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Turn Deck Into Screened Porch

How Much Does It Cost To Screen In A Porch

Steps to turn deck into screened in porch

Screened-in porch cost is a moving target. Prices depend on the type of porch you decide to have, the screen porch materials you choose to use, whether or not youll include electricity, the difficulty of connecting the porch to your existing home, and several other factors. When you research how much it costs to screen in a porch, consider all the things that need to happen to make your dream come true. First you have to see if your zoning code will permit it. Then you need to investigate the level of plans called for by your local building department to obtain a building permit. You may be able to draw the plans yourself for permit purposes, but they may not be good enough to answer all the questions youll have as you break out your tools.

Increased Value Of Your House

The Screen-in Deck helps you increase the value of your house as the regular deck tends to suffer more wind and bugs but a fully covered and screened-in deck helps your deck get rid of such climatic and bugs problems.

If you are considering your house to sell it to someone then you would get the best resale value as buyers would prefer a screened-in deck over the regular deck.

How Do I Turn My Deck Into A Screened

If youve been dreaming about turning your backyard deck into a screened-in porch, then the pros at TEMO Sunrooms would love to help you make that a reality. This is a fairly simple project that our expert dealers can take care of in as little as one day, and thats because our screened-in porches are designed to be easy to install, especially on already-built foundations like a deck. Well simply add a roof, supportive walls, screens, and a door, and just like that, youll have the screened-in porch youve always wanted!

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Garrety Glass Can Construct The Screen Room Of Your Dreams

Since 2000, Garrety Glass has been completing home improvement projects and providing exceptional service to customers across central Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle your project, and our customer service is unparalleled. We offer free consultations, and our helpful staff will guide you through every step of the process while working to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to set up your consultation and get started with your dream screen room.

Material Option For Screen

Turn Deck Into Screened Porch  Bulbs Ideas

The options offered for the screens of the screened-in deck also varies and you may need to make the right choice while choosing for the screens as they are the one that will protect you against all the outer elements.

You can choose from screen panels and premanufactured frames or you can even choose the wide-rolled screen type material screens. The amenities you choose for your screen will decide the final cost for your screened-in deck and if you decide to add more amenities the cost would be added.

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Framing Porch Doors And Openings

Youll undoubtedly need a door in your porch to get you outside. Youll want to select the door in the design and planning stage. The door will come with rough-in dimensions. You need these dimensions to know how wide and tall to make the opening for the door. Keep in mind if the door will be installed against or over any finish trim that covers your rough-lumber support posts. Rookies often rough-in the doors too narrow and it becomes very problematic to correct this error.

You need to do the exact same thing with your screened openings. Do you plan to build the screened panels yourself, and if so, how big will the panels be? No matter who builds the panels, be sure theyre built using a rot-resistant wood such as redwood or high-quality cedar.

The openings for both the door and screened panels must be square and not in a helix. An opening is square when the diagonal measurement from corner to corner is the same. This assumes that the vertical distance of both sides of an opening are the same and that the horizontal top and bottom measurements of the opening are identical.

Stretching taught string diagonally across the opening to form the letter X is how you check for a helical defect. The opening is in the same plane, and not a helix, when the two strings just touch one another when switched from side-to-side of the string. If theres a gap between the strings, youve got a helix. Do whats necessary to straighten the opening until the gap disappears.

From Deck To Screened

Customer Issues

This is a multi-part project.

  • The first phase of the project was inspired by the customers recollection of vacation rental in the Adirondack Mountains that had a nicely appointed screened-in porch.
  • The customer wanted to take an existing deck and convert a portion of it into a screened-in porch.

The second phase of the project came several years later.

  • Inspired by childhood memories, the homeowners wanted to convert the screened-in porch into a multi-season sunroom.
  • The customer also wanted to address a water runoff issue from the flat roof.
Bel Air Construction Solutions

For the first phase

  • A large portion of the existing deck and its superstructure was used to create the screened-in porch featuring a Duro-Last vinyl roofing system, Screen Tight screen system, a vinyl beadboard ceiling and a porcelain wood-plank floor.
  • The remaining portion of the deck was re-decked with Azek decking materials and vinyl railings.

For the second phase

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Considerations For Screening In Decks & Patios In Maryland & Virginia

When approaching unique outdoor living spaces, there are multiple paths one can take to arrive at a successful design resolution. It’s easier when there’s not an existing structure like an elevated deck or flagstone patio, but old spaces can be reimagined and rejuvenated with things like new Zuri decking, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and even brand new walls. It doesn’t take a teardown to convert a patio in Maryland or deck in Virginia into a screen room without compromising on beauty or structural integrity.

The Budget To Be Considered

Build a Screen Porch on a Deck without Attaching to the House

Budget is the very first thing you should be considering before you go ahead and start building your screened-in deck. The raw materials and the labor cost shall be considered so you do not end up spending more than your estimated budget.

Consult your designer and ask them if the screened-in deck fits in your budget as experts may have an idea about the total or estimated cost of the screened-in porch. This will help you get a better idea to consider your budget before you plan for the screened-in deck.

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What Is A Screened

A screened porch takes the warmth of outdoor space and adds a layer of protection from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs by closing off the holes with screen fabric. It can be a great place to read a book on a summer evening, and with proper installation, it will add to the overall value of your home. A screened porch is typically constructed by adding screens to an already covered outdoor porch, but a two-story deck with an under-deck ceiling also works great for a screened porch project!

How To Turn A Deck Into A Screened Porch

Are you hoping to get more use out of your deck? If so, then weve got the perfect solution for you. We can turn your deck into a beautiful screened-in porch, or even a three-season sunroom! By screening in, or putting windows on, your current deck, we can help you build a beautiful, functional room thats perfect for entertaining and relaxing. The Tri-City team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new space is exactly what you envisioned it would be.

Your decisions have to begin with your end goal. Are you hoping for a space to enjoy during the summer only, or do you want to extend into the spring and fall? A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy your deck in the summer during rain or shine, but if you want three seasons of use, then its time to consider converting your deck into a sunroom.

Not only does turning your deck into a sunroom add value to your home, but it also gives you more space for entertaining guests or relaxing after work. And because we use high-quality materials in all of our projects, this new addition to your home is sure to last for years.

Your deck is the perfect space for summer entertaining, but it can be so much more. Our team of experienced professionals will work hard to ensure that every step is completed on schedule and within budget.

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Ready To Screen In Your Porch

You now have a really good view of screen porch installation from 30,000 feet. There are hundreds of other tiny details involved in creating a screened-in porch. You may be able to tackle this large job on your own, but if you feel intimidated by the process, by all means consider getting quotes from professionals. Youll get the best quotes if you take the time to create great plans and provide photos of exactly what you want your porch to look like. Good luck and enjoy your new screened-in porch for decades!

How Can I Lower My Screened

Deck to Screened Porch Conversion in Columbia SC

There are several ways for you to lower your screened-in porch costs:

  • Opt for a smaller project with lower square footage

  • Enclose an existing porch rather than build a new one

  • Swap in budget-friendly materials such as composite wood and pre-cut screens

  • Purchase a screen kit from a hardware store and do the project as a DIY

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Ensuring The Screened In Porch Is Up To Code

Converting your deck or patio into a screened in porch will likely require permits from your local municipality. If you plan to add some extra features, such as electrical outlets, youll need to ensure that the project is done correctly. Working with a contractor or electrician can ensure that these tasks are done correctly the first time.

Converting an existing porch or deck into a screened patio can add more value to your home and give you and your family another place to relax. Dulando Screen and Awning can help transform your existing porch or deck into a completely new space. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to receive a free estimate for your project.

Should You Convert Your Deck Into A Screen Room

Do you wish you could spend more time on your deck without all the annoyances, like pesky bugs? Are you dreaming of entertaining guests while shaded from the hot sun or rain? A screen porch could be the answer.

Screening in a deck is not necessarily an easy project or one to try to DIY. Usually, turning a involves building a roof over it, and this is a job best left to the pros. If youre worried about the expense of building a screen porch, consider that this project will increase the overall value of your home and attract more buyers if you ever decide to sell. Also, think about how the project will enhance your living space and how youll get more enjoyment out of your porch.

A screen porch will not only protect you, your family and your guests from the elements, but your deck furniture will also be more protected. You can keep your furniture out in your porch or even add electronics, like a tv or stereo equipment, to the room without worrying about a storm ruining them. You wont need to sweep the leaves and debris from your deck every time you want to enjoy it. The room could even double as a storage area during the colder months.

Screen porches also offer more privacy than open decks an especially important factor if your neighbors are close by. The screens provide protection from critters beyond bugs too you can leave food out on the table without squirrels or raccoons helping themselves.

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Design Options For Screened

There are several design options to design your screened-in deck according to your preferences and needs. Most interior designers who design these types of decks maintain a website where they create design options for their customers to choose from.

The website will help you choose for the design you would like to opt for, so you have a clear mind to choose from all the designs mentioned. The simplest way to screen in a deck with no roof is to go for a collapsible screen tent which is affordable enough but if you are looking for something better you can hire an interior designer.

Be Wise When Building A Porch On Your Deck

How to Make a Four Season Room from a Porch
  • Make sure your deck or patio is in very good repair. There is no sense in going to the trouble and cost of building a screened porch ifyour deck won’t last several more years.
  • Even if your deck flooring is in good shape, your joists and posts may not be. Check for rotting posts or dry rot on your joists. If you do encounter issue, make the necessary repairs first.
  • Consider updating your deck flooring if it appears worn or is cracking, etc. You have lots of flooring options from replacing your existing flooring or optingfor interlocking tiles – an amazing product your should investigate.
  • You’ll have to determine if you will keep your railings or opt for other options like floor to ceiling screen panels.
  • My favorite option is screened porch windows – a great product that I wish had been available years ago. Sure saves a lot of aggravation because you don’t have to store windows in the summer and then install them in the winter.
  • If installing over a concrete patio you have other flooring options also. Not only will interlocking deck tiles work perfectly overconcrete, you can also stain or stamp your concrete floor to give it a fantastic look.

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Turn Your Deck Into A Screened Porch

If you are considering turning all or part of your deck into a screened porch, weve got some great places to start and tips to consider. Converting your deck into screened porch has a lot benefits beginning with your return on investment and ending with you enjoying every minute of your new outdoor living space.

The most important part is determining if your existing structure can support the additional weight of a roof structure. You will want to inspect your existing deck or have it examined by your contractor. It may be in perfect ready to go condition or you may need to reinforce your structure. Additional footings and/or framing can be added to meet weight load and code requirements to support your new screened porch.

Next comes porch design and material choices. Cost guidelines vary for screened porches because materials and trimmings vary so widely. Making design and material choices early on and knowing how you will your porch will help things go more smoothly with less hiccups and options to fumble over.

Roof Style

Gable Style Roof

The 3 most widely used roof styles for a screened porches are shed, hip and gable. A shed style porch is a great economical way to go and the hip style roof is typically the strongest and most expensive. Finally, a gable roof lets in the most light. You will want your roof to tie into the existing home making it seamless down to the shingles.


Custom Ceiling with Ipe Accent Border

Porch Screens

Other Considerations

What Type Of Deck Do You Have

An important consideration to make before deciding to convert your deck to a sunroom is whether you want additional space indoors. Decking is an outdoor living area and by screening in your deck area, you lose outdoor space. However, you can get large windows, retractable windows and roofing, French doors and other design quirks to ensure your sunroom construction lets in as much light as possible.

If youre ready to go ahead and turn your wood deck into a sunroom, the first thing to take note of is which type of deck you have. This can help you come up with gorgeous but practical designs for your new home addition.

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How To Convert A Deck To A Screened Porch

Do you wish to get a better and relaxing space to rest after a long and tiring day?

Our own house is a place where we find peace but having a space in our home that gives us more peace and relaxation can give you a quick break from your work life.

Yes, having Patios is all beautiful to spend time on several occasions until you must go through bugs, wind, excessive sunlight, and rainwater. If you have been dealing with all such problems with the outer space of your house, then let me suggest an awesome idea that can help you get rid of all such issues.

Having a space in your home for relaxation purposes while adding more value to our house is a better option by converting your own deck into a screened porch. Screened in deck can help you have a space in your home that will increase the value while providing a spacious place at your own home.

How Much Does It Cost To Turn A Deck Into A Screened

See this deck turn into a screened porch

To put a screen on an existing covered porch on a 200 sq. ft. deck can cost about $450, including the lumber for the screen panels and the fasteners to keep it in place. If you hire a professional, you can expect to add $300 to $600 in labor costs to the estimate.

Of course, the smaller the area, the less youll have to spend on building materials and construction costs. However, the material of your screens will also affect your overall costs. Pre-cut screens are the most affordable, but they can also include additional features such as wind resistance and allergy resistance, increasing the price. Some of the screens available are fiberglass, aluminum, premium metals, and sun-blocking. Fiberglass is the cheapest option but not the best in terms of quality. To ensure the longevity of your porchs interior, investing in screens that keep bugs, dust, pollen, and UV light out of your space is the best way to go.

Keep in mind that youre essentially building an outdoor space that you want to keep as well-protected from the elements as an indoor space. Going cheap on materials to stay within a specific budget may seem smart, but it might lead to a premature degradation in quality. If youre hesitant about taking on a project like this, it might be better to contract with an architect or contractor to get professional advice. Then, even though itll cost some extra money, itll be worth the investment to have your screened porch last a long time.

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