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Standard Sliding Patio Door Size

South African Standard Aluminium Sliding Door Sizes

How to measure your sliding glass door

The standard aluminum sliding doors are mainly glass doors with an aluminium frame. The South African standard height for these doors ranges between 2100mm to 2700mm whereas the width is between 1500mm and 6000mm. Standard sliding doors are usually made up of two or more parts. For smaller doors , there are usually two panels, one fixed panel and a sliding panel. The standard sizes for the single sliders range from a width of 1500mm to 3000mm.

The medium to large standard size doors consist of four panels . Usually there are two fixed panels and two sliding panels. The standard width for these doors range between 3000mm to 6000mm.

The most common height of South African sliding doors is 2100mm.

It is always advisable to use the standard measurement for the door frames to make things easy during replacement.

However, there is no one particular measurement for the aluminum sliding door. The sizes vary with the type of panel, as mentioned earlier. Here we are going to discuss these various panel types and their corresponding standard sizes.

Choosing Your Sliding Door Sizes Some Useful Advice

  • Plan early and involve all parties. You will get a smoother project with less stress. Get them to see a door or a sample.
  • Always see the doors in a showroom. If your builder supplies the doors make sure you know what you are getting.
  • The bigger the doors, the likelihood of additional machinery to transport and fix. The price reflects this.
  • Try out the doors. Many showrooms already have big sliding doors to see and use. Or get in touch and we can tell you where to view.
  • Expect your doors to be a different brand from your windows. Neither will they look the same.

Standard Sliding Door Size

There are a few standard sizes when it comes to the different types of sliding doors. These in particular will be sliding doors without glass, this could be for closets, exterior doors, or interior doors.

The standard height of sliding doors is 80 inches tall with panels that are typically anywhere from 60 inches to 72 inches wide.

Each of the panels are placed in a track around the frame of the door, the sizing of the tracks depends a lot more on the thickness than the length, but you will need to get a track that fits the length as well.

Non glass sliding doors typically only come in the two panel option, making the standard total lengths 5 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet. Each panel should not exceed 5 feet long .

If a larger space is needed to be covered, additional panels can be added. There are always options for custom doors when it is desired as well.

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How To Install A Sliding Glass Door In Your Home

Of course, the golden ratio is excellent, but the most important element to consider is how well the sliding door will fit into your area. If youre installing the doors in a small location, you dont want it to appear claustrophobic. Be honest with yourself about what will work in your space.

A sliding glass door should have at least a foot or two of clearance around the sides and top. It all boils down to how much natural light you want to let in and how much wall space youre willing to give up.

Optional Extras

You can obtain custom-built sliding glass doors if none of the sizes we specified are a good fit for your space. You should expect a greater price for these, so plan accordingly. However, because youll be investing in a permanent element of your home, it can be worthwhile to spend the extra money to obtain exactly what you want.

If you do have a custom-made sliding door, make a note of the dimensions somewhere. Youll need that information if you ever need to sell the house or if the doors need to be repaired.

Calculate the Correct Sliding Door Dimensions

Sliding doors are a terrific way to bring more natural light into your home and make it feel more like a resort. Obtaining the proper sliding door measurements will ensure that your new feature blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Patio Sliding Door Size

Standard Sliding Doors Online

When you decide to purchase a sliding patio door, be mindful that the size will impact the price. So, you should try to match them with the exterior design of your house, research the best material for the frame, and finish the necessary measurements. Your goal is to get the flexibility of your patio door opening.

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Three Panel Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors that have three panels of glass give you more options in terms of the opening configurations, and it will also give you a wider opening gap. A two-panel sliding patio door will allow you to slide the left door over the right door or the right door over the left door. This means that your opening width can only ever be around 50 percent of the total width of the frame.

However, with three panels, you can slide two panels over the one stationary panel, meaning your opening width will be around two-thirds, or approximately 66 percent. Three-panel sliding patio doors work best for wider total openings because, in a small opening, the panel frames will create more interruptions in the view.

Patio Doors Vs Garden Doors

A big debate when it comes to replacing the door at the back of your house, is whether you should get patio doors and or garden french doors.

The argument for garden doors is that they are more efficient and secure compared to sliding doors. While the materials they are made out of definitely give them an edge, that doesnt mean patio doors dont meet efficiency requirements for coldest zones in our country. As we mentioned above, security is also something that patio doors have caught up on. A modern patio door is nearly impossible to open without breaking the glass.

A big advantage patio doors have over garden doors, is that they can be left fully or partially open. Because garden doors function like a regular door, there is no screen preventing the insects from entering when the door is open. Patio doors come standard with a screen. Much like a safety latch in a slider window, a kick lock in the patio door allows you to naturally ventilate the room, while keeping the door locked in a partially opened position.

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Understanding Sliding Patio Door Sizes

To get the most out of your new doors for your extension, it is worth knowing a little about sliding patio door sizes. The size of your new sliding doors is what offers the best comfort and light in the winter months. Furthermore, you want the right functionality when using the doors in the warmer weather.

In this article, we explain some of the things to consider when choosing aluminium sliding doors and why the size of your door matters.

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How To Install A Sliding Glass Door

How to measure for a sliding screen door |Bull’s Glass And Screen|

Sliding glass doors are fairly easy to install, but it is good to have help since they are large. If you aren’t confident in your own carpentry skills, you can hire a contractor to reduce the chance of error. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide and a detailed video to give you an idea of the process:

  • Measure properly.
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    Sliding Glass Doors In The Bathroom

    One of the most common uses of sliding glass doors inside the house is in the shower. They are functional, simple to use, easy to maintain, and give a contemporary look to your bathroom. Thanks to all these advantages, the sliding shower door will add some value to your home.

    This option is particularly convenient for people with special needs or in a wheelchair. You should also install them if you have children to prevent ending up with water all over the floor because they often forget to pull the curtains.

    The standard thickness of the glass for these doors is 0.38 to 0.5 inches . There are three variations of these doors you can pick out for your bathroom. Lets see.

    Sliding Glass Door Cost:

    The cost of the glass sliding doors depends mainly upon the region or area you live in and their demand. Other than that, there are several other important factors upon which the cost of any sliding glass door depends. Below are the factors:

    Material: The material of both frame and door

    Sizes: The larger the size is, the more expensive the door will be

    Upgrades: The price also depends on upgrades like texture, color, non-standard hardware, and patterns

    The thing that is worthy to note over here is that frame hardware and material play a very important role in the estimation of cost. The most affordable option is 80×60 inches two-panel glass sliding door.

    You must make sure that this door will last long before buying it. Whilst replacing a door after a few years, make a good choice and customize it accordingly. Make sure you are choosing a door that will last for years.

    There are many best companies that offer customizable door services. You must opt for them and choose them for buying a perfect door.

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    How Wide Is A Sliding Glass Door

    A generic glass sliding door is usually fixed at 80 inches in length. However, the width might range between 60 72 inches and is exceedingly dependent on the amount of space you have to install it. The explanation behind keeping one standard dimension is to make everything convenient for the owners who are merely looking for the replacement and dont want the pain of going through the whole gamut of options available.Also, it is essential to remember that the sliding glass door may comprise different components such as a sliding glass window, a static glass installation, and multiple panels. So, if when we speak of sliding glass door dimensions, we need to understand that different sections of the sliding glass door are going to have completely distinct measurements.

    Patio Doors Sizes & How To Measure For Them


    Patio doors rank high among the most popular type of external doors on the market. They can make your home feel bigger and brighter, and they may even add value to your home.

    The first thing you need to consider when choosing new patio doors is the size. Youll need to know if theres a standard size available and the relative sizes of french doors and sliding doors.

    Most importantly, youll need to know how to measure up for your new doors.

    So, if youre looking to learn more about what size patio doors you might need, heres our quick guide on sizing and measuring patio doors.

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    Hinged French Patio Doors Measurements

    If you are measuring for hinged French patio doors, you will start from inside your home. Looking at the interior of your French patio doors, measure the width. Start at the center, just as we would do for sliding patio doors, and measure horizontally from one end of the panel to the other.

    To measure for the height of the hinged French patio doors, extend your tape measure vertically from one end of the door panel to the other.

    Again, feel free to measure both the interior and exterior of your patio doors, if you so choose. Remember to record the width and height dimensions in your measurement guide.

    Lets start with casement windows. Measure the width of the window at the base. Extend your tape measure horizontally, from jamb to jamb or trim to trim.

    To measure the height of a casement window extend your tape measure vertically, from header to cell or drywall the sill. Be sure to capture both width and height measurements.

    Now, lets look at how to measure a double- or single-hung window Measure the width of the window at the center where the two sashes meet. Extend your tape measure horizontally, from jamb to jamb or trim to trim.

    To measure the height of a double- or single-hung window, extend your tape measure vertically from header to sill or drywall to sill. Be sure to capture both width and height measurements.

    If you follow these simple steps, youâll be well on your way to a new patio door.

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    Measuring An Existing Door

    If youâre looking to replace an existing sliding door, itâs important that you get exact dimensions on the existing hole. Itâs true that most sliding glass doors come in standard sizes, but oftentimes people will get custom-built doors. You need to make sure you get a close fit on your new doors and know if you need your new doors to be customized.

    The first thing youâll need to do to measure your existing door is remove the interior trim. This will give you a better idea of the actual door itself. Make sure you take careful measurements, making them as exact as possible and noting them down for your door vendor.

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    Size Dimensions And Measurements Of A Standard Sliding Glass Door

    So far, the normal measurements for a glass sliding door have been determined to be 80 inches in length and 60 to 72 inches in width.

    But what if your patio door is a multi-panel sliding glass door? In such instance, how wide should a sliding glass door be?

    So, in the case of panel sliding doors, below are a few elements and measurements to be aware of. If youre looking for a replacement or want to install a brand new glass door in your freshly constructed mansion, youll need the following information to get started.

    A sliding glass door is one of the best features to add to your home if you want it to feel more like youre on vacation. These let in more natural light and conjure up images of days spent lounging on tropical beaches in luxury.

    One of the first things youll need to decide while shopping for sliding doors is how big you want them to be. The difference between a door that appears packed in at the last minute and a door that seems like it was always supposed to be there is choosing the appropriate sliding door measurements. Continue reading to find out how to choose the finest sliding door measurements for your home.

    What Size Do Patio Doors Come In

    Fitting Tracks and Sliding Doors (Standard Size) | Slide Wardrobes Direct

    5/5patio doorssizepatio door

    Sliding Doors standard size is 60 inch in width and 5 foot wide. If its 6 foot wide, it measures up to 72 inches. The height is usually 80 inches, though it may vary from one manufacturer to another.

    Also Know, how wide is a 4 panel sliding glass door? 7-6 X 6-8 to 12-0 X 8-0. 4 Panel 9740 OXXO Door. 10-0 X 6-8 to 16-0 X 8-0.

    Also asked, what is the standard rough opening for a patio door?

    There are two common rough opening widths: 50 or 52-3/4. Heres why: Many manufacturers make a so-called 5 French door in which the rough opening is exactly 50 wide but that means that the opening is 50, the door frame is approx. 411-1/4 and the doors are about 24 each.

    Are screen doors standard sizes?

    Standard screen doors generally come in heights of 80 or 81 inches and in 32-inch, 34-inch or 36-inch in widths. Some suppliers offer more sizes.

    • Vinyl sliding glass doors are a great solution for either replacement patio doors, or new construction.
    • Wood sliding patio doors provide a traditional design style, due to their wide frame profiles.
    • Fiberglass sliding patio doors are extremely strong and low maintenance.

    How to Measure for a Sliding Screen-Door Replacement

  • Unlock and slide open the patio door.
  • Measure from the top of the track at one end of the door down to the threshold on the ground with a tape measure.
  • Measure a final time from the end of the door.
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    Different Sizes Of Sliding Patio Doors

    It is essential to note the varied sizes of sliding patio doors before making a final decision on the type of door to have installed on your property.

    For instance, the standard height of the sliding patio door is 80 inches. But that doesnt mean you wont find other sizes.

    Back to the width, sliding patio doors have varied width sizes. These include two-panel, three-panel, 4-panel, 5-panel, and 6-panel.

    Lets take a quick look at the various sizes of sliding patio doors. Having a sound knowledge of the varied sizes will enable homeowners to make an informed decision.

    Why Should I Choose Patio Doors From Turkington

    PVC patio doors from Turkington are ideal for any style of home. These high-quality doors contain thermally efficient double glazed A-rated glass with personalised finishes, such as frosted/obscured glass, to suit your taste and style. The frames are crafted and developed to reduce plaster cutback allowing for larger expanses of glass and giving you the best possible view of the outside world.

    Our doors are designed with the security of your home and family in mind. Our multi-point locking system keeps intruders at bay and gives you peace of mind. No matter your taste and style, weve also got you covered. We offer our patio doors in a wide array of colours to choose from, including a dual-colour option to complement the interior and exterior of your home.

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