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Pool Ideas For Small Backyard

Opt For Colorful Tiles

40+ Cool Small Backyard Pool Ideas

The Henley glass and aluminium dining table with Remy stacking chairs from Bridgman are the perfect accompaniments to a colorful pool

Sure, you can use unique paving ideas to bring an extra dose of interest to your garden from patterned designs to on-trend colors. But if you’ve got a pool, don’t forget that the tiles can offer the opportunity to get creative, too.

These deep blue designs in a mosaic look are ideal for a modern plot, and offer the perfect pairing with the porcelain, pale-toned patio. Sleek furniture up top finishes the scene well.

Contemporary Backyard Pool Idea With Pool Fountain And Travertine Tile

This contemporary yard rectangular lap pool is full of elegance. Large travertine pool tile adds modernity with its calm color and appearance. This beautiful lap pool, which serves as the focal point in the garden, contains seating where it is okay to get wet in the water, gives the feeling of a holiday place with its lounge chairs, and creates a comfortable atmosphere. With bluestone details that add elegance to the pool, the pool fountain creates a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic appearance. Also, the backyard features a bar and outdoor gray kitchen cabinets.

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Backyard Lap Pool Idea With Hardwood Pool Floor

This backyard uses a stylish medium-sized rectangular lap pool, hardwood pool floor, wood-veneer facade, and a simple color palette of greens. The hardwood pool floor combines indoor and outdoor living with its wooden coating and provides a holistic view while taking it to an easily accessible pool. The blue mosaic rectangular pool creates a relaxing environment, while the stylish pavers and stairs that float in the lap pool add functionality.

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Extraordinary Small Pool Design Ideas For A Backyard Oasis

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These incredible small pool design ideas will help to transform your backyard space into a fabulous oasis for living and entertaining. If you have limited space in your backyard, adding a small pool can be a challenge but will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your property. During the summertime, a swimming pool is ideal for cooling off and is especially essential if you live somewhere that is temperate all year long. The addition of a small pool will be great for entertaining, but can also be used for personal fitness and relaxation.

There are different types of small pool design ideas: spools, plunge pools, cocktail pools, and wading pools. While it will take less material to create a smaller pool, it does not necessarily cut down on costs. As you still need to consider materials such as stone and tile and attractive water features, all done by an expert. However, the end result will provide you with a great reason to staycation in the comfort of your own fabulous backyard!

Have a look below for some inspiring small pool design ideas that you could incorporate into your property to create an amazing backyard oasis.

3. A cozy seaside summer cottage in Orange County, California features this backyard swimming pool. The pool is 8 feet by 13 feet. Its a spool, normally a cold dip but with a fast-heat system so it can be a spa too.

Modern Backyard Pool With Bar Idea And Travertine Pool Floor

48 Best Small Swimming Pools Ideas For Small Backyards

This raised side pool combines with the bar area to create a creative backyard. While this pool at different levels is surrounded by the travertine pool floor, which is a natural material, it creates an intimate backyard by matching the wood on the bar wall. The combination of pool and marble bar area brings fun and comfort to this backyard, while steel bar chairs and furniture around the pool complete the garden. The meeting of grass, stone tiles, and symbolizes life the naturalness in this garden.

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Go With An Irregular Shape

This pool by Rondo Pools and Spas complements the modern surroundings beautifully

Not all pools are freeform or rectangular in nature. You can work with a contractor to develop a pool shape that best fits your garden layout ideas.

In the case of this backyard pool, a roughly triangular shape with a dramatic diagonal was the best option for the entire landscape plan, which includes a seating area with a fire feature and two different lounging spaces.

The Shape Of Your Space

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes, and how they are laid out will influence how you design your space.

One of the best things about adding a custom pool to your backyard is the ability to create a unique shape that compliments your specific type of yard.

For example, if you have a pie-shaped corner lot, your backyard likely wont be square but more triangular. In this case, adding a standard rectangular pool may not work for your space.

In this scenario, you may want to consider a circular pool in one corner of your yard or a custom pool with lots of curves. This would help it take up less space than a traditionally shaped pool while also working alongside the unique shape of your yard.

If you have a square or rectangular-shaped backyard, you could consider adding a classic rectangular pool to the back section of your yard, giving you the front half to use for entertaining.

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What Do You Need To Consider Before Add A Pool To A Small Backyard

‘The first thing that you need to consider is where your property lines are, what are your property line setbacks to a pool or spa, and whether the pool equipment must be within the setbacks or can sit on the property line.’ advises landscape architects .

‘This seems like a small detail but can make a big difference in your design. With every pool small or large comes pool equipment and zoning restrictions! Once you know the buildable envelope on your property for a pool, you can start to consider what kind of a pool will fit and look right in that space. Do not forget to consider that your pool needs to be fenced according to state and federal law. Think about this carefully, as it will affect your space in a small yard.’

Now you should consider the orientation of the pool and sitting areas. There is nothing nicer than evening sun on the pool so a western orientation is optimal. I always look to have reflections in a pool so siting a pool where a large tree will create reflections is important for the best Monet effect.’

Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Small Backyard Pool Ideas – Pool landscaping Ideas and Designs

Even though everyone may want a pool, that doesnt mean they have the space to install one. Not all of us have the room for a 40 pool. However, that doesnt mean that we should give up on the dream of installing a pool. Small spaces work and there are plenty of backyard pool ideas that you can fit around your yard that is small or oddly-shaped.

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A Pool Of Your Own: 5 Small Backyard Pool Ideas

More and more homeowners are adding backyard pools to their homes. Its a source of endless entertainment and good memories, so its easy to see why so many people want a pool.

But if you dont have a large space to work with it can be hard to imagine how youd fit a pool at all. Luckily, there are so many good small backyard pool ideas. You can get the pool you want with added features and still have room for a lawn and landscaping!

Some of the most creative and innovative backyard pools come from small backyards. Weve compiled a list of the top five ideas for an awesome pool in a smaller backyard.

Backyard Pool Idea With No Cover And Slate Wall Waterfall Tile

This medium-sized disappearing edge pool is the hallmark of a stunning backyard that is perfect for fun and relaxation. While the rectangular horizon pool is surrounded by slate wall waterfall tile, the large marble tile pool floor coating combines the pool and the floor with its plain appearance. A mirror reflection on the pool wall makes the pool appear wider and a sculptural accessory draws attention. This garden is perfect for recreation and a great example of how to take advantage of small garden sizes.

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Install A Water Feature

This stylish pool is by Rondo Pools and Spas

If you want to go above and beyond with your backyard pool, add some stylish water feature ideas as a focal point.

In a more natural-style pool area, you could add a waterfall that cascades over stones. As well as providing a soothing background noise, it’ll make a fun feature to interact with once you get in.

In a more formal pool area, you could add fountains. In this pool, the three sculptural fountains provide a visual and auditory focal point.

The other benefit to pool water features is their ability to keep the pool clean. As they constantly circulate the water, they decrease the likelihood of algae build-up leaving you with a fresher pool for very little effort.

Use A Wide Step As A Baja Shelf

30 Gorgeous Swimming Pools Design Ideas for Backyard in 2020

Just because your pool is small doesnt mean you need to give up some of the luxuries of a larger installation. Youll just need to be creative about how to incorporate them.

A Baja shelf, also known as a tanning shelf, takes up a lot of space in a poolas do steps. But if you combine them both into a single feature, its a great way to do a lot with a little room.

Essentially, this means installing steps into your pool with an extra-wide first step that doubles as a tanning shelf.

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Make The Edges Of Your Property Work For You

Another way to save space in two ways is to use your propertys existing edges to mark your pools shape. This approach means using a corner or a side of your property to act as sides of the pool.

On the one hand, it will maximize the way space is used around the property boundaries. It will also remove the need to eat up yard space with a deck on that side of the pool. However, youll need to make sure that there are no code violations when you design the pool, and one of our pool installation experts can help you with that.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor Pool

In the UK, says inground pool costs can start at £15,000 for a simple liner, whilst a mosaic-tiled design can start at £25,000. For the US, says inground designs can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more, with evacuation taking up 50% of the overall price.

Natural pools can be more expensive to install, however, the costs of maintenance are lower. For a design with stone step entry, timber jetty, and jumping rock with a set of stepping stones, look for around £115,000 for up to 100sqm, as estimates the team at Gartenart. However, more formal designs can cost higher, due to the blockwork wall, coping work, and more intensive liner-installation process. For the US, Homeadvisor estimates a typical cost of $70,000, assuming an average size of 600 square feet.

If you’re wondering whether you can introduce a pool to your cheap garden ideas, above-ground designs are definitely the more affordable option. According to, they can start at around £2,500 for a 12ft by 24ft product. In the US, Homeadvisor estimates a cost of $700 to $5,000 for this sort of design. Plus, they’re fairly simple to assemble. However, rather than a landscaped pool, they have the look of a large paddling pool. They’re great for a quick dip, but if you’re after a high-end look, they might not live up to your expectations.

A luxurious poolside setup, featuring furniture from OKA UK

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Place A Pergola Nearby

A pergola will provide the perfect post-swim spot when positioned next to your pool

Pergolas are a wonderful addition to your pool landscaping. These sturdy structures provide a shaded oasis and are ideal when used to cover seating spots.

Positioned next to a pool, they’ll offer a space to retreat from the sun’s glare after taking a dip. Add a comfy sofa and tons of cushions beneath for the perfect place to take an afternoon nap or to lounge with a chilled drink. With the sound of lapping water nearby, it will be nothing short of bliss.

Small Backyard Tropical Pool

25 Amazing Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyard – DecoNatic

This small backyard pool is the perfect example of a tropical oasis.

As its surrounded by palm trees and other tropical plants, as well as weathered wood decking and thatched-roof structures, which gives you the feeling that youre on an exotic tropical vacation right in your own backyard.

Plus the multi-colored blue tile bottom gives the pool a really cool natural look.

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Contact A Pool Expert Today

For all things pool-related, Classic Marcite should be your first choice. With over 30 years and 100,000 successful jobs under our belt, we offer unparalleled service and craftsmanship.

Check out our blog if you want to know how long concrete pools usually last. If you would like to discuss ideas for pools in a small backyard, contact us online or call today at !

An Endless Pools R500 Recsport Pool

Endless Pools is the creator of small backyard swimming pools that are designed for stationary swimming.

But how do you swim without moving?

Thats the secret of these ingenious compact pools, which use a propulsive current that a single swimmer can swim against for as long as they want.

Despite being small, its the only pool in the world where you never need to turn!

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Small Inground Pool Ideas

There are plenty of pools out there to choose from for your backyard. If you have unlimited money you can have something made for you without having to worry. If you need to save a little more you may want to look at something available in a pool store or custom pool manufacturing showroom.

PRO Tip: For mini inground pools, many spa companies offer a combination of a pool and spa called a spool.

Check out our article all about spools.

Here, weve found some of the best small pools so you can get a good idea of whats available. We want to help you find a great quality pool and feel comfortable. We also want to make sure you know what you should be considering for yourself. There are a whole lot of options and each one can be tweaked a little to fit your needs.

A small pool is an awesome way to cool off on a hot summer day and not break the swimming pool budget.

Modern Swimming Pool In Clean Line With Travertine Large Slab Block

30+ Amazing Swimming Pools Design Ideas For Small Backyards

Seeking hints of whites and grays, this pool looks very modern. The travertine large slab block pool surrounding the pool creates a clean line while creating a modern look. With a water feature wall, spa, and tanning shelf with lounge chairs, this ground pool creates a great environment to relax and have fun. It has a modern feel with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces. This backyard pool completes its classic and clean line with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces.

ID# 101405 | Credit |

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Enhance The Landscape With Simple Geometry And Rectangles

There is a swimming pool for every outdoor area, even in long, narrow side gardens or center courtyards. These complement the architectural style of the home and often have more formal lines or geometric shapes. Plan the pool size and shape before getting further into the project. While an infinity pool is built to offer more than an uninterrupted view and take advantage of the magnificent view, a lap pool is a good solution in tight residential areas. Modern swimming pools bring out a contemporary design and often have furniture and materials similar to their modern roots. Discover how versatile something as simple as a rectangle can be in our examples.

You can find ideas such as rectangular or special-shaped infinity pools, lap pools, ground pools, tanning shelves, and pool fountains that vary according to different backyards, with simple, contemporary travertine pool tile, concrete pool tile. Dive in and be dazzled.

ID# 101402 | Credit |

Best Pool Types For A Small Backyard

  • Cocktail Pools: This pool type is one of the most luxurious small backyard pool designs. Sometimes called spools, this innovative design marries together a pool with a spa, transforming it into a compact all-in-one experience. These petite pools are easy to heat and can be shaped to fit any size of yard, bringing that sought-after, sleek look on a smaller scale. For that extra touch of privacy and coziness, consider putting a fence around the area to protect the tranquil and intimate atmosphere.
  • Narrow Pools: If your space issue boils down to a narrow backyard, then simply select a shape to suit it. Narrow pools can bring a river-like beauty to a backyard, especially when styled with mini waterfalls or water features, or even luscious plant life. Exercise or lap pools are one of the main types of narrow pool with a sleek shape conducive to swimming laps and getting fit, they will also slide neatly into any backyard, no matter how narrow.
  • Custom Pools: Of course, you arent limited to just one type of shape. Thanks to custom pool design for small backyards, your pool can be tailor-made to suit your space. So, whether you favor a clean, minimal look or a flowing, freeform design, a professional pool builder, such as Morehead Pools, will be able to create a pool that matches the contours of your yard.

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