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Do It Yourself Patio Furniture Covers

Modern Industrial Entry Courtyard

Replacement Sling Cover for patio Furniture — Make your own / Jon’s DIY

An entry courtyard for a home-based work/art studio designed by;Homes by Monticello;in Missouri features cedar decking and slat walls. A corrugated plastic roof adds rain protection and allows natural sunlight to;filter through. The home is built around a grain silo, giving it a “modern industrial” sensibility.;

Shop For Something Breathable

It is recommended that you shop for breathable patio furniture covers, but you should also be careful of what you consider breathable. Many manufacturers offer breathable materials, but if the entire cover is made of the material, it will also leave plenty of room for water to pass through and cause problems.;

Instead, look for furniture covers with built-in vents. These smaller breathable areas allow air to circulate, which helps prevent condensation and humidity build-up that may lead to the growth of mold. Youll find that many covers that offer a built-in vent, but if you decide to go with this type of cover make sure you find one with vents that are not large enough for rainwater to enter.;

Im Going To Show You Step

Making new covers made ;my outdoor furniture look brand new again!

I purchased this set at Target years ago. It came with several pieces and the price was right, only then it was white with light green cushions.

Since then its had two wardrobe changes, ;not including this one, and a new paint job.;I give it another light coat of spray paint each summer to freshen it up.

Maybe some day Ill get a new set, but when it still looks this good, why bother?

The before was really just so saddownright embarrassing:

And the deckgross! Not to worry though, I spent the past; three days out there. A little demo and lots of elbow grease and its looking so much better. How does it end up like this??

UPDATE: You can see the deck HERE now!

Ok so here we go!

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers For Rainy Climates

Tyvek is the material used to create moisture barriers in new home construction. This unique advanced material creates a one-way moisture barrier that keeps rain and dirt out without trapping moisture in. Tyvek has the advantage of being UV resistant, lightweight and strong compared to other outdoor patio furniture cover materials. Tyvek is priced between PVC covers and high-end synthetic weaves.

Make Your Own Patio Chair Cushions

Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover 2 X 4 Patio Chairs Diy ...

15·Step 1: Measure Your Patio Chairs. Before you begin, you need to measure your chairs. Do this by taking the measurement of the seat width first, including the part inside the arms to help fit the cushions more easily. Next, measure the length of the chair from the top of the chair, where you probably want your cushion to start, right up to the …

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How Do I Ensure Great Outdoor Wood Furniture Protection

The best way to protect your wood furniture is to store them inside, somewhere dry. However, since thats not always an option, you can protect against weather by using a waterproof cover.

Another thing to remember is to take care of the wood surface. Clean and brush your furniture from time to time prevent mould or mildew infestations. Also, make sure to re-stain the wood once or twice a year, since this provides additional protection against the wood drying out and cracking.

Easy Diy Recliner Slipcover

Recliners can be the most difficult pieces of furniture to cover but this DIY slipcover makes it pretty easy. This may take a bit longer, to get all of the recliner parts properly covered, but the hemp sheet cover is really gorgeous and has a great rustic quality to it. Youll need a couple of sheets for each recliner, depending on the size and a few hours to work this out. You can also do this with regular upholstery fabric and when youre finished, it will look like you bought a new chair.

Tutorial/Source: sheholdsdearly

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Easy Diy Armchair Slipcovers

If you are planning to redo your couch with a DIY slipcover, you want to be sure to cover those old armchairs too, right? These chair slipcovers are so easy to make and are perfect for older chairs that need a facelift. Maybe you need a new chair and you want to pick one up at the thrift store. Even if its outdated and worn, you can make a new slipcover for it that will make it look brand new again, and this is such an easy project.

Tutorial/Source: allcreated

Drawstring Outdoor Furniture Slipcovers

DIY Patio Furniture – How to Make a Chair

If you need to cover your outdoor furniture, why not create drawstring covers that go on and off easily and are made to perfectly fit any patio furniture that you may have? These are so quick and easy. Honestly, you can cover your entire patio in just a days time and they come off really easy so you can take them off and wash them as needed. These can even be made to fit your DIY outdoor furniture pieces.

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Faqs About Outdoor Furniture Covers

#1: Do I need to cover patio furniture?

Yes! If you invest in patio furniture, dont skimp on furniture covers. Why?

  • Convenience Using a furniture cover is simpler than storing patio cushions. If I have to stow away patio cushions every time I use the outdoor sofa, I tend to be less inclined to use the sofa. However, if I have 20 minutes to sit outside and all I need to do is pull back the cover, Ill do it!
  • Protection Likely, your outdoor furniture wasnt cheap . Therefore, take good care of that investment by protecting it from unnecessary exposure to sun, rain, and winter weather. Patio covers will extend the life of outdoor furniture.
  • Comfort Covers keep furniture dry and cool. If a dark chair is exposed to the sun all day, it will make for one hot seat. Similarly, cushions exposed to rain or morning dew will become damp.
#2: If my patio is covered, do I still need furniture covers?

While its not as important, Id still recommend the covers. Why? Though the furniture wont be exposed to direct sunlight and rain, it may still be exposed to the elements such as extreme temperatures and high winds.

For example, we left our patio set out year around without covers when we had a covered deck, assuming it would be just fine. However, I found that the painted finish started deteriorating after several years.;

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Protection For Sun Loungers And Sofas

Relaxing in a sun lounger is nice, but the sun is not always shining. You can always store your sun lounger inside and carry it out when its time to work on your tan. But a more comfortable option is to use furniture covers to protect it outside. The same thing goes for your outdoor sofa.

At IKEA, youll find outdoor furniture covers thats specially made for these types of furniture. They are easy to take out and place on your furniture whenever youre expecting rain.

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Diy Dining Chair Slipcovers From Old Tablecloth

I normally cover my dining room chairs around the holidays; you know, for added décor, but have you thought about making actual slipcovers for them? These may be among the easiest of all slipcovers to make and they add such a lovely look to your dining room. You dont have to tuck and hide seams as much with dining room chairs as you do with sofas and other upholstered furniture and this is a great way to cover up any dinginess that your dining chairs may have gathered over the years and you can make these from an old tablecloth.

Tutorial/Source: schoolofdecorating

Installing Different Types Of Patio Covers

How to Recover Patio Cushions Without Sewing
  • 1Purchase a patio umbrella for a cheap premade option that is easy to set up. This is the most basic and economic option to cover your patio. Get a patio umbrella that fits on your patio and is mobile so you can adjust it to block the sun as it moves, or shelter against light rain.XResearch source
  • An advantage of patio umbrellas is that you can include them as part of an outdoor furniture set to complete your patio decor.
  • 2Use some poles and a tarp or canvas to create an affordable outdoor canopy. Cover your patio with a tarp attached to 4 poles if it is located away from your home. Use only 2 poles and a tarp attached to the wall of your home .XResearch source
  • Get a tarp or canvas that already has grommets in the corners to easily tie it to the poles. Use a sturdy cord to tie everything together.
  • You can use ropes and stakes, or buckets weighed down with sand or water, to secure the canopy in place. Stakes anchor the ropes that support the canopy’s poles in place, or buckets act as weights to hold the rope and poles in place.
  • 3Buy a sail shade and tie it above your patio with the provided accessories. Look for secure points you can tie the sail shade to such as posts, trees, or secure parts of your home. Install wooden or steel posts at the corners of your patio if there are not enough existing points to tie the sail shade to.XResearch source
  • If you do attach the sail shade to trees, this should be for temporary use only so you donât damage the trees.
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    Best For Sun: Budge Neverwet Mojave Extra

    Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes

    • Not big enough for large dining table sets

    • Limited sizing available

    The sun’s rays can fade your upholstery and potentially cause cracking on wood and wicker frames. Whether you live in a year-round sunny climate or just want to play it safe in the summer months, Budge’s NeverWet Mojave cover is a great option.

    As its name suggests, this waterproof solution will ensure your outdoor furnishings never get wetbut it really stands out for its UV resistance. Made of woven 600D polyester, the thick, heavy-duty material doesn’t allow any light to pass through, while air vents prevent mildew and mold growth.

    Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Nylon | Waterproof: Yes

    • Limited sizes available

    To protect your outdoor armchairs, consider the Duck Covers Ultimate Series. The cover comes in four sizes, each made of high-strength polyester with a multi-layer wraparound panel for ventilation.

    The waterproof fabric is ideal for rainy and even snowy climates, though it also offers UV protection to prevent fading. Plus, these outdoor chair covers feature durable straps and buckles, helping them stay in place in the windiest conditions.

    Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester oxford fabric | Waterproof: Yes

    • Doesn’t cover wheels or legs

    Why Should I Protect My Garden Furniture

    Outdoor furniture is resistant to wear and tear, and they are made to handle different kinds of weather. But they’re not indestructible. Over time, rain and wind will break down your furniture. Thats why its important to protect them, in order to increase their lifespan and keep them looking good.

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    How To Care For Plastic Outdoor Furniture

    Plastic has the potential to be the outdoor living rooms stylish, colorful workhorse. But buyer beware: not all plastics are created equal. Plastic furniture can be durable, UV resistant, and crack-proof, but only if its very good quality. Its all a question of how to protect your outdoor furniture.;

    We use polypropylene in pieces like our Svelti chairs to get all the aesthetic and functional benefits of plastic with none of the flimsy downsides. To keep colorful polypropylene furniture bright, move it out of the sunshine when youre not using it.

    For day-to-day cleaning, all you need is pH-neutral soap diluted in a bath of warm water and a damp cloth. Skip the bleach and definitely skip the pressure washer.;

    Diy Sheet Sofa Slipcover

    Tips On Using Patio Furniture Covers

    You really dont have to buy expensive slipcovers from department stores to get that new furniture look. This is a great way to repurpose old sheets. You can buy inexpensive sheets if you dont have a set that you can use and they look just like the real thing. Check your local thrift stores for sheets. I picked up a set at Goodwill for less than $5 and theyre perfect for covering your sofa. You can perfectly cover the entire sofa, even the cushions and make these so that you can remove and wash them regularly.

    Tutorial/Source: zevyjoy

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    Attach Cleaner To Hose

    I’ve tried a LOT of different cleaners over the years, but my preferred method for cleaning outdoor furniture is 30-seconds Ready-to-Spray Outdoor Cleaner. It’s the same stuff I used to clean the outside of the gutters, so I can tackle both projects at the same time!

    This bottle attaches directly to the garden hose, and creates the exact ratio of water to cleaner required. Just screw it on, then turn on the water! Use lower water pressure, otherwise you’ll run out pretty quickly.

    Stitch The New Cover Closed

    To finish off the back of the cushion, fold it like youre wrapping a present:

    And hand sew it up:

    Heres to another fabulous year!

    My pillows got a makeover too


    Oh how we love the after:

    So new!!

    I wasnt crazy about the stripe at first because I used a stripe last year. I really wanted to use the geometric fabric I used on the pillow for the cushions, but there were only two yards left; on the bolt.

    The stripe is so classic, though;and it is really easy to sew with, so Im ;happy with how it turned out!

    It took me almost eight yards to cover all the cushions. That includes a total of eight cushions.

    Thats approximately one yard per cushion, but I was able to cut two side-by-side in my fabric.; These are quite thick so you should be able to do the same.

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    Best Budget: Ckcluu Patio Furniture Set Cover

    Size: Available in multiple sizes | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Waterproof coating

    • Thin material

    If you’re seeking a wallet-friendly pick, this CKCLUU design is a great option. Available in nine sizes, the universal design can accommodate tables, chairs, and loveseats of all shapes and sizes. Made of sturdy polyester with a waterproof, UV-resistant coating, it’s designed to stand up to year-round weather. What’s more, this cover has buckle straps for securing it over the legs of your furniture so it stays in place on the windiest days.

    How To Make Patio Furniture Covers

    Make your own REVERSIBLE Patio Chair Cushions in 2020 ...

    Porches and patios are becoming more like outdoor living spaces as designers introduce more comfortable and stylish options for furniture and accessories. Quality outdoor furniture can be quite the investment, so it’s a good idea to protect it from birds, insects and foul weather. A simple way to get this protection is with patio furniture covers. With the help of our video, you can learn how to sew these covers yourself.

    Sewing your own outdoor furniture covers allows you to create a tailored and fitted cover customized to your taste. Make your covers bright for a cheery look or downplay your covers with a subtle gray. Select a fabric that is weatherproof and also breathable. Breathability is important for preventing moisture buildup under the cover . Fabrics like Sunbrella® Marine Grade, Sur Last®, or Top Notch® 9 are all great options.

    Learn step-by-step how to pattern, sew together, and add a tensioning device to an outdoor cover. This video features an Adirondack chair cover, but the principles can be used for making covers for chairs, loveseats, grills, tables or anything else you need to cover.

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    Sweep Or Blow Off Loose Debris

    Our back deck is surrounded by trees, and a lot of leaves and seed pods end up on the furniture. A quick sweep with a broom or leaf blower dislodges any loose debris that might block the cleaning solution from working its magic.

    Don’t bother rinsing off any of the gunk! The cleaner works better on dry surfaces, and it saves you a step. You may want to spray any plants in the area with water first to protect them from the chemicals.

    How To Care For Wood Outdoor Furniture

    If you can care for a cactus, you can care for outdoor wood furniture. That said, some woods fare better than others in the outdoors. At Article, we use teak, acacia, and eucalyptus because theyre solid, hardy, and resilient. Teak is naturally dense and oily, with the oil it produces acting like a force field. The oil seals the wood, while repelling ravenous termites and invasive moisture alike. Its so hardy, in fact, that its often used in the building of boats and yachts. Acacia and eucalyptus, when finished, have a similar resilience.;

    Like all natural materials, wood is impacted by the weather. Rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and the temperature will all affect wood just like in nature.;

    The general cleaning instructions for wood furniture are pretty simple: wipe away dirt using a damp, non-abrasive cloth. For stubborn spots, simply dip a cloth into a mix of gentle, pH-neutral soap and warm water. Wring out the excess liquid and wipe the spot. Then, dry the area with a second cloth or, if its a nice day, let it dry out in the sun.;

    Of course, external factors force you to clean your furniture a little more often. If you position your wood furniture around a pool or hot tub, wipe it down with water once a week. As chlorine accumulates, it can gnaw away at the woods finish.

    Why is my wooden outdoor furniture cracking?

    Why is my wooden patio furniture turning silver or gray?;

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