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Outdoor Fan With Light For Pergola

What Is The Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor Ceiling Fans

DIY Adding power to an outdoor structure Pergola, Gazebo, etc, Part 3

Outdoor ceiling fans are designed to operate in harsher environments compared to indoor ceiling fans. These fans are different in their construction, design, and features as well. Most outdoor fans are constructed with ABS plastic to withstand corrosion. The housing of these fans is built with galvanized aluminum or steel. The components of the fan are then coated to prevent corrosion from moisture penetration. Depending upon the fan ratings, they can operate in direct or indirect exposure to precipitation or humidity.

Indoor fans are not designed to withstand moisture and other corrosive elements. You cannot use them outside. But you can use an outdoor fan inside.

Take The Time To Balance The Fan Blades

Almost every fan will need to be balanced. The fan will probably wobble the first time you turn on the fan. THe wobble will become more pronounced the higher the speed.

Most all ceiling fans come with stick on or clip on weights that you may need to attach to the ceiing blades to get the fan blades balanced and once you do the wobble will stop. It may take some trial and error but it needs to be done.

Usage Location: Wet Vs Damp

Location is an important determinant in deciding the type of ceiling fan. Indoor and outdoor fans are quite different from each other. Indoor fans are usually dry-rated. If Indoor fans are used outside, they will corrode. Outdoor ceiling fans are either damp rated or wet rated, they have additional layers of protection to prevent corrosion and damage due to moisture. Before you go out to buy the fan, ask yourself where you will be using the fan.

Will you be using the fan in a covered location or an uncovered deck or patio? If youre using the fan in a covered location, then choose a damp-rated fan. A damp-rated fan is suitable for locations where there is indirect exposure to precipitation. In other words, it operates well in damp environments.

However, if you plan to install the ceiling fan in a location that may receive direct exposure to moisture such as snow and rain, get a wet-rated ceiling fan. Wet-rated ceiling fans are built with proper insulation that prevents them from corroding in wet weather conditions.

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Free Gazebo/pergola Fan Design Service

Email us pictures of your outdoor structure per the instructions below and one of our ceiling fan experts will recommend the best fans for your application. If your pictures are good enough, we may even create a mockup to show you how you fan might look .

  • Email pictures to:
  • Email Subject: Ceiling Fan Design Service.
  • Include at least one picture taken from a vantage point similar to the picture below.
  • Include your phone number so we can discuss your options
  • Use A Board To Cover The Fan Base

    52"  Casa Vieja Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable ...

    Even though you buy a wet-rated fan, however, theres a proper way to install it. A mistake many people make is to leave the canopy of the fan exposed.

    In most cases, homeowners use a board with a junction box built inside. This allows the fan to mount flush to the bottom, so that water wont get into the wiring inside.

    An alternative is to mount the junction box to a board, after which you attach the fan to the box. This would work in some cases, although it leaves a gap between the fan canopy and the box.

    This wouldnt work, however, with flush mount fans. With such fans the motor housing doubles as the ceiling canopy because this creates a much larger opening you will want to be sure you cut a board just larger than the base of the flush mounted fan to prevent water from coming in from above.

    Improper installations can have severe consequences. At best, the water will get into the motor and ruin your pergola ceiling fan. At worst, it can cause a short circuit and the subsequent fire.

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    Install The Support Brace

    Once you have the wiring and the junction box sorted out, you need to mount the fan installation bracket. Install it to the box attached to the frame.

    If replacing an existing fan it is important to remove the mounting bracket of the fan being replaced, and replace it with the one supplied with your fan. The previous brace might not be strong enough to support new fan, and also the screws may not line up correctly with the new fan’s canopy. Use lock washers and strong bolts to make it sturdy enough so it doesnt become loose.

    Best Gazebo Fans In 2022

    A gazebo fan can be particularly useful during extreme summers when the heat can be dangerous, and sitting outside wouldnt be wise. Who doesnt enjoy sitting outside in the summertime, despite the heat, and reading their favorite book? When its hot outside, youll be able to stay cool and fresh with a backyard gazebo fan.

    You can use them to light up your gazebo or any other outdoor space, as well as to keep mosquitoes away while you sit outside. Their price is reasonable, and they work in all weather conditions.

    My Top 3 picks

    Fans like these will be perfect for anyone who likes the outdoors during the summer. It is very important to choose the best outdoor pergola ceiling fan to ensure a perfect and delightful experience. This article will discuss the top 5 gazebo fans on the market.

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    Best Outdoor Fan For Pergola: Buying Guide 2022

    In the market research sector, we build a team of experts. They work together to execute an annual survey of best outdoor fan for pergola. They choose 10 versions from reputable companies like Allen & roth, Honeywell ceiling fans, Prominence home, Minka-aire, Allen + roth, Luminance, Harbor breeze, Hunter, Hunter fan company, which is based on nearly 11,435 ratings from consumers.

    • 3 speed AC motor 153 x 15 24 degree blade pitch for increased airflow, 3030CFM’s on high speed
    • 3 non-reversible cinnamon blades, 4-in downrod included, 3 position knob included
    • Outdoor Wet style 20-in fan with oil rubbed bronze finish
    • QUICK INSTALLATION: Includes “Quick 2 Hang” technology, quickly attach fan blades to the motor housing with ease. Assembling your ceiling fan has never been simpler!
    • QUALITY DESIGN: Features a bronze finish and 5 ETL wet rated wicker blades. Tropical style ceiling fan design with wicker blades.
    • MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZED SPACES: 52 inch blades, which are designed for medium to large sized rooms such as a bedroom, living room, dining room or common areas.
    • Remote & Wall Controls Sold Separately
    • 3633 CFM, 20 Total Watts, 182 CFM Per Watt
    • Light Kit Sold Separately
    • MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed – reversible motor. Run Summer and Winter to aid in rotating air and cutting down on energy costs.
    • INCLUDED: RCS213 – Three-speed hand-held remote and 6″ Downrod
    • BULB: No light included.

    Q: How Should I Select The Size Of My Fan

    DIY upgrades to outdoor gazebo to include power, TV, fan, lights and curtain hideaway

    Youll want to first consider the space in question. The larger the space, the larger your fan should be.

    • Spaces up to 75 square feet: 29-36 fans
    • Spaces up to 75-144 square feet: 36 to 42 fans
    • Spaces up to 144-225 square feet: 44-inch fans
    • Spaces up to 225 400 square feet: 50 54 fans

    Also remember that when youre mounting your fan, that you consider the clearance area. Youll want the fan to be at least 12 inches from the ceiling, too.

    Thats why so many of the manufacturers include a downrod. Also remember to keep all blades at least 24 inches from any walls.

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    Q: What Makes A Ceiling Fan Suitable For Outdoor Use

    A: First, that theyre made with a durable material like ABS plastic or metal, or have all-weather blades. Youll want them to be made with galvanized tubular steel and powder-coated paint finishes which protects them from corrosion and rust. Also, that the motor casing has a waterproof seal, so it doesnt get damaged as soon as moisture hits.

    Take The Essential Measurements And Cut Through The Rough Measurements

    It is crucial to take all the necessary measurements of gazebo / pergola before jumping into the procedure of installation. You should have a clear idea of the measurements below the gazebo evenly. The measurement should be centered properly so the symmetry would be a defining factor. Locate the center of the pergola ceiling or gazebo, and mark it as the spot where you will put the base of the fan. Use a proper measuring tape to find the center. Remember to transfer the measurements to the PVC conduit, its not necessary but preferable because you dont want to ruin the look of your gazebo or pergola. Using a hacksaw and marker, cut through the rough measurements.

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    All Of Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan Questions Answered

    Most outdoor spaces lack air conditioningand wallswhich means a modern outdoor ceiling fan is an outstanding option to cool down a space, circulate the air and provide a comfortable place to relax or entertain guests on your porch, patio, pergola, sunroom and even garage.

    Outdoor ceiling fans offer damp or wet ratings that reflect the fans ability to withstand the moisture that you would expect from humidity or rain. When it comes to choosing one thats right for your patio, pergola or gazebo, here are a few important things to consider.

    What makes a ceiling fan safe for outdoor use?

    • Outdoor fan blades are made with special ABS plastic and are known as all-weather blades.
    • These fans are built with galvanized tubular steel and powder-coated paint finishes that stop corrosion and rust.
    • The motor casing on an outdoor fan features a waterproof seal, which helps protect it from moisture.

    Where should I use an outdoor fan?

    Outdoor Porch

    As decorative and functional features, ceiling fans are popular additions to porches. A porch ceiling fan is great for cooling down the area during the day and circulating cool evening breezes. Whether you need to step outside for just a moment or want to lounge on the porch furniture, the movement of air produced by an outdoor fan will help protect you from unpleasant heat or humidity.



    What size outdoor fan do I need?

    Place The Board Between The Pergola Slats

    17"  Casa Vieja Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Cage Antique ...

    To maintain the aesthetics of your pergola, place the board between the slats. This is also optimum for structure and stability. Try to find a board with the same color as your structure to keep it subtle.

    The dimensions of the board dont matter too much, so you can fit it into whatever space. It must only be wide enough to cover the junction box and the base of the fan in their entirety.

    Drill through the frame and the box. Use lock washers and nuts to slide the bolts through the holes. You can also use mounts to attach the board to the awning.

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    What Styles Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans Are Available

    Outdoor ceiling fans come in any style you may need to complement your outdoor decor. You can choose from traditional to ultra-contemporary, and from rustic weathered wood looks to industrial metal.

    No matter what style speaks to you, our selection of outdoor ceiling fans has everything youll need to stay cool.

    Water / Environmental Resistance

    You may have noticed that the fans above are either damp-rated or wet-rated. You wont see any dry-rated fans here, as theyre only suited for indoor locations that wont be subjected to the elements. If you place one of them outdoors, changes are theyre going to corrode, warp, and more.

    There are also differences between damp and wet-rated fans. Damp-rated models will be able to operate in humid climates, but some do not do well in humidity with salt water, as it can break down the material.

    A wet-rated ceiling fan, on the other hand, can handle everything like a champ. It not only handles humidity, but can even operate well in rainfall. In fact, you could even theoretically spray it down with a hose, and it would still be fine.

    In these cases, youd want to place them in areas like gazebos or verandas that are more exposed to this kind of weather.

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    Can I Purchase Any Type Of Downrod For My Ceiling Fan

    The components and parts of a ceiling fan are designed to balance each other out. Therefore, most of the ceiling fan components cannot be purchased from a local hardware store they must be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The same is true for downrods. While some downrods manufactured for one ceiling fan may fit another fan, it is not recommended to undertake such installations. A misplaced or wrong downrod may cause wobbling of the fan.

    Whats The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Reviewing Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Gazebo & Patios – – USB/Electric/110v

    Our developers make it reliable for the info by their rich experience. best outdoor fan for pergola data is also kept up to date on any occasion. You might relax knowing that the information is updated and accurate.

    Try reporting any best outdoor fan for pergola problems or inconsistencies so that we can make your life better. Thanks to your feedback, we’ll push for even greater quality levels!

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    Honeywell Palm Island 52

    It has a tropical style with 52 inches, bronze palm leaf blades. Other than being compatible with the universal remotes, there is also traditional pole change included in the package to make the on and off adjustments easily manageable.

    It has a 4-speed reversible motor that can also be beneficial in the winters as it can run in reverse to assist in the rotation of warm air in the room. If you have large patios or porches, this outdoor pergola fan will be a perfect choice.

    Outdoor Fans For Pergolas Vs Gazebos

    Both gazebos and pergolas are outdoor structures that provide shade and extend the outdoor living space of a home. Whats the difference? Gazebos have a closed roof, where pergolas have a more open roof with beams and rafters. When shopping for a fan for your gazebo or pergola, look for designs with the appropriate weather rating, like our durably crafted WeatherMax® fans. These fans are designed and engineered to make sure your fan blades dont droop and the electrical elements are protected from moisture.

    Here’s a basic overview of the differences between gazebo fans and pergola fans:

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    Take All The Necessary Measurements

    Since youre installing a ceiling fan, you will want it to cool everything below the pergola evenly.

    For this, it has to be properly centered. Symmetry is the key to beauty, after all.

    Take some measuring tape and find the center of the pergola ceiling. This is where youre going to put the base of the fan.

    You should take this time to also transfer the measurements to the PVC conduit. You dont need any bits of pipe dangling from your pergola. You want it to look good while its keeping you cool. With a marker and a hacksaw, youll be able to cut it just fine with rough measurements.

    Air King 9020 1/6 Hp Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

    72"  Casa Vieja Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Dimmable ...

    It is 16.5 inches in length and 29.5 inches in height. The finish is painted with 20 inches powder-coated metal blades. This wall mount gazebo fan has a 3-speed,1/6 HP + 120V, 1 phase motor with a completely enclosed ball bearing.

    It is tested in accordance with AMCA standards and comes with the rear-mounted pull cord switch. The package also includes a 9 foot, 3-conductor SJT type power cord.

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    Lighting And Mounting Options

    Hunter offers an assortment of fans with and without lighting in multiple sizes and styles to fit your outdoor areas. Illuminate an outside space and create an attractive ambiance by pairing an outdoor ceiling fan with a light kit that can safely be exposed to weather conditions. An outdoor fan featuring LED lighting can keep dark spaces illuminated and save energy at the same time.To spruce up an outdoor living space with a lower clearance, opt for a low-profile ceiling fan that mounts flush with the base of your ceiling without compromising proper airflow. If your space features a higher ceiling, our outdoor-rated fans can be paired with an extended downrod to provide the right amount of air circulation and comfort.

    Things To Consider When Buying A Gazebo Fan

    There are many factors to consider when selecting a gazebo fan for your home.

    1. Size of Fan:

    You should consider the size of your gazebo when choosing a ceiling fan. In a larger space, you will need a larger ceiling fan to ensure that the area is adequately cooled and ventilated.

    Furthermore, your ceiling fans power will be determined by the size of the room. A high-powered fan might be necessary if you dont have any surrounding protection for your gazebo.

    2. Quality of Fan:

    It is also important to consider the quality of the fan. In the market, there are many types of ceiling fans, which all work differently outdoors. If you want to cool the area properly, the fan must be sized appropriately.

    It is not always a good idea to choose the largest fans to create a strong breeze in the room, but they can help to mix the air. Consider using two fans if your room is rectangular. When you buy your fan, notice how fast it blows.

    Aside from that, you should also choose a material suitable for the outdoors. Stainless steel gazebo fans are the best choice. Aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic are still affordable options outdoor materials must be able to resist corrosion and warpings. Choosing a gazebo fan with light will allow you to relax in your backyard even at night.

    3. Color and Pattern:

    Match your ceiling fan to your gazebos color scheme and pattern. You can also select between the curved or traditional design of the blades.

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