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Small Backyard With Pool And Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Small Outdoor Kitchen

Backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen

Dont throw wooden boards or beams right away. With extra time for recycling, the materials can help you create an outdoor kitchen that looks eco-friendly. This picture shows the materials can later turn into a rustic, natural outdoor kitchen.

Secondhand wooden beams and boards make up for the outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel sink area and cooking tools complete the overall design. The kitchens shelf, the drawers, and the countertop are made from the wooden boards and beams.

With that simple concept, this small outdoor kitchen can accommodate your activities, from cooking to washing dirty dishes.

Pool With Water Features And Shaded Outdoor Kitchen

Under the porch is a great spot for a summer kitchen!

No one wants to eat in the hot sun So this shaded porch is the perfect way to cook and socialize from the cool shade

And then swim in the refreshing pool!

During the winter The hot tub will be a great place to sit, and the patio kitchen will be protected from the snow!

Warmth In Small Outdoor Kitchen

This fifth idea serves more as a cooking place and serving area. Creamy and brown concrete and ceramic make this kitchen model feels warm and earthy. Small space for this area gets huge boast from the material.

Add to that are stainless steel cooking tools that suffice for simple and sophisticated menus. You can even bake and keep meals warm with the cooking equipment. Set aside a small area within the outdoor kitchen for placing ready-to-serve meals and drinks.

From this example, you can learn small space can accommodate high-tech cooking tools as the heart of the kitchen.

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Outdoor Fireplaces & Pits

Small Backyard Patio Fire Pit

Small Backyard Patio Fire Pit

Light Brick Fire Pit with Wall Surrounding It

Light Brick Fire Pit with Wall Surrounding It

Light Brick Fire Pit with Stairs and a Semi-Circle Wall

Light Brick Fire Pit with Stairs and a Semi-Circle Wall

Large Outdoor Fireplace

Single Structure Fireplace

Backyard Lap Pool Idea With Modern Clean Detailed

This large lap pool has modern, clean details. Travertine floor is used by the pool with its elegant appearance, while it combines the pool with a medium-sized modern small kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. The features that enhance the aesthetic appeal of this pool and its surroundings are Glass pool tile, steps, and sun loungers that allow several sun loungers to be placed in the pool water, wooden black stylish sun loungers.

ID# 101415

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How Much Will Your Pool And Outdoor Kitchen Cost

When youre trying to budget for your project You need to know how much it will cost!

Well start with swimming pool costs Then move on to your outdoor kitchen costs.

Swimming Pool Cost


Fiberglass in-ground pools are made of a shell that is fabricated off-site Brought in one piece And dropped in a dug-out hole for your pool.

A fiberglass pool is usually between $35,000 and $65,000 initially.

Fortunately The cost of maintenance is almost nonexistent.

Vinyl Liner

This in-ground pool consists of a metal or plastic wall to cover the dug-out hole That is then covered by vinyl.

A vinyl liner pool is less expensive than fiberglass or concrete initially.

The average initial cost is between $25,000 and $50,000.

Youll have to replace the pool liner every 5 to 9 years. This will cost you about $4,500 each time.


Concrete in-ground pools are constructed from steel rebar and shotcrete .

A concrete pool has the most variety for initial costs It can be anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000 initially.

Youll need to acid wash the pool shell every 3 to 5 years for $900 per wash And clean your pool about once a year for $500 a session.

Then, youll want to re-plaster the pool interior for $10,000 every 10 to 15 years.

Altogether The maintenance will cost you about $16,000 every ten years.

Shipping Container Pools

These above-ground pools are just like they sound Theyre made out of shipping containers!

These will cost between $16,500 and $50,000 initially.

Modern Backyard Pool With Bar Idea And Travertine Pool Floor

This raised side pool combines with the bar area to create a creative backyard. While this pool at different levels is surrounded by the travertine pool floor, which is a natural material, it creates an intimate backyard by matching the wood on the bar wall. The combination of pool and marble bar area brings fun and comfort to this backyard, while steel bar chairs and furniture around the pool complete the garden. The meeting of grass, stone tiles, and symbolizes life the naturalness in this garden.

ID# 101428 | Credit |

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Inside Outside Lap Pool With Concrete Bridge Design And Porcelain Floor

Floating on the open landscape, this modern infinity-edge lap pool looks quite inviting. The pool runs along the length of the terrace with porcelain floor tile, entering and exiting architectural forms, reflecting the landscape and sky beyond and allowing a barrier-free edge above the steep drop. The pool integrates the concrete bridge with the backyard, creating a lap pool in and out of the living spaces. Lounge chairs on the pool, lawn bands and white furniture complement the backyard with elegance.

ID# 101422 | Credit |

The Best Pool Designs To Compliment Your Outdoor Kitchen

Makeover: City Backyard With Outdoor Kitchen & Spa

You love your outdoor kitchen, and your friends do as well.

And why not? Its the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while entertaining a group of people. Moreover, its a great addition to your home that provides real value. But, as nice as it is, theres something missing.

To get the most out of your outdoor kitchen, youll need a backyard with a little life in it. And theres no better way to add vitality to a backyard than a pool. The only question that remains is what kind of pool best jives with your kitchen and were here to help you answer it.

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When A Swimming Pool Is In The Outdoor Picture

Now, if you either have an existing swimming pool or will be building one at the same time as your backyard kitchen, several special factors and opportunities enter the equation.

Achieving functionality is an important goal for any kitchen projectwhether indoor or outdoor. Elements for ensuring ease-of-use in an outside versionparticularly in relation to a poolinclude its layout, overall configuration, and placement within your backyard.

Our discussion here will focus on outdoor kitchen planning as it relates to these elements, and we will point out some of the unique design advantages and variables if a pool is involved.

When building a pool at the same time as an outdoor kitchen, you have the benefit of maximum style versatility. You can perfectly match the stone and tile being used in the pool with the materials being used in your kitchens exterior surfaces.

Nice Small Outdoor Kitchen

Our ninth idea uses marble or ceramic as main materials for the kitchens countertop, backsplash, and the stand. Each of them utilizes a different type of concrete. The backsplash applies brown ceramics.

The countertop uses black ceramics while the stand uses brown ceramics with much smaller cuts. Their warm look contrast with modern, high-tech cooking tools. This small outdoor kitchen suffices for cooking and washing dirty dishes.

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Make It Moody With Dark Tiles

Ditch the traditional blue and opt for dramatic dark tiles. This is ideal for smaller pools as much like in small rooms, using a dark color can expand the space and make it look bigger and deeper. And isn’t there just something so glamorous about a black pool? It looks wonderful contrasted with the pale sandstone patio of this fabulous Australian home design by CplusC architects .

Your Outdoor Kitchen Your Way

As you can see, there are many good options to complement your outdoor kitchen with a pool. If youve got an amazing view, go all out and highlight it with an infinity pool or a natural stone pool with all the right features. And if you want something more subdued, you can opt for a spool or a simple and elegant rectangular pool.

Whatever you end up choosing, were here to help you get it installed quickly and according to your specifications. Call us at Florida Pool and Patio today for an estimate!

If you have an outdoor kitchen or youre planning to install one, wed love to hear from you. Comment below to let us know what kind of kitchen you have and which one of the pool types you think would go best with it. Do you prefer a more traditional look with a natural pool, or something more modern and contemporary?

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Calm Modern Pool Idea With Glass And Travertine Mix Mosaic

This beach-style pool does not seem messy and cluttered, it usually calms down while looking. A warm rich wooden floor is integrated with the travertine tile pool, which is a durable and hygienic natural stone coating that gives a sense of hygiene with its spacious visual. Surrounded by a glass and travertine mix mosaic, the hot tub explodes with elegance. Palm trees simply add the finishing touch to this specially shaped backyard pool design.

ID# 101411

Intimate Touches Of Blue And Wood Look Porcelain In The Modern Pool

This warm-looking backyard pool is made up of the beautiful harmony of wood-looking floor and blue. Wood-look porcelain floor matches the blue mosaic pool tile, creating an intimate backyard area. The sun shelf, which allows placing a few blue lounge chairs in the pool water, offers multiple seating areas for the backyard both in the pool and outside the pool, making it ideal for entertainment and socializing. Last touch floating pavers allow walking on the pool and separate the deep pool.

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Contemporary Backyard Pool Idea With Pool Fountain And Travertine Tile

This contemporary yard rectangular lap pool is full of elegance. Large travertine pool tile adds modernity with its calm color and appearance. This beautiful lap pool, which serves as the focal point in the garden, contains seating where it is okay to get wet in the water, gives the feeling of a holiday place with its lounge chairs, and creates a comfortable atmosphere. With bluestone details that add elegance to the pool, the pool fountain creates a soothing water sound with an elegant, majestic appearance. Also, the backyard features a bar and outdoor gray kitchen cabinets.

ID# 101403 | Credit |

Outdoor Kitchen Pool Ideas For Large Backyards


This backyard design has just about everything you could ever want And all in one big, open design.

Their U-shaped outdoor kitchen sports all kinds of great outdoor kitchen appliances And the seating area surrounds an outdoor fire pit.

It just goes to show that your house plans with outdoor kitchen and pool ideas dont have to stop there You can make anything you want!

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Stunning Backyard Pool With Concrete Slab Floor And Wooden Contrast

This stunning pool has an Antigua pebble finish, tanning ledge, and 5-bar seat. While the Concrete slab floor continues throughout the entire floor, it integrates with the woods that show the elegance of contrast. An outdoor living room with a private fire table in natural wood cabinets, a large kitchen, dining, and bar area make it perfect for entertaining both small family dinners and large parties, and a spa-like bathroom with an outdoor shower integrates with the fountain of the pool forms the backyard.

ID# 101429 | Credit |

How Much Does A Small Pool Cost

‘A small gunite in ground pool will generally add a minimum of $40,000 to your budget. Even if the pool is small, and using less resources than a large pool, you will still need the full set of equipment, plumbing and electrical scopes of work. You will be required to have pool safety fencing and most likely some masonry work near the pool.’ advises Janice Parker.

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Doing A Small Backyard The Wright Way


What if you have a long wish list of features you want in your backyard? Fear not. The client for this Santa Clarita backyard had such a list, and high expectations, too. They owned a tract home with an empty backyard and a narrow sideyard that they also wanted to utilize. How was that small patch of dirt going to fit everything on their wishlist?


The Green Scene Landscaping & Swimming Pools design team put their design hats on and worked out an intentional design that fit all of the features the client hoped for. This is how you do small backyards the Wright Way!

A contemporary mini pool with a Baja shelf and Ledge Lounger provides a compact but luxurious space for enjoying the water. The pool even features a built-in chess table with an umbrella both entertaining and relaxing! The sounds of multiple sheer descent waterfalls provide an extra level of tranquility. The nearby fire pit offers plenty of seating, and is a nice hub to unwind with a book or spend time with family. And remember that narrow walkway? We made it into a shady, private putting green for the golf-loving home owners.

This small backyard design fit so perfectly with this home. The client even remarked, We can open our three panel slider and we feel like the backyard is part of our living room.

A Fun Way To Cook & Dine

Imagine preparing a delicious meal for yourself and your loved ones without being stuck inside. You can enjoy the sunshine and a great home-prepared meal at the same time by using your outdoor kitchen.

Eating Well reports that time outdoors is key to reducing stress and improving mental health. So why not enjoy meal preparation and dining outside to awaken your senses, enjoy fresh air, and improve your mental outlook?

You can even take a break in between courses and enjoy a refreshing dip in your swimming pool. Thats the life!

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any in-between meals and snacks, using your outdoor kitchen is a fun way to prepare food and dine. Theres something simply magical about cooking a meal outside as the sun starts to set and the stars begin to appear.

It doesnt get any better than eating your favorite foods under a starry sky and maybe even catching a shooting star or two. What a great way to bond with the ones you love.

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Modern Swimming Pool In Clean Line With Travertine Large Slab Block

Seeking hints of whites and grays, this pool looks very modern. The travertine large slab block pool surrounding the pool creates a clean line while creating a modern look. With a water feature wall, spa, and tanning shelf with lounge chairs, this ground pool creates a great environment to relax and have fun. It has a modern feel with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces. This backyard pool completes its classic and clean line with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces.

ID# 101405 | Credit |

Minimalist Backyard Pool Idea Slate Pool Floor Pattern

This lovely house and backyard is a nice setting for all of their friends and families to enjoy. The striking slate pool floor pattern gives a natural touch that surrounds the pool and spa. The extended pool deck suitable for sunbathing, comfortable pool furniture, stylish lounge chairs create a beautiful environment for fun and relaxation, while lilacs, bunch and mop-headed hydrangeas, perennial herbs, herbs, and boxwood create a minimalist backyard full of romance.

ID# 101420

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Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas

When it comes to designing your outdoor dream space, personalization is the key element to making it work for you, your family, and your friends. Your backyard should fit your personal preferences and unique lifestyle to make sure it will work for you, year after year.

Do you love pizza? Are you a social drinker or an avid griller? Do you like to host a lot of people, or maybe just a few?

These questions can help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen and pool space. Are you ready to create the backyard of your dreams? Read on to find out more!

Incorporate An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Backyard

75 Outdoor Kitchens (IDEAS for Every BUDGET)

Choosing to build an outdoor kitchen in Tucson can be a huge decision. Due to the initial investment, it might sometimes be hard to make a final decision to construct an outdoor kitchen. Asking yourself if you should go about it? Keep reading to know about several benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen in your Tucson backyard space!

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Improving Your Social Life:

Owning an outdoor kitchen will help improve your social life in many ways. To start with, it will provide you with a great excuse to invite friends and family over for an evening meal. You will want to flaunt that new kitchen, and everyone likes looking at new home upgrades. Secondly, you will see more of your next door friends. If they are outdoors grilling as well, it is the best chance for some over-the-fence conversation.

Outdoor Pool And Kitchen With Lounge Area

Theres something especially eye-catching about this gorgeous area.

The outdoor kitchen bar is the perfect spot for drinks by the pool

The elongated pergolas give a gorgeous spot for lounging

And theyve used their decor and white outdoor kitchen countertops to make the entire area look harmonious and coordinated!

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What Is The Installation Process For An Outdoor Kitchen

After creating a plan for your kitchen, the first step of the installation is building a solid base with a ground-level deck, floating deck, or stone patio. Next, you will run utility lines including gas, water, drainage, and electrical. After your utility lines are secured, you should install an overhead shelter, such as a pergola or canopy. With your overall structure in place, you can install refrigerators, grills, countertops, and all other appliances. Lastly, you will incorporate all your seating and design elements as a final addition to your new backyard kitchen!


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