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Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

Fences For Your Above Ground Pool Designs

44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

Whenever you have a pool in your garden, fences become crucial. It will help you to keep your kids safe without adult supervision. When you have a fence youll know that whenever your kids are in the pool, they will be completely safe.

There are different styles of fencing for your outdoor pool designs. Wrought iron will provide you with a very attractive fence with a French-style appeal.

If you choose wrought iron, the raw or industrial style of your fence will match with your deck. This attractive combination will add beauty to your garden. If you do choose to install wrought iron fencing, you should know that it does look dusty very easily. However, with proper maintenance, it will remain clean and attractive for years to come.

Best With Pump And Filter: Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool With Filter Pump


  • A lot of extra maintenance accessories

  • Pump works with a variety of filter types

  • Great size for price

  • Only one pattern available

This pool is quite large and is great for neighborhood summer get-togethers. The pump and filter on the Summer Waves Elite above-ground pool works efficiently and is compatible with a lot of upgrades. The pump works with an included standard filter, a sand filter, or a saltwater system filter. The pool also comes with a skimmer, pool vacuum attachment, and cover, which help keep out debris and dirt.

The kit includes a sturdy ladder, as well as a ground cover that reduces the potential for punctures. The exterior has a basket-weave print, but its unavailable in any other color or pattern.

Price at time of publish: $1,099

Dimensions: 240 x 48 inchesShape: RoundWater Capacity: 8,241 gallonsFrame: SteelSet-Up Time: 1 hour

Our top pick is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set. It is one of the more expensive models but should last for years with proper use and storage. It is also big enough to host epic summer pool parties without requiring permanent installation. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the round Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Backyard Frame Pool. It is also sizable, and has a durable steel frame.

The Spruce / Angelica Leicht

Maya Pool By Riverpools And Spas

The Maya pool by Riverpools and Spas is a beautiful in-ground pool that lends itself to a variety of compact settings.

This is a fabulous cocktail pool design, that features a tanning ledge that gives a small pool a bit of gradient despite its small size.

You can also look for a pool with a built-in Baja shelf rather than a gradient to get the most out of your limited space.

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Whats It Going To Cost You

As you might expect, an in-ground pool is considerably more expensive than purchasing an above-ground pool. It costs between $38,854 to $72,552 to install an in-ground pool in your backyard. This averages out to about $55,475, but the final price will vary depending on where you live.

Financing is usually available, and you can use this handy calculator to estimate your potential monthly pool loan payments. For comparisons sake, it costs roughly $2,500 to buy and install an above-ground pool. Like in-ground pools, that price will fluctuate depending on where you live.

When making a major home investment, you should also consider what, if any, value it will add to your home. Its long been thought that pools dont add anything to a homes value, but if you live in a hot weather climate like Texas or Florida, a pool may be an attractive selling point for potential buyersand well worth the investment for you in the long run. This is also where an above-ground pool may be a better option for resale, as its much easier for future buyers to remove than an in-ground pool.

If youre ready to take the plunge into your backyard water oasis, contact a licensed, reputable swimming pool installation company who can help you determine the best pool type for your home and your budget.

Work Your Above Ground Pool Into A Tropical Scheme

9+ Inspiring Above Ground Pools For Small Backyards Collection

Out of The Shadows garden, at Chelsea Flower Show 2022, designed by Kate Gould

You can still apply stunning pool landscaping ideas around an above ground pool. Take this beautiful design, for instance, created by Kate Gould .

The above ground swim spa a type of pool that includes a water current setting for swimming against is a fabulous feature for any smaller plot. And, cladded in metallic discs and surrounded by decking, it doesn’t dominate the space. Nearby Corten steel planters and coppery seating and a fire pit reinforce the warm-toned color scheme and ensure the space ties together well. And overhead, the pergola offers a spot of respite from the midday sun.

‘There should always be a harmonious balance between hard and soft landscaping in a garden,’ says Kate. Here, this tip is demonstrated with the plethora of tropical-style plants, which offset the scheme beautifully.

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Hardscape With Stones And Concrete

Hardscaping is also an aspect of above-ground pool visuals. In the case of stones or concrete, Lenhart says to design the area around the pool with bare feet in mind.

Prioritize materials that are slip-resistant and will keep cool, he says, adding that precast pavers, stone paving, and concrete with a textured finish all work well. He also recommends a barefoot-friendly path from your above-ground pool to your house, or outdoor shower if you have one. That way, you can hop out without needing to grab a pair of shoes.

The most traditional stone choices are granite, limestone, and pea rock. White stone definitely expresses a beachy vibe, with a bit of a vintage feel to it. Crushed stone does have a practical purpose around the immediate base of above-ground pool walls, helping to keep roots and plant material from directly contacting pool walls, where the moisture they carry could lead to rust, he continues.

Torres warns against bluestone or crushed shells, which arent not as easy on bare feet.

Diy Cinder Block Planters

If you dont want to use containers for your above ground pool landscaping ideas, you can always build a cinder block planter. You can arrange the blocks in interesting designs if you would like to. You can build your planter into a corner if you wish.

You can paint or plaster your planter to match the style of your home. Add drooping ground covers or succulents for a relaxed, carefree garden.

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Choose A Plunge Pool For Smaller Spaces

Scroll through any internet search for above ground pools and youll see an overwhelming amount of clunky designs. In the past, above ground pools had a knack for taking over the backyard. But if youre limited on surface area and hesitant to hand over your entire backyard to a large body of water, consider something smaller: a plunge pool. Not much bigger than a hot tub, really, they’re made for simly cooling off in after a hot day.

Like dipping a toe in the water, a plunge pool offers all the perks of a larger above-ground pool on a smaller scale, one that adds to your landscape without dominating it. Ideal for small backyard pool ideas.

Installing a plunge pool partially above the ground creates a destination and a focal point that a flush install rarely offers, explains Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools , a maker of high-quality plunge pools that can also be installed fully above-ground. Additionally, the above-ground edges provide seating. It is also a great opportunity to add additional personality and decorative elements, as the exposed vertical surfaces can be adorned with materials that fit within the landscape.

A Long Above Ground Pool With A Playground

Small Above Ground Pool | Inflatable Pool and Spa Easy Setup | Remodelaholic

This pool is designed to have a deck and patio where you can spend your breezy afternoon with a bottle of fresh soda. You can even chill in the whirlpool with your loved one while your kids swim around. This setting is perfect for getting rid of a long tiring day. Meanwhile, you need to take care of your backyard, so the grass thrives and the plants give a complimenting look to the whole pool setting.

Helpful ideas:

12 Genius Concepts of How to Landscape backyard.

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Best Splurge: Palisades Above

Home Depot

  • Requires site preparation

  • Difficult to set up

A bit more expensive than our other selections, the Palisades Above Ground Hard-Sided Pool nevertheless is one of the largest, fitting up to 12 adults. We found its also one of the sturdiest, with sides made of hard resin, with weather-resistant steel top rails, uprights, and bottom rails. Palisades took some extra design steps with this pool. The sides have a stylish design to help transport you to a swimming oasis.

Setup is more complicated than other options. You need an ample level space, and you or a professional may need to compact the soil. Setup requires at least two people even experienced DIYers recommended hiring a professional. However, the kit includes plenty of extras: a blue pool liner, wide mouth skimmer and return, pool light, sand filter, and 1 HP pump, sturdy ladder, and maintenance kit.

Price at time of publish: $2,852

Dimensions: 288 inches x 52 inchesShape: RoundWater Capacity: 13,595 gallonsFrame: SteelSet-Up Time: 2-3 hours

Swimming Pool On Backyard

Swimming Pool On Backyard. 12.pool solutions for a sloped yard. When you own a pool, youâll find. Armelle habib) when space is tight, don’t waste it on a pointless edge around your pool, make the most of unused corners, and go right up to the edge of the yard’s boundaries.

Image Source : Best Backyard Pool Ideas and Designs

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Small Backyard Pools For Small Spaces That Are Big Fun

Lets be real, not everyone has a large backyard or space for a 40 pool or even a 26 pool. Plus, some backyards are not a typical space or there are existing structures to work around. If you can relate to this, not to worry! At Leisure Pools, we offer pools in a variety of size options and shapes to fit nearly any space. These are some of the pools that can be a good fit for smaller spaces.

How To Build An Above Ground Pool On A Budget

Elegant Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas in 2020

Its easy to build an above ground pool on a budget and make it look good. Consider the following ideas.

  • Use pallets, a thick tarp, and rounded wooden sheets
  • Concrete can get used for a stable above-ground pool foundation
  • Buy an easy setup or tailor-make your pool
  • Use straw and plastic
  • After I sifted through the best above-ground pool guides and looked at ideas for affordable above-ground pools, what I found was amazing.

    Homesteaders can get surprisingly creative when faced with keeping within budget limitations. The above-ground pools that I found with the best quality and are most affordable are what I will be sharing.

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    Above Ground Pool Pump & Filter Price

    Your above ground pool pump & sand filter will be the next component of the pricing and will depend on the size of pump and filter needed. You will find that both 1 speed and 2 speed pumps can be used, with 2 speed pumps being the more expensive option. The 2 speed pump simply allows for the flexibility of a high and low setting, allowing the pump to remain on 24 hours / day on low, and generates some energy efficiency. Additionally, you will see 0.5 hp pumps up to 2 hp pumps being offered.

    The sand filter size will be based on the size of your pool common sizes in the industry are 100#, 300# and 400# sand filters. Some above ground pool retailers choose cartridge filters in place of sand filters and their size is calculated as the filter surface area.

    Your pool retailer will generally have a standard option of pump that is put with their pool kit, but you can always ask to upgrade if you would like a different pump for your pool. There is no upgrade to the sand filter it is strictly based on the size of your pool.

    Fast Free Shipping On Above Ground Pools

    Pool Supplies Canada offers FREE shipping on our above ground pool packages, which makes your decision to add an above ground pool to your outdoor space even easier. Not only do our pool packages ship for free, they also arrive really quickly – our customers are always amazed at how fast their above ground pool packages arrive! We can ship our packages to anywhere across Canada, and most orders leave our facility within 24 hours after placing your order. Unlike other pool supply companies, we are located in Canada, which means you don’t have to worry about customs fees or delays at the border!

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    Traditional Above Ground Pool

    These are pools you typically find in your specialty pool stores and are a great option for any age range. They consist of a steel or aluminum wall, resin or metal posts and top ledge to add support, a vinyl liner and a pump and filter system. They are round or oval in shape and vary in size from 12 to 33 feet in diameter. Most of these pools are between 48 54 deep.

    Pros: 1-day install, can be re-located if you ever move, pool owner can complete install with a bit of tool know-how, warranty is offered on most components, long-term solution these pools can easily last 15 20 years if well maintained, price pool kits start around $5,000 if you install it yourself, most ladders have a disconnect on the outside of the pool for child safety

    Cons: Install does require some prep work to the site location, a 110v electrical connection is needed where you install the pump and filter, the vinyl liner could leak if its not properly maintained and gets a hole in it, doesnt allow for some of the water features you see with inground pools, no deep end = non- diving pool.

    A Water Well By Endless Pools

    10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

    This partially in-ground pool by endless pools is a WaterWell.

    The WaterWell is an indoor and outdoor pool solution that is designed to deliver a functional pool in compact spaces.

    You can use it for all the fitness, recreation, and relaxation purposes you would a normal-sized pool.

    This remarkable plunge pool includes a submerged treadmill or aquabike, so you can work out while submerged which is beneficial for muscles and joints.

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    A Luxurious Concept For The Rich

    This picture is an excellent example for those who demand a luxury above-ground pool. If you have a backyard with generous space, you should make this pool happen. On the other hand, this pool will look perfect if your home is designed with any style but minimalist. The stones just make the whole set looks more luxurious.

    Try Adding Cute Lighting To Create A Cozy Atmosphere

    A photo posted by on

    Heres an easy one for you: just add lighting! A cute string of Edison bulbs will run you well under $100 but the effect will blow you away. Whats more, adding strategic lighting will actually allow you to get more use out of your pool as it will make midnight dips much more appealing.

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    How To Choose The Right Above

    First and foremost, DiClerico says, survey your space. Make sure the pool will fit in the yard without violating any zoning regulations, he says. These will vary by community, but according to him, pools generally need to be at least 5 feet from property lines and a certain distance from the main house, maybe 12 or 15 feet. Plus, proximity to power lines and underground utilities is a factor, and many communities require permits for installing a pool.

    You need to do all the due diligence, checking with your local zoning board and building department, before making any kind of purchase decision, DiClerico advises.

    Once youve figured out the municipal logistics, you also must consider whether your landscape is suited for a pool. Does your ground slope or are there large trees or rocks in the way? DiClerico says. You may have to pay to have these removed or relocated.

    And remember, some communities have codes regarding tree removal. Soil stability may also be a factor, depending on the size of the pool youre considering. If the soil is very soft and sandy, you may need to amend it before putting in the pool, he says.

    Above Ground Pool Landscaping

    10 Nice Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas 2021

    Image source: Pioneer Family Pools London & Woodstock

    Landscaping around above ground pools is very crucial in terms of the overall look and feel of the pool in your backyard. The pool should not seem out of place and has to blend in perfectly with the landscape around. There are few above ground pool landscaping ideas that can turn your backyard to a dream place.

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    An Endless Pools R500 Recsport Pool

    Endless Pools is the creator of small backyard swimming pools that are designed for stationary swimming.

    But how do you swim without moving?

    Thats the secret of these ingenious compact pools, which use a propulsive current that a single swimmer can swim against for as long as they want.

    Despite being small, its the only pool in the world where you never need to turn!


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