the forecast calls for rain, and remove them the next day when things clear up and you feel like dining al fresco again.

Shop For Something Breathable

It is recommended that you shop for breathable patio furniture covers, but you should also be careful of what you consider breathable. Many manufacturers offer breathable materials, but if the entire cover is made of the material, it will also leave plenty of room for water to pass through and cause problems.;

Instead, look for furniture covers with built-in vents. These smaller breathable areas allow air to circulate, which helps prevent condensation and humidity build-up that may lead to the growth of mold. Youll find that many covers that offer a built-in vent, but if you decide to go with this type of cover make sure you find one with vents that are not large enough for rainwater to enter.;

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Duck Covers Ultimate Rectangular Patio Set Cover

Duck Covers is also one of the trusted patio furniture covers manufacturers that produce lots of best-selling products. Then, this one is a patio set cover product that is surely recommended for you to buy.

With polyester fabric and polypropylene band material, this covers durability will not disappoint you. It comes with the Mocha Cappuccino look which matches beautifully the look of your patio style.

There are 4 sizes include small , medium , large , and extra large .

Product Detail

96 L x 64 W x 32 H

109 L 84 W x 32 H

127 L x 84 W x 24 H

140 L x 80 W x 24 H WeightColorAMocca CappuccinoWarrantyManufacturerDuck CoversCustomer Reviews4.2 out of 193 reviews

So those are some recommended patio furniture covers that you can buy on Amazon. Each model has its specific features, material quality, and particular design that will suit your needs.

The reason why patio furniture coves from Classic Accessories become so overrated is that they have great durability and reliability. All the covers are made of the great materials to ensure its strength to face all harsh weather conditions.

Durability and reliability are definitely two major things that the patio furniture covers should have, and Classic Accessories surely guarantees you that.AIts all up to you to with certain brand or not.

Choose the one that fits your requirement, and can provide the best for you. We have selected those products based on the reviews rate from the Amazon.

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Ultcover Square Heavy Duty Patio Table And Chair Cover

How to Choose Patio Furniture Covers
  • 600D polyester canvas that comes with an Eco-friendly vinyl backing makes sure the product has the ultimate durability.
  • Its UV-resistant feature gives the furniture maximum protection they need.
  • The water-resistant feature of the cover helps it to protect your furniture from heavy rain.
  • The cover comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can have your problems fixed without spending a penny.

Ultcover has been one of the leading furniture cover brands for a long time. If you ask your neighbors about the products from Ultcover, you wont get any negative reviews, thats for sure.

Well, this time Ultcover brings the heavy-duty table cover which has lots of unique features. Lets have a look at the features without further ado.

DurabilityDurability matters a lot, especially if you are a person who doesnt want his money to go to waste. You can have cheap products, but they wont give you good longevity. Rather, if you spend a bit of money, you can buy a product that can actually give you its service for years.

You can go for Ultcover furniture cover which has the durability youve always wanted. The cover is constructed with a top-quality 600D polyester canvas that comes with an Eco-friendly vinyl backing. The material ensures quality at its full. With the 600D polyester canvas around, youre getting enhanced durability.

Ultcover Heavy Duty table cover is made in such a way that the water wont be able to cut through the cover. For extra protection, it has got seams taped as well.

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