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How To Secure Sliding Patio Doors

Hausun Sliding Door Security Foot Lock

How to secure a patio door

My liking of the HauSuns Sliding Door Security Foot Lock comes from its ability to provide excellent protection even when its open.

For instance, I can leave my patio door locked in B position and still get a nice breeze. This balcony door lock allows your door to remain partially open and still locks in place.

Its sliding patio door lock mechanism doesnt have many fans among children, either. Its another option that allows homeowners to install it on a doors top rail to keep it out of a childs reach.

I was intrigued by the products ability to work on left-handed and right-handed sliding doors. It provides it with a bit more versatility than usually seen with these types of locks. As a result, it has a much broader audience base than options like a Toledo sliding door lock.

The locks known for its durable aluminum/ABS plastic construction, as well. This ideal combination ensures the product has longevity. It would have no problem protecting my home and keeping things safe for many years.

  • Screw quality is a little suspect

Patio Door Security Tips

There is little doubt that most homeowners take extra precautions when it comes to securing their front door. Some homeowners take the same extra measures with their windows. But what about patio doors?

Did you know that the way home burglars get into your home are often not through the front door, but rather through a more secluded side entrance such as your patio door?

As a result, it doesnt hurt to utilize patio door security tips. These tips will keep you and your loved ones safe while you are at the house or gone.

Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

One of the primary flaws of the sliding glass doors is that they provide an unobstructed view of what is going on in your room. For example, modern devices in your home will quickly attract possible thieves.

To reduce the risk of breaking in, you should try to increase the privacy of your home. You can do this by setting up so-called blackout curtains. These curtains are thick, heavy, and cover your glass door completely. They will also increase thermal insulation and reduce noise.

Of course, you can always push them away when you need sunlight and pull them on when you want to darken the room. If you are not a fan of the blackout curtains, you have an alternative at your disposal.

Get a one-way film and apply it to the outside of the door. That way, you can still have an outstanding view, while passers-by will see only their reflection while looking at your glass door.

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Ashtonbee 1234 Sliding Door Lock

Ashtonbees 1234 Sliding Door Lock will have no issues keeping our kids out of off-limits areas with ease. I simply peeled its tape off and stuck them onto any needed surface for protection purposes. It doesnt get much easier when it comes to sliding glass door safety locks.

I was pleased by the durability and reliability of this locks construction. My nephews didnt manage to open up the sliding door leading out to our pool with it intact.

Its versatility was rather impressive, too, because these locks can do more than ensure we have child proof sliding glass doors. I found them helpful on cabinets, windows, closets, and many other surfaces around my home.

Moreover, they meshed right into my homes interior.

Ashtonbee was also kind enough to offer two buying quantities for each customer. I found myself choosing the 4-pack rather than the 2-pack because I have a lot of problematic areas.

  • Effortless installation with simple to use tape
  • Proven to be both reliable and durable
  • Fit sliding glass doors, cabinets, windows, closets, and much more
  • Meshes well into almost any homes decor
  • Two buying options
  • Older children might bypass it

Cal Security Enterprises Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock

Sliding Patio Door

Families located in rougher neighborhoods could benefit from Cal Security Enterprisess Double Bolt Sliding Door Lock. This lock is considered almost burglar proof with its double locking action method.

This aspect makes lifting a door off its track difficult. Itd provide some peace of mind whenever Im going to sleep or traveling somewhere for an extended trip.

I also found myself liking the locks low profile, sleek design. It had no problem fitting in between my sliding glass doors frame and door panel. Honestly, I didnt have trouble installing, as the lock came with usable instructions.

The products 100% money guarantee was another appealing attribute. It always a good thing to have insurance and a refund policy to use when a product doesnt meet certain needs. If the need does arise, this brand has a reputation for honoring the agreement and providing a full refund.

Some other worthwhile features include two color choices , child proofing capabilities, 1000 pounds of forced entry load tension, and a stylish design. I dont think that this brand managed to miss a single box when it comes to my needs in these locks.

  • 1000 pounds of forced entry load tension
  • Expensive for a single lock

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Would You Like An Extra Plate

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As stated earlier, the security of your sliding doors can also be compromised when the doors are lifted off their tracks and moved above whatever may be in the way. This solution may not come in handy when you chain the handles, but its still good to know how to counter burglars who have the energy to do all that work.

To counter this it is best to employ the use of an anti-jimmy door plate. These are normally used on standard doors, but can easily be adapted to sliding glass doors. You can obtain these at your local hardware store, but if youre feeling a little crafty you can easily make one yourself. All you need is to screw a decent sized strip of wood or metal into the cavity within the upper door tracks. Similar to using a bar to block the lower tracks, you should make sure that the length of the plate you are installing is big enough to bar the door from being raised out of its tracks, but small enough to allow the door to move easily when you need to go in or out.

Sheet Metal Screws Or Washers

Inserting a metal screw or a washer into the top of the frame or into the track itself helps prevent the sliding door or window from being lifted out of the frame. The screw or washer acts as a stopper that prevents the glass from being elevated past that height. Make sure the glass still slides back and forth on the track smoothly before securing a washer or screw to ensure the sliding glass isnt impeded.

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Apply Shatterproof Window Film

While it wont keep your glass from cracking, shatterproof window film prevents the glass from shattering and creating an opening by holding the pane of glass together. This slows down an intruder and gives you more time to respond and notify authorities, whether youre in the home or received a security alert while away. Some shatterproof films also offer other advantages like additional insulation in the wintertime, so its a worthwhile investment overall.

The Doors Location And Design Invite Burglars

Installing a Secure Sliding Patio Door Lock

Those beautiful glass doors offer lovely panoramic views, but dont forget that windows work both ways. They also offer tons of visibility into your home from the outside. A would-be burglar can case your home from the outside to see what you own and determine which items are easy to grab and run with.

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Why Sliding Patio Doors Are A Huge Security Hole

There are a number of reasons why sliding glass doors are a pain when it comes to security. The obvious one is because they are nothing more than huge sheets of glass placed between you and the outside world.

This makes them easy to see through, if not prevented, allowing potential burglars to peer inside to see what kind of goodies you have for stealing. It also makes it a poor physical barrier.

To further complicate things, because of their easy view into your home, sliding doors are usually placed in vulnerable, low-visibility areas – like the side or rear of the house.

This gives bad guys more time to plan and execute bad things as there is more cover from passing eyes on the street.

Also, because the doors are designed to slide, they are built with tolerances large enough to overcome any dirt or debri that is likely to accumulate within the tracks, so that they can roll over it.

These same tolerances can be used against you, unfortunately, allowing enough play for a burglar to dislodge the door from its tracks.

Topping it all off – they tend to come with poor locking mechanisms that are easy to defeat.

Securityman Sliding Door Lock Bar

Our next option, Securitymans Sliding Door Lock Bar, stands out as being made from high-quality iron. It has proven to protect and secure almost any type of patio sliding door with ease. After all, it can withstand 350 pounds of force to ensure its a quality home protector.

I also liked to see that this security bar can be a visual deterrent. People looking into a house will see it through the glass door.

This lock bars adjustability was another highlight. It can adjust from 19 to 51, which provides the user with the ability to serve multiple roles. Therefore, it can protect our window or patio door whenever we want a bit more security.

Its a child proof lock and installed at waist height to keep out of a toddlers reach. Due to this, its a solid choice for families with curious small children. Itll prevent them from accessing certain things in two different ways.

The product will get drilled into a door frame to provide solid reliability, as well. I was more than pleased at how well it avoided falling over or coming loose. Overall, it just ends up being a quality, effective sliding door security lock bar.

  • Durable iron construction can withstand 350 pounds of force
  • Acts as a visual deterrent for intruders
  • Multi-purpose design with 19 to 51 adjustment range
  • Child proof lock installed at waist height
  • Drilled into door frame to promote reliability
  • Lousy installation construction

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Tip : Apply Shatterproof Film

Maintain your cherished views while improving security by applying shatterproof film to your sliding glass doors. Shatterproof film prevents burglars from making quick entry by breaking your doors glass. Depending on your preference, security film can be transparent or tinted. It will even repel flying debris to help protect your home during hurricanes.

Tips For Increasing Your Patio Door Security

Securing Patio Doors &  Supply Guru Keyed Patio Door Lock ...

Theappeal of patio doors is no secret. They create a convenient point ofaccess between your home and yourbackyard, deckor patio, serving as a bridge between indoor and outdoor livingspaces. Their panels of glass invite an abundance of natural lightinto your home. They are often on the side or back of your house, andfrequently hidden from street visibility.

Fortunately,there are simple steps you can take to improve the security of yourpatio doors.

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Install High Quality Sliding Door Frames

To achieve secure patio doors, it is important that the frames are made from high quality material. Just like glass, there are some frame types that are tougher than others. Strong frames are much harder to break through than weaker materials. Whats more, quality frames are more resistant to damage and will provide superior levels of security for your home.

Here at South Coast Home Improvements, we sell patio doors that are made from the highest quality UPVC. Easy to maintain, durable, and secure, UPVC doesnt just increase your home security, it also looks great all year round.

Extra Security Locks For Patio Doors

Even if you lock your patio doors at the end of each day, this may not make much of a difference if the latches are very simple. Patio doors are only as secure as their locks and upgrading the latches can help keep your home safe. As South Coast Home Improvements, we install doors that are fitted with the latest patio door locks and the most high-quality latches. So, you can enjoy doors that dont just look great but that also lock securely.

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Install A Security Barricade

Installing security bars is a reliable way to keep your sliding door securely closed.

But what if you want to secure your patio door in a less obtrusive way? This is where security barricades come in.

Theyre quite small and discrete devices that can be installed within a few minutes. Note that security barricades work only on sliding doors that operate on the interior side of the fixed panel.

Nightlock Patio Sliding Door Barricade is a patented product sold at an affordable price. You can find some really convincing reviews on Amazon , so Im definitely not the only one who finds this device exceptionally useful.

Its made of solid, extruded aluminum and can be mounted on most types of floor . It consists of two pieces: you have to anchor the base to the floor and when you want to secure your sliding door you just have to slide in the barrier itself with a single motion.

The Nightlock barricade uses the strength of the floor so it provides reliable protection.

Keep in mind that door barricades are installed on the floor so youll have to bend each time you want to activate or deactivate them. This might be a concern for those who suffer from severe back pain or mobility issues.

FYI If you like DIY stuff, weve collected some simple home security hacksin this article.

Use A Sliding Door Track Lock

How To Install a Sliding Glass Patio Door Security Bar from Ideal Security (SK110)

Track locks are very simple yet highly effective devices to lock most types of sliding doors without a lock.

How does this door lock work?

A slider lock is very simple and straightforward to install as it requires no tools. To make it work, all you have to do is place it on the track of the sliding door and use the thumbscrews to mount it securely.

The biggest benefit of these types of door locks is that they allow you to lock your patio door in a ventilating position.

They provide a pretty good level of protection, however, they are not as secure as Armor Latch, Nightlock security lock, or a fixed bar. Therefore, if security is a top priority for you, go for one of those products instead .

Pro Tip: To improve security, mount one slider lock on the upper track and another lock on the lower track of the door.

When choosing a product, make sure its wide enough to fit on the track of your sliding door before buying.

As a budget-friendly alternative, you can drill a vertical hole in the track and insert a screw in the hole that will prevent the door from sliding. This method is not recommended for beginner DIYers, as theres a chance you damage both the track and the door if you do it the wrong way.

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Security For Sliding Doors Is Easy

If I had to summarize the topic of sliding patio door security, I’d tell you to add shatter-resistant security film to the glass itself, get a dowel cut to lay in the track, and add a double bolt sliding door lock as mentioned just above.

With those three things, it will take far too long and be far too noisy for any thief to consider breaking in your door. You can also consider installing sliding glass door alternatives, too.

And of course, if you can afford it, having a security system in place will run them off almost immediately. Now that you know how to secure a sliding glass door, the only thing left is to do it so you can feel safe in your own home.

It’s worth it just for the peace of mind, let alone in the event of a real break-in.

Fit Secure Door Hinges

As we mentioned above, some patio doors open outwards and this can expose the hinges. Sometimes, the pins in hinges can be easily removed so it is important to fit secure hinges that cannot be interfered with in this way. Security hinges are the best way to prevent intruders from taking the hinges off and removing the entire door to gain access into your home.

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Double Glazing And Sliding Patio Door Security

The quality of your patio door glass has the potential to make or break the security of your home. Single glazed glass is an easy access point for burglars, who can smash it to create an opening large enough to get through. However, modern developments in glass mean that sliding doors no longer have to be a security scare.

If you are having patio doors installed in your home, double glazing can provide significant security benefits. Double glazed sliding glass doors are tough, making it much harder to break the glass by force. For extra security, some people choose to install toughened glass as this is extremely hard to break and cannot be easily smashed in the way that single glazed glass can.

Can I Install Shatterproof Glass In My Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Patio Security Doors by Day Star Screens 480

You can replace your glass doors with impact-resistant glass doors, but its very expensive and you typically have to buy them through and have them installed by a window company. With price tags well over $1,000 per door, this isnt practical for everyone. You can buy security window film that will make glass doors somewhat more shatterproof, but it can be tricky to install.

Whatever route you decide to take to secure your sliding glass or French doors, youll be adding a greater level of safety to your home for a small cost and minimal effort. That sounds like a win-win to us!

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