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How To Replace Fabric On A Patio Sling Chair

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How to Replace Fabric on a Patio Sling Chair

Now is the perfect time to start planning your sling chair fabric replacement. The Southern Company will handle all of your patio furniture repair needs. Call us to schedule pickup at your convenience, and we will deliver the furniture back to you once the restoration is finished.

Furniture brands such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard, and Winston make their products to last. If you take care of them properly, you will have them for decades. Every piece of furniture that we work on is 100% guaranteed, so in the unlikely event that you arent satisfied with the finished product, well make it right. Contact us today so we can get to work on making your old patio set even better than new!

Can You Replace Outdoor Chair Fabric

Your patio chair fabric can soon have stains, tears, and faded areas, but it doesnt mean you have to replace the whole furniture.

If the frame is still sturdy, all you need to do is replace or repair the fabric.

We understand, though, that its easier said than done.

Although you can do it yourself through simple tutorials on the web, fabric repair and replacement will take a lot of time.

If you have no idea how to do it, you might spend more than a day handling the patio chairs in your house.

Take Apart Your Chair Frame

Again, hardware will vary between chair styles, but the basic idea is the same. Using a screwdriver or socket wrench, start to disassemble your chair, one screw at a time.

Pro tips:

  • Keep a jar or bowl near your workspace to place any screws, nuts and bolts. This will keep each one accounted for when its time to put your chair back together.
  • You may also want to label the bars with a Sharpie as you remove them. Use a numbered system or just write top, middle, bottom, etc. If you make your marks on the inside of each bars screw plate, where it attaches to the chair, they wont be visible when you reassemble the chair frame.
  • Take pictures as you go for reference. It will help you remember where each piece fits when its time to reassemble.

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Pattern Your Sling Chair

Creating a pattern for this DIY project is simple. For the envelope style of sling chair, you will need to cut two rectangles, one for the front and one for the back of the envelope, using your measurements. Using a fabric marker , you can make marks directly on the fabric to indicate where you plan to cut. A yardstick or T-square will allow you to trace straight lines on the fabric in the dimensions you need.

On one of the rectangles, which will be the bottom of the envelope, you will need to make a series of marks:

  • Top of envelope: Be sure to indicate which end of the rectangle is the top with a T or an X.
  • Hardware marks: Make marks indicating where the screws will go once you are reassembling the chair, referring to your earlier measurements. Take another look at the old sling, examining the slits in the fabric where the hardware once fit. Mark the length of the fabric slits onto your new fabric, as well as the juncture where the screw or bolt actually went through the fabric. These marks will be your guide once you begin stretching the sling over the chair.
  • Envelope opening at bottom: Using the old sling as a guide, mark the width of the opening. Make the marks about an inch long towards the center of the fabric.

What Is The Best Fabric For Sling Chairs

How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair ...

Do your sling chairs look in need of some TLC? If the seats are torn, damaged, stained or faded, the good news is that its easy to replace the fabric, and you dont have to get rid of the whole chair. But what sort of material do you need?

Sling patio chairs take quite a hit during the summer. They are exposed to UV, sunscreen grease, crumbs and stains from al fresco meals, and if youre lucky enough to have a pool in your yard, chlorine.

In poorer weather, theres rain, wind, fallen leaves and even snow to deal with. And of course, like any yard furniture, theres always going to be mess from bird poop, various critters, and pets.

So, you need a robust fabric that can resist water, fading, and hopefully stains. Phifertex® and Sunbrella® are two popular brands that make robust fabric for sling chairs.

Phifertex® has an attractive waffle design, and comes impregnated with Microban, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Is super-durable, fade-resistant, and easy to clean with soapy water.

Phifertex® fabrics are Greenguard certified, meaning that they emit very low or negligible levels of volatile organic compounds.

Sunbrella is also fade and mold-resistant. In addition, it is protected against chlorine, so is a great choice for your poolside chairs. It has a softer appearance than Phifertex, because it has acrylic woven in among the PVC fabric strands. This arguably looks more luxe, but may not last as long.

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Resling Repaint And Restrap Outdoor Furniture In Naples Fl

  • Re-painting
  • Re- slinging:We customize replacement slings for your patio chairs. Mesh slings are designed to be durable and withstand the elements, but over time the mesh wears out, tears or stretches and eventually needs to be replaced. Instead of replacing the entire chair, the sling fabric can be replaced, rendering the chair useful once again. We make and install custom slings, install your factory direct slings, or make a custom sling based on your measurements In addition to sling fabrics, we also offer a wide array of outdoor patio furniture placement parts to replace used, missing, or cracked parts.
  • Re- strapping

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Is your patio furniture starting to show signs of wear and tear? Are you noticing that the fabric on your mesh sling chairs is looking faded and worn, and maybe the chair frame is chipped? You may start to think it would be easier and possibly even cheaper to buy new furniture than to repair your existing sling chair fabric and frame.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! Trends come and go, and you may find yourself tired of the color or pattern of your sling chair fabric after so many years. Changing the fabric of your patio chairs to a fresh color choice or new pattern opens up many new possibilities for the look and feel of your deck, yard, or other outdoor space.

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Installing Your Replacement Sling

Included in your sling replacement kit are detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. The instructions will also list a few tools that you will need to help with the installation.

The first step is to remove the old, damaged sling. This is simple to do by using scissors or a box cutter to slice through the middle of the sling and then pull the sling from the left and right sides of the frame through the sling rails.

The key to properly installing a replacement sling is to make sure you pull it taut to ensure that the sling lasts well into the future.

If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to call. We are here to help you.

Before you know it, you will find yourself enjoying your just like new sling furniture. Show it off to your family and friends. You may even be able to fool them into believing that you bought a brand new set of patio furniture!

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In need of fencing for a Little League game or your company softball outing? Working on a home improvement project and want to protect it from foot traffic? Or need a little extra privacy? Tough Phifertex fabric is a utility player when it comes to temporary fencing.

Stumped as to which one to use? Use our visualizer to find out which of our Designed Fabrics is right for your next DIY project.

Need some more guidance before you dive into your DIY project? Get in touch with us! Phifer is here to help with friendly fabric experts who are always happy to answer questions, over the phone or via email or live chat! If you need help sourcing the Phifer Designed Fabrics youve fallen in love with, we can even help you find a local or online retailer who stocks them!

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Making Your New Sling

Sling Chair Cover Replacement (Pocket Envelope Style) for Patio Furniture
  • Add 1 inch to your length and width measurements.

  • Cut your fabric.

  • At both ends of the newly cut piece, fold the width of the fabric over 1/4 inch, twice, making a rolled hem.

  • Topstitch the rolled hem and iron it flat.

  • Take a spline and lay it on the lengthwise edge of the fabric, leaving 1 inch to 2 inches of spline hanging over either end. Fold the fabric 1/4 inch over the spline.

  • Using the zipper foot on the sewing machine, stitch down the length of the fabric, encasing the spline inside the hem. Alternatively, you can pin the spline at either end of the fabric, remove the spline, stitch down the length of the fabric so that the pocket hem is the width of the spline, and then thread the spline through the pocket hem you have just made.

  • Reassemble your sling chair according to manufacturer’s directions.

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    Sling Clearance Chair Replacement Sale

    Offering the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED on Patio Replacement Slings for your Outdoor Sling Chairs, Ottomans, Patio Sling Love Seat and any other Patio Replacement Sling or Outdoor Replacement Sling you can provide us measurements with to get your Sling Patio Set back in style! Patio Direct offers the HIGHEST QUALITY Outdoor Custom Replacement Slings to repair or replace your outdoor patio furniture slings on your chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, love seats or ANY other sling you would like to replace with all of our slings custom made for you personally, from the highest quality outdoor furniture fabric, also having the largest selection of quality durable sling fabrics as of this year to give you the best selection to bring your outdoor furniture sling seating surface back to new or even if your old slings are still in good condition, you can achieve a BRAND NEW look for your outdoor patio, pool, lawn. patio etc. sling furniture sets. Your replacement sling may also be sometimes called mesh or webbing or seating surface or cloth.

    Cutting And Sewing The Fabric

    It is very important to get accurate measurements for the fabric. If you get off by an inch, either way, the fabric will either sag or worse, not go on at all.

    Make sure the old fabric is stretched flat. Then, use your measuring tape to take its measurements. To this add 1 on each side. For the head section, or if you are working on a chair, you can go all the way up to 1 1/2 extra on each side, but only if that stretcher bar doesnt have any give to it.

    Next, before transferring the measurements to the new fabric, make sure that the new fabric is wrinkle-free. The slightest wrinkle can mess up the precise measurements that we want.

    I used my iron set on the very lowest setting. Remember this fabric is nylon, and can and will melt very easily. If you are at all concerned about ruining the fabric or your iron, use a tea towel to protect both.

    Now, lets measure the new sections. I am using a square to make sure that the piece that I am going to cut is perfectly square. It is best to create your own raw edges, as the ones that the fabric has will be made by whoever cut the fabric for you. They undoubtedly were not concerned with getting a perfectly straight edge for you.

    Work your way around the fabric, measuring and making sure that it is square. It is okay to use an ink pen on this fabric as long as it is not a ballpoint pen that could run when it gets wet. Just make sure that you are marking on the back of the fabric.

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    Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired

    When its time to get those patio sling chairs out again, theres nothing worse than realising the fabric slings are sagging loose and need replacing. What about that BBQ party you had planned this weekend?

    The slings on patio chairs can be repaired quite easily using a screwdriver, a razor knife and pliers. The best fabrics to use are Phifertex® and Sunbrella®, which are durable, water resistant, fade and mold resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean with soapy water.

    In this article well consider how to repair sling patio chairs in more detail, what fabrics to use and how to measure up your chair for the new fabric.

    How To Repair Torn Furniture Fabric

    Impressive Replace Fabric Sling Patio Chairs Patio Sling ...

    Torn Corners

    A corner on my reclining chair became torn after hitting a cement wall in my partially finished basement, and I thought for sure it was beyond repair. My chair that wasnt very old didnt look very good with the fabric missing on the corner, but I fixed the problem with an upholstery tack. I put decorative upholstery tacks on both corners so they would look uniform, and it looked like they were part of the chair. Not only did the upholstery tacks repair the material on my chair, but they also protected the corners of the chair from further damage.

    A Small Tear

    Small tears in obvious places can be stitched closed to repair them and prevent further damage. Choose thread that matches as closely as possible to the torn material, and whipstitch it closed using tiny stitches. The repair wont look perfect, but stitching the fabric will stop the material from continuing to tear.

    If the tear is on a cushion, if possible, flip it over after completing the repair. If the tear is on the arm, locate sturdy material that most closely matches the furniture, and make arm covers. Even someone who doesnt know how to sew can stitch the edges of fabric by hand to make sturdy arm covers. The covers will hide the repair, and they will help prevent further damage.

    A Large Tear

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    Sling Replacement For Your Patio Chairs

    Patio chair slings last about half as long as the paint on the frame, even on the highest quality patio furniture. Thats why patio chair repair for your slings is important when your furniture is beginning to show its age. It might be that its lost some of its elasticity, or perhaps its become discolored from use and exposure to the weather. When you have a gorgeous piece like a high back dining chair from the Winton Mayfair Sling collection or an ottoman from the Telescope Belle Isle Sling collection, you can protect your investment simply by replacing the sling.

    We approach sling replacement with an inspection of your piece or pieces as above. The old sling is then removed, and a new sling is cut out of the fabric of your choice we have over 125 different colors and patterns to choose from. We use only the most durable fabrics for sling replacements. Then our skilled craftsmen sew the sling using weather-, chemical-, and age-resistant GORE TENERA thread, making sure that double-hems are used for added ruggedness. Once this process is complete, the slings are carefully fitted on your existing furniture frame under precise tension. Your furniture is then returned to you in like-new if not better than new condition.

    Other Options To Repair Outdoor Furniture Fabric

    When you have a smaller hole thats oddly shaped, you can apply an iron-on patch. But it has to be a flat surface.

    And the patch has to be a half an inch inch larger than the hole before you attempt to apply it.

    When its only a small tear along a seam, theres fabric glue thatll work well. Spread a little glue in the damaged area and make sure it holds together while the glue dries. Its as simple as that.

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    How To Replace Fabric On A Sling Chair

    • 1 hour 30 minutes

    Outdoor furniture is expensive. Especially if it is good quality. And if you have some of your own, after years of use, you know the inevitable. The fabric on the chair will eventually start to show signs of wear.

    But dont fret. Today, I am going to show you how to replace the fabric on your worn out outdoor sling chairs so you can get the most out of your money.

    Using Phifertex on outdoor sling chairs is more than worth the investment. These fabrics will last you years even in extreme climates and contain microban, a technology that helps prevent the growth of stain-and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

    Measure Your Existing Chair Before You Begin

    How to Replace Sling Fabric on Patio Furniture

    Use a flexible cloth measuring tape, the type used in dressmaking, so that it will mold to any curves your chair might have. Keep paper and pen handy to write down your measurements as you go.

    With your chair standing upright, take the following measurements:

    • Measure the width of the top edge of the chair seat from side to side.
    • Measure the width of the bottom edge of the chair seat from side to side.
    • Measure the length of the chair from the top edge of the chair back all the way down to the bottom edge of the seat.

    Turn your chair upside down. Youll need to measure the distance between the screw holes that hold the chair frame together. Chair types vary, but the basic method is the same. Run the measuring tape down the side edge of the chair and write down the distance between the top edge of the chair back to the first screw, from the top edge of the chair to the second screw, and so on until you reach the last screw.

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