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How To Cover Your Pergola

Pergola Cover Ideas For All Price Points

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When it comes to your outdoor space, there is never a one size fits all solution. Pergola covers are no exception. From differences in climate to differences in style, what works for one outdoor space may not work for the next.

Thankfully, no matter what your patio or deck looks like, theres a pergola cover solution that will work for you. From simple shade sails, to highly automated louvered solutions, everyone can access an option that looks great, without breaking the bank.

Do you have a pergola cover idea that we didnt mention? Let us know down below!

Solid Vinyl Pergola Covers

If you need your pergola to be waterproof, you will most likely want to go with an 18 oz solid vinyl material. This comes in a wide range of colors to match your garden decor. In addition to being waterproof, solid vinyl covers will block out a considerable amount of light and heat. While this is generally desirable, keep in mind that if your pergola is directly adjacent to your house, any doors or windows that are covered by the pergola will not allow as much light into your home. This does have the benefit that the inside rooms next to the pergola will tend to be cooler and more energy efficient during warm periods.

When using a solid vinyl cover you should ideally have an angled pergola so that it sheds water. If the cover is completely flat you may get some water pooling in the middle during heavy rain.

Fabric Top Pergola Covers

There are several choices of fabric for covering a pergola. Of course, you cant just throw a piece of cloth over the pergola. You need a way to secure it and if you live in a snowy climate a way to easily remove it for the winter.

One obvious method is to put grommets around the perimeter and tie the cover on with cord or rope. If youre handy with a sewing machine, you may be able to sew a cover yourself. Otherwise, you can order custom-made covers from places like

The fabric pergola awning in this photo, from the March 03 issue of The Family Handyman, is easily removable. We sewed a full-length pocket along two edges of the fabric, slid ½-in. metal conduit into the pockets, and held the cover on with the hook-and-loop straps sewn to the awning. The cover is easy to install and remove, and rolls up for storage.

You can also purchase retractable pergola awnings. Keep it closed for a shady escape or open it to catch some sun rays.

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Pergola Covers That Provide Extra Shade

If youre not a sun seeker in the least and need the top level of shade protection, you can choose from different add-on covers for your pergola. Shades pergola owners really love are those that protect their friends, family, and pets from undesirable weather that can pop up without warning.

A privacy pergola is a structure that not only can give you the sun protection youre seeking, but also your own semi-private retreat! It may not be quite the same as a solid cover like a pergola with tin roof, but youll get just as much enjoyment and beauty out of it, and still have some air flowing down that you wouldnt get with a wood or tin roof pergola.

Other Great Ways To Cover Your Pergola From Rain

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A tarp is excellent for temporarily covering your pergola, but it doesnt make for a perfect permanent solution. Tarps are prone to holes and tears, which will quickly compromise your pergola and the tarp itself.

Tarps can tend to be an eyesore, which takes away from the natural beauty of your pergola.

Retractable canvas roofs for your pergola are effective, but they have the same issue of tears and cosmetics. Youre also limited in what you can put on top of your roof because you may want to retract or extend it.

Here are a few other waterproof roofing options to consider. They might take a little more work and be more expensive, but for long-term enjoyment of your pergola, they might also be what youre looking for.

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Pergola Cover Ideas To Shade And Waterproof Your Patio

Pergolas are a popular garden feature that adds elegance and beauty to any property. A pergola can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or even PVC pipe. Pergolas are typically supported by columns or arches and can be large or small. Whether youre looking for an accent piece to spruce up your garden or a complete garden structure, a pergola is a great option.

There are a few reasons why people might choose to cover their pergolas in their backyard. One reason might be to provide shade from the sun. This can be helpful during the summer months when the sun is shining brightly and its hot outside. Another reason might be to provide protection from the rain. If it rains frequently in your area, a covered pergola can help keep you and your furniture waterproof.

If youre looking for ideas on how to decorate your own pergola, here are the best pergola cover ideas for your backyard.

String The Drapery Rings

Unhook your wire rope from the turnbuckle, string your drapery rings on each side, and reattach the wire to the turnbuckle. Use the turnbuckle to tighten your wire rope.

While there are several steps, this is a pretty simple, DIY project that requires only minimal sewing skills and handiness to accomplish. Now that you have installed your pergola cover, all you need to do is start enjoying your now-shadedoutdoor living area.

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Great Ways To Cover A Pergola From Rain

There are few things better than spending a summer evening relaxing out on your pergola. Whether its just you getting some downtime or spending time with your family, pergolas allow for a comfortable and cozy night in the outdoors. While the design of pergolas doesnt typically protect against rain, there are ways that you can overcome this obstacle.

There are numerous ways to cover your pergola and prevent rain from getting inside. Tarps, canvases, louvers, retractable roofs, and corrugated fiberglass are just a few of the viable roofing options that will protect your pergola from the rain while maximizing your outdoor experience.

In this article, we will look at the many ways you can cover your pergola from the rain. Well take a look at both temporary and permanent ways to shield your pergola while not taking away from its beauty.

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How To Install A SkyPoly Patio Cover (Easy Tutorial) | Cover Your Pergola Installation

Pergolas are outside structures constructed of wood, aluminum or vinyl. Slats at the top of the structure provide partial shade. By adding a cover to the pergola, you can increase the amount of shade, protect the area beneath from the elements and make it a more comfortable space to use during most times of the year.

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Pergola Screen Shade Covers

Pergola screen covers are a great way to keep your pergola from getting damaged by rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. They can also make your pergola more comfortable to sit in, especially if youre planning on using it as a place to enjoy meals, drinks, or socializing with friends and family.

These covers are often made of fabric or vinyl. Some of them also have mosquito netting attached. There are many different types of pergola screen covers available on the market today. Some people prefer a solid covering that keeps everything out while others prefer mesh screens that allow air and light through while still keeping out rainwater.

Recommended option SummerCove Wooden Frame Pergola with Adjustable Canopy:

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Sew Fabric And Attach Drapery Rings

In this step, you are first going to hem the edge of your fabric to avoid fraying and for a more finished look. To do this, fold the fabric over at least one-half inch and sew around the unfinished edge. Next, attach your drapery rings near the edges of your fabric in accordance with the measurement between the screw eyes. The distance between your drapery rings will depend on how much you want the fabric to drape between them. If you chose drapery rings without clips, you will need to sew them in place. For a no-sew option, use drapery rings with clips so that you can simply clip them onto the fabric.

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How Do You Cover A Pergola With A Tarp

A tarp is a great way to temporarily or even permanently cover the top of your pergola. Installing a tarp over the top of your pergola is probably the most straightforward roof that youll ever install. Here is a step-by-step process for you to adequately cover your pergola with a tarp.

  • Measure the length and width of the roof of your pergola.
  • Make sure that you get a tarp large enough to accommodate. You never want to use multiple tarps, as this will compromise the integrity of your roof.
  • Stretch out the tarp on top of your pergola, making sure that each corner is covered.
  • Hook rubber tie-downs or fabric straps to the corners of the tarp. There should be holes that you can hook or loop through on the tarp.
  • Secure the other end of your straps or tie-downs to a vertical or horizontal beam on your pergola.
  • Voila! Your pergola is covered and waterproof just like that.
  • It is important to remember that rain will fall and pool to the middle of your tarp if there isnt any slope in the roof. Pooling water could result in your roof caving in on itself if there isnt enough support in the middle of your pergola.

    If necessary, raise a poll or beam to the middle of your tarp, so rain doesnt collect in your tarp roof.

    Diy Pergola Shade Ideas

    5 Best Pergola Covers

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    These first few pergola cover ideas provide a lot of shade and some protection from rain but arent totally waterproof.

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    Whats The Best Cover For A Retractable Pergola

    Retractable pergolas are designed to deal with the often unpredictable weather in New South Wales, and they need to be free of obstructions, so you can easily roll out and retract the roof as necessary.

    The range from OZTECH comes with fabric covers and aluminium louvres, which are built to provide complete protection and longevity. Our team will be able to advise on the best cover for your requirements, to ensure you achieve the look and function you want from your retractable roof system.

    Gorgeous And Unique Pergola Cover Ideas With Pictures

    Sitting out on your porch or in your backyard soaking up the sun is pretty amazing and all, but what about when you want to relax away from the heat?

    Once my husband and I realized we needed some shade in our outdoor area, it was my mission to find out how we could best achieve this goal.

    I stumbled upon some beautiful pictures of pergolas and, the next thing I knew, Id gathered 35 pergola cover ideas!

    Today, Im happy to be sharing them with you, so you can create your own shaded oasis!


    Youd be amazed at what a touch of plant life can do, especially right above your head! This simple yet elegant combo of climbing plants and pergola shade gives off such a rustic feeling, youll forget all your worries in a heartbeat!

    Throw in a table for two and you may never want to go back inside again! Or, better yet, make your home just as cozy with the interior design ideas I found at

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    Tongue And Groove Roof Decking

    Tongue and groove roof decking is for the client that doesnt want to deviate from the natural appearance of the wood pergola. This option consists of solid wood or plywood where one side of a plank has a matching slit . A huge advantage of T& G is strength and durability. It also provides a rustic, stylish look to your pergola especially if it matches the wood of your structure. However, like aluminum louvers, this option can be a costly endeavor. The installation lends to be laborious and cumbersome, increasing costs.

    All in all, pergola covers are the unsung heroes of the backyard paradise lifestyle. Enjoying all those awesome amenities isnt as great if you are under scorching temperatures or even worse, getting rained out and having your backyard bash cut short. The outdoor living market in South Florida is trending in all the right directions and with the influx of newcomers flocking here. We can only hope covering their pergola will be integral to creating those lasting memories in their new homes.

    Discover Cover Your Pergola to create the outdoor paradise of your dreams. Check out their website to learn about all the different pergola covers they offer. You can also check them out at the Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show, October 1-3 at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo Center.

    What Kind Of Roof Should You Use For A Pergola

    How To Install A Pergola Cover (Our Hercules SkyPoly) | Cover Your Pergola Installation

    First, it is essential to emphasize that a pergola differs from a gazebo or an arbor due to its unique roofing system. The pergola roof intends to allow some sunlight to pass through while providing partial protection and shade. As a result, you may enjoy the morning and evening light in your garden or on your patio.

    Pergolas have been providing residents with partial shade since the dawn of time. It was also a vital component of Roman public and private bathhouses. Some of these beautiful pergolas made of marble and granite still stand today.

    While pergola designs and materials have evolved throughout time, its slatted roofing pattern has remained stable. In addition to providing partial shade for your garden or patio, the open louvered pergola roof adds a touch of the old world to your outdoor area.

    Modern technological advances have also led to new ways to cover a pergola, like using mechanical roofs that move themselves to provide the best amount of shade and sunlight. Pergola roofs now have lighting systems that may adjust to meet your specific outdoor lighting requirements.

    Most current pergola cover include remote-controlled retractable panels, making them simple to use. This roof lets you easily open and shut the panels for optimal ventilation and sunshine. These panels may customize to meet your vision.

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    How To Install A Pergola Cover

    If you have a few spare hours and the DIY spirit, you may want to install your own cover. These instructions are the basic steps that it takes to install most pergola patio covers.

  • The first thing you want to do is measure the space to know how much material you will need. You want enough fabric to cover the top of your pergola plus a little more overhang with which to work.
  • Then, you will have to decide how you want to connect the cloth to your pergola. A few options are grommets, fabric ties, or construction staples. Keep in mind that you will want to wash your cover every once in a while, so you want something that will make it easy to take down, so construction staples maybe for a more permanent structure.
  • Next, youll have to choose the type of fabric you want for your pergola cover. They come in multiple fabrics, including thin cloth and sails to solid fabric like a canvas that provides better rain and sun protection. Prices vary depending on the thickness and quality of materials.
  • Once you know where and how you will attach your cover, it is time to connect the fasteners to the fabric. Then you can attach the fasteners to the pergola structure and enjoy your newfound shade.
  • Diy Pergola Cover Ideas: 7 Ways To Protect Your Patio From Sun And Rain

    In the summer, I love to grill and entertain outdoors. But since I live in an area that often gets lots of sun and afternoon rainstorms, my outdoor cookouts are either really hot or getting rained out. To fix that issue, I went on a hunt for ways I could cover the patio around my outdoor kitchen and came up with these DIY pergola cover ideas some that just provide lots of shade, and some that are waterproof.

    Back in the spring, I did a that included sprucing up my outdoor kitchen area.

    Now that its looking good, Ive been doing a lot more grilling out there.

    And while I love my new updated cooking space, theres one thing missing. And thats a cover for the pergola that goes over my outdoor kitchen area.

    While the pergola provides some shade, it isnt very helpful during the day when the sun is directly overhead And it doesnt provide any protection at all when its raining.

    Not that I expect to be standing out there all day in the rain. But here in South Carolina, we tend to get a lot of 15 minute rain storms in the afternoon. Which always seem to occur right after I have put the food on the grill.

    So I would love to be able to stay out there and not get soaked.

    Which is why Ive been searching for DIY pergola cover ideas to provide some extra shade and rain protection for my little grilling area patio.

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