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Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Dogs

You Can Incorporate Your Dogs Needs Into Your Landscaping

Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

The key takeaway is that as long as we know what our dog likes to do, we can incorporate him into our new landscape, rather than stressing him out with changes that affect all the fun he has in his yard! This seems like common sense, but Ive seen the opposite so many times.

There are many ways to have a beautiful AND dog-friendly landscape let me show you!

How To Make A Cool Flop Spot:

  • Dig a shallow pit that will fit your dog comfortably.

  • Mix up a bag of concrete and line the pit with a thin layer.

  • Before the concrete dries, poke a few pencil-sized holes in the bottom for drainage.

  • Line the depression with at least six inches of clean white playground sand.

  • Sprinkle with water to the point of dampness.

  • Find The Perfect Place For Dog Run

    One of the most important aspects of the build is finding the perfect place for your dog run. Not everyone has the space to install a huge dog run, so this is an important option to consider. It should be a space that is safe and comfortable for your pet.

    If you have the luxury, the area should be out of the way enough to not interfere with or your book reading club, your summer bbqs, or other outdoor activities. But the area still needs to be close enough to the house for you to be able to check on your dog periodically.

    If your dog is trustworthy and you want them to be able to go in and out of the house without needing to leave a door open, you may want to place your dog run near a side door with a doggie door installed.

    The space you pick should be in partial shade to allow your dog to get out of the scorching hot summer sun and should be near a water source to make rinsing down the run and filling up water bowls more convenient.

    Also, take into account that the area should have good drainage to ensure that your dog will not be standing in mud or water if it happens to rain.

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    Final Thoughts On Creating A Dog

    A dog-friendly backyard is not only a safe, inviting place for your pup to romp and play its a place you are happy to spend time in, too.

    Creating a canine haven doesnt need to be complicated.

    A few simple adjustments like installing a dog run or artificial pet turf can mitigate the holes and urine spots caused by dogs.

    You and your pet will both enjoy a cool, maintenance-free lawn year-round.

    We have teams of the best artificial grass installers located throughout Texas and in Oklahoma.

    At Ideal Turf, we truly believe artificial grass is worth the money, and we are happy to help you explore this decision by answering any of your questions before buying turf.

    If youre interested in installing pet turf in your Texas homes backyard, please contact Ideal Turf to get your FREE artificial grass design and installation estimate by clicking GET A QUOTE button, or feel free to give us a call at .

    Common Backyard Problems Faced By Dog Owners

    Backyard Ideas Without Grass For Dogs
    • Holes in the yard and damaged plants from pets that like to dig
    • Brown spots in grass or stains on concrete appear frequently due to urine.
    • An inability to grow grass, ground covers or other plants because of dogs that like to pace or run in the same area
    • Flea infestations from natural grass and wood
    • Mud tracked indoors from pets going out to use the bathroom during or after heavy rain

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    Backyard Dog Fencing Ideas And Advice

    Fences are probably the most obvious part of making a backyard good for a dog. A good fence will create boundaries in the yard for your dog and protect it from other dogs that might get free and wander the neighborhood. Chain link is common, but ugly. Many neighborhoods in Charlotte, Fort Mill and Waxhaw have HOA requirements when it comes to fencing, so you may not have many choices.

    You can choose to fence the entire yard, which is fairly simple on some lots and not as easy when there are wooded areas involved. Of you can create a dog run or play area in part of the yard. A dog enclosure in part of the yard can be a useful way to keep your dog away from hazards or just keep part of your yard clean and less likely to end up damaged.

    Install A Water Feature

    Make sure your dog can stay cool in the spring and summer by adding a water feature to your backyard. Not only will this keep your dog hydrated, but provide her with hours of entertainment during the warmer months.

    Options include:

    • Dog watering system connected to your outdoor hose.

    Place the water feature in the shade when possible.

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    Plant Tall Foliage That Will Grow Above Your Dog

    Use tall plants or shrubs that will spread foliage above the height of your dog

    • Tough evergreen shrubs are an excellent choice if you need a year-round screen .
    • If screening isnt an issue, are often more ornamental, but will shed their foliage in the winter.
    • Containers or raised planter boxes are a great option if you want to plant more colorful and delicate flowers

    Which Landscaping Plants Are Safe For Dogs

    10 Budget Friendly Backyard Ideas For Dogs

    If youre thinking of adding to your flower beds and arent sure if your choices are toxic to dogs or not, check with the ASPCAs handy resource to be sure. If you do choose potentially dangerous plants, keep them in an area of the yard your dog cant reach and always watch your best pal very closely when theyre outside especially if you know your pup is a plant-nibbler.

    Common garden plants that are unfortunately toxic to our canine companions include Irises, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Lilies, Daffodils, Begonias and Dahlias. On the other hand, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Zinnias and Sunflowers are beautiful blooms that are dog-safe.

    The sweet scent of fragrant flowers will likely attract bees and other pollinators. Curious pups may eat a passing bee or wasp, and quickly suffer the consequences of these spicy sky raisins! Beestings arent fun for anyone, but if your dog has a bee allergy, theyre especially dangerous. Speak to your veterinarian about whether you should keep an EpiPen or other medication on-hand when the bees are out.

    Any sharp, thorny, pokey or irritating plants also have the potential to harm your dog. This is especially true if those spiky bits get embedded in your pups soft, sensitive places, such as paws or eyes. Keep your lawn and property free of these painful plants!

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    Install Wire Cages Around Plants Bushes And Trees For Protection

    Another option for growing the plants you want most in your yard without worrying about your dog damaging them by digging around them, trampling them, or chewing on them, is to install a chicken wire cage around the plant as a safety barrier.

    It works for everything from delicate rose bushes to trees, and shrubs that you would prefer are not used as a toilet post. Chicken wire is thin, allowing you to see and enjoy your plants while keeping them safe. It is especially important for those with young puppies who may not know what they can or cant get into yet.

    Rig A Lookout Platform

    Hester the pug likes to survey the world from her rocky perch in a West Seattle garden. If you plant landscaped areas densely, dogs will generally stay out. Still, most dog owners recommend additional precautions: Plant in raised beds or on mounds, and start with 1-gallon or larger plants. Put up temporary fencing around newly landscaped areas when you remove it, add a rock border or low fencing as a reminder to stay out. Plant romp-proof shrubs and perennials like ornamental grasses around the edge of the garden. Put brittle plants like salvias in the center, where they’ll be protected.

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    Choose Your Grass Wisely

    Dog urine contains concentrated nitrogen oxides which burn your grass and create brown patches. Making the right grass choice can eliminate this problem.

    Advantages: Aesthetically speaking nothing beats a well-maintained lawn.

    Disadvantages: Brown patches and maintenance costs availability of the grass type and potential imitators can be a problem.

    Pro tip: We recommend Kikuyu for larger active dogs . Otherwise, Buffalo grass is tough and great in winter or shade/sun areas.

    Neutralise the urine immediately by diluting with water.

    Best Way To Lay Gravel

    Backyard Ideas for Dogs

    Its possible to simply put down gravel on your dogs preferred space and call the project done, but the gravel will likely shift and sink into the dirt below. In addition, much of the soil damage wont be fixed by this method. A better option is to install a semipermanent dog pee gravel area, says Welsh Design Studio. There are some variant approaches you can take, such as combining the two recommendations by using crushed limestone for the base drainage level instead of paver gravel. This will improve the sanitation and reduce any bad smells while still maintaining a paw-friendly surface.

    The use of landscaping fabric allows for drainage while preventing weeds and reducing how much your base layer will sink into the dirt below. Establishing a raised boundary will not only prevent gravel from scattering but also helps your dog understand that this set area is different from the rest of your lawn.

    Ultimately, how you choose to build your dog run or kennel will be the result of research and recommendation. Some people have difficulty keeping their gravel-lined areas clean or drained, and whether thats a failure of material or of execution is anyones guess.


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    Balancing Shapes And Textures

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    With so many options available for furniture and plants, an outdoor seating area can be low maintenance by design. This modern seating area has waterproof cushions and a clean propane stone fire dish for easy entertaining. The square lines and gray tones are nicely complemented by planters at a right angle filled with feathery textured perennials in striking colors.

  • 39 of 44

    / Instagram

    The whimsical design elements here pull together beautifully, with the soft textures of the blooming lilacs and curving shapes of the umbrella the large glass jug forming a pleasing counterpoint to the angular striped patterns of the cushions and rug.

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    / Instagram

    Even if you’re not spending too much time sitting in your backyard space in winter, adding some seasonal decor can lift your spirits when the winds are howling. This simple Scandinavian holiday scene has winter greenery draping over a bench, birch logs, pine cones, tree sculpture and a chunky wooden star to create a rustic holiday tableau.

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    / Instagram

    This simple seating area in a small garden in Yorkshire, England is surrounded by sensual pleasures of all kinds: a scenic view of mountains, the intoxicating scent of wisteria blooms, leafy plantings, and whimsical Japanese lanterns hanging from the hedges.

  • Flora Fauna And Fido: Dog

    Creating A Peaceful Coexistence In Your Yard

    Ask dog owners about their pooches, and many respond as if you asked about their kids. Ask the same people if you can see their backyards, however, and suddenly the conversations turn to their children. Whether you own a 120-pound Labrador or a teacup poodle, one constant of pet ownership is this: Dogs and landscaping dont easily mix.

    The best way to enjoy both your dog and backyard, says Dean Anesi, landscape designer and owner of Urban Garden in Salt Lake City, is to design a landscape both you and your dog can live with. Rather than attempting to fight their natural behavior, its best to design around problem issues, Anesi says.

    Troy Harts Sugarhouse neighborhood backyard is a study of how damaging even just one good-natured dog can be. Muddy paths line the perimeter of the iron fence, yellow burn patches litter the lawn, and a wide, shallow hole occupies the lawn at the end of the patio. All this, and more, is courtesy of Harts golden retriever, Aspen. Occasionally Ill make an attempt at re-seeding some of the bare spots or planting new shrubs, but for the most part, Ive pretty much given up, Hart says. She spends more time back here than I do, so Ive just let her take over.

    Anesis final piece of advice: If you have a dog, its probably best to relax your ideal of the perfect yard, at least a little bit, he says. After all, for many people, their dogs are not only like children, but are their children.

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    Landscaping Ideas For Backyards With Dogs

    Having a dog means being active with them playing with them in the yard, and giving them the time of day. It also means accommodating your backyard so that your pooch gets the most out it.

    That is why more and more people are looking towards backyard ideas to ensure their dogs have an ideal lifestyle. So in a bid to help everyone, we have 10 of the best backyard landscaping ideas for your dog.

    Doggie Run With Vertical Plant Wall

    landscaping ideas for backyard with dogs

    Synthetic turf doggie runs are super convenient and easy to clean up. The Gibsons wanted to give their pets a place to get out the wiggles, do their business while containing it to one space. A vertical plant wall is placed opposite the office window as both a privacy screen from neighbors view-window as well as a pleasant nature-effect for desk-bound homeowners.

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    Install A Decorative But Functional Fence

    Adding a dog fence to your yard doesnt have to be an eyesore. There are many fun and decorative dog fence ideas that will keep your pup contained while helping to add to the overall aesthetic in your outdoor space. Look closely at the fence style that you love most and consider how you can make it work for both you and your dog.

    For example, if you love a wood picket fence display, can you put the posts together close enough to prevent your dog from getting through? With a little careful planning, you can build a fence that both contain your dogs effectively and fits your home d├ęcor.

    Alborn Supply Shares Backyard Design Tips For Ocean And Monmouth County Nj Residents

    Whether it’s making a weed-free peddle walkway that’s gentle on Lucky’s paws, or adding mulch to your landscaping to make a potty area for Fido, Alborn Supply is able to help! You don’t have to choose between a happy dog and stunning landscaping. There are many ways to have a dog-friendly design that keeps little Lola happy while also potentially increasing your home’s value.

    Alborn Supply shares an article that gives some landscaping ideas that can make your backyard more pet-friendly for your dogs, and also save you some headaches too. Click here to read more: The Best Dog-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

    Want to discuss your landscaping ideas in Ocean or Monmouth County? Give us a call at 732.503.4816 or click here to fill out one of our contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Ready to start Landscaping?

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    Landscaping Rocks That Are Good For Dogs

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    Dogs have long been lauded as mans best friend, but sometimes, your best friend seems set on ruining your lawn or garden hardscaping, even if you have dog-friendly gravel. Dogs have a habit of urinating in the same spot over and over, which leads to high acidity and nitrogen levels, eventually killing the grass and any other plant life there. It can also damage rocks and gravel if the dog excretes on them or digs around them. Using the right landscaping rocks in your yard is important for the longevity of the rocks in light of damage a dog might cause and from the perspective of your dogs safety.

    Make Like Andrew Wk And Get Wet

    12 Ideas How to Improve Dog Backyard Landscape

    Tired: kiddie pool. Wired: puppy pool.

    A little portable pop-up pool only costs around $30 and gives your pup a place to make a splash on hot summer days. Plus, just think of the adorable pictures. Sprinklers are also a cheap backyard buy. Your dog can cool off and have fun, and your yard gets watered in the process. Doubly fun for families with canines and kids!

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    Make A Puppy Playground

    Hardscaping featurestunnels, balance beams, and even jumpscan be a way to really encourage your dogs playfulness. And youd be amazed what you can do with a trip to the hardware store and a little creativity!

    Making a basic jump? You dont have to do anything more than attach some PVC piping, or you can get wild and hang a bicycle tire.

    Yall ready for this?

    Building a sandbox? Why, thats as easy as nailing together some scrap wood, filling her up with sand, and burying some of your pups favorite toys in there. Craving a crawl tunnel? Just pick up one of the ones they make for kids. You can even DIY a dog fort out of old cardboard boxes or blankets. Your dog might also love yard games like brain-training toys or a bacon-flavored bubble machine!

    For more, weve got a whole post on making a backyard agility course thats fun and inexpensive here!


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