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Backyard Swim Spa Deck Ideas

Utilize A Stunning Elevated Two Step Design For Easy Access

Next Level Deck & Swim spa Backyard Oasis at Sunset. You gotta see the design!

Photo via Charles Hugo Landscape Design

Accent your spa with an elevated two step design for a more modern feel around your hot tub. The steps around the hot tub are not only excellent to assist you to enter or exit the hot tub, but can be a great spot to place a towel or drink.

Key insights:

  • Choose your location carefully, considering your access needs, landscape tastes, and lifestyle. One excellent option is to position the spa in a corner on your patio near your home for easy access all year long.

Swim Spa With Raised Base

The beautiful swim spa installation ideas with the raised base for you who love something much simpler. Itas placed on the top of the black sand base which makes it look so elegant.

Then, the flowers around the sand naturally colorize its landscape and give a more inviting touch.

Eventually, those are some superbly mesmerizing swim spa installation ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference when you are about to install one. They look totally attractive to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space.

With those ideas, you will have a swim spa which doesnat only provide endless benefits for your health, but also the one which brings the style of your house to a whole new level. You canat just let your swim spa is installed without any decoration which can make it look way more awesome.

Choose the one which matches the overall look of your outdoor space to get a beautiful harmonious look in your exterior layout. Make sure, that the decor flows well with the surrounding of your outdoor living space.

So now, there is doubt about installing a swim spa or not since it will offer you lots of good things. Itas time for you to decide which swim spa model that suits your need and the decor that will beautify its look.

Happy remodeling your backyard, then!

Woven Outdoor Privacy Screen

Photo via Lowes

Weave cedar slabs of wood to create a lounge area with a stylish privacy screen. Incorporate plants, lanterns, and cozy chairs to make the place more inviting. Have fun with the space by adding colorful pillows and plants. This woven privacy screen is also a fun way to give your hot tub some privacy while youre soaking.

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A Stylish Automated Swim Spa Cover That Complements Your Landscaping

The Covana swim spa cover offers all-in-one solutions to protect and enhance your swim spa. When retracted, this automated cover provides excellent insulation. This in turn maintains a stable spa temperature and prevents unwanted access by children or animals.

With a simple turn of a key, the cover automatically opens and turns into a protective roof. This way you can continue enjoying your swim spa even if you suddenly get caught in a spring shower! The Covana swim spa cover looks great and offers the most accessible, efficient, and secure option for protecting your swim spa.

Swim Spa Backyard Anyone Yes

Swim Spa Backyard Ideas

Imagine a split-level landscape design surrounded by nature. An outdoor living design that adds form and structure to its beautiful backdrop. Chock-full of fabulous features and destination spots, this get-your-relax-on property has it all . . . including a Swim Spa!

A Swim-Spa, how fun for all ages! Think of the familys outdoor memories of this activity forever. Swim or Soak whats your favorite? Maybe both? A swim-deck with picnic table for hungry swimmers sits alongside the spa. Swimmers might need a quick break to grab snacks/drinks before diving back in. This nook is also great for swim-watchers who want to be part of the action on dry deck. Notice the hanging towel rack? Smart idea, eh?

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How About An Outdoor Kitchen For Next Level Bbqs

Whats better than indoor outdoor flow? Having your kitchen, dining, swim spa or pool together in one place!

This contemporary design is ideal for modern families who love entertaining outdoors. Its got everything even the kitchen sink!

With a fully covered kitchen and bbq area, easy access to the house and spacious swim spa with hydrotherapy massage this set up gets our pick for the best backyard barbie spot.

An Intimate Covered Patio With Spa

We love the placement of this spa pool, which is flanked on two sides by a high fence and covered by a gazebo. This provides plenty of shelter from the elements, as well as total privacy outdoors.

This cosy space is made even more intimate with low LED strip lighting along the spa surrounds and floodlights in the neighbouring garden beds. You and your guests will have ample light to see by, but with warm tones and indirect beams to create a relaxing haven.

The spa is installed lower than the top of the deck, but not so low that its level. This has allowed us to create box seating around the spa, which functions as a helpful shelf for drinks, a nice spot to sit by the pool, or a step up to make getting in easier.

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Wood Gives Your Outdoor Space Warmth

Photo by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Use wood to give the space warmth and rhythm while also distracting the eye from the different window heights. Interest is created by building out off of the existing walls, which have given depth to the space through the use of light-box windows. Tip by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture, California

Nothing But The Spaand A Million

Swim spa built into a deck | Pool design idea for small backyards

There are lot of things you can do to create an amazing outdoor space. But, when your view is as spectacular as this one below keeping it simple is often the best way to go.

Just remember to take the gumboots off before jumping in!

If you are thinking about installing a spa in an outdoor setting or under trees, having a cover thats easy to remove will help keep leaves out and also insulate your spa to keep running costs low. A cover lifter to make light work of lifting the lid on and off, is also a good investment.

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Integrate Dramatic Architectural Lighting Into Your Design

By integrating dramatic architectural lighting into a hot tub design scheme you will create a multifunctional entertaining area that can be used as a relaxing spa experience by day and the ultimate party venue by night. Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London

Photo via McKay Landscape Lighting

Not only does this add a beautiful lighting design to your deck, but it is also a safety feature that helps keep people from falling down/up your steps. This stunning design uses cascading soft light to enhance the outdoor area.

Key insights:

  • Lighting should be there to accompany the space. Keep deck lighting low key so it doesnt distract from your outdoor design, but enhances the space instead.

Swim Spa With Lattice Fence

For you who want to feel the spa experience every single day in your backyard, this swim spa installation ideas can be your best inspiration. The swim spa is installed in a semi inground style on the deck and surrounded by the wooden fence in a lattice design.

It surely brings the a?real spaa atmosphere which also refreshes the nuance of the outdoor living space.

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Maximize Your Views But Dont Sacrifice Function

Photo via Arizona Hot Tub Company

Many folks love the idea of sinking a hot tub into a deck. This allows them to see a 360 degree view and really completes the outdoor living area. This style makes the hot tub appear like it was custom designed for you and your life, resulting in an amazing finished look. However, its important to not sacrifice function over form. Having an adequate access area to the equipment area is imperative to long-term happy hot tubbers! Tip provided by Nick Kasten, Arizona Hot Tub Company, Arizona

Create A Zen Space Or Backyard Oasis With Plants

12 Some of the Coolest Initiatives of How to Makeover Backyard ...

Photo via Landscaping Network

Construct a zen garden by incorporating more of mother nature into your hot tub deck design. Design your space for a more organic, feng shui feel that will boost inner peace and allow you to meditate after a hectic day.

Key insights:

  • Enhance your zen by finding inspiration in Japanese gardening traditions. A rock garden or dry landscape garden is a fun way to reconnect with nature.

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Set Your Hot Tub Off To The Side To Maximize Your Space

Photo via Archadeck

Have some fun with your outdoor design by connecting two octagon-spaced decks together. Make one a little higher and incorporate greenery around the space to pull them in more. Include a gazebo to create some additional privacy along with a BBQ, patio furniture, and other items to entertain guests.

Add Ambiance To The Backyard

Some yards just have that it-factor thats hard to pinpoint. They make you feel at home and like youve found a unique escape, all at once. These yards usually have the perfect mix of elements to create an ideal ambiance.

Landscape lights are one of the most important factors in building an ambient yard. Check out our tips below for incorporating landscape lights in your hot tub deck ideas.

How Far Apart Do You Put Landscape Lights?

Landscape lights are a must-have if you want to enhance your hot tub experience. These lights can highlight the best features of your hot tub and increase the beauty of your landscaping. Consider adding landscaping lights near tall trees, bushes, or walking paths in your yard. More popular hot tub patio ideas include adding hanging patio lights to your outdoor space. Patio lights can be hung along a pergola, a gazebo, or on standing poles.

The more inviting yards incorporate a variety of landscaping lights. Even if youre doing hot tub landscaping on a budget, you can easily incorporate a few lighting elements to make the space more inviting. Just like a home, a yard should have layers of lighting to use for different purposes. Consider choosing an array of lights, including walkway lighting, standing lamps, patio lights, and spotlights to illuminate your trees and shrubbery.

What Are the Best Backyard Lights?

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Embrace The Desert Look

Photo by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group via Style Motivation

For those who live in a desert climate or wants to eliminate grass from their backyard landscape, rocks and native plants are an excellent idea to create a unique, yet stunning, look.

Key Insights:

  • Add plants to the landscape which are native to the area. Your local garden center or landscaper can advise you which plants would be the best to choose.

Swim Spa Installation Ideas

Backyard Inspiration and Ideas for Hydropool Swim Spas

Thinking youd like to own a swim spa, but you arent quite sure how you would fit it in with your backyard decor? Here are some great examples from Hydropool Industries on how to pick a great Swim Spa location!

Edge of Deck Installations is a very popular choice. It gives you the best of all worlds because it has the aesthetics of a raised deck installation but with complete service access!

Half and Half Installations have some of the same factors as a full in ground installation, and are quite a bit of work, but they are often the easiest to maintain and access. It also gives you the option to create some beautiful landscaping in your yard.

Stand Alone Installations are the by far the most common and simplest way to install. They requiring no digging or special equipment, you simply put them in place! Despite its simplicity, this type of installation completely transforms your backyard oasis.

Raised Deck Installations always look great. It allows you to create full service access around the Swim Spa while giving it an in ground look. It can be more difficult when it comes to placement of your hard cover, but the results of this type of installation are gorgeous.

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Hot Tub Deck With Ample Space

Sinking a hot tub right into a elevates both, turning what could be a tacky eyesore into a classy chill zone. This recessed hot tub is spacious, but theres still lots of room on the deck for lounging and mingling. Built-in mood lighting ups the ambience for a romantic evening or a fun get-together.

Design A Better Backyard

Size up the space. The first step in any backyard makeover is to take a good look at your space. This step is important because it can bring clarity to your backyard makeover project. Establish what features that you want to keep and what areas could use some improvement.

Consider how your family uses the space. More than that, though, how you would like to use your backyard in the years to come. Your project might start with installing a spa, with landscaping or an outdoor kitchen to be added in a later phase.

Center of attention. When you began exploring backyard ideas and jotting down your wish list, you might have included features like lounge chairs, a hot tub, or raised garden bed. These backyard design elements can help create a relaxing space. Without a focal point, though, your space might not have a cohesive design. Be sure to plan for the feature or area to which you want to draw attention. Alternately, where do you want people to congregate when hosting a party.

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Complete Swim Spa Area

A complete swim spa installation ideas which will provide the maximum enjoyment in your outdoor living space. Itas built with the deck, pergola shade, and fence, so you can have a super fun pool party with dozens of guests.

The deck is built in a level style which is in line with the height of the swim spa.

Where Do You Want The Spa

Backyard Ideas

Depending on how close you want the spa to the house, you may need to install a patio. Putting a |Spa further out into the yard might warrant a deck. You also need to consider privacy. Check the views from all angles of your yard. Consider adding a privacy fence or tall shrubs to provide the feeling of seclusion in your backyard getaway.

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+ Stunningly Awesome Swim Spa Installation Ideas For Your Backyard

These days, the popularity of swim spa is so crazy. There are so many homeowners who are willing to spend lots of bucks to purchase one and make it as the main attraction of their house.

Itas so understandable that a swim spa can provide a superbly fun experience, and of course improve the health of your well-being. Imagine if you have one in your backyard, you can enjoy such exhilarating moment every single day.

For some, swim spa can be an expensive home addition to buy. However, with so many various options available in the market, you can always choose the one that suits your budget and need.

In fact, a swim spa can be a cheaper solution than building a real pool. You can save lots of your budget if you go with a swim spa rather than a swimming pool.

Then, the priceas difference between a regular hot tub and a swim spa is actually not too far. By just adding some bucks, you can have a swim spa which has much better features than a hot tub.

So, investing your money to purchase a swim spa is always a great idea. You can have a very sophisticated home attraction that everyone can enjoy.

Well, if you have a plan to add a swim spa to your outdoor living space, here we have some inspiring swim spa installation ideas which will stun you. Itas such an essential thing for you to find out these kinds of ideas before you install a swim spa in your beloved home.

Letas just keep scrolling to check them out!

Use 3d Design Tools For A Better Idea On The Finished Project

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, take some time to consider where you want your hot tub, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and how you can integrate the hot tub into your landscape design.

To gain some ideas of other hot tub landscape design ideas, check out this 3D landscape design feature.

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Should You Go For Above

While above-ground swim spa installations are the most common, they are not the only option. Many spa owners only prefer them because they are easier and relatively cheaper. Also, the above-ground installations make it easy to move the spa in case you need to in the future.

As you plan for your spa installation, you have to decide which method to use, and here the other options are partially in-ground, in-ground, and recessed spa installations. Partially-inground means you have to excavate a little bit, and it creates a lot of sitting space around the perimeter of the spa.

The recessed installation allows you to enjoy the benefits of in-ground installation without doing any excavation. This style can also be referred to as deck installation, as it entails building a deck around a partially in-ground spa to make it look like it is completely in-ground.

Designing The Swim Spa Deck

Swim Spa Installation Tour | Above Ground Deck

I have been playing a lot of Minecraft with the kids. I love watching Micecraft build tutorials and following along, creating amazing buildings.

When we found our swim spa, we needed to figure out how we would position it so we could get the concrete pad laid out. I tried drawing it out on grid paper, but I couldnt really see it.

But in Minecraft, I could see it. I measured everything out in the backyard. Each foot equals one Minecraft block.

The swim spa design worked perfectly as our guide to create the real thing.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like more pictures or information on how we built the deck and pad, or how we saved money on getting the crane to deliver the swim spa.

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