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Z Shade Instant Gazebo

‘ Peak Shelter Standard White

Z-Shade Instant Gazebo Setup Instructions

The Z shade canopy top for a 10 peak is the perfect accessory to keep you dry and comfortable. It is made with waterproof and high-quality materials that provide excellent coverage, making it perfect for keeping you dry in bad weather. Its tie-down system ensures that the tent will never be at risk from the wind.

One of the most common ways a Z shade canopy top can be ruined is through wear and tear. Over time, the fabric can become frayed or ripped, which will cause it to leak.

Another common cause of damage to tent tops is UV exposure. Over time, the sun can fade or break down the fabric, causing it to become less effective at protecting you from the elements.

Lastly, it can also be ravaged by the wind. If the fly is not properly secured, it can flap in the wind and eventually tear.

If you find that your Z shade canopy top displays any of these signs of wear and tear, it is important to replace it as soon as possible.

S20 Members Mark 10′ Instant Canopy

Inner Truss A is what supports your tent and keeps it upright. Also, they keep it from collapsing. When your Z Shade Inner Truss A gets destroyed, it can be a major pain to deal with. However, its best to replace it with a new one as early as possible if you notice any problems in maintaining the stability of the Z shade canopy.

This inner truss is made of silver-colored metal, and its designed to fit the MEMBERS MARK 10×10 canopy. You just need to simply remove the old truss and replace it with this new one its as easy as that.

With this high-quality Inner Truss, youll be able to enjoy your canopy for many years to come. It is vital to know that caps are not included with the purchase of Inner Truss A.

Angled Legs And 10×10 Footprint

The telescoping angled legs are well designed and slide smoothly until locked into place of one of the 3 leg lock positions, a choice we always love having the ability to make. The angled legs add a bit more stability than straight-leg tents which we also like, but the design reduces the top canopy to 8’x8′ dimensions resulting in only 64 sq. ft. of shade. The plastic foot pads are a nice touch that you don’t often see on value-priced tents and they do a good job of protecting the bottom of the legs from wear and tear. Similar to nearly every 10×10 shade canopy under $100, the legs utilize metal insta-lock push buttons that are not the most user friendly. With this feature there is always a need to worry about rusted metal thumb locks that become impossible to push in over time. Cheap tents generally tend to forego a lot of these nice-to-have features that make canopy tent life easier during set up, and unfortunately this one is no different.

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Important Specs At A Glance

  • Side Panel Walls Optional and Sold Separately

GOLD QUALITY Set Up in a Breeze

For such a large structure, we really appreciate that you can set this up in under 2 minutes. We think this is so convenient because you dont need to go to the trouble of taking hours to install it.

For outdoor gatherings, its a fantastic alternative to much larger and more expensive canopies. You dont need to call hours in advance or get it installed the day before, you can simply pitch it up with the help of one other person in a matter of minutes.

SILVER HIGHLIGHT Beautiful Outer Design

The outward structural design of this model is really quite gorgeous. Particularly with the side panels that get wrapped around the legs, this would look amazing in any event photos. We also think it would standout at a market with its unique roof.

Aesthetic Design Sits Well in any Yard

We think you could hang some fairy lights around it and on the inside of the roof and it will look even more beautiful. Its also versatile enough to be used at more casual events without feeling fancy or like overkill. The neutral colors make it suitable for many different types of locations.

BRONZE FEATURE Large Double Roof

The next favorite feature of ours is the roof. Its designed so that there is a vent created through the smaller roof on top. We love this because it provides so much more ventilation than if it were to be all closed off.

Adjustable Height

Great Materials

Set Up And Portability


Setting up the tent is a simple as extending the frame and raising the legs into place, and can be done by just one person in a few minutes, nothing unique or out of the ordinary here. The tent weights a lightweight 31 lbs. which is in line with most in its class. The included carrying bag is made of denier polyester and is pretty well constructed. It has a single zipper closure with double stitching and also features an adjustable nylon shoulder strap for easy transport. Four metal stakes are also included to provide some extra stability and keep the tent from blowing away in strong gusts of wind.

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‘ X 10’ Academy Lawn & Peak

The stakes are perfect for holding down the corners of the canopy, and once in place, the canopy tent will provide you with an excellent shade that is perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

This Stake Kit, Set of 4, is a great choice if you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to replace their canopy stakes. The kit includes four stakes that are made of durable steel.

The stakes are easy to install and work with any type of canopy. The stakes are designed in an L-shape to provide superior holding power and a tight fit against the canopy legs. These stakes are also rust and corrosion resistant due to the powder-coated finish.

Most Asked Questions Weve Got You Covered

Can You Set It Up Without Staking It Down?

While it doesnt say its absolutely necessary, we definitely recommend that you stake this down. Use the included stakes and ropes and secure it into the ground. If you want to put it on something like concrete, we think using some sandbags could work great for keeping it stable.

Does It Come with Skirting Panels?

It does not come with side curtains, as these must be purchased separately. It can still be used without these panels you just wont have the option of protecting against wind and some very light rain.

Can One Person Pitch It Up?

Due to its weight, we recommend at least two people to set up this model. Youll need to lift the legs out of the box and put them upright, and they are quite heavy as theyre made from durable steel.

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How Does This Popular Z

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In our series to determine if value brand canopy tents are worth the potential savings over feature-rich tents from better-known brands, we put the two types of tents through a series of reviews. After reviewing the Ozark Trail 10×10 instant shelter we couldn’t leave out its closest competition, the Z-Shade tent. Z-Shade has been a staple in manufacturing instant canopies in a variety of sizes and colors since 2000. The brand is wholly owned by large conglomerate Activa Leisure Group who has been in the umbrella and shade business since 1842, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about outdoor canopies.

Our Final Thoughts On The Z Shade Gazebo

Z-Shade Instant Canopies – How to set up your Z-Shade Canopy

The Z Shade Instant Gazebo is an overall fantastic and beautifully designed shelter. With a classic peak roof and thin side legs, it would work perfectly for day and night outdoor events.

With neutral colors, it can compliment most color palettes, and the optional wall curtains update its look even more. While this is by no means meant for protection against wind and rain, its fantastic for protecting against the sun.

With thick roof materials and heavy-duty steel poles its meant to last throughout years of use. Featuring a vented roof and an instant set up, we think youre certainly getting a fair price for the great quality.


Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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Sams Members Mark 10′ Recreational

Z Shade guy lines are essential to setting up your Z Shade canopy. While they may seem like a small detail, they play a big role in ensuring that your Z Shade stays put and doesnt blow away in the wind. If they have been damaged, you will need to purchase new ones.

These ropes are designed to provide extra stability for your canopy in windy conditions. Due to their durable materials, these guy ropes are perfect for withstanding the elements, whether rain or snow.

A Long History In Producing Shade

In 2008, Activa opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed exclusively to produce instant canopy tents. With a focus on manufacturing private label tents for other outdoor tent brands, growth exploded within three short years and they had to expand the facility just to keep up with demand. Where did all of this demand come from? Z-Shade was the exclusive licensee and manufacturer for EZ Up at the time, where they produced a number of their canopy series and components to help EZ Up meet their demand.

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Z Shade Instant Gazebo Review

Known for its classy design, the Z Shade Gazebo is a hit for all kinds of outdoor events. From weddings to markets, family picnics to beach parties, this soft top canopy shades from direct and harsh sunlight.

It certainly leans more towards the traditional canopy structure but has a modern twist with surrounding panels that can be left open or kept closed. At a fair price, its certainly a competitor when it comes to other instant gazebos.

For your next outdoor gathering, why should you choose this instant shelter over others on the market? What makes this one standout? Today were conducting a thorough review into this gazebo to discover if its truly worth it.


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