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Backyard Dog Potty Area Ideas

The Sod Needs To Be Rolled Out

How to build a dog potty area outside on your lawn

Heres some interesting stuff. The soil should be laid one at a time, tightly packed but not stacked. This will prevent grass from enveloping the soil. The sod should be rolled out after it has been laid. This allows the grass to grow more vigorously. Use a rolling pin instead of a roller to roll out the grass. If you prefer, you can roll yourself.

Why Should I Build A Backyard Dog Kennel Or Designated Dog Potty Area

While a dog run does require an initial investment of time and money, it offers numerous benefits to you and your canine pal:

Creates an Enclosed Area

If you lack a fenced backyard, your poor pup has no safe place to play.

With an enclosed pet area, your pooch wont be terrorized by neighbors dogs or kids and will stay well away from dangers like moving cars, strange dogs, and other people.

Your pets safety is a prime reason for spending the time and money creating a dog-friendly backyard.

Your yard plays hosts to a number of occupants: dogs, kids, and guests.

However, having them all together at the same time often causes problems.

Your labrador might be too energetic for your toddler to handle, accidentally knocking her over.

The size or bark of your well-intentioned Great Dane may intimidate visitors, or perhaps your Chihuaua hasnt yet learned not to jump up on dinner guests.

In any of these situations, your dog would benefit from a separate, contained spot so he can be a part of the backyard BBQ without getting into trouble.

Prevents Your Dog from Ruining the Grass

Dogs are rough on grass.

Even if theyre not actively digging it up, their urine often builds up in the soil, leaving unsightly brown spots to dot the lawn.

Contains Jumping, Digging, or Escape-Artist Dogs

Sometimes a normal backyard fence is inadequate to contain a dog whos determined to wander the neighborhood.

Provides a Designated Potty Area

Wide And Unrestricted Dog Run Ideas For Large Yards

Big dogs and hunting breeds require lots of daily exercise.

Providing them with a large, unrestricted, open space to run and play will keep them from barking, chewing, digging, and destroying your yard.

The more energy your dog burns while outside, the less energy it will have to destroy things when you bring it inside.

Dogs that get the chance to run around a large yard are often more docile and cuddly when they come back in the house.

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Sanitation & Hygiene: The Importance Of Keeping Your Dogs Indoor Potty Clean

Keeping your dogs potty spot wont just keep things clean, it will also keep your furry friend safe. Unfortunately, dog urine can contain leptospirosis bacteria which is zoonotic, meaning it could be passed on to people and other species.

Dog feces can also contain giardia or other parasites, so youll certainly want to clean your dogs indoor potty as soon as youve noticed a new addition. Heres how you can properly clean your pups potty:

  • Wear protection. To start, its a good idea to wear gloves to protect yourself while cleaning your dogs potty spot. Make sure your pooch is safe and secure so that you can focus your attention on thoroughly addressing the mess.
  • Remove as much waste as possible. Once youre protected, you can use poop bags and paper towels to help pick up and discard the waste. Be sure to check out some of these dog poop disposal ideas before you settle on a solution.
  • Rinse down the potty with hot water. Rinse or wipe out any residue using hot water. If youre using a reusable pee pad, at this point, it can be machine washed, though you might want to give it its own load.
  • Make sure you get rid of disposable potties as needed. If youre using a disposable potty, make sure to replace it per the manufacturers recommendations.
  • Youll want to use an enzymatic or oxidizing carpet cleaner in these cases to avoid long-term problems.

    What Else Do You Put In A Dog Potty Area

    Pin on Ideas for around the house

    Once youve picked the best material for dog potty area, there are still a few more options you can consider. Depending on where you live and what the weather usually like, you may want to consider adding a little bit of shade. If it gets too hot outside during the day, your dog may be tempted to take care of business indoors, which can lead to a lot of extra headache on your part.

    Especially during the summer, you may want to also add some sort of water feature near your dogs potty area. It doesnt have to be anything fancy, but a simple water bowl can go a long way towards keeping your dog cool and hydrated during the long, hot months.

    Make sure you dont put your dogs bowl too near the potty area, however, as some dogs may not want to eat or drink in the same location in which they relieve themselves.

    Finally, if you have a male dog, you may want to think about getting him a pee post. It may not stop him from marking telephone poles or fire hydrants on your daily walk, but it will feel more natural for your pooch. It will also help him feel more confident in his space, now that hes effectively claimed it as his own.

    No matter how you dress it up, the most important part of any dog potty area is that its clean, its neat, and its theirs!

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    Green Grass Or Turf Lawn

    If youre looking for a real grass potty area, there are a few things you should look for when youre picking out grass types. In general, youll want a strain of grass that grows quickly, has deep roots, and is suited for your specific climate.

    Not only will this help your grassy area bounce back after your dogs bathroom breaks, but it will also make sure that the simple wear and tear of daily dog damage wont leave your lawn looking patchy and dead.

    Some of the most common breeds for dog lovers include Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fescue, Bermuda, and Zoysia. Depending on where you live , one of those should work well for your backyard. Kentucky Bluegrass, in particular, is stain-resistant and especially durable, which makes it a great fit for families with dogs who are always on the move.

    If you dont have the space for a real grass lawn or if you just dont want to deal with the hassle of constant upkeep, artificial turf is a great option! Now more than ever, there are lots of artificial grass choices for pet-lovers with limited space options.

    Similarly, the MTBRO Artificial Grass Rug offers a more realistic look while still providing plenty of protection for your floors or for your backyard. This rug features small drainage holes to prevent liquid from puddling up on the surface, which in turn helps prevent odor buildup. Like the first example, the MTBRO rug can be trimmed to fit any space, regardless of how big or small.

    Selecting Dog Run Fencing

    Second to the overall design, the most critical component of your dog run will be the fencing material.

    Choose fencing that will be sturdy enough to stand up to the inevitable chewing, pawing, jumping, and climbing that your dog will do.

    If your dog is a digger, be sure your fence goes down far enough or has a concrete foundation to prevent her from escaping the enclosure.

    Chain Link Fencing

    Chain link fencing is one of the most popular choices for fencing in pet areas due to its affordability and durability.

    Its also see-through, so you can see what your dog is up to.

    Despite its many benefits, some people dislike the look of chain link fencing.

    However, this can be improved by painting the fence or using plastic or bamboo privacy slats if desired.

    Metal Fencing

    Using higher-end metal fencing gives your dog run a classier look.

    Opting for a wrought iron fence elevates the dog run from a functional area to an ornamental feature of your backyard landscape.

    Metal fences are pricey, however, and without repainting, they will corrode over time.

    If you go with a metal option, be sure the fencing doesnt have gaps wide enough for your dogs head to fit through or fancy features like scrollwork that could scrape or poke the dog by accident.

    Wood Fencing

    Many people opt for the natural, beautiful look of wood fencing.

    Wood is easy to obtain and work with, and its a fairly inexpensive material.

    Be mindful, however, that wood isnt as durable as some other building materials.

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    Find The Perfect Place For Dog Run

    One of the most important aspects of the build is finding the perfect place for your dog run. Not everyone has the space to install a huge dog run, so this is an important option to consider. It should be a space that is safe and comfortable for your pet.

    If you have the luxury, the area should be out of the way enough to not interfere with or your book reading club, your summer bbqs, or other outdoor activities. But the area still needs to be close enough to the house for you to be able to check on your dog periodically.

    If your dog is trustworthy and you want them to be able to go in and out of the house without needing to leave a door open, you may want to place your dog run near a side door with a doggie door installed.

    The space you pick should be in partial shade to allow your dog to get out of the scorching hot summer sun and should be near a water source to make rinsing down the run and filling up water bowls more convenient.

    Also, take into account that the area should have good drainage to ensure that your dog will not be standing in mud or water if it happens to rain.

    Best Materials For Dog Run

    How to build a Dog Toilet outside (Dog Potty area)

    Choosing the right materials for your run can spell the difference between having an ok dog run and a great one. And nobody wants just ok, right? Spend your money on the best materials available for your dog runs. Dont cut corners because if you buy material, you might have to deal with rebuilding a dog run if it cant withstand your dogs roughhousing or the weather. Besides your dog deserves the very best.

    Many dog owners across the country use concrete, gravel, or mulch for their floors. But those arent your only options! Wood is a great material that could work well with a dog run. Plus, it would work best with a product like MegaPet covering it.

    For the fence, you can go with the popular chain link. There are also plenty of options to choose from. A picket fence is good if you only have a toy dog to contain. You can also go for really tall partitions for the dog run if your pet has the hops. A cattle fence could also do the job.

    Pet owners usually put dog runs underneath a big tree, but if you don’t have a tree, don’t worry. Another option could be to have a cover installed in your dog run. A tarpaulin or a DIY roof made out of wood can be both practical and visually pleasing. You can also have a dog house built in the run.

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    Post Update Did It Work

    Success! He uses it regularly. We introduced him to the area by taking him out on leash multiple times per day and telling him to go potty. Often times we had to wait a while until he went, and then we praised him with a treat. Now that hes fully potty trained, I would say he uses the area 95% of the time.

    Some days, however, I look out and see him sniffing around the lawn. Usually, I can just walk outside, point to his potty area, and hell go over there to do his business. Occasionally, well find hes gone to the bathroom on the lawnI guess some days he just feels too lazy to make his way over to the dog potty area.

    Whats The Best Material For Dog Potty Areas

    When it comes to cleaning up after your four-legged friend, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Theres not actually any one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Instead, for most pet owners, the answer comes down to one of these three things: pet preference, human preference, and location.

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    What Is A Dog Run

    A dog run is any dedicated outdoor space or structure for your pooch to run free, scratch, roll, and be her delightful canine self.

    You may hear it go by many different names like pet area, backyard dog kennel, dog potty area, etc., but these are the same thing in essence.

    Regardless of the design, dog runs dont require you to supervise your dog.

    Rather, theyre pet-friendly enclosures made to keep pups safe and out of trouble.

    Dog runs protect your dog, as well as the other elements or occupants of the yard.

    Exercise is crucial for healthy, happy dogs.

    Some breeds even grow anxious or destructive without it and will dig, pace back and forth , or scratch to get the exercise they need.

    A dog run provides a designated area for your dog to run, play, and go to the bathroom without destroying your yard.

    Bear in mind that dog runs are intended to be temporary shelters and safe places for dogs to exercise.

    Theyre NOT meant to house pets full-time.

    How Much Does It Cost To Build One

    14 DIY Dog Porch Potty &  Grass Box Projects in 2020

    Prices can vary from place to place, and how extensive your build is. Also, big dogs require a bigger space.

    Most of these builds require some basic tools . And youll need some materials such as lumber, screws, and fake or real grass.

    Side note: You can get the hardware store to cut all your lumber for a small fee. So you may not need a saw.

    The more extensive projects come with features that will make your life much easier, but will certainly add to the total cost and build time needed.

    With all the hardware and materials:

    • You are looking at anywhere from $30 to $100 USD.
    • If you need to buy tools then this cost goes up significantly.

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    What Is A Grass Tray For Dogs

    If you have ever owned a puppy before you will understand the headache that house training can be its no easy task. It requires patience, a strong stomach, and the ability to love unconditionally.

    Picture this.

    Your perfect little pooch has spent the first time home alone, you open the door only to be greeted by an indescribable aroma! The realization soon dawns on you

    Where is the poop? Where is the pee? What have they destroyed?

    Every dog needs a place they can do their business, there is no doubting that. Hence, going to the potty outdoors is one of the first things you want your dog to master. Who wants to be greeted by urine and poop every time they come home?

    Training your dog to understand where they can go potty is a task that requires a lot of patience and positive reward. Generally speaking, having a backyard or some outside secure place for your dog to use for their toileting needs is the ideal situation.

    However, this isnt always possible. Unvaccinated puppies who cant venture out or older pooches that struggle to get around, plus high-rise living is becoming more fashionable, which means limited outside space.

    These are all situations where a grass mat for dogs can prove useful.

    How To Get Your Dog To Use The New Outdoor Potty Area

    Now that you learned how to build an outdoor dog potty area on concrete, in five easy steps your dog will be using their new area.

    Always begin with the surrounding area free of poop and urine odors.

    • Use a leash! The first elimination break in the morning is a great way to begin with introducing the new area. Each time you take your dog outdoors for a potty break remember to use a leash and direct them to the area.
    • Establishing a command for potty time is helpful. When they eliminate, label it for your dog with words such as potty time, take a break, or park.
    • Verbally praise your dog when they eliminate in your new outdoor dog potty area.

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    When you are teaching your dog the location of your outdoor potty area, it is always good to remember to be patient and consistent. Your dog might not like the new area at first, but they certainly are smart and will adjust with time.

    Other ways people offer dog potty breaks:

    • Take them for a walk around the neighborhood.
    • Indoor litter box.
    • Fenced in potty box or potty area on concrete.
    • Taking the dog on hikes through the woods or down a country road.
    • Outdoor fenced in yards .

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    General Construction Of The Potty Yard

    You need to prepare the surface of the yard and have the proper drainage material before you do the finishing steps. The general steps are as follows.

  • Once youâve chosen the area and marked out the area for the yard, youâll need to clear the area of rocks, grass, weeds, and any other materials such as sticks.
  • Then weed block should be laid down covering the entire area..
  • Next, add the raised border like the pre-fabricated landscape border, two-by-four wood thatâs been treated for outdoor use, or low cinder blocks.
  • A type of drainage material like sand or rocks made for that purpose should then be laid down. The water and urine should drain down properly from the top filler material you choose.
  • Then the filler material like pea gravel should be placed, which may be between two and four inches deep.
  • The fun time comes then of decorating the potty area with a pathway leading to it, a sign stating âpotty area,â or even a mock fire hydrant. Though decorative, the hydrant can lure male dogs to potty there.


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