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What Is The Best Flooring For An Outdoor Patio

Fake Turf Is A Great Outdoor Flooring Option For Allergy Sufferers

Patio Outdoor Floor Tiles With a Perforated Top

Seasonal allergies can be truly debilitating, as many of us know. Peak grass pollen season naturally coincides with the time of year when you want to be outdoors the most: late spring to early summer.

Some allergy sufferers are compelled to hire landscapers, which can cost an arm and a leg. Adding artificial grass is a one-time expense that could save you money and a few hundred ACHOOs down the line. No mowing, seeding, fertilizing, or sprinklers required!

Ditch The Concrete And Create A More Natural Landscape Around Your Pool

For patios surrounding a pool concrete is a standard choice since it can be laid directly on the ground, however, you might be surprised to learn that you can have a natural, real wood deck just as easily with modified wood. Modified wood flooring, like Kebony, requires minimal ground clearance and performs incredibly well in areas with direct exposure to water. The landscape featured above has Kebony wood flooring throughout the outdoor dining space, covered lounge areas and around the pool. Plus modified wood is slip-resistant and cooler on bare feet than composites.

Hamilton Epoxy Patio Floor Ideas For Your Backyards And Decks By The Pool

Outdoor Decks are one of those spaces that need high slip resistance and waterproof. Scenarios such as water lingering on the surface cause you to slip, or worse, fall on the pol water often happens. Accident-prone entryways are also one of the things you have to avoid. So what is the best floor coating you can use outdoors to provide you safety at every turn?

1. Epoxy Flooring

Youve probably heard epoxy garages, basement epoxy floors, or indoor epoxy for residential use. But have you considered the epoxy patio outdoors? There are pros and cons to it. But, after you think the wrong side of outdoor epoxy flooring, you can eliminate the hazards by knowing how to install and use the flooring material in the right way.

Epoxy Patio is one preferred outdoor flooring design. The concrete patio needs a finish to seal and protect the top layers from water damages. It resists water build-up, so someone who will walk on it will not slip.

Epoxy flooring also creates a seamless surface. This type of flooring work minimizes tripping accidents.

Think of a smooth, even flooring. If you compare it with tiles and planks, these come in separate pieces. A piece can expand and detach from the ground. Epoxy flooring will not let you go down with the concrete issues.

2. Outdoor Deck Shower
3. Concrete Resurfacing
4. Pool Decks

Aside from making the decks waterproof, epoxy grout mix is a coating that makes the outdoor floor also resistant to heat and sun rays.

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The Patio Flooring Tips And Advice

  • Patio flooring is often sold as tiles that can be placed as needed. Youll be given a dimension for the set youre buying, but you can also put multiple sets together to cover a larger area.
  • Some flooring tiles can be used either indoors or outdoors. This type of flooring may also work great as a floormat or shower mat.
  • Weather resistance can depend on the material, but some are also coated in a finish that provides extra durability.
  • If youre buying plastic tiles, make sure theyre built for proper water drain-off so that mildew doesnt become a problem.
  • Occasionally youll need to spray off your patio. Make sure you purchase flooring that can be easily cleaned using water and maybe a little soap.
  • Check the installation process carefully for any wood flooring you choose. Some might need hardware, while many others simply lock together.
  • If your patio gets direct sunlight for any part of the day, there are a couple of considerations. One is fading. Youll want flooring that can hold up under harmful UV rays. Another is how the material retains heat. This is especially important if you have pets or young children who might want to walk across it barefoot.

Read Patio Flooring Reviews

Deck &  patio flooring

Reading patio flooring reviews can be more complex than anticipated. Since the majority of patio floors are professionally installed, its important to separate commentary on the installation from commentary on the material itself. Reviews are certainly important when choosing an installer, but dont let a poor installation experience deter you from a product that is actually of excellent quality. Look for comments on durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the complexity and cost of installation. Also, pay attention to whether any specific issues, such as fading or popping up, are mentioned by multiple reviewers.

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Best Outdoor Flooring Options For Your Patio

The moment you start decorating your front or backyard, your patio or poolside, you have all the ideas in mind. These are all the cool ideas but often people forget about flooring. Perhaps, being outside immediately makes you think that you dont need any floors at all.

But that is where you are wrong!

You do need to consider a flooring option for your patio while making the rest of your yard look like a paradise. It will simply be easier to clean and maintain and this is where you will spend most of your time outside. Therefore, weve composed some of the best flooring options for your patio and weve listed them below:

Add A Unique Touch By Meeting Horizontal And Vertical Boards At Corners

Wrap around porches are quite traditional and can be modernized with a unique wood flooring design. This wrap around floor has boards running horizontally along each wall face. Rather than having the one side or the other end abruptly, this homeowner instead had these boards meet diagonally. The end result is an eye-catching corner that also lends to the illusion of an extended deck.

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Whats The Condition And Location Of Your Patio

The first thing we want you to consider is the location and condition of your patio outside. Is it a covered patio with a few large windows or simply screened in? What is the patio used for? Some homeowners use their patios for anything from grilling to lounging while others convert these small areas into greenhouses or craft rooms.

If the patio is covered on all sides to where most of the sunlight is blocked out, using vinyl in this area should not be an issue. You may want to purchase blinds to prevent extended direct sunlight in specific areas, but installation will probably be the biggest concern. Vinyl is durable and easy to clean, but excess heat and certain stains can also cause damage, which means its not something you want to grill on either.

For homeowners with outdoor patios that are only covered by a roof or lightly screen in, proceed with caution. Direct sunlight and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on vinyl. Using a heater or fan to keep control of the temperature is not ideal when there are better alternatives available. If you feel vinyl flooring is still the best choice for your outdoor patio, youll want to consider the brands below first.

Best Outdoor Flooring Options For Your Home

Best Flooring Options for Patio

Most people spend a lot of time renovating and designing the inside of their property, that they forget their landscaping and outside of their property matter too!

If youre someone who enjoys a good old barbeque in the backyard with friends and family or spending any amount of time outdoors, its important to consider the exterior of your home as well.

Theres a wide selection of outdoor flooring options on the market. However, the following list will help break down your choices and find the right outdoor flooring.

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Patio & Deck Epoxy Coatings

When people finally get tired of cracking, ugly concrete or do not want the look of stained concrete, epoxy concrete coatings are the most popular choice for residences and commercial businesses. Their popularity here in Phoenix is due to the uniform design, color and texture we can create and build, , but also because of the cooling effect it can have on your outdoor space. Even with summers here being so hot, most people still want to be able to use their outdoor grill, swim in their pool or hang out by garden and our epoxy coatings will help with that!

Brick And Concrete Pavers

If youre in the market for fast and easy outdoor flooring, then brick and concrete pavers are the perfect flooring choice for you. Making a driveway can ask for a professional installation.

However, you dont need to learn how to change a flooring to use brick or concrete pavers from scratch. These cheap materials can provide a long-lasting, elegant garden path or walkway in no time.

Expect to pay 60 cents per brick paver or between $1-$5 per square foot. You can also recycle stones or bricks from previous tasks and save money. Theyre low-maintenance and dont take too long to install. All you need is patience and you can make a walkway utilizing a few common tools in 2 days.

Once theyre laid and all the holes are filled with sand maintaining your flooring is a breeze. Just sweep any debris and use a hose to wash away dirt when necessary.

You can see this video to know more:

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Cons Of Concrete Flooring

  • You have to pay to play: Basically, if you want to jazz up your concrete and make it look trendy and stylish, youve gotta put some money into it. This changes the lifespan of your anti-floor and comes with the likelihood of chipping/peeling over time.
  • Dirt: Have you ever walked barefoot over concrete and ended up with no dirt on your feet? Yeah, me either. Even freshly cleaned concrete, unless its stained, never really looks or feels clean.
  • Hardness: If youre going to be standing on your patio , it is going to feel hard on your joints. Likewise, you wont want to lay on it the way you would with artificial grass.

What Took Us So Long

Best Type of Flooring for Your Outdoor Patio

For years, concrete coatings were used for industrial settings, car showroomsmany business and commercial settings except residences. because this type of flooring is more durable, fades less, does not get affected as much by our hot AZ UV rays, and look good for many, many years.

Compared to other adhesives, polyurea epoxies are more heat and chemical resistant, says MuscleGloss.* Today, epoxy has emerged as a residential material. Homeowners love epoxy flooring because it is long-lasting, easy to clean, and practically scratch-proofepoxies have emerged as the best available epoxy flooring material available on the market

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Cons Of Plastic Deck And Patio Tiles

  • Comfort: Hard plastic tiles arent the most comfortable option for outdoor flooring. You probably wont be doing a lot of lounging on them, but they provide a solid, stable, slip-free surface.

And now for a round of Floors You Never Thought to Put Outside.

Ill take rubber flooring for 600, Alex!

Seriously though, rubber is one of the most versatile flooring options there is. Although it is primarily used as gym flooring, rubber flooring is durable, slip resistant and shock absorbent. That means you can run, play and fall on it all you like, and both you and your floor will come out a-okay.

So where do you start with rubber flooring? Theres a lot of options which can make it a little overwhelming. Thats why were breaking it down into the primary outdoor rubber flooring categories: rubber pavers, rubber tiles/rolls and rubber playground flooring.

Wood Planks And Tiles

Wood is an excellent flooring option if your goal is to create a rustic, close-to-nature atmosphere on your patio. It has a warmth and coziness no other flooring can truly match, and as a natural material, it provides an attractive transition from outdoors to in.

On the downside, wood requires more upkeep than most outdoor flooring materials. Youll need to make sure neither water nor leaves and other debris linger on its surface or between the boards. Once a year, the floor should be washed with the appropriate cleaner and sealed. Nails and screws can become damaged or go missing and should be replaced. If youd rather not go through all that trouble, consider wood composite flooring to get the look of wood with somewhat less maintenance.

Red western cedar, redwood, ipe, and cypress are some of the most popular wood species for patios and other outdoor spaces thanks to their rich color and durability.

There are two options for building a wood floor outdoors: planks and decking tiles. Building a patio or deck using wood planks requires skill with pouring concrete and woodworking, but its something an experienced DIY enthusiast can accomplish in a few weekends.

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Foam Tile: Springy And Comfy

There are so many fantastic types of tile out there, its hard to pick just one. New and unique flooring innovations are making tile even better than it already was. For example, while click-lock flooring used to be reserved mainly for engineered hardwood and laminate, manufacturers are now making snap-together tile flooring.

Foam tile is one of these new innovations. Whether you have kids or whether youre just young at heart, this type of flooring is soft, springy, and perfect for somersaults. In this way, its similar to the best cork flooring, but without all the pesky disadvantages of cork flooring. Its also great for backyard picnics, and its so lightweight and convenient, you can easily transport and install foam tiles all by yourself.

Advantages Of Natural Stone

How to paint concrete patio with Behr Granite Grip floor covering
  • There are many types ranging from slate to sandstone to granite so you are bound to find one that is just right for you.
  • Each piece is truly unique and has its own beauty and character.
  • Natural stone ages well and looks better and better as its patina develops over the years.
  • It is very hardwearing and will last a lifetime.
  • Once installed it needs no special treatment.

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More Things To Consider

The above list is meant to act as a snapshot to get you thinking about the basics, but theres much more to consider when it comes to selecting the right outdoor flooring. For example, if youre dreaming of a colorful, mosaic-inspired floor, youre going to want to select tiling rather than wood or composite.

Spend some time thinking about your dream patio design, and you can be sure youll get years of enjoyment out of your new alfresco oasis! BuildDirect is always here to help you select the right flooring for the interior or exterior of your home, so dont hesitate to reach out to us with your flooring inquiries.

Rubber Floor Tiles And Rolls

These are the guys that most people only think of for gyms and fitness studios, but the truth is, they are super versatile, and they make a great outdoor flooring option!

Pros of Rubber Tiles & Rolls Outside Flooring

  • Price: Like rubber pavers, you can get rubber interlocking deck tiles and rolls for practically a steal! In fact, rubber rolls often start as low as $1/sqft.
  • Comfort: Rubber is resilient and shock absorbent, making it super comfortable for walking, standing, jumping and back flips.*
  • Slip resistance: Rubber is rare in that it gets more slip-resistant when it gets wet. Its great for rainy climates, near a pool or anywhere with lots of water.
  • Maintenance: A quick sweep or occasional mop. Thats all.

Cons of Rubber Tiles & Rolls Outside

  • Longevity: While rubber flooring will last you quite some time, they wont last as long as something like brick or concrete.
  • Ability to stand up to the elements: Rubber can wear in the sun. It is not as tough as something like concrete that can pretty much handle the harshest environments.
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Practical And Stylish Outdoor Patio Flooring Ideas

The most useful tool to calculate your home renovation costs for free.

The outside area of your house is as important as the inside. It effectively enhances your curb appeal and adds immense value to your home. So, the next time youre thinking of a home remodeling, give a good amount of thought to your outdoor patio flooring too.

With the right kind of design and choice of material, you can make your patio as beautiful and appealing as you want. Besides that, it also needs to be functional and resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, a patio needs to be durable, safe, and worthy of creating a great lasting impression on your neighbors and guests.

To help you in your quest for the perfect patio design, we have put together 12 practical and stylish outdoor patio flooring ideas to draw inspiration from.

Pros Of Artificial Grass Deck Tiles

Outdoor Patio Flooring  A Long
  • Virtually no maintenance: No mowing, no trimming, and no watering. Just think of all the time and effort you can save with artificial grass instead of the real thing!
  • Green all year: Tired of looking outside and seeing dead, brown grass in the winter and during droughts? Those drab days are over once you purchase these tiles. Youll have a lush, green paradise all year round.
  • Self-draining: A self-draining system means no standing water after a big rainstorm. This also keeps the surface from getting too slippery.
  • DIY Installation: Theres no need to hire a pro for installation. You wont need any adhesives or tools, either. Simply interlock the tiles together, like their pieces of a big puzzle. Thats about as easy as it gets!
  • Long-term cost: As you save on watering and maintenance, these tiles are going to pay for themselves. Thats not the case with real grass.
  • Pest-free: Bugs and other creepy crawlies arent going to set up camp in artificial grass. Plus, all the allergens in real grass are eliminated.

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