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What Is The Best Way To Store Patio Cushions

How To Properly Store Outdoor Cushions For Winter

How to Deconstruct Patio Cushions

To prevent inadvertent damage and wear and tear, its always best to store your patio furniture indoors during the winter. Place it in a garage or a storage shed to protect it from the elements and keep it safe and clean for the next warm weather season. If you dont have room to store your whole outdoor sofa or chair indoors, you should at least remove the cushions and store them. Never wrap your outdoor cushions in plastic before storing them, because plastic retains moisture and provides the perfect breeding ground for mildew. Be sure to allow your outdoor pillows to breathe in storage. You can also use a patio furniture cover to protect the pieces that are left outdoors.

How To Protect Outdoor Cushions From Fading

Want to know how to protect outdoor furniture cushions from fading? It can be frustrating when the bright and beautiful patterns of your new outdoor furniture quickly fade. The trick to protecting your outdoor furniture cushions is to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. Bring the cushions inside when not in use and keep them clean with our custom furniture-cleaning sprays. This will help you keep the patterns and colors of your patio furniture as lovely as the day you first bought it.

Preparing The Cushions For Storage

  • 1Brush debris off the cushions. If you prefer not to get your hands dirty, use any dry cloth or towel you have available. Give all of your cushions a dry brushing before washing. Your cushions may have accumulated a lot of dirt and dust over the summer that can settle into the fabric as stains.XResearch source
  • A vacuum with an upholstery attachment is very useful for getting dirt out of seams and zippers.
  • You may also use a nylon scrub brush to remove stubborn debris. Nylon bristles arent stiff enough to damage the cushion fabric.
  • 2Take off removable cushion covers and machine wash them. Remove slipcovers and zippered covers to give them a thorough washing. You can easily clean them in a washing machine set for a gentle cycle. Use a regular, non-abrasive liquid laundry detergent.XResearch source
  • Check the cushions tag for the manufacturers recommended washing instructions.
  • If you do not wish to put covers through a washing machine cycle, you can clean them by hand. Separate them from the cushions, then scrub them with the same soap and water mixture you will need for the cushions.
  • 3Mix liquid dish detergent in warm water to hand-wash the cushions. Fill a bucket with about 1 gallon of clean water. Mix in 2 fluid ounces of detergent to make some soapy water. You can use any natural or non-abrasive detergent you have on hand to clean any cushions, including those with non-removable covers.XResearch source
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    Use Weatherproof Deck Storage Boxes

    If you have the space, you can invest in a proper deck storage box.

    We recommend the Lifetime Heavy-Duty Deck Box which is weatherproof, spacious, well-constructed with rust-resistant hardware, and very fashionable.

    The box will allow air to circulate while keeping everything dry inside. We love that you can use it as a patio bench, as its very strong and durable.

    It holds up well even at below-freezing temperatures, so its perfect to use even in winter times.

    Outdoor Cushion Storage Tips:

    Outdoor Patio Cushion Covers
    • Keep the cushions off the ground. No matter where you store cushions, make sure you keep them at least six inches off the ground. The ground of a basement or garage holds moisture, and that moisture can transfer to your cushions. Also, pests are more likely to get into your cushions if they are on the ground. Use a pallet, table, or shelf to lift the cushions.
    • Choose a dry, cool environment. Do whatever you can to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity. This could mean keeping the cushion inside an interior closet or renting a climate-controlled storage unit. If you must keep your cushion inside a shed, store the cushion inside a breathable deck box.
    • If possible, keep cushions out of direct sunlight. We never recommend storing cushions outside, but if you must, keep them under some type of shelter. Also, keep the cushions away from the windows. The UV light can cause the fabric to fade and become compromised.

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    Q: What Is An Outdoor Cushion

    A: Outdoor chair cushions are simply cushions designed for outdoor patio furniture. Aside from having waterproof materials and being loose compared to fixed to the chair or bench, they are pretty much identical to standard indoor cushions.

    Outdoor cushions will fit most patio furniture and will provide the comfort necessary to sit outside and relax on a warm summer evening. They often come with a range of options, including unique colors or patterns, as well as single packs or packs of two or four. Sometimes, you can purchase both a seat cushion and a back cushion to provide additional comfort.

    Anyone who spends a lot of time in their backyard can get excellent value for money from outdoor cushions, especially if they live somewhere with consistently wonderful weather throughout the year. Even if you dont live somewhere with brilliant weather from January to December, outdoor bench cushions are an excellent choice to add some coziness and personality to your backyard, patio, or porch furniture set.

    Outdoor Cushion Seat Core Materials

    Polyester Fill Polyester fill is that cheap, soft, fluffy stuff that offers no support. They flatten out over time and provide more visual benefits than they do functional comfort.

    Clustered Polyfill Essentially the same as the above except the polyfill is wrapped in small bundles or made into tiny balls. This makes these cushions a little firmer but they are still susceptible to flattening out.

    Foam Foam comes in a range of densities so when you see foam cushions, its hard to really be sure how supportive they are. Foam is graded based on density. You can find a chart on foam density here.

    DacronPolyethylene Terephthalate is a thermoplastic synthetic polymer resin that was originally used to make luxury beds. Also known by the brand name Dacron, a patented fiberfill technology. A durable foam padding insert that provides optimum support. Dacron cushions are very firm and they are touted because they do not flatten out like other cushion materials. Dacron gives the cushion a tight and well-kept appearance. They are usually wrapped in a thin layer of polyester to soften the cushions much like a pillow topped mattress.

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    Word Of Caution About Winter Winds And Outside Storage

    For any outside storage, depending on how heavy your furniture is, you may need to fasten the furniture to something that wont move. Sometimes wrapping a piece of furniture in a tarp or cover will increase the wind resistance and cause a single piece of furniture to blow over or be flown away. Consider grouping furniture and tying it together then covering it with a larger tarp to increase its weight to wind resistance ratio and limit its chances of being blown away.

    How Do I Keep My Patio Cushions Dry

    The pro tips to keep patio furniture looking new all winter long

    It is important to keep your outdoor cushions dry. If you have a power washer, use it on the cushions. If not, throw them in the sun or air out your cushions in the attic. White, synthetic cushions will fade over time, especially if you live in an area that has very bright sunlight. Throw out or donate your faded cushions.

    You can also store them indoors in a shed or garage. If you dont have enough room for all of them, consider taking two or three cushions outside at once so they arent piled up uselessly.

    Indoor cushions can be stored in a nice covered area. You can even cover them with a blanket as they will fade as well as the lights as sun rays hit them, but although they may fade, the fabric will remain nice and clean looking for some time.

    Sunlight can cause your cushions to fade very quickly, so its important to buy light-colored material if you want them to last a long time.

    Cover the outdoors with clear plastic sheeting to protect your outdoor cushions from weather that can cause them to fade or leak. I dont recommend storing the patio furniture cushions any other way unless you want holes in them. They will get damp from the rain, eggs from birds, and other dry weather damage. Padding does not typically come with cushions, so they have to be purchased separately.

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    Learn More About Outdoor Replacement Cushions

    Best Outdoor Replacement Cushions To Buy!

    Patio cushions are a stylish and functional way to add color and comfort to your outdoor space. Patio cushions provide a padded seating surface to ensure the comfort of you and your guests when sitting on patio furniture like dining chairs, benches, chaise lounges, lounge seating and more! Patio cushions come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your outdoor aesthetic, for instance you can check Winston replacement cushions.

    Vacuum Up Loose Debris

    Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum over the surface of the cushion to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. Pay special attention to seams and crevices that could hide dirt, and be careful around buttons or other decorative elements. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush away grime.

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    How Does Direct Sunlight Harm Patio Cushions

    UV rays from the sun can cause your cushions to fade, especially if you live in a hot, dry climate where there are no regular breaks from sun exposure. Dont let your fab colors turn drab due to carelessness. Make sure to store cushions under some type of covering. You can also put them in patio storage boxes when not in use for short-term storage and easy access.

    Warm weather and sunlight also means increased heat exposure. For long-term storage, put cushions in an indoor closet if possible, or somewhere with a steady temperature and humidity level. If cushions need to be stored in a shed or garage, put them in a breathable container to prevent trapping heat and moisture. If its a souped-up garage with heating and insulation, just store em near the fridge and below the TV.

    For Sectional Patio Cushions: Latitude Run Mccay Cushions

    Three Ways To Shop Smarter For Patio Furniture in 2020 ...

    These sectional cushions are a great addition to any outdoor space that needs a stylish pop of color and comfort.

    They are crafted from Olefin fabrics that are incredibly durable as they are water and mold-resistant. Furthermore, its available in three sizes which is excellent.

    It is supplied as a package that includes one padded seat cushion produced with superior quality foam and a comfortable back cushion that provides adequate support.

    Furthermore, they are easy to spot clean with a gentle detergent and air-dried.

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    How To Clean Your Cushions From Mould And Mildew

    But what if your cushions have already been subjected to temperamental weather conditions? Mould and mildew are common occurrences on outdoor furniture, and stains are easy to come by if enjoying a glass of wine or some beers after a summer barbecue.

    For this, we recommend a home-made mixture containing one cup of bleach, 1/4 cup of a mild soap and up to a gallon of water.

    Mix the contents until the soap and bleach dissolve completely into the water, decanter into a spray bottle, and begin spraying those stains!

    Allow to sit for approximately ten-fifteen minutes, scrub and rinse. Allow the cushions to air dry.

    Once your outdoor cushions are successfully cleaned and dried, they can be placed in storage. Like we said, a deck box is a wonderful solution if you arent blessed with spare space indoors. Or if you have a lot of outdoor tools and furniture that also needs protection.

    Sheltered areas can work well, such as under a patio or in a tool shed, but these arent always completely protected if some really harsh weather hits, which depending on your location, can be more surprising for some than others.

    For Stylish Tufted Patio Cushions: Pillow Perfect

    These stylish tufted cushions available at Amazon are a great choice if you need plusher cushions on your patio.

    Pillow Perfect, in Georgia, has built a sterling reputation for producing luxurious cushions that feature several gorgeous designs.

    This tufted cushion set is made with up-cycled polyester, which is fade and water-resistant. While the cushion covers cannot be removed, they may be hand-washed with a gentle detergent or spot cleaned. Furthermore, they dont include cushion ties.

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    Patio Cushion Cover Materials: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

    Patio cushions can be made out of a whole host of materials, each with their pros and cons.

    Sunbrella Patio Cushions Fabrics

    • Pros: this is a top-of-the-range material for any outdoor items as it provides UV protection and is fade and water-resistant, which discourages mildew and mold. Moreover, the fabric is easily cleanable.
    • Cons: it is the most expensive fabric option and not as soft compared to other leading cushion materials.

    Olefin/Polypropylene Patio Cushions Fabrics

    • Pros: it is a soft, water, and stain-resistant, durable option for cushion covers which is less expensive than Sunbrella patio cushion covers. Moreover, it is more environmentally friendly as Olefin is produced from recycled materials.
    • Cons: This material can melt as it is vulnerable to heat, which means that it should not be left out during a heatwave or a tumble dryer following a wash.

    Polyester Patio Cushions Fabrics

    • Pros: an affordable, durable material that repels stains and quickly dries when it gets wet, preventing mildew and mold.
    • Cons: Polyester is incredibly harmful to the environment as it is not produced from sustainable materials.

    Vinyl/PVC Patio Cushions Fabrics

    • Pros: likepolyester,Vinyl fabrics are cost-effective, durable material that repels water and stains.
    • Cons: vinyl is not suited to hot climates as the material heats up in the sun and damages the environment.

    Textilene Patio Cushion Fabrics

    Cotton Canvas Patio Cushion Fabrics

    How To Winterize Outdoor Furniture & Protect It From Snow

    Patio Deck Storage Container | Keep Pillows and Cushions Protected from Wind & Rain

    As the temperatures begin to drop and the trees start shedding their leaves, it’s time to start preparing for winter. Regardless of the materials your outdoor furniture was crafted from, whether it be wood, wicker, metal, or plastic, it’s important that you store your patio set in a dry place where the snow can’t get to it. Leaving your furniture out in the snow all winter is a surefire way to ruin it. Before retiring your patio set for the winter, use these tips to make sure you store it effectively.

    • Check the storage area for potential leaks and flaws in the structure that might allow rodents or water to get inside.
    • Wrap any glass pieces in blankets and/or towels to keep them from getting too cold and shattering when you bring them back out the following season.
    • Apply a water-repellent finish to reinforce furniture and protect it from any moisture that might find its way into the storage space.
    • Eradicate any signs of rust on your metal furniture or its components before putting it away for the next few months.
    • Fix any cracks you find in plastic furniture however minor or the cracks will likely spread until they’re too large to repair.
    • Use high-quality outdoor furniture winter covers for extra protection.

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    How Do You Prepare Outdoor Furniture For Winter

    Prepare outdoor furniture for winter by giving it a good cleaning. Use dish soap and water for wicker, iron, or plastic furniture, or a wood furniture cleaner on wood. Once your furniture is clean, choose a protective cover that properly fits your furniture piece. Finally, you’ll need to find the right outdoor furniture storage space. Some furniture can be stored outdoors during the winter, while other furniture will do best stored in a garage or shed.

    Patio Seat Cushions Storage Ideas

    Although patio cushions can be a great addition to your outdoor space, they often take up too much space. There are many ways to store them that will not only make the area look more appealing but will also make it more functional.

    If you have a patio with a covered area, consider putting the cushions in a basket or in a large laundry basket. This way, they will be in a contained space and can easily be seen when you need them. If the patio is not covered, find a way to keep them neat and tidy by rolling them up in a large pillowcase.

    Storage should not occupy too much space either, so you can use smaller baskets to keep the cushions in. The best thing about small storage is that it doesnt take a lot of room.

    When storing the cushions, you need to remember that they are going to be used not only during the summer season. You can install a large shed or keep them under the patio where they are easy to access.

    If you can find a spot inside the house, consider storing them there too. Look for boxes or baskets with lids that will be easy to close and protect the cushions from dirt and pests.

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    The 3 Best Ways To Store Patio Cushions

    If stored not correctly during the off-season, patio cushions accumulate mold, mildew, or musty, which will discolor them overtimes. And in the worst scenario, your fav cushion gets infested with pests. But you can avoid these annoying issues and costly purchases.

    For this, you will need to follow these storage stages-

  • Proper washing and drying
  • Appropriate wrapping
  • Accurate storing in a dry location.
  • Assuming that you are a starter, we will be discussing the three steps with details. Lastly, we will also leave some good suggestions for you.


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