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Safest Fire Pit For Wooden Deck

Invest In A Spark Screen

Dont Put Your Firepit on a Wooden Deck

There are a range of good quality spark guards or spark screens from retailers like Bunnings that can help stop burning wood particles from flying out of your fire pit or outdoor fireplace and landing on your deck. Spark guards provide additional protection for items that are around your fire, and like your outdoor furniture or anything that could be considered combustible.

How To Safely Use A Propane Fire Pit On Your Wood Deck

Even though it is generally considered safe to use a propane fire pit on a wood deck, there are some safety precautions that you should follow.You should always have respect for open flames!

Follow local ordinances and manufacturers use directions. Your municipal fire codes may require that you have a certain amount of clearance around your fire pit, and your area may institute burn bans during certain times of the year.These rules are for your safety and you should follow them.

Never add anything flammable to your propane fire pit. Some people like to add rocks or gravel for ambiance, and they can indeed look great, but they can also pop when the moisture inside them gets too hot.A rock thats hot enough to explode on its own can damage a wooden deck, and it can harm anyone who happens to be in its path.

Give your fire pit a wide margin. Make sure that there are no curtains, pillows, rugs, towels, or anything else near the fire pit.Any furniture by the fire pit should be made of metal, and it should not have fabric cushions.

Consider placing your fire pit on a heat pad or a fireplace rug.These are made of non-flammable materials to provide additional protection. They will also protect your deck from possibly cracking, warping, or discoloring from the heat.

Keep a fully charged fire extinguisher in easy reach on your deck near your fire pit. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is rated to handle a propane fire.

Loom X Tabletop Gas Fire Pit: Best Tabletop Fire Pit

You might not automatically think of putting a fire pit on top of a table but think of it as a miniature set or centerpiece that will bring real ambiance to your outdoor gathering or dinner.

Most tabletop units come in bowl form. We chose the Loom X Tabletop Gas Fire Pit because it’s one of the few that is gas-powered, electric-ignited, and the perfect shape for a table, particularly an outdoor dining table.

Most fire bowls make it difficult to see across the table. However, the Loom X creates the perfect setting for an alfresco dinner on a chilly night.

With 40,000 BTUs available you can ensure that you and your guests will stay cozy.

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Can You Build Your Own Fire Pit

Absolutely. If you have the time, materials, and no-how you can certainly build your own instead of purchasing one.

It’s vital that you choose a fire-safe spot or a prepare one using materials like sand or gravel. Just remember that unlike one purchased from a retailer, you can’t move it around your outdoor space.

So, your spot should be a permanent one for your fire pit.

The housing for most custom-built fire pits are made using bricks or stones.

You might be able to build a fire pit for cheap or free if you happen to have the materials lying around.

However, in most cases people don’t have these materials lying around and the cost of building it could be higher than purchasing one especially if you require a landscaping contractor to put it together.

How Hot Does A Fire Pit Get

22 Elegant Deck Safe Fire Pits

A wood-burning fire pit may reach temperatures of up to 1,200°F . Thats the temperature for a bonfire, and its hot, so take care on your balcony! A propane gas-powered gadget has about 70K BTUs, which is more intense than most other options in this category.

A British Thermal Unit is the energy required to raise 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The number varies depending on the fire pit or outdoor decorative appliance, but for most items, it ranges from 30,000 100K+. In short, more BTUs means incredible warmth!

Props to you for thinking about the fire safety issue!

The choice between natural gas and propane is an important one. While propane burns hotter, 2500 vs 1000 BTUs of heat output per pound Some purists believe that its crucial when cooking anyway, so make sure your deck can accommodate either type as well as proximity both near windows and doors .

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Fire Pit Directly On The Wooden Deck

Try not to put your fire pit straightforwardly on your deck or other wooden surfaces. While heat rises meaning the vast majority of the heat made by your fire pit will be projected upwards, the base might in any case contain sufficient hotness to sear or in any case, burn and damage your deck.

You can shield your wooden deck from such harm, notwithstanding, by placing something between it and your fire pit. A little network of pavers ought to do the work. Just organize the pavers to cover the region of the deck where you might want to utilize it, after which you can put the fire pit on top.

Another suggestion is to utilize an extraordinary heat-safe fire pit mat, which as the name recommends is intended to endure the high degree temperature of a fire pit. In any case, you want something under your fire pit to shield your wooden deck from harm

Check Your Local Fire Codes And Regulations For Outdoor Fire Pits

Depending on where you live, fire codes and regulations may specify the specific types of fire pits that can be used on wooden decks. Local jurisdictions govern fire codes, so even if your deck is in your backyard, it may not be up to the same standards as a deck in someone else’s backyard. Fire regulations will also vary depending on the type of wood the deck is made from and its construction. A cedar or redwood deck is less likely to ignite than one made with a cheaper pine or fir wood.

Therefore, before making a purchase, do your research about what is allowed in your city and county. Fire codes and regulations can vary from place to place, so be sure you know the rules where you live before buying or building a fire pit like the one Im going to describe here.

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What Are The Advantages Of Propane Fire Pit Over Other Types Of Outdoor Heating Systems

You may wonder what makes propane fire pits better than the other outdoor heating systems, like electric and wood. As you can see, propane fire pits are safe for any kind of deck, no matter what material it has. Besides, there are some other benefits:

  • Propane fire pits use propane gas and have a gas cylinder that can be refilled. It does not need to be attached to a gas line.
  • Propane fire pits are quite portable. So, if you are going camping, propane fire pits are the ultimate choice for roast marshmallows. Just carry a propane cylinder with you, and you are good to go.
  • There is no need for electricity like the electric fire pits, which can ramp up your electricity bills. So, you can save power and money.
  • They have a simple design you just have to turn a knob to turn on the propane fire burner. There is no need for wood or coal for the fire.
  • Propane fire pits do not create smoke, produce sparks or ashes. Thus. It is easy to maintain and clean. Not to mention it also keeps the fireplace smoke free.
  • They do not take too much space on the deck or backyard. Since it does not need wood, the size of the propane pits is smaller.
  • You will get not only a heating source but also a beautiful decorative item for your deck. The clean fire and burning media of the propane fire pit look aesthetic. Thus, your night parties with a friend become more relaxing.

Northland Fire Pit Heat Shield

Fire Pit Mat for a Wood Deck

The shield will support a hefty 350 pounds. It is 26×26 and 4-inches high. The four corner feet allow for a 3-inch air space between the deck and the aluminum surface, further protecting your deck from radiant heat.

The Deck Defender is made in the U.S.A. to withstand all weather conditions so that it can stay under your fire pit year round. The space between it and the deck ensures moisture isnt trapped, further protecting your deck or the shield from damage.

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Jasmine Outdoor 33 Square Fire Pit

To have a smoke free experience, you may then choose this alternative. Of course, this one will not bring out an authentic wood fire vibe, but it is going to be a safer alternative as it is not going to make ember or sparks that can end up onto the wooden deck.

Firing this is effortless, just because of its mechanical push button that sparks ignition. It takes several seconds firing the pit. The valve knob permits fast flaming and heat adjustment to 40,000 BTUs.

Beautiful design is what you can notice, the concentrated brown finish and the rust-resistant coating makes it an appealing piece and durable.

Its a space-efficient option and doesnt occupy much space. As it has a storage compartment, and you can place a propane tank.

How Close Can A Fire Pit Be To A House

When choosing a room for your fire pit, it is common practice that you should be about 20-30 feet from the structures of your house. Consult your local fire department and your local fire codes for specific rules for your area.

The challenge with this is to have a deck that could accommodate the sort of structural standoff. My house is barely within this limit, and I wouldnt consider it much. Call some regional fire crews.

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Is Decking A Safe Surface For A Wood Fired Fire Pit

As tempting as it is to imagine your wood fired fire pit or chimenea on a beautiful decking area, we don’t recommend it. Fire pits reach extremely high temperatures and repeat exposure to such high temperatures of heat could cause the wood structure to weaken or become unstable.

The sparks and embers can seriously damage the decking, causing the wood to become scorched or blackened and could potentially lead to a fire.

However, many people have successfully used wood decking as a surface for their fire pit and whilst we would avoid it, we have some safety tips should you chose to go ahead.

If you’ve not yet had decking installed but are thinking of doing so, it’s recommended that you use a treated, fire retardant wood as well as the safety measures above.

Composite decking contains plastic based materials and if exposed to extremely high heats, it can cause extreme damage. There may be a level of fire/heat resistance, but this is something you will need to check with the manufacturer. Some will recommend only using a fire pit on this type of decking if a certain type of fire retardant treatment has been applied during manufacturing.

Insulated Fire Pit Barrier

Best Wood Deck Fire Pit: 10 Safe Fire Pits for Wooden Deck Patio 2021

Do you have a composite deck? Then, get an Insulated Fire Pit Barrier. It is a metal tray that stays a few inches above the ground. The feet of the tray is wrapped with rubber or plastic. Thus, it will protect the composite deck from getting scratched and burned by the fire pit. Furthermore, it provides steadiness to the fire pit.

There are various sizes available for insulated fire pit barriers you can pick a shape and size according to the measurement of your fire pit. Always choose a larger size than the dimensions of the fire pit. The extended edges will lower the risk of the fire pit tipping over.

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What Type Of Wood Deck Do You Have

Knowing what kind of deck you have will help inform what is safe for your home and family. There are a couple of different types of decking: composite decking, wood, and vinyl.

  • Composite Decks- Composite decking is an option for somebody who wants the look of a wooden deck without the upkeep. Composite decks are made from recycled materials, plastic, and wood particles combined with resin or another synthetic polymer and then shaped into boards for installation. Composite decks are combustible but provide scratch resistance, durability and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Wood Decks- Wooden decks are attractive for their natural qualities, including warmth and charm. They require more upkeep than composite decks, but many stain them to match any house colors. You can also purchase wooden decks unfinished for a more natural look.
  • Vinyl Decks- Vinyl decks are made from plastic PVC, a combustible material that can pose an obvious danger when used with a fire pit. Vinyl also expands quickly and is likely to crack when exposed to excessive heat, leading to warping and instability.

Select a fire pit that is safe for the type of deck in your backyard. All three types are combustible, making them susceptible to embers, sparks, and high radiant heat.

Different Types Of Fire Pits For Wooden Decks

There are many different styles of fire pits, but only three types: wood burning, propane or natural gas, and gel fuel burning devices. Adding a fire pit to a wooden deck close to a building may sound like a recipe for disaster.

However, if installed correctly they can be enjoyed without worry. There are electric fire pit appliances though they do not offer the same open flame enjoyment.

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Out Land Living Cypress Fire Bowl Propane Fire Pit

The simpler and rustic look of this fire pit is making it to be an appealing alternative. However, simplicity doesnt mean ugliness. This fire pit is featuring steel build along with smooth finishes that impart sleekness.

The steel body is featured with powder coating, and enamel finish allows well-enhanced durability and the most essential, corrosion resistance.

This propane fire pit doesnt deliver authentic experience it comes with 5.5 pounds of lava rock. This, therefore, enhances the fire flickering effects.

The most significant plus point of using it is its lightness, weighing 26 pounds. Its 3-4 times lighter in comparison to the fire pits that are reviewed so far. In addition to that, the same is having small footprints.

That being said, this fire pit doesnt have tank compartments, and you may need to improvise to hide the propane tank.

But What Do You Put On Your Fire Pits Deck Or Patio When It’s Time To Get Creative With Your Wood Burning Heat Source

Using a Fire Pit Safely on a Wooden Deck

Wood burning fire pits require the same safety precautions as any other outdoor heater. Never try to use untreated timber in fire pits or on a patio. Cedar and redwood are safer choices, as well as pine or spruce. Wood burning fire pits require different kinds of lumber and heat resistant finishes to ensure that your fuel source is kept as safe as possible.

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Always Choose The Right Fire Pit

The first tip is to choose the best fire pit. As we mentioned earlier, wood-burning fire pits are not the best option for a deck. Propane or gas fire pits are a better choice because they dont produce any ashes. Electric fire pits are also a good option because they dont produce any wood ashes or smoke, but the downside is that dont have any actual flames.

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Perhaps you have been wondering, Are propane fire pits safe on decks?

In general, you can put a propane fire pit on your non-combustible deck, but you should first check to see that an NFI Certified professional has installed this correctly because it can be dangerous if it isnt done right.

Before you ever decide to put a fire pit on your deck, you should first check the requirements from the manufacturer, and you should also look at city code as well to ensure you dont violate any local legislation.

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Fire Pits And Base Protection

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to a fire pit on a wood deck is the fire pit radiating heat through the bottom of the fire pit directly onto the wood of the deck. Not only can this cause heat damage and discoloration over several years, but without proper insulation, this heat can also cause the deck itself to catch on fire.

When you install a fire pit on a wood deck,you must put a non-combustible base between the fire pit and the wood of the deck. This is one of the most important things you can do when installing a fire pit since it provides a fireproof buffer between the radiant heat of the fire pit and the wood of the deck.

The best way to incorporate base protection in your deck fire pit is to use a hearth pad. These pads provide a safe barrier between the heat of the fire pit and the deck.

Tips For Putting A Fire Pit On A Wood Or Composite Deck

10+ Exceptional Fire Pit Safe For Wood Deck Gallery
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your deck. Pavers plus a fire pit can add significant weight.

  • Place your fire pit along a support beam and at least 10 away from the house

  • Ensure there is adequate space on all sides and there is not anything overhanging near the fire pit

  • Keep a fire extinguisher and/or bucket of water nearby

  • Regularly check the top and bottom of your deck for any wear or damage

  • Store wood far away from your deck and home

  • Consider using a gas or propane poweredfire pit

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