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Fire Pit With Wind Guard

Measuring For Rectangular Flame Guards

Glass Wind Guard for Fire Table Pit Review

If your fire pit has a rectangular shape, youll need to take its dimensions using your tape or ruler.

The longer side of your fire pit should serve as the width. Also, measure the short side. As always, allow a few inches of clearance.

Having found a flame guard with the corresponding width, look for the closest match to your short side.

Findyour Ideal Glass Wind Guard At So

Now that you knowwhat to look for, its time to start browsing our wide selection of glass wind guards that are both name-brand and custom-made.Our wind guards are all made with only the highest-quality materials and backedby an industry-best warranty.

Are you stillunsure about which glass wind guard is right for you? Contactus today and well be happyto work with you to make the most of your backyard fire feature.

Cosiest Glass Wind Guard Tempered Glass For Outdoor Fire Pit

Select a Size

The wind glass guard helps protect the flames from blowing and keep lit

  • Sturdy in all weather condition
  • Different shapes and different sizes for your choice

Different Sizes for your Choice

  • C5101001 Square22/22/6″ Size: 22*22*6 inch
  • C5101002 Rectangle36/10/6″ Size: 36*10*6 inch
  • C5101003 Round29/29/6″ Size: 29*29*6 inch
  • C5101005 Rectangle20/9/6″ Size: 29*9*6 inch
  • C5101007 Round23/23/6″ Size: 23*23*6 inch
  • C5101008 Rectangle21/9.5/5.5″ Size: 21*9.5*5.5 inch
  • C5101009 Square14/14/6″ Size: 14*14*6 inch
  • C5101010 Rectangle30*8*5.5″ Size: 30*8*5.5 inch

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Fitting The Ring To The Pipe

Slide the ring on where you cut it at 8. Mark this point using a black marker because we need to bend the ring at this point.

Step 5 Bending The Ring

Place the ring on top of a cinder block or any straight object to help you bend it. Bend by pushing down with your foot and then pulling it towards yourself. Once you have bent it, slip the end through the other end of the ring to create a circle. Using a pair of pliers, grab hold of each end and twist it several times until you have tightened up the ring.

Step 6 Assembling The Wind Guard

The pipe can be very tricky to get through the ring if you only bent one side. I had to use a pair of pliers to guide the pipe through the ring. Once you got one end through, line up the two L brackets and push them both into place. Apply this process also on the other side end.

Step 7 Finishing Up

You are now done assembling your fireplace wind guard. The last step is to make the fire pit itself ready for use. Just pour some sand in it and light up a fire. Also, take this opportunity to clean out the ashes from the previous fires before putting any new wood or green logs in there to burn. Enjoy your new wind guard and be sure to keep it maintained so that it will last for a long time!

NOTE: If you are looking for a larger size which will cover up more of the fire pit, I recommend following these steps with an 8 pipe instead. You can also follow the same steps to build a wind guard for a grill or other outdoor appliance.

Why Should I Build Fire Pit Wind Guard

Custom Glass Wind Guard for Fire Pits

If you are using your fire pit quite often, then likely you will need to build a wind guard not only for the protection of your health, but to make sure that you can continue to use it. However, if you only used it once or twice a year and do not want to deal with building a fire pit wind guard, then maybe its best you should quit using one .

Just a side note: this article is about building a wind guard for your outdoor fire pit, not for a wood stove in the house.

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Pick Your Preferred Glassmaterial

There are two typesof glass that can be used for gas fire pit wind guardsclear tempered glass andStarphire Ultra-Clear glass.

Clear temperedglass is by far our most popular option, as most wind guards produced today areconstructed with it. Clear glass has a slightly darker, greenish-blue tint as aresult of the natural iron in the glass. That said, most people even dontnotice this as the vast majority of glass has this effect.

Starphire Ultra-Clearglass, on the other hand, is premium architectural glass that has especiallylow iron content. This glass does not have even the slightest tint to it, whichmakes your view of the fire literally crystal clear. Starphire glass is themore expensive option, but our customers who have purchased it absolutely swearby it!

Choose The Style Of Windguard That You Like

There are twocommon types of wind guard constructionthose that are held together with metalclamps and those that are bonded together.

Clamped together wind guards have metal corner clamps thathold the glass panels in place, with the bottom clamps typically alsocontaining rubber feet to keep the guard in place. We like these wind guards astheyre a great value and can be shipped easily to almost anywhere.

Bonded glass wind guards feature a unique construction with no metalclamps. COOKE Furniturecustom miters the corners and bonds the wind guard together to create a super-durable,commercial-grade wind guard with a totally unobstructed view of the fire.

Our residentialcustomers absolutely love the simplicity, look, and durability of these bonded windguards. Our commercial customers appreciate that theyre easier to clean, thereare no clamps that can loosen over time, and there are no small parts to lose orthat may need to be replaced.

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Measuring For Linear Flame Guards

Is your fire pit linear in design? If it is, youll need linear flame guards for it. So how do you take the exact dimensions? Its easy! First, youll need a ruler or tape for such measurements.

Now the opening of your fire pit is what will be measured.

Such fire pit opening will have a long and short side. Now when measuring, ensure you add a few inches more to serve as clearance.

Take the width measurement as this would be what is used to find the right match. After finding what fits, look for the closest match to the short side.

Fire Pit Wind Guard: What You Need To Know About Adding A Glass Guard To Your Fire Pit

How to Make a Custom Glass Flame Guard for your Gas Fire Pit

Posted by Jason Hahnstadt | Jan 25, 2021 | Fire Pit Accessories | 0 |

Getting a Fire Pit Wind Guard is a simple and affordable way to upgrade your fire pit and provides a lot of benefits for a low cost.

You can find many affordable choices to make your fire pit look great with a glass guard and even be more of a conversation piece than the fire itself!

Most people put a fire pit guard on gas or propagne fire pits, but you can also use them on wood burning fire pits just as easily.

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What To Consider When Buying A Glass Wind Guard For Your Fire Pit

  • Size – The size of your wind guard will obviously be dependent on the size of the opening in your gas fire pit. We recommend having the guard be at least two inches away from the burning area on all sides, so in total it should be four inches larger in all dimensions. For example, if your fire pit has a 24 inch square burning area, you should purchase a 28 inch square wind guard or larger.Height is also a factor to keep in mind. Generally, wind guards are between six and ten inches tall. Determining which you should buy is mostly a matter of preference, though it’s possible that some local building codes will require a certain height, so be sure to check those before buying.
  • Shape – The shape of your wind guard should match that of your fire pit. We carry fire guards for round, square, rectangular and linear fire pits. If your fire pit has a non-standard opening, it may be necessary to order a custom wind guard. Please reach out to our team via phone to discuss details.
  • Features – While the majority of wind guards in our inventory are essentially the same apart from their size and shape, we do carry a handful of folding wind guards. These are especially helpful for when you plan to only use the guard in the case of noticeable wind. When not in use, they fold up either for easy storage or for use as a burner cover.


Wind Guards For Fire Pits What Size Do I Need

Wind Guards for Fire Pits are by far the top-selling fire pit accessory, and there is an excellent reason for that. They are a simple and very effective solution to the problem of a windblown flame.

They also look pretty good too. Many customers, when submitting product reviews, comment that the glass wind guard improves the look of their fire feature.

Here are just a few examples of customers comments on their Wind Guards for Fire Pits:

  • Bought this thinking it would just be functional but it actually dresses the fire feature out nicely. It is a better looking product with it. Major thumbs up.
  • The wind fence is a must in my opinion. It adds so much to the look of the table as the fire reflects off of the glass. It really does keep the wind from blowing the flame sideways too.
  • Without the guard, the flames would go all over the place to the point of being a safety concern to anyone standing close to the fire pit. Now that we have the guard, the flames go mostly straight up and are more pleasant to look at.

If you already have a fire pit, you will know how even a small amount of breeze can blow the flame off-center, and a much stronger breeze can blow the flame out.

Ultimately this can result in it being slightly uncomfortable on one side of the fire pit, to not being able to use it at all because the wind is too strong.

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What Materials Do You Need

You will need several items that you most likely already have around the house or can easily get from a local store such as Lowes or Home Depot. All these materials add up to about $40. If you are currently looking to buy pre build best backyard fire pits, then check out this linked Article.

1) Pipe 4 diameter irrigation pipe works just fine but other types will also work. I recommend using black steel pipe because it wont rust.

2) Fire Pit Ring this is a piece of metal that you can buy from Lowes or Home Depot. I used a 10 x 24 flat sheet, which cost me only $3.58. You will also need four legs to hold it up and some pieces of plywood for the base of the wind guard.

3) Flexible Hose you can get two 3 sections of hose from the hardware store.

4) Garden Hose Adapter this is to connect your flexible hose to your water supply. It normally comes with a rubber washer that goes between the adapter and the flexible hose.

5) Cinder Blocks I think I used 12 blocks for this project, but you can use more or less depending on the size of your fire pit. Look at the bottom of the article to see how many blocks are needed for a 6 wind guard.

6) Plywood one sheet measuring 2 x 4 will be enough.

7) Nails or screws I used eight 1-1/4 long nails, but you can use screws if you want to make this a more permanent fixture on your patio.

8) Drill and drill bit and two L brackets

9) Black marker and rag for marking the pipe

Glass Type And Thickness Needed For Fire Pit Wind Guard

Best Choice Products 32in Fire Pit Table 50,000 BTU Outdoor Wicker ...

Once you have determined the glass size, its time to choose the glass type and its thickness. In this regard, going with tempered glass for the fire pit is the best option. Tempered glass is tough glass that can resist some high temperatures without melting or burning. Regarding the glass thickness, 3/16 would be fine. However, you can also go with a 1/4 thickness level.

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Round Glass Wind Guards

Our selection of round glass fire pit flame guards pairs perfectly with our selection of round fire pits and fire pit tables. Because of the recommendation of 2.5 inches of clearance on each side, the overall diameter of your round fire pit glass surround should be 5 inches larger than the opening on your fire feature. Be sure to use the Overall Width filter while shopping our site.

Wind Guard & Fire Glass Make Your Flames Bigger & Brighter:

Backyards can get windy sometimes. A glass guard helps prevent that wind from blowing flames around. As a result, flames look larger and brighter, plus this is a nice safety feature to have.

Reflective fire glass also enhances the illumination of the flames by reflecting the light. In addition, fire glass reflects heat better than lava rock.

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Rectangle Glass Wind Guards

Rectangular fire pits and fire tables are a popular choice for many homeowners, and if you’re one of them, you’ll want to get yourself a glass fire guard to match. Because rectangle fire pits have two different dimensions, you’ll need to ensure the guard you choose allows for the 2.5 inches clearance in both directions by using the Overall Width and Overall Length filters on our site.

Thebenefits Of A Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard

The Fire Pit Store | Fire Pit Wind Screen Guard

They keep theflame from going out.

It doesnt takemuch of a breeze to disrupt the flame in your fire pit table. The glass windguard blocks those pesky drafts, keeping your blaze burning strong and steadyall evening long.

They provide anadded measure of safety.

Theres no denyingthat fire is a mesmerizing thing. If you have a lower-to-the-ground table, inparticular, you may want the additional peace of mind knowing the glass windguard will help deter young children and curious pets from getting too close tothe open flames.

They can saveyou money.

If a flame isunprotected, it needs to burn harder to counteract the wind trying to put itout. This additional energy requires more fuel, which can add up fast. With aglass wind guard in place, the fire wont have to work as hard which will saveyou money on your gas/propane bill.

They help keepunwanted items out.

Theres arguably nobetter time to utilize your fire pit table than a cool, autumn evening.Unfortunately, thats exactly when leaves and seeds can all too easily end upin the flames. With a glass wind guard in place, you wont have to removenearly as much debris before and during use.

Theyre astylish addition to your fire pit table.

Glass wind guardsoffer much more than just functional benefits. They are an easy andcost-effective way to make your fire feature much more modern and elegant. Plus,you and your guests will love how the fire reflects off the surface of theglass!

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Measure The Correct Sizefor Your Fire Pit

The most commonquestion we get asked by our customers is, What size wind guard do I need for myparticular table? Unfortunately, the only way to know for certain is tomeasure your fire pit!

The most importantthing to note is that the wind guard has to be bigger than the fire pitopening. You DO NOT want your glass wind guard to be in the interior of theburner pan, as theyre not designed to be directly in the fire.

We recommend using dimensionsthat extend 2 inches beyond your fire pit opening on each size. If yourtabletop is smooth and level, it can be as close as 1 inch away, but 2 inchesis a very good rule of thumb to follow.

So, for instance, ifyour rectangular fire pit opening measures 12 x 24, we would recommend a 16x 28 wind guard. For circular fire pits, you just need to take one measurementof the diameter. If the opening is 20 inches, look for a wind guard thats atleast 24 inches wide.

Assembly And Installation Tips

Installing your new flame guard may seem like a daunting task, but its really not that difficult! The product itself should come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and offer phone-based customer support should you run into any issues. Here are a few pointers to help ensure that your installation goes smoothly:

  • Assemble your flame guard upside-down on a flat surface this makes it much easier to assemble. With the flame guard upside-down on the flat surface, you can align the top clamps evenly with the top of the flame guard by aligning with the flat surface. Install the feet facing upwards, with the clamp aligned with the edge of the glass.
  • Circular wind guards are a little trickier to assemble due to their shape. Start by loosely assembling the pieces upside-down on a flat surface. You may have to loosen some of the screws as you assemble the pieces to get the final piece to fit. Once its loosely assembled, go back and tighten each screw slightly, going from screw to screw until all clamps are tight and the entire wind guard holds together on its own .

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What Size Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard Do I Need

A fire pit wind guard must never sit on the fire glass or lava rock it should sit on your fire features top surface, straddling the fire pit burn area.

Manufacturers recommend leaving a gap of at least 2 inches on all sides between the fire pit burn area and the wind guard. For example, a 30-inch square fire pit tray will need a wind guard that measures at least 34 inches square.

Brand loyalty is not necessary, as long as you select a fire pit wind guard size that provides the minimum recommended clearance of 2 inches all around.

However, some manufacturers design their fire pit glass wind guards to fit their fire pit trays range, and they also supply Fire Pit Lids. The advantage of staying within a brand is that the three items, the fire pit tray, the wind guard, and the fire pit lid, are all designed to integrate.

The Fire Pit Lid will fit just inside the wind guard, allowing it to be put on or removed without removing the wind guard.

Fire Pit Wind Guards allow you to safely use your fire pit in breezy conditions when it may not be possible to do so without one.

Ultimately, this means you can spend more time with your family and friends safely enjoying your fire pit.

That is probably why fire pit wind guards are the most popular fire pit accessory.

Like any great accessory, it doesnt just look good it improves the user experience. Fire Pit Wind Guards are available from American Fireglass, HPC Fire, and The Outdoor Plus company and Firegear Outdoors.


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