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How To Shade A Patio

Combine Playtime With Shade Time In A Lil’ Covered Playhouse Fit With All Sorts Of Child

How to Make a Temporary Sun Shade for a Patio

Promising review: “Ordered this for my 4-year-old for her birthday. It was easy to assemble, I did it by myself in about an hour and a half. I did use a drill to make it easier as the holes arent predrilled. But it was overall really easy and instructions were super simple. Its the perfect size for my daughter and enough room for our two big dogs to join her in there along with her two other cousins. Great price, great quality, great playhouse.” Emma

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Opt For Cabanas Or Palapas

A cabana is typically near water, like a beach, with an open flap on the water-side of the structure. Typically constructed with mixtures of wood and fabric, cabanas are highly customizable by their very nature. But they usually have at least three sides covered, or all sides, in order to serve as a changing room or similar private area. Its quite easy to add curtains to a covered patio to construct a cabana, with a resulting aesthetic that feels closer to a high-end private resort. Building palapas can require a bit more planning, but theres a reason why theyre so popular among hot beaches in Mexico. A thatched-roof composed of dried palm leaves can be incredibly good at blocking the sun with a distinctive Central American architectural style.

How To Make Shade Sails

The latest trend in shade! Shade sails are beautiful, structural awnings that look like a work of art and provide excellent shade for your patio, pool area or other outdoor living space. Build your own DIY shade sail with the help of our video tutorial. Creating your own sail lets you customize the design to provide the most shade for your space. It also allows you to select the best quality materials so you know that your shade sail will last season after season.

When building a shade sail, youll need to carefully plan out the project before you begin. Decide what shape of shade youd like to make and how many panels youll use. Laying out lengths of rope in the exact size and shape of your desired shade can be very helpful so you can see exactly how the shades will fit in the space.

Next, think through where your shade will be hung. Will it attach to your home, posts installed for support, a tree, or a combination? Its very important to be sure that all of your attachment points will be able to stand up to the stress of a tensioned shade and that they are all structurally sound. If youre unsure, we recommend consulting a structural engineer. Additionally, dont forget to check with local authorities for any relevant building codes or permits that might be required for your shade sail.

Our 6 x 6 posts being installed

Bill traces shape for the hollow into the shade sail

Watch our in-depth how-to video to learn step-by-step how to create your own custom shade sail.

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Keep A Shaded Kids Chair Handy To Pull Up To The Picnic Table

Promising review:We purchased two of these chairs for our beach trip. We needed one for our 4-month-old and one for our 2-year-old. They both loved them. Mom also loved them because I didnt have to hold the chunky 4-month-old the whole time on the beach. We use them at home in the backyard as well, and can see ourselves using them on trips in the future.

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Market Umbrella With Diy Stand

Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade Ideas

Market umbrellas are reasonably priced, but their stands are sometimes more expensive than the actual umbrella. Try this inexpensive and ingenious holder.

Project Cost: Under $40 for a . $35 for the custom stand. If you have some of the stand parts lying around, the cost will be even lower. All you need is a planter, wood, screws, a 2 piece of pipe, and a bag of cement.

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A Green Option: Shade With Trees And Plants

Large planters with trees provide shade and bring greenery onto the deck. Evergreens are a good choice. They look and smell nice, and grow tall enough to provide shade . When filled with soil, these planters tend to be heavy. Limit the size to what you can move around. Set planters along the edge of the deck to serve as a sun screen. In cold climates, trees may not survive winter in a planterask before you buy.

For even more shade, plant trees in the ground around the deck. Maple trees are one good choice because they have dense foliage for blocking the sun and are fast-growing, so you won’t have to wait 20 to 30 years to reap the benefits. Ask about other choices at a local nursery. In many ways, trees are the best shade system because they can shade large areas, provide privacy and beautify your yard. The downside is you have to wait several years for results.

Put Up Sun Sails And Canopies

Sun shades, canopies and shade cloths are some of the best temporary deck shade ideas for outdoor areas. Shade sails, also known as sun shades or sun sails, don’t usually require much hardware. Theyre easy to move or re-position as the angle of the sun changes.

Firmly anchor them to a post or nearby tree to keep them from blowing away. Make sure to hang them so they stay taut and dont flutter in the wind. A large shade sail on posts can help shade a swimming pool, sandbox or kids’ playset. The whole family can appreciate a day of safe outdoor fun without baking in the sun.

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Float A Sail To Protect From The Elements

Image credit: Dobbies

Create a small shaded spot with the simple placement of a sail shade gazebo. This example by Dobbies is just the thing to float above a seating area to welcome a break from sitting directly in the path of scorching sun beams. The lightweight sail shade is quick to assemble and fast becomes a garden essential, perfect for a whole range of outdoor events, from family gatherings to spontaneous BBQs and more.

The simple shade solution boasts a robust powder-coated rust resistant steel frame plus a durable polyester canopy for protection from the elements. Come rain or shine, a sail gazebo has you covered.

Shade For Modern Farmhouse

How to Make Shade on Your Patio : Outdoor Design

Designed by Gaston Architects, this house on 2.5-acres in the rolling hills of Atascadero, California, near San Luis Obispo, resembles a farmhousea modern one with all the conveniences. All of that outdoor space required a need for shade, which is provided with simple umbrellas and flat awnings that project from the roofline and have a corrugated, modern-rustic look that goes perfectly with the farmhouse design.

Landscape architect on the project was CM Design builder was Semmes & Company of Atascadero.

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Plant Tall Plants And Bushes

They might not grow up to be big, beautiful shade trees, but tall plants and bushes can increase privacy and provide shade throughout the day to make your outdoor living areas more enjoyable. And, if you choose something as attractive as the rose bushes in the photo above, they can also significantly increase the visual appeal of your outdoor living areas.

You can plant tall plants or bushes as a border near your patio or deck or you can plant them in containers that can be arranged on or near your entertaining spaces. If you plant them in containers on wheeled plant stands, it is easy and convenient to move them around to keep the area shaded as the sun moves through the sky throughout the day.

Diy Pergola With Lattice Roof

This one is a good inspiration to make a pergola which gives a better shade for you. The wooden panel with lattice pattern is added to the top of the pergola which works well as the shading roof.

Then, some curtains are also installed to make the patio way more comfortable to enjoy. The size of the pergola is enough to protect a large dining set perfectly.A

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Distances And Positioning Of The Anchors From The Corners Of The Sail

Understanding the distances between the anchor and the edge of the sail is very simple!!

We recommend laying the sail on the ground to find the correct point of the anchors, which will be found respecting the continuation of the diagonals

This expedient will allow us to tension the fabric correctly and obtain an optimal aesthetic result.

It is recommended to use plates proportionate to the size of the covers which will then be positioned, to avoid any safety inconvenience.

In addition to the size of our cover, it must be provided from a minimum of 35cm to a maximum of 100cm of distance between the flap ring and the anchor plate. This will allow positioning of the tensioning accessories .

The correct positioning of the anchors is the point given by the continuation of the diagonals

Provide from a minimum of 35cm to a maximum of 100cm between the corner of the sail and the anchor plate

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Invest In A Mobile Vented Umbrella That Gives You Plenty Of Shade Control In Case You’re Super Fortunate And Have A Backyard That Also Includes A Freaking Lake

Building a Patio Shade

Promising review: “Assembly took me about two hours, but the product has everything you need with easy to understand instructions. Best of all is relaxing in this oasis on my patio! The lounger has a gentle rocking/bouncing motion that makes for the best naps. The fabric is tough and the built-in-cushion and head rest are very comfortable. The attached umbrella is adjustable so I can reposition it depending on the position of the sun.” C.T.Mallier

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Classic Wood Pergola Shade Structures

Pergolas are usually built by professional contractors. If you want to DIY, be sure to follow local building codes and safety practices. Here is a simple pergola plan you can use as a guide.

This elegant free standing pergola painted white looks timeless in any landscape design.

This rustic wood pergola attached to a wall makes this outdoor patio look so inviting.

You can also choose metal and wood pergolas or paint some part of a pergola a different color for a modern patio shade structure here.

Architectural Outdoor Shade Structures

There are so many benefits to indoor-outdoor living, which is why homeowners are investing more than ever before to create stunning outdoor living spaces featuring kitchens, pools, and extensive patios. Permanent architectural shade structures are perfect for protecting these open-air spaces from harsh sunlight and rainstorms so that they can be enjoyed all day long. Adding an architectural shade structure to your backyard will also define and anchor your outdoor living, connect it to the interior, and make it an inviting place to spend hours in the fresh air. Here are our San Antonio architects six favorite architectural shade options.

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Invest In Patio Umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the fastest ways you can add shade to your outdoor living areas, so if you have a social gathering that is just days or hours away and you need more shade, umbrellas may be your best option. Of course, to find the perfect umbrella, you may need to order it online or have it made, but you can purchase basic options in a variety of colors at garden centers, patio furniture stores and home improvement stores. You can even find patio umbrellas for sale at grocery stores just before and during the summer entertaining season.

You can opt for simple umbrellas with a pole you insert in the hole found in the middle of most patio tables or standalone options. For standalone options, you can choose conventional options that have a straight pole and provide shade in a circle around that pole, or you can choose off-set umbrellas, which allows you to place the base more out of the way and direct the shade to your outdoor entertaining areas. Off-set umbrellas are often more expensive, but this is not something that you want to go too cheap on inexpensive umbrellas or bases often do not function as well as their better-made counterparts, and you may end up spending double when you have to replace them.

Because umbrellas shade limited areas at a time, this option is best when you have particular spots that need sun protection, such as a patio dining table.

Mosquito Netting Side Shade

Deck Shade Sail Installation Success Top 10 Tips and Trade-offs – Tutorial

The design of this DIY patio shade is simply admirable which is so inspiring to try with about $200 cost in the making. You will need to prepare some cheap materials like mosquito netting and bamboo poles to create the shade in no time.

The light string is also installed on top of the frame to make it enjoyable at night. It can be a nice idea to try when you want to hold an intimate outdoor dinner with your family.A

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In The Market For An Above

Promising review: “This is an amazing pool. LOVE IT! I had my husband set it up and was no problem at all. I did a LOT of research on pools and this is the only one that had a sun shade cover. It is the perfect size for a couple of adults and a couple kids to sit and splash in. I would HIGHLY recommend this pool. We did install an Intex pump to keep it clean. I also appreciated the comment from another person who purchased this pool who bought a Krystal clear 10′ pool cover. I just ordered that and it will keep the pool cleaner. Making the ground level is important, but doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue compared to the Intex pools with the bubble ring around the top. We are in the process of building a pond in our backyard and haven’t finished the waterfall pool area, so I was able to set the pool in what will be a pond at a later date :)” PJ

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Create A Luxurious Setup With A Glam Daybed That Has A Canopy You’ll Never Want To Abandon

Promising review: “So be prepared to assemble. It isn’t fast. Not hard, but lots of screws. Instructions are okay, but common sense will get you through it. Basically everything has to be put together. And as mentioned by another reviewer, you’ll be short 8 washers. No big deal. I had some laying around. The quality once put together is pretty darn good. This isn’t a 5 star resort daybed, but very sturdy. Cushions are good. Smaller sized bed, but that’s what we needed. I ordered a round 70 patio table cover , which fits tight but will work and won’t blow off. Cushion color is light tan so you’ll want to keep it clean with a cover.” Smithone

Get it from Amazon for $659.99.

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Increase The Shade With A Pergola

A pergola can filter out sunlight on decks that arenĂ¢t shaded by your trees. Additionally, one can add an architectural point of interest to your grilling space.

Add a little shade to your driveway with our how to build a garage pergola project.

Screen out noise and nosy neighbors with privacy screen upgrades.

String Up Outdoor Curtains

3 Reasons to Get A Patio Shade Structure

For more shade than a pergola alone can provide, consider outdoor curtains to add a little shade to your pergola. Kate, from Centsational Style, shares an easy DIY using canvas tarps for sturdy shades. Simple, affordable, and still attractivejust what everyone wants! Alternatively, you can string up a weatherproof curtain or two like this .

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Install A Permanent Roof Structure

A permanent, solid roof is one of the more expensive patio shade ideas on this list but, if you have the budget, this is a far sturdier and longer-lasting option than a palapa, canopy or patio umbrella. If have a two-story home, you may be able to cover your patio and expand your outdoor living areas by building a roof structure that is also a balcony for your second floor.

Keep A Shaded Kid’s Chair Handy To Pull Up To The Picnic Table

Promising review: “We purchased two of these chairs for our beach trip. We needed one for our 4-month-old and one for our 2-year-old. They both loved them. Mom also loved them because I didn’t have to hold the chunky 4-month-old the whole time on the beach. We use them at home in the backyard as well, and can see ourselves using them on trips in the future.”

Get it from Amazon for $66.07+ .

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Shade In Serene Green

Image credit: David Hiscock

Enclosing patio seating in lush planting, not only cools the area, it has a cocooning effect that will envelop the space in scent, colour and the sound of breeze through the leaves. Add a fabric awning over the pergola structure until the green has grown in pace, for fine-tuning the shade on the sunniest days.


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