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How To Hang Curtains Outside Patio

Will They Work On Outdoor Curtain Rods


These curtains will easily slide on the rod you installed.

Interested to learn more? Here is the product description:

We love the fun stripes, they come in a multitude of colors, and there is still plenty of light on the patio.

If you dont like that they are so easily blown by the wind, you can affix weights to the bottom of the curtains, or use tie-backs.

How To Hang A Coolaroo Roller Shade On An Alumawood Or

  • utes. My wife even said this is very cool. Used my 1/2 impact wrench and it went down very straight and easy even in very thick clay soil. Honestly one of the best products I have seen
  • However, you may also choose to install one yourself. It isnt difficult, especially with the 4 tips below. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day. 1. Location of Sail. Select the best position for the shade. It is easier if you have some pre-existing structure such as a wall, fence, trees or posts to be used as attachment points
  • One more time, take 4 deep planters 4 pressure treated 4×4 post add cement, you will have to look on this site for how to do properly, make sure they are each in the same depth and are level vertically
  • Aluminum pergola kits may have some benefits, but the timeless look and benefits of wood pergolas are unmatched. From withstanding extreme weather conditions to minimal maintenance requirements, wood pergolas are a great way to complete your outdoor living space. Shop now at Pergola Depot Spray foam insulation is a great product. Homes insulated with it can be some of the most efficient and comfortable homes built. Ive been in plenty of these homes and can tell you that a typical spray foam insulated house outperforms a typical fiberglass batt insulated house

    Final Thoughts & Tips

    In the evening, the sun comes in so bright through this side of the patio So far, its been great to be able to close the drape and get some shade, so we can still enjoy the patio in the evenings!

    Ive received many questions about the outdoor room. Im planning an FAQ post on it soon, so if you have questions about the drapes, leave a comment, and Ill answer them in that post!

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    Do I Need A Stud Finder To Hang Curtains

    Well, you do NOT need a stud to hang a curtain rod, but you will need a special type of wall anchor to hold the weight. There are two different types I like to use: a drywall anchor or toggle bolts. TIP: If you could have a stud in your wall, use a 1/8 drill bit to check first. You will know if there is wood!Aug 19, 2019.

    Choose Curtain Rods And Determine The Proper Placement

    Hang Drapes on your Alumawood Patio Cover.

    Proper installation starts before you break out the tools. You must first choose where to hang curtain rods and select the best type for your windows:

    • Measure the width of your window frame. Take note of this measurement.
    • Allow about 3 inches on each side of the window. Mark the wall with a pencil to indicate this area. By doing so, youll make sure you get adequate light when the curtains are open.
    • Make a mark about four inches above your window for mounting hardware. This is a traditional height, though you can cheat an inch or so, either way, depending on the height of your ceiling and the length of your finished curtains.
    • For grommet curtains, you will need to take into account the placement of the grommet. On most curtains, the grommet is set down about 1 inch from the top of the panel. This means the curtain will hang about 1 1/4 inch shorter than the curtain length. To get the right length measurement for grommet curtains, measure from the very top of the curtain to the bottom.

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    Patio Blinds Were A Revelation

    In the beginning of our patio curtain journey, we loved them.

    The blinds were of the plastic variety, made for the outdoors, yet never lasted more than a year or two.

    But, because they were incredibly inexpensive, I didnt feel it was a risk to try them.

    Why not?

    You should take into account your needs,though.

    If inexpensive plastic shades for your patio sounds like a wonderful notion, you wont be out much money to see if they are a good fit for your lifestyle.

    From Rods And Hooks To Rope These Hanging Methods And Curtain Types Will Have Your Outdoor Room Made In The Shade

    Nicole WhiteOutdoor Round Finial Drape Rod, Pewter Finishtraditional rodOutdoor curtain rodsJessica Brunogalvanized pipesblogger Jessica BrunoJessica BrunoLaura U Design Collectivecurtain ringsTiebacksStedila DesignCeiling-mounted hardwaretie topsComplete Home Improvement Group Inc.outdoor draperypocket panelsSilver Sea HomesCarole Carr Designgrommetstransitional-styleEggleston Farkas Architectsremote-controlled panelG Family, Inc.rope as a curtain rod

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    Six: Hang Those Curtains

    Once your brackets are all in place, youre ready to slide the curtains on and put the rod up! You just hung curtains!

    Im obsessed with our new gold velvet curtains in here and, while I was skeptical of them at first, I think they were definitely the right choice.

    One set of curtains down, about a zillion more to go!

    Baby steps, no?!

    How To Enclose A Patio Cheaply

    Hang Curtains or Drapes on Alumawood patio with hangers

    Drop cloth curtains, bamboo shades, and now Sun Zero fun strips!

    Not only for your house, but for anyone who needs apartment balcony curtain ideas.

    Privacy and sun protection on the cheap!

    If you are looking cabana stripe indoor/outdoor curtains , I can highly recommend these as beautiful and durable patio curtains.

    I hope you find something inspiring here and would love to hear from you if you decide to use one of these patio curtain ideas to update your space.

    Happy DIYing, yall!

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    How To Install Roll

    • Written by Justin Stewart on Oct 13, 2009To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

    Roll-up outdoor shades are a blessing on a deck or porch with southern or western exposure on a scorching afternoon. Made from canvas, nylon, open-weave rattan, or bamboo, they help keep your outdoor and indoor space livable during the few hours each day of greatest heat and sunlight. Then they can disappear to let you enjoy cool evening breezes. Follow these directions to hang your roll-up shades quickly and effectively.

    Step 1 Choose Where to Hang Your Roll-Up Shades

    You can hang roll-up outdoor shades from your porch roof between the support pillars, or on the outside of windows that overlook the porch or deck to keep your homes interior cooler.

    Step 2 Measure for the Correct Size

    Many outdoor shades come in standard sizes of 4 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet wide by 6 feet long. If these sizes are not suitable, check to see if the manufacturer will cut down a wider blind for you. Many manufacturers will happily custom-make a roll-up shade to your measurements for an extra charge. When measuring, get the full size around the outside of the window or roof beam. Write down the width first, then the length.

    Step 3 Ensure You Have the Necessary Hardware

    Step 4 Install the Support Hooks for the Roll-Up Shades

    Do I Need Approval Or A Builders Permit For A Sail Shade

    I am not aware of any state that requires a builder permit for a sail shade. However, some city councils and home owners associations do have restrictions. If this is a concern, you can either contact them for any restrictions. |On the few occasions that weve heard about this from the readers, the restrictions were around the size. Most sail shades designed for single family homes dont have any issues. |

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    How To Hang Outdoor Curtains

    Wondering how to hang your outdoor curtains with wire or how to hang outdoor curtains without drilling holes? There are definitely plenty of ways to get creative with mounting outdoor curtains. Youll have to start by assessing what structural elements are available to you in your yard.

    If you have a pergola, this may be obvious, but if you dont have any beam-like structures, youll have to be more imaginative. If you have a patio or pergola that has wood columns or posts and are wondering how to hang outdoor curtains for optimal design and protection, try a classic curtain rod. Be sure to choose an outdoor curtain rod with fade and rust-resistant features. You can simply drill these curtain rods into your patio structures to hang your curtains with ease.

    To avoid drilling, try a tension rod just make sure it can support the weight of your curtains.

    You can also use wire to hang some types of outdoor curtains. To hang your curtains with wire, youll need to get some steel wire rope, eye hooks and wall anchors. Before securing your curtains, youll run the wire through their grommets or panels. Then, use the wall anchors and eye hooks to secure the wire to opposing posts or structural beams on your patio. Be sure to pull the wire taught to prevent drooping.

    For additional tips on maximizing your outdoor space, follow us on or subscribe to our email list.

    Amazoncom : Flat 3x 8 Alumahooks By

    DIY: How to hang drop cloth curtains with cable ...

    Same with that workbench supply cable. A professional wouldnt think twice about drilling a few holes and clocking an extra hour, but winding up with all that wiring concealed and out of harms way. Sometimes, the wiring can be run along the top of the wall. 7 feet above the floor is not subject to damage as a general rule. That sparky is an. Free Standing Patio Cover Kit. Santa Fe Redwood Pergola Kit This is a stylish free standing pergola which will give a stunning look to your outdoor living space. The curvy roof design is so gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. The handmade pergola is professionally built to provide you a comfortable relaxing time For 100+ years, Dixieline has provided San Diego with high quality lumber, building materials, tools, kitchen and bath remodels, doors, windows and decking How to Hang Curtains on a Metal Patio Cover. A metal patio cover provides shade and some protection from the elements for you and your outdoor guests, but it offers little in the way of privacy or. To make planning your slide-on wire-hung canopy easier, we created a new Wire-Hung Canopy Fabric Calculator just for this project. By inputting the dimensions of your structure and the width of your fabric youll not only get a fabric rendering, but youll also get a breakdown of how to build your canopy and a complete, custom materials list based on your measurements

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    Do Know Your Style And Plan Accordingly

    I used to love a bold, patterned curtain but over the years Ive learned that my style really leans towards using simpler curtains and allowing other parts of the room to be the star.

    I like for my curtains to quietly layer into the space and feel like kind of a background character. You might prefer something that feels bold and exciting and thats fine! But if you try to go against your instincts and do something different because its trendy or someone else suggests it, youll be disappointed.

    When we were planning this project, I heard from some people who were so disappointed that we werent doing something with some pattern, other people who felt like it would look terrible if it was anything but white, and still other people who thought we should get a couple of different colors and change them out seasonally!

    The lesson here is that we all approach curtains differently, and thats fine! Just know yourself well enough to stay away from the patterned curtains if you actually prefer something plain.

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    How To Hang Outdoor Curtains With Wire

    Give your patio a fantastic look when you learn how to hang outdoor curtains with wire. It is one way to make your patio a lot more attractive, chic, and stylish while keeping cool on hot summer afternoons.

    Switch it up by using wires instead of regular curtain rods to hang your colorful drapery. Make your own peaceful oasis and keep your porch cool and lively with outdoor curtains. Some cables can even appear nearly invisible and give a mystical illusion of floating curtains.

    Mount your wire across any space, between two beams or post, and select a sturdy wire to support your curtains. If it seems pretty straightforward, thats because it is. Not to mention, the materials for this project are readily available at any local hardware store.

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    Apply The Hooks To The Wall

    Take one of your 3M Command hooks, take off the paper backing on the adhesive strips, and line the hook up on the wall using the pencil mark for guidance. Press it on the surface well, holding for at least 30 seconds, then let it be for at least a half hour. Repeat the same for the other side. Dont be in a rush. Leave the hooks on for longer to be safe.

    Instructions on the back of the packaging recommend sliding the hook up and off and then pressing the base firmly for 30 seconds. And then sliding the hook back on for use, to make sure youre applying enough pressure in the right spot.

    Image by HomeAdvisor/YouTube

    How To Choose The Best Outdoor Curtains

    Hang Curtains on a Lattice Alumawood patio with 3×8 Alumarod kit by

    Outdoor curtains will only enhance your outdoor space if they are constructed with high-quality, outdoor-rated materials. Typically, they are offered in a variety of fabrics, styles and hanging options, so its important to look for several key product features to ensure they will hold up to the elements and provide the patio experience youre after.

    Waterproof and weather-resistant materials. Polyester or Polyethylene-based fabrics are the best materials for outdoor curtains. Its even better if the fabric is infused or treated with solutions that prevent mold, mildew and rot.

    UV ratings. Look for curtains rated and designed to block UVA and UVB rays.

    Curtain size. Look for curtains that hang a few inches off the ground, so they dont drag and become dirty.

    Curtains with quality features will make the difference in creating a beachy, breezy atmosphere. Learning how to hang outdoor curtains with various methods will also be helpful in making your patio dreamy and elegant.

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    What Can I Use If I Dont Have A Curtain Rod

    Install cabinet knobs above a window to create a casual substitute for a formal rod. This rod-less solution is perfect for hanging tab-top or tie-top curtains. Take note of the space between each tab or tie. Use a level on the wall at the top of your window to mark where each knob will be installed.

    Question: How To Hang Outdoor Curtains For Patio

    To hang your curtains with wire, youll need to get some steel wire rope, eye hooks and wall anchors. Before securing your curtains, youll run the wire through their grommets or panels. Then, use the wall anchors and eye hooks to secure the wire to opposing posts or structural beams on your patio.

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    There Is A Lingering Question: What Fabric Is Best For Outdoor Curtains

    What fabric is best to use cotton or synthetic?

    I say each has its place.

  • The cotton drop cloth is a heavy duty material, meant to take abuse. It holds up amazingly and you can dye to your liking.The drawback is that it doesnt dry quickly after rainstorms.
  • Synthetic is lightweight and dries quickly when wet. It is also fade and mold resistant.The drawback is they will blow furiously in the slightest wind.
  • Having already tried the drop cloth look, we switched to the fade resistant lightweight material.

    Can You Attach A Sail Shade To A Cinder Block Or Brick Wall

    DIY: How to hang drop cloth curtains with cable ...

    Yes, brick walls make a great anchor point for sail shades and awnings, but you will want to mount the bracket to the mortar between the bricks. Also, when using screws its imperative that you use countersinks for the screws. If you just put screws into the mortar, it will eventually crumble around the entrance hole and just pull out.

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    Hanging Outdoor Curtains Without Curtain Rods

    Drapery rods are an easy, simple solution for mounting outdoor curtains around your deck or patio area. However, some exterior spaces dont have the kind of structure that supports rod installation. If this is the case for your patio, consider using heavy-gauge exterior steel wire rope to mount your draperies.

    Eye hooks and wall anchors can be used to secure one end of the wire to a nearby structure, post, beam or the exterior of your home. Run the other side of the steel wire through the grommets or tab top on each drapery panel you want to hang before mounting the other side with additional eye hooks and wall anchors.

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