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How To Cover A Patio

How To Choose Window Coverings For Sliding Doors

How to Install the Teton Patio Cover – Part 1

In Australia, the indoor-outdoor lifestyle is very popular and a common way to connect the two spaces, is with large glass doors. However, when it comes to connecting those two spaces with glass doors, this can also cause issues when it comes to controlling the temperature within the home, as well as controlling privacy and light. This is where window coverings are beneficial to the home, allowing you to still have that indoor-outdoor lifestyle but also helping you to control lighting and privacy. Below are the most common window coverings used to cover glass sliding doors and the common reasons people choose to cover their glass doors with window coverings.

Temperature and Lighting Control

Controlling the temperature and lighting in your home is essential to create a comfortable living environment all year round. Glass windows and doors essentially act as large holes in the home with heat transfer contributing to a high level of energy loss, resulting in the reduced effectiveness of heating and cooling appliances. By covering your glass sliding doors with suitable window coverings, you can control the temperature and lighting throughout the day and improve your homes energy efficiency, helping you to save on your energy bills, without compromising on your indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Privacy Control

Honeycomb Blinds

How Much Is A Patio Cover

The Puget Sound is a great place to live if you want the benefits of living in the city while still being able to experience nature.

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest in your own back yard is to build a patio cover. Patio covers are a great way to expand your functional living space into the outdoors while adding character and value to your home. They can provide you with a beautiful outdoor retreat that is protected from the elements.

While specific costs of building a patio cover can vary throughout the Greater Seattle area based on a number of factors, the expert builders at Timberline have put together a handy guide to help you understand what you need to consider when determining how much is a patio cover?.

Build A Gazebo For Your Patio

When you want to enjoy your patio in the heat of the summer, a gazebo is a great way to stay open-air without compromising on shade. This outdoor covered patio idea is beautiful, traditional, and extremely versatile.

Not only will your gazebo offer shaded seats at any time of the day, but it adds real old-world charm and nostalgic beauty. Add simple Adirondack chairs like these, a few benches, or a whole dining set up or cozy outdoor couch.

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Invest In A Giant Patio Umbrella

If youd prefer a less permanent patio cover idea, you can look for a giant patio umbrella like this one. Its big enough to cover all the seating, or even a dining table. Most large umbrellas are also adjustable for angle or height, making this the perfect idea for those looking for flexibility.

You can also add a few extras if you have more area to cover. Then, just fold up and tuck away out of season, and enjoy your patio rain or shine. Truly, its the best patio cover for someone looking for loads of versatility.

Choosing Blinds Curtains And Shades For Sliders

Alumawood Insulated Roofed Patio Cover

When you need to add a layer of privacy over sliding glass doors, there are plenty of window treatment options, including blinds, curtains and shades that elevate your homes style beyond those old-fashioned vinyl vertical blinds. Since sliding and patio doors often see a lot of traffic, you want window treatments that open and close easily and can withstand heavy use.

Since a sliding glass door can fill your home with natural light, it is important to consider how much light you want to let in when shopping for window coverings. Choosing the right window treatments will give you the ultimate ability to control how much light shines in.

With custom sliding glass door window treatments from The Shade Store, its easy to add style to your sliding and patio doors without sacrificing functionality. To make the selection process easier, weve included ideas and recommendations for the best sliding door window treatments.

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Use A Uv Protective Open

This stunning, backcountry-style covered patio is a perfect escape from the rigors of life. The backyard patio feels warm and inviting with colorful, comfortable furniture, straight lines, and beautiful wood everywhere.

The added curtains to shade folks from the sun coming up in the East or going down in the West.

Invest In A Entirely Bespoke Patio Cover

A pergola shouldn’t be resigned to country homes. In fact, a modern scheme can hugely benefit from contemporary pergola ideas and structural design, such as this one above.

Any garden structure should be considered in relation to the house. That’s not to say it needs to match exactly old meets new is very popular right now but your choice should be sympathetic.

Inspired by a pergola designed by Hay Joung Hwang for the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the owner asked her builder to work with garden designer Virginie Vallee of Square Garden Design to create a similar feature. The result is a pergola that complements the modern garden design without being an eyesore.

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Site A Pretty Pergola

If there is space, a pergola with climbers is a beautiful way to bring shade to a garden or terrace and is also a natural way to incorporate garden privacy ideas into your space.

It also adds an element of romance, especially if you choose to cover it with scented plants such as roses, jasmine or honeysuckle, says Laure Chaudanson at Helen Green Design. A more architectural structure, combined with the right plants, works a treat in contemporary spaces, too.

Build A Wood Beam Awning

How to build a Patio Cover

This backyard patio covers idea is perfect anyone looking for simple, solid coverage for family gatherings. This particular cover uses some beautiful wooden beams, concrete pillars, and red tiles for a blended and beautiful style.

Ideally, youll install this wooden beam awning at the corner like this image shows, but with additional pillars, you can built out the full structure anywhere.

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Create An Outdoor Room With A Colorful Canopy

Temporary structures allow for a bit of fun and the chance to dress up the garden for a particular event or occasion. For example, an Indian Summer theme would call for bright colors, pattern and plenty of blooms and foliage on display.

An outdoor living space need not be enclosed to work as a clearly defined room.

To successfully establish a relaxation area that feels like a natural continuation of your home, choose furniture in a similar design and style to that found inside, says Bianca Sanchez, director of Halo Design Interiors.

Use Old Screen Doors To Create An Outdoor Art Privacy Wall

This super adorable DIY tutorial shows you how to create your very own secrete outdoor tea room. The privacy wall within this idea is full of art, which is charming to look at and even better at protecting your privacy during this tea party.

This is a great idea to try with kids who will be inviting their friends over for parties and sleepovers. This is also a great idea to try with a book club, if you have the space, or even just a cute sitting area.

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The Best Vertical Blinds Alternatives For Sliding Glass Doors

Abigail Sawyer | 14 Jun 2018 |Door Blinds

Want an alternative to vertical blinds to cover a sliding glass door or large window? Vertical blinds are durable and can span wide distances, but their utilitarian style isnt for everyone. Weve got some other window treatment options for sliding glass doors that are just as functional and give you a more modern look.

Is A Covered Patio Worth It

Lovable Diy Patio Cover Your Home Concept: Cheap Patio ...

We think so, but it totally depends on your needs. Whether you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors or, if you just sit out in the evening every so often, and only when it’s warm. If you’re the former then having a guard against the elements to protect both you and any outdoor furniture, is essential. If you sit more in the latter category then you could still consider patio roof ideas that aren’t permanent and that are as easy to put up as they are to put down, like parasols, as they will help with prying neighbors if your patio is overlooked, and add a touch of luxe too.

If you’re thinking of enclosing your patio area with a more permanent structure then this could of course even add value to your property as it would be classed as a home improvement, much like when you add a garden room or outbuilding to your backyard.

On the roof

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Brighten Up A Space With A White Parasol

This modern space feels bright and welcoming

A white-toned parasol adds the perfect finishing touch to this calm and contemporary scene. And, its clever design means the support won’t block your view when you’re catching up with friends alfresco, so it’s ideal for small patio ideas.

Pair with pale walls, eye-catching furniture and one of our modern paving ideas for a chic style.

Expand Your Home Into The Canadian Outdoors

Lumon patio covers are a great way to extend the patio season by weeks and months. Most homeowners look forward to using their patio during the summer months. But in reality, patio season is pretty short, especially in Canada.

With Lumon patio covers, you dont have to retreat back inside if it starts to rain or if the sun is too hot. You can transform your patio space into the perfect place to host barbeques or relax with a book.

For even greater protection from the elements, get creative and combine a patio cover with our retractable glass wall system to create a gorgeous and functional custom sunroom.

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Why Choose Panel Track Blinds For Your Home

How to Elitewood Lattice Patio Cover in One Day

Panel track shades, also known as sliding panels oro panel track shades, are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Heres why:

  • A popular option for large windows and sliding glass doors, panel tracks are a fashion-forward vertical blind alternative.
  • Available in many options, from wood to solar shade material, you can find a sliding panel treatment that provides just the functionality and style you are looking for.

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Shelter An Outdoor Living Space With An Ultra

Bring pale hues and sleek lines into your patio cover ideas

This chic, adjustable pergola perfectly demonstrates how patio cover ideas can complete a scene. Connecting seamlessly to the feature wall, it provides all the shelter needed for the modern seating below.

When combined with an outdoor fireplace, a cozy living room feel is created that will tempt everyone out of the house, no matter the weather. Opt for pale shades throughout the set-up for a restful tone.

Our pergola ideas feature is full of stunning designs if you want to discover more.

Can You Install Composite Decking Directly Onto Concrete

An existing concrete patio will make your deck installation much easier and faster, and you can install your deck directly onto the concrete.

You will want to account for water drainage and material expansion/contraction, so it is best to place boards called sleepers underneath the deck. It is also a good idea to add small spacers between the sleepers and the concrete patio.

  • When you install your sleepers, keep them no more than a foot apart. You want to provide as much support for the top planks as you can, and too much distance can leave your deck feeling unstable and springy. It can even be dangerous nobody wants to put a foot through the deck.
  • Some composite decking can be installed directly onto concrete without sleepers. In this case, you will want to make sure your patio is very level and well settled. If your concrete patio sinks an inch in various places over the years, so will your deck. Do yourself a favor and check the manufacturer installation guide before you decide on a deck built flush to the concrete.
  • In either case, there will be a need to attach some elements to the concrete. To do this, you will need to drill holes and add plastic anchors to the concrete. Regular nails and screws will not attach to concrete.

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Building A Wooden Patio Cover

  • 1Measure your patio and determine how high the patio cover will be. Use a tape measure to check the length and width of the patio you want to cover. Decide if you will create a free-standing cover or if you will attach it to your home at one side. Measure the height of the edge of the roof of your home if you will attach it there.XResearch source
  • The patio cover can be any height you want if you are going to make a free-standing structure, but at least 7 ft is a good standard height. If you are going to attach it to the edge of the roof of your home, then it will need to be lower than the gutters of the homeâs roof.
  • 2Install post mounts in each corner of the patio. Get 1 post mount for each corner, such as 6×6 post mounts, from a home improvement center or hardware store. Bolt them squarely into each corner of the patio where you will install a post.XResearch source
  • Depending how big your patio cover will be, you can use smaller or larger posts. Ask at your local lumber yard what size of posts you should be using based on your patio dimensions to support the load of the cover.
  • 3Cut the corner posts to the height of the patio cover that you want. Use a saw to cut the ends of the posts off to make them the height that you determined for your patio cover. Get the posts pre-cut to the size you need at a lumber yard or home improvement center if you donât want to cut them yourself.XResearch source
  • String Up Outdoor Curtains

    Patio Cover in Katy

    For more shade than a pergola alone can provide, consider outdoor curtains to add a little shade to your pergola. Kate, from Centsational Style, shares an easy DIY using canvas tarps for sturdy shades. Simple, affordable, and still attractivejust what everyone wants! Alternatively, you can string up a weatherproof curtain or two like this .

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    Assemble An Outdoor Kitchen

    For those who like to cook, an outdoor kitchen is a hard-to-resist option when it comes to upgrading their backyard patio. And for good reason: it allows you to cook outside, in the sun, on a nice dayâwhile keeping you, and your guests and those odd cooking smells, outside. Theyâre also a great excuse to entertain, or to at least invite a few friends over. And, theyâre often great for your energy bill as wellâsince your air conditioner wonât have to work as hard to keep your kitchen cool.

    Outdoor kitchens can come in a wide variety of stylesâand be made up of an equally diverse set of materials. Whether you prefer a rustic outdoor cooking space or a brick-laden outdoor bar , you can do it all. While youâre at it, you can also retrofit your outdoor kitchen with the latest and greatest of kitchen appliances, as well as stainless-steel cabinetry or granite countertops for a modern and sophisticated look.

    Choose The Type Of Wood To Use

    Another consideration for this project was the type of wood to use. After comparing the cost and aesthetics of cedar vs fir, cost overruled looks for us and at a third less was the more viable choice.

    The Sikkens teak cedar stain turned the #2 fir beautiful, but the one time that the can was shaken and not stirred, the wood was a lot lighter because the pigment was at the bottom of the gallon can.

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    Promote A Tuscan Feel With Brick And Wood

    This patio cover design is a lot more involved than others, but the finished result is gorgeous and glamorous. Its made in the Tuscan style, with dark wooden ceiling beams, elements of brick , and rich, earthy colors.

    While this room is currently decked out in Autumn decor, you can add less seasonal items like Italian style decor items to add to the Tuscan feel. Adding a brick pizza oven and cast iron touches will send the design straight into the fields of Tuscany.

    Considerations Before Picking Up A Blind For Sliding Glass Doors

    How To Build a Patio Cover – Lots of Tips

    When selecting a window treatment for sliding glass doors, there are many things to look for that will determine how efficient they are when it comes to privacy. For many consumers, this selecting blind process may seem tricky, but the below guidelines will help you to get the best one that will bring the right feel to your décor instantly. Make sure that the window treatments operate in the same direction as your sliding door, which means if your glass door opens from right to left then window designs should also do the same. Everyone wishes to have a lovely view through these glass doors while having coffee or reading a book. But the lack of privacy should not prevent this. Choose a shade or blind that will provide a degree of privacy without obstructing the view.

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