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How To Keep Birds Off My Patio

Tips On How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck Porch Patio And Pool

Birds are lovely creatures, and they’re an important part of nature’s ecosystem. However, the droppings they leave behind are certainly not pleasant. Not many of us have time to fully pressure wash our deck and patio before spending time outside on a nice day. And if you’re a pool owner, you don’t need me to tell you that seeing bird droppings float on by as you’re swimming is unsavory.

If you’re wondering how to keep your outdoor spaces clean, check out these 12 tips for keeping birds from pooping on your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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How To Get Rid Of Birds Pooping On Patio Or Deck: We Got A Few Ways

Cole Trahan

To get rid of birds pooping on patio or deck, repel them with shiny, moving things. Hang mirrors, old CDs, metallic streamers, or metal windchimes. As they blow in the wind, birds will feel apprehensive. Also, make your yard less welcoming by not leaving out food or water.

Are you tired of cleaning bird droppings off your patio or deck? Are you wondering how to keep birds away? Fortunately, there are many methods to choose from.

In this article, I’ll explain how to get rid of birds pooping on patio or deck.


Before putting up deterrents, try removing the things that attract birds to your yard.

What Are The Effective Methods To Deter Birds Away From Your Porch

The most effective methods to get rid of birds from your property are visual, sound, and tactile repellents. Birds act persistent and relentless when they travel as a flock, setting up their territory, so removing a place’s bird species requires time, effort, and patience.

Furthermore, you have to implement different types of deterrence techniques to get rid of the bird species. You can even combine various deterrent methods to scare birds that want to settle down on your decks.

Implementing one method may not be productive as incorporating different types of procedures. Always switch your technique of deterring birds each week or two so that birds don’t get friendly to the environment.  

Before using methods, make sure your surroundings don’t have any reasons that birds enjoy and regularly visit. Keep your yards away from things that entertain and encourage birds to visit often – like birdbaths, feeder, garbage, and other objects. This way, birds will not trash your backyard.  

Visual Deterrents

The two main visual deterrent types used to get rid of birds that have settled down on your porch are,

-Reflective things that reflect light and 

-Objects that resemble predators. 

Implementing visual repellents on your property is the same as keeping scarecrows in your crop field.

Three Ways To Keep Birds Away From The Patio Porch And Deck

aviancntrlBird TipsNewsResidentialThree Ways to Keep Birds Away From the Patio, Porch and Deck

The sound of chirping birds is a telltale sign of summer days. It’s the background to family barbecues, late night bonfires, all day pool parties and early morning coffees in the garden. While the singing can trigger sunny memories, if these birds take claim to your patio, the summer nostalgia can quickly wear off. Waking up to morning chirping and constantly cleaning up bird droppings can change your feelings on these feathered friends.

To keep your home clean and quiet—and to maintain your appreciation for these creatures—we recommend trying some of these simple tricks to keep birds away from your patio, porch or deck.

Genius Ways To Keep Birds Off From Nesting On Your Porch

SunCatcher to keep birds off patio.

Sarah Walker

No doubt, one of the beauties of our world is birds taking flight or nesting. We go as far as watching birds just to catch a glimpse of this beauty. If you think this is a joke, consider the over 500 chapters of the National Audubon Society in North America. 

Unfortunately, regardless of their immense beauty, birds are sometimes unwanted entities. This occurs in cases where they can result in damage to properties or homes. One such case is where they nest on your porch.

In such cases, they can block the ventilation system of your home. Their nests are also flammable, constituting a fire risk. Even worse, their droppings can cause various diseases. And we haven’t considered the smell that can come from them. As such, you need to keep birds from nesting on your porch.

So, are you wondering how to get this done? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you 11 amazing ways to keep birds from nesting on your porch. Are you ready?

Dive in!

Get Rid Of Birds Pooping On A Patio With Shiny Materials

A relatively easy solution, you can keep birds off of your patio simply by hanging a few strips of shiny party streamers, or even aluminum foil on your patio. These shiny, hanging objects will most likely hit their eyes due to the reflection of the light. Birds are generally easy to scare, and this light is not something they would be a fan of. This solution should keep the birds and bird poop off your patio.

American Dj Mega Flash Dmx 800 Watt Compact Strobe Light

If you want to know how to scare birds away and if you are looking for something unique as a solution to deter birds from your area, then you need to use the by American DJ. 

It’s extremely compact in construction and won’t take much space. 

With the dimming control, you can brighten the light up as much as you want to deter birds and their audio output as well, so the birds will get the visual and the audio deterrence from this device. 

You can also adjust the strobing rate on the 21 lights that are there on this deterrent. 

These lights also come with high-quality cables that are very effective in signal transfer. 

No matter how extreme the weather is in your area, these lights will continue to perform as they should. 

Strobo lights are extremely effective against all kinds of birds as well as animals.

  • Highly effective against all birds and animal species
  • Powerful cables for outdoor use
  • Super simple to adjust

What we didn’t like

  • Most effective during night time

Homescape Creations Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods

Here’s another one of those bird repellents that work relying on the concept that birds don’t like shiny objects. 

are very easy to use and you just need to hang them using a string. 

If you use those pinwheels in conjunction with these spirals, then it will work seamlessly. 

Each spiral of this bird blinder is 15-inch long and they shine more prominently. 

There are multiple angles of reflection and with the wind, these will make sure that no feathered creatures stay in your yard for long. If you don’t want to use those discs or tapes, then you can use these for sure. 

These spirals will allow you to protect your assets and those flowers and fruits will remain untouched by any pesky birds. 

This is a very humane solution and there is nothing toxic about it. Therefore you can comfortably use it anywhere you like.

  • Very effective for different types of birds
  • Easy to install
  • Works well with pinwheel bird deterrent 
  • Aesthetically very intriguing
  • Good ornamental for your space
  • Better than other shiny bird deterrents
  • 15-inch size

What we didn’t like

  • Not for extreme weather
  • Doesn’t cover much space

How To Keep Birds Away From Patios Decks And Balconies


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featured photo: katie_mccolgan | CC 2.0


There are many reasons why you may want to keep birds away rather than attract them. In this article we won’t talk about what happens at the bird feeder, but what happens around it. Your front steps, pool, deck, balcony, gazebo…these are all areas that you may not be thrilled to have excess bird activity.

Melnor Jet Spray Motion Sensor Water Sprinkler Repller

The is an excellent option for you to work as the best bird repellent. It is highly effective as an animal repellent as well. 

There is nothing problematic associated with its installation and use. 

Make sure that you attach a solar panel with it to conserve its battery life and allow it to run longer. 

During the night time, the battery power starts operating and your bird deterrent system will never drop its guard. 

It is one of the best bird control products that money can buy. This bird deterrent is highly effective against other small animals as well. For example, it will keep groundhogs away as well. 

The motion sensor on this deterrent is very sensitive and it works pretty well to turn on the sprinkler. The controls are very easy to manage. Therefore, you can set the detection and the throw of the sprinkler according to your requirements. 

Each of these bird scaring devices comes with very sturdy bird repellent spikes. Hence, the installation process is totally hassle-free, as well. The sparks are sharp enough for you to fix them in hard soil comfortably.

  • Features a solar panel to conserve energy
  • 24/7 operation
  • Deters birds and small animals
  • Features jet spray as well as a clicking noise
  • Works in hard soil

What we didn’t like

  • Not for extreme climates
  • Motion sensor has a small range

The Clever Hack To Stop Birds From Dirtying Your Deck

Starts at 60 WritersOct 03, 2016

If you’ve got a deck or patio, no doubt you’ll know the frustration of cleaning up bird poop.

While it’s nice to have birds visiting, the mess can be a bit too much for most of us.

No doubt you’ve heard or tried all the ways to keep the birds at bay.

From buying a plastic owl to laying out plastic, toy snakes to scare the birds away.

But treading on a toy snake or freaking yourself out with a plastic owl can be a nuisance.

You could try hanging CDs around your deck – but that might not blend well with the style of your home.

So what should you do?

There is a clever life back that won’t scare you or change the appearance of your home.

All you need is fishing line. That’s right, fishing line is the clever life hack to keep birds from dirtying your deck.

Before you worry about the bird’s safety, you should know that it won’t hurt them at all.

You might be wondering how it works?

Well, it’s easy.

Most of the mess being caused by birds is due to them landing or perching on your guard rail.

To stop this, all you need to do is run fishing line as a tightwire two inches above the rail.

The birds can’t balance on the tightwire, so they’ll have no where to perch on your deck.

Simply run the the fishing line two inches above the rail, tying the end of the line to a post or wall to make it nice and tight.

This hack is cleverly used by many restaurants to keep birds such as seagulls out of their outdoor dining areas.

Why not give it a go yourself?

Commercial Products To Keep Birds Pooping Off Patios

Birds are can be very persistent creatures, and sometimes all our home remedies just fail in keeping them off our patios. Sometimes bird poop can be very difficult to clean if it has dried up and been left for too long. So maybe the best solution is never to let them do their business on your patio. These products can be just what to need to help you keep birds off your patio for good.

How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Deck 12 Methods

How I keep birds off of my porch: Chicken wire is a ...

Beginner InfoJonathan Holmes

There is nothing more disgusting than stepping into bird poop on your deck.  Yes, birds are lovely animals and they are an important part of the ecosystem, but what they leave behind is not pleasant.  

On a nice day, you do not want to have to pressure wash your deck before you use it because of bird poop.  There are many ways in which you can help avoid bird poop on your deck.  In this article, we will share these ways with you.

What Can I Do To Keep Them From Nesting On My Porch

All the above measures keep birds from hanging out on your deck railings and will hopefully translate to keeping them from building nests. But, if you’ve had nests in the past or want to prevent nests in the future, you’ll need to take more preventative action. Remember, for many birds—like songbirds—it’s illegal to destroy active nests. Once they’ve made their home, you can’t touch it So proactive prevention is key!

1 – Remove potential nesting sites

If there are any holes or crevices, patch them up or stuff them so no birds can enter. No matter how big or small they are, get them all covered. It doesn’t take much space for a bird to build a nest or weasel their way in. There are copper mesh balls specifically made to stuff holes for the purpose of blocking out birds.

2 – Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a great way to keep birds from building nests where you don’t want them. They are also known as an anti-roosting spike or roost modification. They are essentially strips of spikes that are several inches wide and many feet long that prevent a bird from landing or nesting. There’s many different styles, some that are low profile and others that are a bit more intense. You can modify the length to fit whatever you’re putting them on, whether it’s deck railing or the top of light fixtures. 

3 – Bird netting

And Remember…

12 Hacks To Stop Birds From Pestering Your Porch. . Retrieved 2020, from 

Keep Your Garden And Yard Free Of Debris And Bushes

Both crawling and flying insects can be found around thick, overgrown bushes and piles of junk. And guess what eats insects? Birds!

Having a hiding place for insects only means you are keeping a food source in your yard for birds.

On the other clearing out the debris and overgrown bushes means you are removing the food source, hence making your yard more unappealing to the unwanted birds.

Besides being a food source, overgrown bushes and branches are perfect nesting areas for birds, as they provide the much needed for the mother bird.

Keeping your trees well pruned will open up the spaces in the trees and they will be unsuitable for the birds to nest. Grass clippings also make good building materials for nests, so clearing them away will also help.

Use A Safe & Effective Professional Bird Repellent

If you don’t feel like spending your summer days experimenting with various, possibly ineffective tricks and would rather spend those precious moments enjoying the extra warmth and sunshine, consider using professional bird repellent that offers virtually instantaneous results.

At Avian Enterprises, we’ve developed the perfect formula that effectively drives away a wide-variety of nuisance birds without causing any harm to them, you or your family. Treatment options include:

  • Avian Fog Force® TR, a time release aerosol system that targets a variety of common flocking birds.
  • Avian Control® liquid spray or fog treatment designed to deter robins, crows, pigeons and other variety of birds.
  • Avian Migrate® liquid spray treatment that is specialized for migratory birds such as Geese, Mute Swans, Coots and other small birds.

Don’t spend your summer chasing birds. Explore Avian’s bird repellent products and get back to what really matters.

Etsitta 17 Inch Realistic Hanging Dead Crows Decoy

A lifelike really works well and it has been a traditional way to scare off other birds as well. 

If you are done with dealing with new kinds of bird deterrents and want a good old fashioned device to work like a charm, then there is nothing better than this 17-inch dead crow. 

And when we say it’s life-like, the dead thing is truly close to a real crow. 

The feathers and all other minor details on this thing are very real. 

It means that this decoy is going to work very well. Make sure that you don’t leave your dead decoy outside for too long, or other crows or birds will find out that it’s fake.

The materials used in the construction of this decoy are all of the high quality. It also comes with a couple of ropes and you can use them to hang it in any direction you want. 

You will find this decoy very useful and will notice its aftermath pretty much instantly.

  • Very effective to deter crows and other birds 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Hang it anywhere you want
  • Comes with a couple of ropes too
  • Very effective against crows

What we didn’t like

  • Need to keep changing the position
  • Works well with other bird deterrent techniques

Effective Methods To Keep Birds Off Of Your Porch

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. In addition, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

While birds might be beautiful to look at and listen to from a distance, they can become extremely problematic when they decide to make their homes near your porch, deck, or patio.

When this happens, you can be in for a world of noise, cleaning up after the birds, and even having some of the more aggressive birds peck at you. Thankfully, there are several different ways that you can go about deterring birds from your property.

There are essentially three different kinds of deterrents that you can use. Some people even combine different types of deterrents together to try and make it less likely that birds will want to settle down on their porches, decks, or patios.

Keep in mind that you should switch your method of deterring birds every few weeks so that they don’t get used to the surroundings. The main methods of deterring birds are going to be visual, auditory, and tactile.

First things first, you are going to want to make sure that the birds don’t have any reason to come to your property in the first place. This includes getting rid of any bird baths, feeders, and other things that birds might enjoy using.

Zovenchi Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repeller

The is equally effective against small and domestic animals. 

It runs on solar power and comes with a motion sensor that is very sensitive. 

The entire system is very effective and it is meant for the outdoors because it resists water. 

The deterrent is effective in gardens, yards, and farms, and it is highly effective against pest birds. 

Besides pest birds, it is equally effective against other small animals, including the likes of skunks, rods, foxes, and even cats and dogs. 

Make sure that your pet cats and dogs are away from this deterrent because it will feel very agitated by the deterrent. This deterrent is extremely effective because it emits ultrasonic sounds to get rid of the animals. 

This bird deterrent sound comes from an infrared motion sensor that is present inside this deterrent. The sensor will activate as soon as a nasty critter enters the unwanted range.

What we didn’t like

  • Better suited for places that see more sun
  • Not the most effective during season

Method 3 Of 3:removing Other Reasons For Staying

  • 1Clear out any nesting areas present around your roof. Often, birds stay in a specific area because they’ve created a nest there. This may be a traditional nest, formed by a bird out of twigs, mud, and other objects, or a nesting area they visit for warmth and shelter. To get a bird to leave, you’ll need to find its nest and either remove it or block the area from reentry.XResearch source
  • Before removing a nest, check any local or national animal conservation laws. For example, in the US it is illegal to disturb a nest that has chicks or eggs in it.
  • 2Remove intended and unintended food sources causing the birds to stay. In many cases, birds stay in a specific area because it gives them ample access to food. The source may be intentional, such as when people give pigeons leftover bread, or unintentional, like when you throw away crumbs outside or leave your garbage can open. Until you remove these sources of food, the fowls may refuse to leave.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • 3Spray nearby plants with methyl anthranilate to keep birds away. Methyl anthranilate is an eco-friendly product that, when applied to plants, makes them taste and smell bad to birds. To use the product, purchase a solution from a pest control or garden supply store and, if necessary, pour it into a spritzing bottle. Then, spray it over your plants.XResearch source
  • Choosing The Best Bird Spikes For Your Property

    How To Stop Birds Landing On My Balcony

    As you can probably imagine, bird spikes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You will want to do some observing to see what kinds of birds are perching on your property before you purchase the bird spikes, simply so that you can get a good idea of what you are going to need.

    Typically, you are going to want to choose the narrowest set of spikes for the majority of birds that land on your property. The narrower the spikes, the less space there is for the birds to perch and nest there.

    Before you purchase the spikes, you will want to measure out all the areas where you are going to be putting them. After all, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing the right amount of bird spikes.

    You can always break the bottom of the spikes if you don’t have enough room for some of them, although it is going to be best for you to get as close to the amount of space as possible.

    Next, you are going to want to search for a glue that will work well for your situation. Generally, you are going to want to aim for clear epoxy glue as this can stand up to a number of weather conditions that your porch endures.

    To administer the glue, you are going to want to find a caulk gun as well. Both of these items can be found at just about any hardware store and are pretty universal.

    On the other hand, if you don’t want such a permanent method of attaching bird spikes to your property, you can consider screwing the bird spikes to your porch, patio, or deck if you are able to.

    Remove Any Materials That Can Be Used As A Nest

    One reason why birds keep flocking on your porch is the presence of materials they use for nest building. Remove dried leaves, twigs, and anything that can be possibly used as a building block of a nesting place. The birds may not intentionally plan to poo on your porch, but it happened otherwise. Try keeping your porch clean of the dried leaves and see if it will have a difference.

    Another thing you should check is if your yard tree branches extend near your house’s structure. If yes, chances are this is the reason why the birds keep hanging out on your porch and leaving some unsightly souvenirs. Trim these parts and let the direct light shine into your porch if possible. This will remove the dropping smell after some days as ways to get rid of birds on the porch.

    If there’s already a nest on your porch, try calling a wildlife remover to expertly relocate the birds.

    Hang Shiny & Reflective Things Around The Porch

    Homeowners with lots of cats and dogs can’t really use ultrasonic devices like the one we’ve mentioned above and have to look for other methods. They have to try to solve the problem in a different, less harmful way. And one of the best harmless methods that you can use to scare the birds and keep them away from your house is by hanging reflective, shiny things, such as small mirrors, around your porch.

    One of the best deterrents of this type on the market is the  made by Homescape Creations. This is one of those deterrents that consist of simple spiraling rods that, when hanged somewhere around the porch, do not ruin its overall appearance. In fact, they often add a decorative effect.

    The rods keep the birds from landing and ruining your porch furniture by light reflections – the frequent sparkles are guaranteed to disorient the birds. These simple, reflective deterrents can be particularly frightening for the birds when they’re moving in a spiraling motion. Obviously, this item works best when you hang it right there on your doorway and when you pair it with wind chimes.

    Britenway Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape

    As we mentioned that shiny objects tend to scare the birds away, so here is another option that you can consider. 

    makes it very difficult for the pest birds to land in your area. 

    And one role contains more than 350 square feet of shiny ribbon. So there is plenty of ammunition to use here, so to speak!

    The shiny ribbon is extremely effective against birds like woodpeckers, herons, geese, pigeons, grackles, blackbirds, crows, and so many others. 

    The bird tape is extremely sturdy and strong and it is highly effective in various areas. nYou will see the results as soon as you apply this bird repellent tape in your area. 

    As it is just a bird reflective tape; therefore, there is nothing too complicated associated with it when installing or using it. 

    Just stick it like a regular tape and you’re done. It is an extremely environmentally and wildlife-friendly product too.

    • Stick it anywhere you like
    • Use it indoor and outdoor
    • Wildlife and environmentally friendly
    • Stays in place for long
    • You can also hang it wherever you want
    • On rill covers good ground

    What we didn’t like

    • Not made for large area and fields
    • Rain can damage the tape
    • Better to use with other deterrents

    How To Keep Birds Off My Pergola And Furniture

    Birds are often fun to watch. In fact, it is even a favorite pastime for many. But, at home, most people prefer to view birds at a distance. When birds decide to hang out by your patio or pergola, they can become a nuisance. Birds can be pretty, but they can also be noisy, messy, and aggressive. Depending on the local birds, there are different ways to keep them away from your pergola, patio, and outdoor furniture. It also helps to switch up the methods to make sure they do not get used to one deterrent.

    Watch Out For What Colors Youre Using Outside

    Most folks are unaware that certain colors will attract birds. If you have any visible tapestries, rugs, or outdoor decorations with these particular colors, you may actually be drawing birds directly to your door. This is clearly the opposite of what you want to do to keep birds from pooping on your patio!

    Hacks To Stop Birds From Pestering Your Porch


    Pigeons, crows, sparrows, and other birds welcoming you on your porch isn’t a warm greeting. Instead, it will give you headaches due to the smelly droppings and pecking that your porch has endured. And for sure, this situation of your porch isn’t inviting for your future guests. You have to do something and find ways to get rid of birds on the porch before it affects your household and social interaction.

    This might sound a bit too much, but birds flocking to your porch sets the image to what your house is from the inside. Remember the trite saying, “first impression lasts”? This is true to some extent because your porch is the first part of your house that people will step into. If it reeks of droppings, it would be an unsightly welcome.

    But fret not if you’re one of the victims of the notorious bird nesting, dropping, and pecking. There are easy hacks that you can do to send the fowls away. Here are some that you can try at the soonest possible time:

    How To Keep Birds Off Of Your Patio Furniture

    Believe it or not, there are many different solutions for how to keep birds off of your patio furniture. Perhaps you have already tried to put up a scarecrow on your patio, but you know what? A scarecrow is much more likely to scare your guests than to scare any birds away. So, how do you keep birds off of your patio furniture?

    Well, these days, there are many innovative ways to keep birds off of your patio furniture… ways that are a bit more high tech and much more effective than the classic scarecrow. One such solution is a magnet. A magnet that can keep birds off of your patio furniture?! Now, the idea may sound a bit odd, but it really works.

    You can buy a powerful magnet whose main purpose is to keep birds away from your patio . How does such a tool work? Well, it disrupts the birds’ means of sensing direction, and they will therefore stay away from the 15-20 foot radius that such a magnet might cover. Birds cannot adjust to the effect of such a magnet. Of course, if you are going to use one of these devices to keep birds off of your patio furniture, be sure to keep your computer, pacemakers, or other magnetically coded devices away from it.

    There are also more modern takes on the scare crow to keep birds off of your patio furniture. Birds really are afraid and nervous around things that remind them of a predator bird, and also sometimes bright colors and bold designs. Pick up some of these items at your local gardening store.

    How To Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Patio

    How to keep birds off my porch?


    If you leave something outside for long enough, a bird will poop on it. This is an indisputable fact of nature. And let’s be honest: this seems to be doubly true for patios. However, there are steps you can take to reduce how often this kind of disaster happens.

    So gather around folks, and let the Captain tell you about how to keep birds from pooping on your patio. Summer is too short to spend it cleaning avian messes from your outdoor space!


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