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Custom Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard

Order Your Glass Panels And Hardware

How to Make a Custom Glass Flame Guard for your Gas Fire Pit

Contact your local glass store and order the four glass panels. Let them know the size and thickness you want. Tell them it should be standard tempered glass with polished edges. You dont need high-temperature ceramic glass, which is very expensive. Standard tempered glass is good up to around 470°, which is more than sufficient for an outdoor fire pit. You can also order custom sized glass panels online from One Day Glass.

Youll also need the hardware to connect the panels together. Typically, glass stores wont have this. If they dont, you can purchase your hardware directly from the Celestial Fire Glass website. Our flame guard connection kits are made of rugged, weatherproof aluminum.

Hardware may be hard to find. No worries, we have a flame guard hardware kit you can purchase online.

Assemble Your Flame Guard

Now that you have your glass panels and hardware, its time for the exciting partassembling your flame guard! Heres how to put it all together:

  • First, choose a sturdy, flat surface for your work area and make sure its free of clutter.
  • Starting with the first panel, connect the top and bottom brackets to each end of the panel. The brackets should be flush with the top and bottom of the glass. Be sure the screw tips in the brackets have a plastic tip this ensures the metal tip of the screw doesnt touch the glass, which would cause breakage. Do the same for the panel that will sit opposite the first panel.
  • On your flat surface, attach the end glass panels with the feet facing upwards. Having the feet facing upwards will make aligning the glass panels much easier. Once all your panels are connected, go back and check that all the screws are nice and tight. Pro tip: Use a long screwdriver. Its easier to grip since it gives your knuckles some turning room. If the screws are properly tightened, you should be able to handle your wind guard without the panels shifting in the bracket.
  • Place your new flame guard gently around your burner. And pat yourself on the back. Great job! Now youre ready to enjoy a beautiful, contained fire that gives you, your family and your guests more peace of mind.
  • The Outdoor Greatroom Company Ogr

    The Outdoor GreatRoom Company OGR-Custom-Glass-Guard Custom Glass Guard keeps the wind from disturbing the beautiful flames of your fire pit or helps to protect young children from getting too close to the flames. The custom size options allow you to build your own unique glass wind guard to fit nearly any size fire pit. Select the length and width of your glass panels using the 2-inch increments , then select the height of glass panels to complete your custom glass wind guard. Included with your custom glass wind guard will be the set of wind guard clips to fit the panels together, top clips, and bottom clips with rubber feet, lengths over 60-inches will include two 180° clips.

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    Fire Pit Wind Guard: What You Need To Know About Adding A Glass Guard To Your Fire Pit

    Posted by Jason Hahnstadt | Jan 25, 2021 | Fire Pit Accessories | 0 |

    Getting a Fire Pit Wind Guard is a simple and affordable way to upgrade your fire pit and provides a lot of benefits for a low cost.

    You can find many affordable choices to make your fire pit look great with a glass guard and even be more of a conversation piece than the fire itself!

    Most people put a fire pit guard on gas or propagne fire pits, but you can also use them on wood burning fire pits just as easily.

    How To Find The Best Fire Pit Wind Guard

    Outdoor Fire Pit Tempered Glass Wind Guards Square 20 x 20 inch Wind S ...

    Before jumping into a search, take a minute and read over these characteristics of purchasing a high-quality fire pit wind guard:

    First, the glass quality. Thicker is always better and it has to be tempered. Tempered glass is 4 times more durable and if it breaks, it does not create dangerous shards just small little pieces.

    Aluminum Alloy Connectors. You will want to avoid other products that are not aluminum as they will rust and corrode which will look bad.

    Anything you want to last should always be protected by a cover determine if your fire pit cover has room for a shield to stay in place.

    Rubber Non-skid bottom. A must to keep the fire pit wind shield in place.

    Before you start searching, make sure you measure your fire pit or old guard and write down the exact measurements you will need.

    The recommended distance your wind guard should be from the edge of your Fire Pit is about 2 and 1/2 inches.

    So if you measure your sides of the pit, make sure to add in the extra distance for the right size.

    If you are measuring a circle fire pit, measure the distance from one side to the other this is your diameter. Then add 5 inches to the total diameter to make sure it will be 2 and 1/2 inches from the edge.

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    Wind Guards For Fire Pits What Size Do I Need

    Wind Guards for Fire Pits are by far the top-selling fire pit accessory, and there is an excellent reason for that. They are a simple and very effective solution to the problem of a windblown flame.

    They also look pretty good too. Many customers, when submitting product reviews, comment that the glass wind guard improves the look of their fire feature.

    Here are just a few examples of customers comments on their Wind Guards for Fire Pits:

    • Bought this thinking it would just be functional but it actually dresses the fire feature out nicely. It is a better looking product with it. Major thumbs up.
    • The wind fence is a must in my opinion. It adds so much to the look of the table as the fire reflects off of the glass. It really does keep the wind from blowing the flame sideways too.
    • Without the guard, the flames would go all over the place to the point of being a safety concern to anyone standing close to the fire pit. Now that we have the guard, the flames go mostly straight up and are more pleasant to look at.

    If you already have a fire pit, you will know how even a small amount of breeze can blow the flame off-center, and a much stronger breeze can blow the flame out.

    Ultimately this can result in it being slightly uncomfortable on one side of the fire pit, to not being able to use it at all because the wind is too strong.

    Cosiest Glass Wind Guard Tempered Glass For Outdoor Fire Pit

    Select a Size

    The wind glass guard helps protect the flames from blowing and keep lit

    • Sturdy in all weather condition
    • Different shapes and different sizes for your choice

    Different Sizes for your Choice

    • C5101001 Square22/22/6″ Size: 22*22*6 inch
    • C5101002 Rectangle36/10/6″ Size: 36*10*6 inch
    • C5101003 Round29/29/6″ Size: 29*29*6 inch
    • C5101005 Rectangle20/9/6″ Size: 29*9*6 inch
    • C5101007 Round23/23/6″ Size: 23*23*6 inch
    • C5101008 Rectangle21/9.5/5.5″ Size: 21*9.5*5.5 inch
    • C5101009 Square14/14/6″ Size: 14*14*6 inch
    • C5101010 Rectangle30*8*5.5″ Size: 30*8*5.5 inch

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    Linear Glass Wind Guards

    You’ll need a linear glass fire pit guard to match your linear fire pit, and we’ve got what you need no matter the size. Like a rectangular fire guard, a linear guard must conform to your fire pit in width and length, so be sure to use our site’s filters while shopping to ensure you get exactly what you need.

    Selecting A Glass Windscreen For Your Gas Fire Pit

    Glass Wind Guard for Fire Table Pit Review

    Glass windscreens are a popular addition to any gas fire pit. They improve the quality of the fire by blocking the wind and also provide a barrier between the fire and your table top.

    At COOKE Furniture, we build custom fire pit tables and custom glass windscreens for commercial and residential use. We also have a large selection of Outdoor Greatroom and Hearth Products Controls windscreens. With so many options available, weve put together this Buyers Guide to help you find the right tempered glass windscreen for your gas fire pit.


    The most common question our customers have when selecting a glass windscreen for their gas fire pit is related to the size of the windscreen. The glass wind guard has to be bigger than the fire pit opening. You do not want your glass windscreen in the interior of the burner pan. Glass windscreens are not designed to be directly in the fire. They are to surround the fire. We recommend using dimensions that are 2 2.5 larger than the fire pit opening. Measure your fire pit! If the fire pit is 12 x 24, we would recommend a 14 x 26 size. Most windscreens are available in a 6 height. This provides an adequate level of protection. For extra protection, COOKE produces windscreens in a 8 or even 10 height.

    Glass Thickness:


    There are two types of windscreen construction Clamp together windscreens, and clampless windscreens.

    Glass Type:

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    Determine The Size Of Your Glass Flame Guard

    You want the flame guard to sit outside the burner by about 2 to 3 on all sides. This will keep the flame from touching the glass barrier. You also want to be sure the size is proportional to your burner. We recommend you measure the inside of your burner pan, and then add 5 ½. This will be the ideal size for the wind guard and should be your starting point when determining the final size. It will allow the flame guard to sit outside the burner by about 2 ¾ on each side.

    If youd like, you can go with a slightly smaller size. Use your best judgment to determine the ideal size for your fire pit. After all, the flame guard should look like its designed exclusively to fit your fire feature. So feel free to make changes to the size so that everything looks well-balanced.

    What Is The Purpose Of A Glass Wind Guard

    A fire pit table has a lot of different features, and one of the most protective and useful features is its glass wind guard. Although sold separately, the glass wind guard can be a great accessory to have. Here are a few common questions when considering a glass wind guard for your perfect firepit:

    What exactly is a glass wind guard?

    A glass wind guard serves as a layer of protection between the flame and potential wind, little hands, pets, or debris. The stainless-steel hardware and tempered glass also help reinforce the tall, dazzling flames. Depending on the size and make of your fire pit, a glass wind guard can be round, rectangular, square and even folding for convenience.

    Why might a glass wind guard be good to have?

    Safety is first priority when it comes to enjoying a fire with family, and the glass wind guard was created to promote its importance. A glass wind guard serves to protect and contain the flames produced by a fire pit. With something as breathtaking as fire, how can someone not want to get as close as possible? The little kiddos and a curious puppyand you of coursecan enjoy those stunning flames without worrying about someone getting hurt.

    Besides its safety aspect, a gas fire pit installed with a glass wind guard maintains an aesthetic appeal as the flames reflect off of the glass. And if you are a fan of toasted marshmallows or s’mores , the glass wind guard serves as a great ledge to rest your roasting sticks on.

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    What Size Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard Do I Need

    A fire pit wind guard must never sit on the fire glass or lava rock it should sit on your fire features top surface, straddling the fire pit burn area.

    Manufacturers recommend leaving a gap of at least 2 inches on all sides between the fire pit burn area and the wind guard. For example, a 30-inch square fire pit tray will need a wind guard that measures at least 34 inches square.

    Brand loyalty is not necessary, as long as you select a fire pit wind guard size that provides the minimum recommended clearance of 2 inches all around.

    However, some manufacturers design their fire pit glass wind guards to fit their fire pit trays range, and they also supply Fire Pit Lids. The advantage of staying within a brand is that the three items, the fire pit tray, the wind guard, and the fire pit lid, are all designed to integrate.

    The Fire Pit Lid will fit just inside the wind guard, allowing it to be put on or removed without removing the wind guard.

    Fire Pit Wind Guards allow you to safely use your fire pit in breezy conditions when it may not be possible to do so without one.

    Ultimately, this means you can spend more time with your family and friends safely enjoying your fire pit.

    That is probably why fire pit wind guards are the most popular fire pit accessory.

    Like any great accessory, it doesnt just look good it improves the user experience. Fire Pit Wind Guards are available from American Fireglass, HPC Fire, and The Outdoor Plus company and Firegear Outdoors.

    How To Make A Custom Sized Flame Guard

    12x24"  Tempered Glass Wind Guard

    Gathering round your fire pit on a crisp fall evening is one of those simple joys in life. Unless its a windy night. Those gusty breezes can quickly turn your peaceful flame-viewing experience upside-down by whipping the flames out of control. An erratic fire doesnt look too niceand it also poses a potential safety hazard.

    A flame guard can solve this problem by blocking most of the direct wind from your flames. This sleek-looking accessory improves the efficiency of your fire feature, resulting in a clean, steady-burning flame no matter the weather. It also helps prevent black soot buildup on your fire glass and around the burners edges. Lastly, a wind guard keeps your burner pan from getting warped when the lip around the pan gets too hot.

    DID YOU KNOW that flame guards are made from standard tempered glass? Standard tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees .

    It all sounds great, right? But what if standard-sized flame guards wont fit your one-of-a-kind fire feature? If off-the-shelf flame guards arent available in the exact size you need, theres no reason to worryyou can make your own, custom-sized flame guard right at home.

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    Category: Glass Wind Guards & Screens

    Wind screens and guards provide protection for you and your fire pit table. Keeping a fire pit burning on a windy day can prove to be a challenge. That is why we offer several sizes of Glass Wind Screens. Glass Wind Screens keep the wind at bay an allow you to enjoy your fire feature even in windy ocean climates. Our Glass Wind Screens not only serve as a wind break reducing the wind effect and allowing the gorgeous flame to dance in the reflective glass but also a protective barrier to keep family and pets safe from the flame. The Glass Wind Screens are designed with quality and functionality. Our Glass Wind Screens are made from tempered glass with stainless steel hardware and designed to last. They are so easy to set up with rubber base stops and quality hardware, that in about thirty minutes, you will have a stunning fire pit screen to keep your fire feature safe. When you need to clean your Glass Wind Screen Just lift to remove your Glass Wind Screen allowing you to clean the glass with ease and tend to your fire feature. We have Glass Wind Screens available in several different sizes and shapes to seamlessly fit your fire pit. Shop our full selection of Glass Wind Screens to add style and function to your fire pit.

    How To Determine What Wind Guard Works For You

    Fire pit wind guards are designed to complement your fire pit or fire table. They protect the flames from wind gusts that can cause sputtering, flickering or extinguish them altogether. Wind guards are also used to prevent loose items from getting too close to the flame, keeping you and your guests safe.

    All of our DIY fire pit wind guards are made with tempered glass which ensures they are durable and built to last. We recommend having 2.5 inches of clearance on each side between your fire pit opening and the wind guard for optimal performance. The glass wind guards are meant to sit on the outside of your fire pit opening. We carry four distinct shapes of wind guards to ensure there’s an option for all fire pits:

    Installation is easy! Simply connect the tempered glass pieces together with the included brackets and support feet then set on the outside of your fire pit opening and enjoy.

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    What To Consider When Buying A Glass Wind Guard For Your Fire Pit

    • Size – The size of your wind guard will obviously be dependent on the size of the opening in your gas fire pit. We recommend having the guard be at least two inches away from the burning area on all sides, so in total it should be four inches larger in all dimensions. For example, if your fire pit has a 24 inch square burning area, you should purchase a 28 inch square wind guard or larger.Height is also a factor to keep in mind. Generally, wind guards are between six and ten inches tall. Determining which you should buy is mostly a matter of preference, though it’s possible that some local building codes will require a certain height, so be sure to check those before buying.
    • Shape – The shape of your wind guard should match that of your fire pit. We carry fire guards for round, square, rectangular and linear fire pits. If your fire pit has a non-standard opening, it may be necessary to order a custom wind guard. Please reach out to our team via phone to discuss details.
    • Features – While the majority of wind guards in our inventory are essentially the same apart from their size and shape, we do carry a handful of folding wind guards. These are especially helpful for when you plan to only use the guard in the case of noticeable wind. When not in use, they fold up either for easy storage or for use as a burner cover.



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