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How To Install Patio Sails

How Do I Tension A Sail Shade

How to install a Coolaroo Shade Sail

A properly installed sail shade is very easy to setup. The reputable manufacturers will include turnbuckles that can simply be tightened with a screwdriver. You simply need to place the screwdriver in the middle of the turnbuckle so that the entire piece rotates. Some of the cheaper brands of sail shades dont have these and simply attach directly to the hook. If this what you have, wed suggest buying a turnbuckle for each attachment. You can get a full installation set that includes 4 turnbuckles for less than $14 on Amazon. |

How Many Shades Will You Need For Your Porch Or Patio

Some homeowners forget that size matters, especially if you intend to give shade to an outside area of your home. Big is not always better. However, a smaller shade may not be able to protect the items in your area of relaxation. So the question remains how large is your porch or patio? You first need to know the size before you make your purchase.

Do I Need To Go To Council

If you install a shade that is less than 20m2 in size, less than 3m in height, and doesn’tt extend beyond your homes facade, then you should be able to install it without council approval. If you want to build a shade outside these guidelines then you will need to go to council, and youll probably need engineering too.

Council exempt rules:

  • Shade must be less than 20m2 in area
  • Less than 3m maximum height
  • Behind your homes facade

These rules vary between states and councils, so be sure to check with your local representative first. Youll find most councils as quite happy to talk about options if you approach them in a friendly manner. If you would like to contact Shadeform for further help in this area, our team of designers and drafters have experience working with government personal and can streamline your building process.

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Shade Sail Installation Guide: How To Install A Shade Sail

This shade sail installation guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to install a shade sail. Easy to install, and cheap to buy, shade sails are the modern-day answer to protection from harmful UV rays from the sun in the outdoor areas of our homes and gardens.

The devices have been created based on the same technology as a ships sail hence the name. They have a flexible membrane thats tightened between several fixing points.

If youve not already noticed them everywhere, chances are after reading this article, youll see them everywhere you look particularly in popular outdoor areas like parks and playgrounds.


  • How to care for and maintain your shade sail
  • Covered Patio Idea For A Desert Home

    Pin on Sail Shade Installation

    While its nice to soak up some sun, take cover from intense rays with a triangular canopy. Secure enough to handle winy days, the shade sail is stretched between three metal poles, two of which are an integral part of the structure of the house. Having the patio mostly covered makes it a comfortable place to workout or to relax. Matching the color of the sail to one of the entry doors gives this setup a casual flair.

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    How To Make Shade Sails

    The latest trend in shade! Shade sails are beautiful, structural awnings that look like a work of art and provide excellent shade for your patio, pool area or other outdoor living space. Build your own DIY shade sail with the help of our video tutorial. Creating your own sail lets you customize the design to provide the most shade for your space. It also allows you to select the best quality materials so you know that your shade sail will last season after season.

    When building a shade sail, youll need to carefully plan out the project before you begin. Decide what shape of shade youd like to make and how many panels youll use. Laying out lengths of rope in the exact size and shape of your desired shade can be very helpful so you can see exactly how the shades will fit in the space.

    Next, think through where your shade will be hung. Will it attach to your home, posts installed for support, a tree, or a combination? Its very important to be sure that all of your attachment points will be able to stand up to the stress of a tensioned shade and that they are all structurally sound. If youre unsure, we recommend consulting a structural engineer. Additionally, dont forget to check with local authorities for any relevant building codes or permits that might be required for your shade sail.

    Our 6 x 6 posts being installed

    Bill traces shape for the hollow into the shade sail

    Watch our in-depth how-to video to learn step-by-step how to create your own custom shade sail.

    Form A Shaded Area Over A Large Patio

    Create a much-needed shade for a large patio. It might look complex, but the design is stunning in its simple goal to provide the most coverage to a large outdoor area. Three triangular sails installed side by side are supported by five wood posts. Forming a shaded area over the patio means you can sit outside any time of the day and enjoy your backyard even if the sun shines too brightly.

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    Shade Sail Ideas For Covered Patio Solutions

    11-07-20Joe HatsDesign

    Ever thought about how other people attach their shade sails or how inventive they get when having their sails installed? Heres your chance to see how practical and versatile sails are. See them in action and get ideas and inspiration for your own creative shade solutions.

    In Californias hot season, you cannot stand outside without having a canvas stretching overhead. In other states, they find good use for them too. Using a shade sail is the least expensive option to create a covered deck or patio.

    Mixing The Concrete For The Shade Sail Posts

    How to Install Shade Sails | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

    I worked with concrete to erect our rebuilt mailbox last year, so I was confident in my concreting skills.

    Instead of just 60 lbs of concrete used for that mailbox though, Id be using 320 lbs for this.

    I started with just 2 bags at a time in my wheelbarrow.

    I kept adding in more and more water with my hose, mixing each time with my square head shovel, until I got a slightly runny consistency that I liked.

    Then, I made sure to give the concrete a thorough mixing. I didnt want any unmixed powder pouring down the shade sail post holes and creating weak spots.

    Heres a picture of the concrete being mixed in the wheelbarrow.

    Notice one of the wooden 6 x 6 posts in the background with the temporary support strips keeping it in place:

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    How To Care For And Maintain Your Shade Sail

    Shade sails may be easy to install and maintain, but there are still certain care guidelines to follow.

    Once youve got your shade sail up, its important to take good care of it, so it lives its longest life.

    • Take your shade sail down in the winter months. The snow, cold, and frost are not particularly good for the contraption, and can rust the hardware too.
    • Clean your shade sail once a year or so. Use a mild detergent and a soft scrub brush for the job. Ensure the mild detergent is free from acidic chemicals , which can weaken the fabric. Let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing. It can take around 3 to 4 hours to properly clean a shade sail .
    • You can use a power sprayer to clean your shade sail, too. Just dont get too close or hose it too aggressively. Spray on a flat, clean surface, and clean the shade sail in sections. Do not use a hose or power sprayer on your shade sail if its made from vinyl, which could damage it over time.
    • Never put your shade sail in the washing machine, dryer, or scrub it with a stiff brush or the like.
    • Allow your shade sail to fully dry once its cleaned particularly if its before storing it away for the winter, when it can grow mold spores if still damp. A large shade sail can take up to 12 hours to dry.
    • Always check your shade sail and its hardware after a storm to check if anything has come loose.
    • Keep your stainless steel turnbuckles properly lubricated. This will avoid you having to replace them every so often.

    Create A Covered Deck With Four Rectangular Shade Sails

    We love this design idea. This backyard deck uses four rectangular shade sails anchored to custom posts, creating a covered deck without the expense of more permanent options. They also provide a comfortable relaxing space safe from the hot summer sun. They are positioned horizontally and tightly secured to reduce movement by the wind. These sails are deceptively simple in design but are attached in such a way that they create maximum visual impact.

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    Finish Hooking Up Shade Sail And Tension

    Examine the mounting kit youve chosen, and fasten the required bolts to the sail shade pole or other structural elements. Be sure all points are secure and are ready to support the weight of the sail.

    Finally, attach each vertex of the shade sail to each of the mounting points. Your patio sail is up! Adjust the tension of the sail so that it is pulled as tightly as appropriate. There should be no visible wrinkles, and the shade should have a smooth, finished look and should not billow significantly in the wind. Be sure not to over-tension so as to pull out mounting brackets, or rip the fabric of the sail, or of the mounting grommets.

    We hope that you have got some inspiration from these sun shade sail installation ideas, and now have some sense as to how you might set up a shade sail on your property.

    How To Properly Install A Shade Sail

    Outdoor Sun Shade Sail Courtyard : The Creative Room ...

    When it’s hot outside and you want to barbecue, it’s nice to have some shade. If your deck or outdoor area is lacking in overhead protection, one way to get it is to install a shade sail. This relatively inexpensive option does take some basic tools, but within an afternoon you should be able to enjoy a new, shady spot in your back yard.


    Measure the area you want to cover in feet and inches, and then use a ruler to make a scale sketch of the area on a piece of graph paper. Use the squares in the paper’s gridded pattern to represent the space in your area; 1 square on the paper equals 1 foot.


    Inspect the area for nearby eaves or building studs, posts, poles or other materials to which you may be able to attach a sail fastener, such as an eye bolt or bracket. The ideal sail size will be one that will cover the area you want to cover but also leave about 12 to 18 inches of space around its edges, to account for the space its ropes will occupy. If such supports exist, add them to your scale drawing. If one part of the yard doesn’t have anything to which you can attach a sturdy bolt, you’ll need to build something appropriate in that location.


    Sketch 3-point or 4-point sails on a separate piece of paper, cut them out and place them on top of your drawing to see how different sails will work in your space. Find common sail layouts on sites such as or








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    Pros And Cons Of Shade Sails

    Before purchasing a shade sail, consider their benefits and weaknesses.


    • Versatility. Shade sails can work almost anywhere, thanks to numerous mounting options and shapes.
    • The breathable fabric allows cool breezes to flow through the shade, helping lower the temperature beneath, sometimes by as much as 15 to 20 degrees F.
    • UV and some rain protection .
    • More affordable than a shade structure.


    • Installation can be tricky for the average DIYer.
    • The shade sail itself may be affordable, but if you need to install mounting posts and hire a pro to it, the price can go up substantially.
    • A shade sail will probably last about eight to 10 years. However, that can increase or decrease dramatically depending on the weather in your area. If the shade is often subject to high winds, it might deteriorate faster. Some shade sails can handle snow loads, but the snow might make the fabric stretch and deteriorate over time. In snowy climates, most manufacturers recommend taking your shade sail down for the winter months.
    • Shade sails cannot be installed over an outdoor cooking area. Heat and chemicals in the fumes can damage the fabric.

    Can You Use Your Neighbor Tree To Attach The Sail

    Is;traditional pergola or gazebo not;an option for your backyard? But a sun shade sail doesnt appear to be the answer either. Dont be discouraged in finding the perfect shade solution. This unusual installation attaches the triangular canopy to the garage roof on one end, the house on another, and the neighbors tree on the third.

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    Do I Need Approval Or A Builders Permit For A Sail Shade

    I am not aware of any state that requires a builder permit for a sail shade. However, some city councils and home owners associations do have restrictions. If this is a concern, you can either contact them for any restrictions. |On the few occasions that weve heard about this from the readers, the restrictions were around the size. Most sail shades designed for single family homes dont have any issues. |

    All About Shade Sails


    Buy your sun shade sails to cover the area you intend. There are many brands, shapes and sizes. Be careful you dont purchase ones made of cheap materials, unless you only expect them to last one season. We bought a;Coolaroo shade sail from Wayfair. If they are out of stock, you can check as well. We researched this a lot and bought Coolaroo because they have the best quality UV resistant fabric. We really didnt want these to be a short lived solution.;;Make sure you buy the Coolaroo sets that come with hardware kits. Also, the shade sails called party shades tend to be cheaper, but we are betting they dont last very long either.

    These Coolaroos have lasted us three seasons so far, without fading. They came with all the hardware to hang, though you can buy an extra hardware kit if you need it. You should have mounting brackets and turnbuckles, which tighten to adjust. We preferred to layer several triangle shade sails, but if you prefer, they come in squares and rectangles too. If I didnt have Steve to think through the triangle thing, I would have gone with a rectangle. Sounds simpler, but not as cool!

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    Determine The Solar Orientation Of The Space

    What is the solar orientation of the area the shade sail will cover, and will the shade sail be positioned correctly to shade the area during the appropriate time of day?

    If youre primarily using the yard at noon when the sun is directly overhead, then this is easy: the sail goes directly above the sitting area. If youre using it late in the afternoon or in the morning, consider the effect the suns position will have on the area you wish to shade.

    Depending on your location, the time of year, and the height of the patio shade sail, the area you want shaded may not be where you plan to put your patio sail! So be sure youve got the patio shade sail in the right location.

    One great strategy is to pull up your address on ;and take a look at its solar positioning. Using Google Earth, you can virtually see how shadow and light impacts your property, and you can get a satellites eye view of where everything goes at different times of day, and different times of the year.

    Distances And Positioning Of The Anchors From The Corners Of The Sail

    Understanding the distances between the anchor and the edge of the sail is very simple!!

    We recommend laying the sail on the ground to find the correct point of the anchors, which will be found respecting the continuation of the diagonals

    This expedient will allow us to tension the fabric correctly and obtain an optimal aesthetic result.

    It is recommended to use plates proportionate to the size of the covers which will then be positioned, to avoid any safety inconvenience.

    In addition to the size of our cover, it must be provided from a minimum of 35cm to a maximum of 100cm of distance between the flap ring and the anchor plate. This will allow positioning of the tensioning accessories .

    The correct positioning of the anchors is the point given by the continuation of the diagonals

    Provide from a minimum of 35cm to a maximum of 100cm between the corner of the sail and the anchor plate

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    Create Shade Poolside To Cool Down After The Swim

    A versatile and aesthetic way to make the most of a poolside area, a tightly stretched canvas creates a practical place to cool down in front of a sunny pool. When it comes to relaxing after a swim its important to have an outdoor space that works for you. The canopy increases the amount of sun protection while maintaining the view. The two overlapping canvases generate visual interest while adding another focal point.


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