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Potted Plants For Front Porch

Your Front Porch Garden Can Be Just As Abundant And As Tasty As Any Other Garden Its Just A Matter Of Choosing The Right Vegetables For Your Edible Front Porch Garden

Big Potted Plants for a Dramatic Porch Entrance! | Farmhouse Garden Style

By Amanda MacArthur | September 14, 2022

Ill be blunt if you enjoy cooking, you owe it to yourself to have a garden. I realize not everyone has the space for a big garden in the backyard. An edible front porch garden or balcony garden is a lot more attainable. In fact, even if you do have space for a big garden, there are some distinct advantages to growing your herbs and veggies right outside your door.

For one, you dont have to worry as much about deer, rabbits, and skunks eating your ripe tomatoes. You can snip some fresh rosemary without getting drenched in a rainstorm. Then theres the fact that a front porch garden gives your home a lovely, fresh look.

What to grow, though? Thats always the question. Some vegetables grow better in containers than others. I love asparagus. Theres nothing like those first tender spears of the season grilled with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. But asparagus isnt really a container vegetable.

The good news is that you still have a very wide selection of vegetables and herbs to choose from, many of which can thrive in containers. Theres even a hybrid variety of corn thats bred specifically for container gardens.

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Decal For A Vintage Milk Can Planter

Bring a personalized look to your favorite planter with this Welcome decal. Crafted from vinyl, this decal is a breeze to apply just peel and stick. The durable material stands up to the wind, rain, and snow, so you can leave your favorite planter outside with confidence. Choose from 31 different color options to find the one that best compliments your planter and your porch.

Potted Plants Will Beautify Your Front Porch

Plants always create a wonderful atmosphere of welcoming warmness to your decor. If you want some added curb appeal, be sure to check out our list of favorite plants below.

With this in mind, adding potted plants on your porch lets, you enjoy many types of plants, even in a small space. In addition, container gardening makes growing plants versatile, attractive, and easy to maintain.

For this reason, by adding potted plants on your porch or patio, you can enjoy flowers, vegetables, and even dwarf trees and shrubs. Imagine all the possibilities!

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How To Choose The Best Fall Porch Plants

Pay close attention to sun exposure. The first step in choosing the best fall porch plants is to look at how much sunlight your porch, stoop, or doorstep receives, and choose plants accordingly. Mums are a traditional fall favorite and do well in sun or shade. They look great alone, but can really make a statement when used as an anchor plant and paired with other autumn flowers.

Best Fall Porch Plants


Metal Olive Bucket Fall Planters

Stunning Front Porch Container Gardening Rectangular Pots

Who knew people used special buckets to gather olives? These seem antique, made of metal with handles for ease of lifting. If the gardener can get their hands on a pair them, they are just right to fill up with containers of orange fall chrysanthemums, and place by the welcome mat.

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Fall Front Porch Plants Ideas

If you prefer to decorate your front porch depending on the change of seasons, this picture may inspire you for the upcoming fall décor.

Orange pansies make a perfect choice for a fall front porch decoration in warm climates. Pair this charming annual with colorful squashes to hint at the seasonal décor.

Since pansies are short-lived perennials, you can easily swap them with other blooming plants when the next season is just around the corner.

Adorable Vintage Metal Bicycle Planter

With its scrolling metal accents and vintage style, this bicycle planter adds a touch of whimsy to your garden or front porch. Although it looks delicate, you can use it outdoors with confidence the durable metal and three-wheeled design creates a remarkably stable base. The two-tiered design provides space for two potted plants. Display brilliant flowers or simple greenery the crisp white finish sets off the colors beautifully.

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Splash Of Colors In The Summer

If you want to bring a splash of charming colors throughout the summer, regular petunias will make a perfect option.

Grow your colorful petunias in hanging baskets and place them in open areas along the edges of the porch since these flowers will value daily sunlight.

For additional beauty, you can also plant a similar variety of petunias in the garden bed next to your porch.

Pick The Right Porch Planters

Best Container Plants for a Porch Entrance | Companion Potted Plants for Porch & Patio

Consider the style of your house when you’re choosing plantersan ornate, antique-style design will look out of place next to a sleek, modern porch. And size matters, tooboth for the look and for a more practical reason. “The bigger the container, the more soil volume and the better chance for plants to survive without drying out,” says Blythe Yost, landscape architect and the CEO and co-founder of Tilly Design, a site that offers landscape design services. That’s especially key for hanging baskets. “Hanging baskets are particularly susceptible to drying out since they are open to the air on all sides.”

Tip: If you’re a bit of a black thumb, consider self-watering planters that can help keep your plants thriving when you’re on vacation or a little forgetful.

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Diy Minion Flower Pot Decorations

A gardener who loves their Minions can actually engage the whole family in making a nice squadron of them out of pots of varying sizes. Paint them blue and yellow, sit them down on concrete blocks near the door, and plant their heads with the flower of the hour, be in chrysanthemums or ferns.

Planter Box Decorative Outdoor Garden Box For Potted Plants Or Flowers Square Lattice Design Front Porch And Patio Dcor By Pure Garden

  • EASY ASSEMBLY Constructed from durable polypropylene, the thick and sturdy walls simply snap together with no tools required.
  • OPEN BOTTOM The open T-shaped bottom allows for proper water drainage from your planter. Please note the flower box is meant to hold potted plants, not plants in loose soil.
  • OUTDOOR PLANTER BOX The square shaped garden box is perfect for holding potted plants or flowers, while the charming lattice design adds a farmhouse-inspired decorative touch.
  • FRONT PORCH DÉCOR This beautiful planter is sure to add an elegant look to your front porch, patio, deck, poolside, or any outdoor area!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS Dimensions: 14.75 x 14.75 x 13″ Material: Polypropylene, Color: White.

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A Bunch Of Greeneries

Instead of varieties that bloom colorful flowers, you may prefer one-tone front porch plants ideas as shown in this picture.

From trees to low-growing shrubs, this front porch has a bunch of greeneries that enliven the all-white palette behind them.

The pastel blue pots have the same tone as the bench. Meanwhile, the stained wooden door becomes the point of attention among the greenery.

Double Shot Grape Azalea

Hibiscus planters

Azaleas used to be a spring thing, but new varieties like Double Shot Azalea bloom twice in the late summer/early fall and the spring. Its evergreen, so once the purple blooms are gone, youll have green leaves all winter. Hardy to Zone 6, this compact variety looks great in a container. It likes filtered light to partial sun, so its a good pick for a covered porch or patio. Pro Tip: If you get an unseasonably cold night, protect your outdoor container plants by wrapping them in several layers of blankets or burlap for an extra layer of protection.

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Tiered Flower Pot Planters With Solar Lights

Add levels and depth to your front steps with these lovely tiered flower planters. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find all you need is two flower pots in different sizes. Since the top pot rests on the soil of the bottom pot, theres no construction required. With two levels of greenery, this piece creates a lush look. Add a solar-powered stake light to illuminate your walkway, and choose cascading fronds for maximum visual effect.

Flowering Covered Porch Plants

This is where the plant selection gets tougher because most flowering plants need bright light to produce blooms. Fuchsias will still develop their ballet skirted blooms, as will begonias.

Coral bells provide a diverse color and size range as well as get delicate, little flowers. Wishbone flowers make great fillers, as do delicate rose-like impatiens. Trailing lobelia and creeping Jenny have sweet, little blooms. Other plants that produce flowers are:

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Chic Flower And Tree Porch Pots

Lovingly pruned trees in pots are a real sign of elegance: a visitor can find them all over the grounds of Versailles. These little trees which flank a door with a lion head knocker are enlivened with nearly identical plantings of bright purple asters in antiqued planting boxes on a black and white harlequin front stoup.

Milk Can And Metal Basket Flower Display

Easy potted plants to decorate your front porch (Plants that thrive in full sun)

This huge black milk can is empty, but the wire basket beneath it holds a planting of cream-colored, golden throated petunias in straw. prompting memories of the milk and cream the can used to hold. Small plumbago flowers add pops of royal blue. Other flowers that have a similar eye-catching deep blue include species of bellflower and speedwell.

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Painted And Distressed Wooden Planter

This beautiful planter looks like its been a part of your family for decades, but really, its an easy project that you can complete in an afternoon. The magic in this design is the shape the crisp lines and sharp angles make a lovely contrast with the natural beauty of your plants and flowers. With a coat of paint and some sandpaper, you can coordinate with your entry and add a distressed finish.

Spice Up With Greeneries

Spicing up your front porch with green plants is one of the simplest methods to make this outdoor space stand out.

Potted plants are particularly popular to decorate a front porch since they can keep everything neat and controllable.

This cozy front porch may look amazing on its own, but the black pots with greenery and a pair of boxwood topiaries have made the space even more charming.

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Get Your Green Thumbs Ready

Ready to put those green thumbs to work? If so, kudos to you.

But think hard before settling on any plants for your front porch pots and garden beds. Unfavorable position of your porch can leave you with little choice for your planting project.

The good news is, you dont have to save all your plant beauties for the back porch. You can have a beautiful front porch even with less-than-perfect growing conditions.

The front porch ideas above are a great place to start.

Theyll help you choose plants that suit your unique porch requirements. And you wont even have to bend your personal taste too much.

First, make sure a plant can thrive in your front yard. Then allow your porch decorating idiosyncrasies to show.

Want more inspiration on how to landscape the space outside your front door? Head over to Gardening Channel to fetch more plant ideas for front porch. We help home gardeners just like you create a green haven just outside their living room.

Our gardening platform will fast-track your way to that beautiful front porch of your dreams. Youll be able to up your outdoor living and ratchet yourself up the gardening knowledge ladder. In no time at all.

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Velvet Viking Japanese Maple

Dwarf maples are a classic choice for cold-season color because their deep red leaves stay on the tree till early winter in harsh climates and all winter in milder ones. Even after their leaves fall off, they look like sculptures. Velvet Viking Japanese Maple has a low, spreading shape that looks lovely in a container. Its hardy to Zone 4, so its super tough. Pro Tip: Give your container plants a deep drench at the end of the season, and then water them sparingly every few weeks during the winter.

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Festive Dcor With Plants

Incorporate plants in your front porch décor during the festive holidays too. With additional adornments, you can turn their natural beauty into something fancier that matches the mood for celebration.

Just like the above front porch, you can wrap your plants with colorful strings of lights. Dont forget to include a green garland and Christmas wreath in the décor for a perfect festive commemoration.

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A Variety Of Flowering Plants

Assorted potted plants on this front porch create a beautiful extension of the surrounding flower garden.

From the small-leaf evergreen shrubs to the blooming perennials, this front porch has everything needed to boost the aesthetic of the house.

A sense of height is achieved by the pruned topiary Eugenia. Meanwhile, the mix of tradescantia zebrina and petunias captivate with their eye-catching colors.

Rustic Galvanized Metal Porch Planters

Planting Container Plants For A Shady Porch

People loved galvanized metal when they needed it to carry stuff around, and they love it still. Place the blooms of wild onion in a galvanized metal jug behind a galvanized metal box planted with herbs such as rosemary or thyme. Group them together with a metal coffee container planted with a plant such as white phlox.

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Brighten Shade With Ferns

Create a simple, tropical look with ferns on a shaded porch. Adding variegated and lime green foliage to a shady area will help make the space feel brighter. To make your porch a true outdoor room, consider including the comforts of home. Here, stylish pendant lights, outdoor end tables, and seat cushions add comfort and color.

Curb Appeal Beautifies Your Home

Whether you have a large backyard or a small home with just a porch or balcony, you can grow an entire garden in pots. Finding the right combination of potted plants can give you the ultimate visual effect. Your porch will pop with color and life.

Below, you will find seven potted plants that are great for livening up your porch.

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Charming Sunflowers And Creeping Plants

The light gray palette in this front porch does not look dull at all thanks to the lively decorations. A vase of sunflowers between the matching armchairs gives the space a charming touch.

In addition to the potted plants, a creeping plant also adds some character to this front porch. Meanwhile, the floral patterned throw pillows and cushions mirror the attractiveness of the flower garden.

Finally, you have discovered a list of top front porch plants ideas and are ready to apply them in your outdoor space!

Jackson Morales

Concrete Planters In Different Shapes

Mayne Nantucket Tall Planter

Available in various shapes and finishes, concrete planters make a great container option when you want to bring some plants to your front porch.

You can steal the look of this charming porch to get the most of concrete planters. Pick different shapes of these pots and grow plant varieties that match their style.

For instance, you can plant succulents in the cube concrete pots and use the round one to grow the cactus.

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Faux Agave Plant In Cement Planter

Glorious green leaves curve up toward the sky in this faux agave plant, bringing a rich burst of color and texture to your front entry. The masterful shading on each leaf creates a lifelike look your guests will never guess that this plant is artificial. The ribbed cement planter adds a hint of simple, subtle texture for a desert-inspired vibe. Display this plant alone to highlight its subtle beauty, or pair it with tiny cacti for a fun southwestern arrangement.

Worth Garden 21 H Tall Planters 2 Pack

  • Durable & Lighter Weight – These outdoor flower pots are made of polypropylene plastic, only 30% of the weight of ceramic items and can be well stacked on the pallet. Good-looking, resistant to wear, tear, weather, resistant to graffiti,and even impact damage.
  • Classic Appearance – Its curved silhouette and raised details offer up a touch of classic character, while a solid matte finish with grain texture updates the look. These tall tree planter is an ideal for a patio accent or flanked along an entrance wall. Give your tall plants a tall planter! Size:14” x 20.5”
  • Weather Resistant – It doesn’t mind UV light beaming down or rainstorms rolling through.Weather resistant allows Its equally suited to spruce up an indoor and outdoor space.
  • DIY Drainage Hole – These large Round planter don’t have drainage holes. So you can make the drain holes you want by yourself, adding more fun to your life.
  • 100% SATISFACTION – WORTH GARDEN offers an UNBEATABLE consumer-friendly 3-year GUARANTEE on all our Gardening products. Call or email anytime for support. Our team is here to help!

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