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Can A Patio Umbrella Be Used At The Beach

Dont Skimp On Commercial Beach Umbrellas They Play A Huge Part In The Resort Experience

Commercial beach umbrellas are a key part of the guest experience

In the old days in China, the wealth of a person was measured by how many people carried their umbrella. Some umbrellas reportedly required the muscle power of 24 people. That’s rich. When it comes to a resort or park treating their guests like royalty, you also want to make sure you use high-quality commercial beach umbrellas.

The reasons? Liability, safety and durability. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by people who have been injured by flying umbrellas. In New York State, a woman was awarded $200,000 after a beach umbrella hit her in the head and she suffered a gash that required 13 stitches and was left with permanent nerve damage.

In 2010, two people were hurt in Naples, Fla., when they were hit by an improperly secured table umbrella during high winds. One woman was hit on the head and was left with a permanent injury with a herniated disc in her neck.

In Miami Beach, a beach umbrella from a vendor took off in the wind and stabbed a woman in the back. A similar injury took place in Ocean City, MD.

WIRED magazine reported that so many umbrellas fall apart each year that a person could literally build 25 Eiffel Towers with the discarded pieces.

Patio Umbrellas Are Heavy And Inconvenient When Carrying Them To And From The Beach

Then there is the problem of carrying the umbrella to the beach. A little extra weight in the canopy and the pole might not be that noticeable when setting up in your backyard.

But, it becomes increasingly so when carrying everything from the car down to the beach. There is no point putting extra strain on the unlucky person setting it up and transporting it. Dads I’m sure will all agree with me!

Patio Umbrellas Heavier Weight Makes Them A Health Hazard If They Fly Away

Patio umbrellas are much heavier than beach umbrellas, and this can lead to two major disadvantages. First of all, there is the fact that the extra weight makes them more of a hazard if they were to blow away. You don’t want to be responsible for a rogue parasol sailing along the shore and hitting a child.

You might assume that this is an unlikely scenario, and it is true that there aren’t that many beach umbrella accidents each year. However, these freak accidents can occur and result in sometimes serious injuries. It isn’t just your immediate family at risk from an out-of-control umbrella. Anyone on that beach could be at risk.

The structure and weight of a patio umbrella increase this risk. The poles, for example, are much thicker so as not to break under pressure, but this is also a big issue if it were to fly away and strike someone.

It is also important to remember that some authorities at the beach may ask you to take your umbrella down if it isn’t deemed to be safe. There is nothing to gain in arguing with a lifeguard, they are only looking out for the safety of everyone.  

The best option is to make sure that you bring a safe beach umbrella with the right anchor to avoid any problems.

Patio Umbrellas Are Built To Be Used With Bases And Tables Not As A Free

Umbrellas that are specifically for the beach are relatively easy to install and keep in place with the right tools. There are lots of different types of beach umbrella anchors that go on the end of the pole and help to secure it into the sand.

It might not be so easy to find something as secure for a patio umbrella. Also, the heavy weight of the pole might work against the tension and security of the anchor. You can’t plant the flat-bottomed pole of the patio umbrella into the sand and just hope for the best.

Most patio umbrellas have stands to keep them upright. Unless you also plan to bring this heavy item to the beach with you, it isn’t going to work here. You could try and use a sandbag, as you would with a beach umbrella, but this isn’t likely to work with just one sandbag a much heavier weight and wider footprint is needed.

Patio Umbrellas May Not Offer The Same Amount Of Coverage And Protection

The Best Beach Umbrella Options for Shade

Another consideration here is that these patio umbrellas might not be as suitable for prolonged use in direct sunlight. The best beach umbrellas will offer some UV protection in the material for a better barrier against those harsh rays of the sun.

While some families may chance this, and decide that they can get away with this smaller area, it is much better to have as wide an area of shade as possible. This gives more room to spread out, and extra room to keep possessions, food, and drinks cooler.

Are Beach Umbrellas Easier To Secure In The Sand Than A Patio Umbrella

As mentioned above, it can be very difficult to set up a patio umbrella at the beach because of that thick, heavy pole and the chance of the structure toppling over. The thinner, lighter pole of a beach umbrella is much better and you can easily secure it in place.

You can learn more about how to do this in our guide on. This will provide some important tips on using the right screws, sandbags, and other methods that combine the two.

Are Beach Umbrellas Really Better For The Beach Than Patio Umbrellas

Many guides, such as My Umbrella Shop, agree that beach umbrellas are the better choice. As you can see, patio umbrellas are far too difficult to transport and use to make them worthwhile.

It is much better to pay for a good beach umbrella and take that with you on all of your beach trips. These specially designed beach umbrellas are a lot lighter. They often have thinner poles, sometimes in aluminum, that makes them far easier to carry from the car.

The wide coverage of the material provides plenty of shade, often with strong UV protection. Then there is the fact that they are much easier to install with the right methods.

What Is The Difference Between A Beach Umbrella And A Patio Umbrella

3.9/5Patio UmbrellasPatio umbrellasbeach umbrellasPatio umbrellasBeach umbrellas

A patio umbrella is any umbrella made for home outdoor leisure use. A market umbrella is a STYLE of umbrella that can be applied to both wooden patio umbrellas or aluminum patio umbrellas. Sometimes, a wood market umbrella might be called a market umbrella, but remember that market umbrella is really a style.

Beside above, does a patio umbrella need a base? The base of the umbrella may be sold separately, and must be the proper weight . A table umbrella typically needs a base around 30-40 pounds for proper anchoring. A freestanding umbrella, however, will need a heavier base from 50 to 70 pounds, based on the size of the umbrella.

Accordingly, what color patio umbrella is best?

Color – The most common colors for patio umbrellas are earth tones like terra cotta, stone, cocoa and beige. Color choice is mostly a personal preference based on what best matches your outdoor décor but keep in mind that darker colors will show more fading over time while lighter colors will show more dirt.

How do I keep my patio umbrella from blowing away?

A tall stand that firmly grips the pole.A secured umbrella can still rattle. So look for a stand that grabs onto at least a foot of the umbrella’s pole. Good stands can also clamp onto the umbrella for an extra tight grip that doesn’t bite into the wood, fiberglass, or metal materials.

Are There Similarities Between Beach Umbrellas And Patio Umbrellas

They may not have the same exact materials or design features, but they all follow the basic idea of an umbrella structure. Most beach umbrellas and patio umbrellas also fold up for easy storage.

This may lead some people to decide to turn their old beach umbrella into a patio umbrella. In general, you can do this if you don’t want to invest in a patio umbrella, which varies in cost and can be very expensive for a good quality patio umbrella.

Eventually, you may want to purchase a patio umbrella. However, if you’re in a pinch or simply need something to tide you over until you get a patio umbrella, then consider transitioning your beach umbrella into one.

Main Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Patio Umbrella At The Beach

When learning why we should not use patio umbrellas at the beach, it is important to look at the major differences between a patio umbrella and a beach umbrella and the features that are specifically designed for the beach.

Not only will this make a big difference for you and your family, but it will also be safer for those around you. Peak Yard has a great guide with some important points including the following.

  • Their heavier weight makes them a health hazard if they fly away.
  • That heavier weight is also an inconvenience when carrying the umbrella to the beach.
  • Patio umbrellas are built for use with bases and tables – not as free-standing parasols.
  • These umbrellas may not offer the same amount of coverage and protection.
  • They aren’t as good as markers on the sand.

Beach Umbrella And Outdoor Canopy Injuries: An Overlooked Summer

July 29, 2020Killino Firm

Every summer, millions of Americans retreat to the shade of a beach umbrella, patio umbrella, or pop-up canopy as they relax at the shore, enjoy backyard barbecues and other outdoor meals, and lounge poolside at home or while vacationing at hotels and resorts. Unfortunately, most remain completely unaware that these popular summer implements can pose a serious hazard to both the user and anyone who happens to be nearby.

For example, beach and patio umbrellas with inadequate anchors, instructions, or warnings can become dislodged, taken away by the wind and strike unsuspecting victims, resulting in impalements, other serious injuries, and even wrongful death.

The canopies used to provide shade on RVs and backyard decks or at outdoor cafés, restaurants, and bars can also cause severe and fatal injuries in the event they retract or collapse without warning.

The Killino Firm’s umbrella injury lawyers believe the victims of defective products and negligent acts deserve compensation for their pain and suffering. If you or someone you love was injured or tragically killed by a beach umbrella, patio umbrella, or canopy, call our law firm toll free at 877-875-2927 to speak with an attorney and learn more about your legal rights.

Benefits Of Converting A Beach Umbrella Into A Patio Umbrella

Now that know how to convert your beach umbrella to a patio umbrella, the best way to convince you to try it, is by providing some benefits of the patio umbrella in your yard.

So, here are some of the great benefits that await your patio if you decide to do this easy conversion:

? Modern beach umbrellas are so versatile that they can be installed in different ways. One of the options is where the pole is fixed into the center of a patio table, but there are freestanding models as well.

? With the patio umbrella, you can keep your outdoor furniture and everything on your patio table safe from rain or excessive sunlight. Whatever it is, you literally have an ideal cover, which can damage your food and other things such as phones, that you have on your table.

? The summer sun can sometimes be harsh on the skin, but with your patio umbrella, you are well covered and can at least prevent sunburns, especially those of you who are sensitive to the sun.

When you choose the right quality fabric, it will help block harmful UV sun rays, and you’ll have peace of mind that you’re protected.

Also, you can spend time in your yard with family and friends, and enjoy cool shade underneath the umbrella on a hot summer day.


Around 3000 People Treated For Umbrella Injuries Every Year

The Family Beach Umbrella

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission , around 3,000 people are rushed to the hospital every year for injuries related to all types of umbrellas. In fact, more than 31,000 beach umbrella injuries were reported in the United States between 2008 and 2017.

In many of these incidents, the umbrella was left unsecured or unattended, uprooted from the sand by a gust of wind, and launched into nearby children and adults who were unable to protect themselves from the airborne projectile.  Depending on the wind and the site of impalement, a beach umbrella can strike a person with such force to cause serious injury and/or death.

Despite these dangers, the CPSC does not currently regulate beach umbrellas, nor are there any voluntary safety standards for these products.

In 2019, Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Mark Warner of Virginia, along with Tim Kaine of Virginia and Cory Booker of New Jersey wrote to the Commission seeking detailed information on umbrella-related injuries. The senators also encouraged the CPSC to improve safety standards and launch an awareness campaign to educate the public about the dangers of beach umbrellas.

Section C Fabrics & Materials Best Patio Umbrella Fabric

Just like the fabrics of your outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that the fabrics and materials used on your umbrella meet all-weather requirements. If you live in windy areas, you may want to consider fiberglass umbrellas that are flexible and are designed to bend slightly. Likewise, aluminum is very durable and is still a viable option.

As far as fabrics go, you’ll want to look for a few key phrases that will indicate a quality outdoor umbrella. All-weather, waterproof and UV resistant fabrics, and breathable designs that prevent mold and mildew are highly recommended. Sunbrellais the most well-known name in outdoor fabrics. They began making awning in the early 1960s. They now make fabrics for umbrellas as well. Learn more about Sunbrella Fabrics.

Can You Use A Patio Umbrella At The Beach Final Thoughts

You could try, but it really isn’t advisable to carry a massive patio umbrella to the beach and all the work to secure it properly while still running the risk of it blowing away.

It is much less of a hassle to buy a beach umbrella and know that it will be far more practical. It will be easier to set up on the beach and safer for you and everyone around you, and just as effective for keeping the sun off.

What Kind Of Patio Umbrella Stand Or Base Is Appropriate

Once you’ve determined the style and size of your patio umbrella, you’ll need to figure out what kind of base you want or need. Choosing the right base or stand is critical to ensure that your umbrella is stable and upright under calm conditions and does not fly away when there’s a gentle breeze. Center pole and cantilever umbrellas can use either mobile or fixed bases, but the latter is more appropriate the larger the umbrella is and the windier the setting.

Differences Between Patio Umbrellas And Beach Umbrellas

Firstly, let’s analyze the environment where we want to place them. In the safety of your patio, you will most likely place your patio umbrella into concrete, granite, or the lawn. On the beach, on the other hand, the only option you have is sand, which is not as secure as concrete or grass. Additionally, you will also need to shorten your umbrella considerably by inserting it into the sand as much as possible for support.

Amazonbasics Beach Sun Umbrella Blue And Yellow Striped

  • Beach umbrella provides comfortable cooling shade; helps block the sun, heat, and wind
  • Ideal for lounging by the lake, on a sandy ocean beach, or at a park
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum center pole and canopy ribs; folds down for compact carrying
  • Canopy made of polyester material in a choice of color/style
  • Measures 77.2 inches in diameter by 92.6 inches high; weighs 4.23 pounds

How To Convert A Beach Umbrella Into A Patio Umbrella

Doing an umbrella conversion would definitely improve your DIY skills because you would have accomplished a project that’s not only exciting but also very useful.

The fact is that the beach umbrella is pretty lightweight. Thus, making use of it as a patio umbrella means that you would need to make some creative changes, ones that would give it a solid base.

In this section, I’m going to take a look at some of the best ways to do a beach to patio umbrella conversion. This converted umbrella can be either inserted into the center of your patio table, or used without a table.

Materials needed:

  • Dry concrete
  • Water

? The first thing you need to do is gather your materials and keep them close to you so you wouldn’t have to keep moving them over to the patio whenever you need them.

? As soon as you have all your materials organized, you need to prepare your PVC pipe. Position the pipe in the middle of your planter, paying attention that it is straight. You can get someone to help you hold the pipe just to make sure that it is leveled.

? Once you have your PVC pipe inserted correctly in the planter, pour in your dry concrete and fill it halfway. Spread the concrete very well, add some water, and make sure that you just let it seep in. Even when you see the water seeping through with bubbles, know that it is working just fine. Avoid leaving the pipe alone as you will need to hold it in place for a while.



Patio Umbrellas Arent As Good As Markers On The Sand

This last point isn’t as important compared to issues such as health and safety. But, it is still worth considering. Beach umbrellas provide more practical benefits to families than just acting as shade and protection.

The massive canopy can be visible from a long distance, a bit like adding a flag to a tent at a campsite. Therefore, your family can use this marker to find their way back after when heading off to find the restroom facilities, or after going down to the shore for a swim.

The bigger and brighter the umbrella, the better the chance that your family will be able to see it and find their way back. Big rainbow-colored umbrellas work well – unless everyone else in your section of the beach had a similar idea.

You can find something with an unusual pattern or color scheme. Patio umbrellas aren’t usually like this. They tend to have more neutral tones to blend in with the backyard. A taupe or sandy-colored patio umbrella won’t stand out on the sandy shore.

Best Beach Umbrellas For Your Patio Diy Conversion

Beach umbrella vs. sunscreen. Which works better?

Now that you understand the benefits as well as the easy DIY conversion of these umbrellas, we will take a look at some of the best beach umbrellas you can buy and convert for use on the patio.

These are some of the best choices you can use, particularly because these beach umbrellas would not fall apart when you keep using them and they are not as heavy as the regular patio umbrellas.


Can A Beach Umbrella Be Used As A Patio Umbrella

House ExteriorMarina View Homes


Depending on their design and manufacturer, different types of umbrellas might serve different purposes. Obviously, the basic and traditional purpose of using an umbrella has always been for your protection.

Whether you can use a beach umbrella as a patio umbrella, or not, is left to your discretion. By default, a beach umbrella has a thick pole designed for securing it into the sand, but you can easily convert this umbrella by yourself so it fits well into the patio table.

You can use a beach umbrella on your patio, if you decide to do so. Whats more, many types of beach umbrellas might work perfectly for patios as they are sturdy, have durable construction, offer protection from UV rays and the elements, and can brighten up your backyard with beautiful colors.

So now you know the answer to your question, but if you would like to know more, keep on reading as I will expand things further by looking at various aspects of these two different yet similar-looking umbrellas, and how you can actually convert the beach umbrella to a patio umbrella.


How Heavy Does The Deck Umbrella Base Need To Be

The required weight of your mobile base is dependent on three factors: the size of your umbrella canopy; the expected environmental conditions; and the presence or absence of an umbrella table. There are many schools of thought as to how much weight is needed, but we tend to err on the side of safety. To account for average wind conditions, our rule of thumb for free-standing center pole umbrellas is 10 pounds per canopy foot. If the pole is running through an umbrella table, you can reduce it to 5 pounds per foot. The best cantilever patio umbrellas either include or identify the appropriate mobile base, or provide you with choices of fixed mount options, so there’s usually less confusion.

Are Patio Umbrellas The Same As Beach Umbrellas

When you have a look at them, they might be quite alike; after all, they are both umbrellas, aren’t they? Well, not exactly. They will both shade you from the burning side, but there are some main differences between them. Your patio umbrella is not made to be carried around. Once you place it on your patio, most likely, it will remain there for quite some time. Beach umbrellas, on the other hand, are lighter, so you can transport them easier.

Similarly, patio umbrellas have to be sturdier and thicker, especially the poles. They need to be sturdy enough not to snap, and they should also fit in a base and a table hole. And talking about the base,  patio umbrellas often come with bases, but not beach umbrellas. Lastly, you might also find that patio umbrellas are not fit for sand because they have a flat bottom pole, while the other type has a pointed pole so you can place it easily inside the sand.

The Xbrellas High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

I’ve decided to save the best for the last because it is an excellent choice for your patio. Unlike other beach umbrellas, the Xbrellas has a unique and creative design that makes it windproof and able to resist extremely high wind conditions. It won’t fall over even in winds up to 40 MPH.

Even though it is a large, strong, and firm umbrella, its construction is lightweight and designed for easy set-up. It comes with heavy-duty, sturdy fiberglass ribs and marine-grade canvas fabric.

Being 7.5ft in diameter, it’s perfect for having consistent shade so that you can enjoy your day on the patio with family and friends, without the fear and worry of your umbrella falling over.


The Bottom Line,

The one thing I tried to accomplish here is to convince you that a beach umbrella can definitely be used as a patio umbrella and more so with a lot of finesse.

So, let your creativity guide you, and if you have a beach umbrella lying around somewhere in your house, there is nothing stopping you from transforming your patio with the help of this gorgeous and colorful beach umbrella.

Large beach umbrellas are usually made with waterproof and wind-resistant fabrics, therefore, they will increase the possibility of activities on your patio.

They are suitable for all sorts of outdoor events like patio chillouts, dining, or picnics in the backyard. Also, don’t forget to install one of these fun umbrellas for your next party!


Can You Use A Patio Umbrella Base At The Beach

It’s not really a great idea to use a patio umbrella base or a cantilever umbrella base at the beach. These units are almost always designed for patio use, and while in some cases the would probably function, they aren’t anywhere near as practical as a beach umbrella anchor.

Patio umbrella and Cantilever umbrella bases are usually much larger and made of plastic. They don’t usually need to be portable, and they’re not designed with sand anchoring in mind So you likely don’t want to be using these umbrella base designs on the beach.

You’ll be much safer with a beach umbrella anchor.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Beach Umbrella Stand Anchor

The Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella Stand anchor is our favorite all-around beach umbrella base system. It is quite strong, very sturdy, and fairly easy to use.

Made of 1/4? steel, it is extremely strong, yet surprisingly lightweight. As no one wants to walk around the beach carrying a bayonet, this umbrella anchor includes a helpful carrying case.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Compatible with Umbrella Shafts less than 1 5/8? in diameter
  • Includes carrying case
  • Easy to Install with a Mallet, and Easy to Remove
  • Very strong wind protection

The Details

The Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella Stand is compatible with most all beach umbrellas 1 1/2? in diameter or less. You may be able to squeeze in one at 1 5/8? but it will be really tight; if your shaft is wider than that, look for a different solution.

When you’re tightening the anchor screw to the umbrella, be careful not to tighten it too much, as you can dent the umbrella shaft pretty easily, especially if the shaft is nearly the same size as the opening diameter.

Installing the Anchor

To install the Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella Stand, you want to get the stake as far into the ground as possible. You can use your own weight, as shown here, to get it started.

If the foot opening was a bit larger, it may be possible to push the umbrella anchor all the way down with just body weight. As it is, that’s pretty difficult, so plan on bringing a mallet or hammer to the beach.

Removing the Anchor

The Bottom Line: A Quality Metal Beach Umbrella Anchor

What About Beach Umbrellas Vs Patio Umbrellas

You may come across some products online that claim to be both a patio umbrella and a beach umbrella. This idea of a hybrid model is appealing for anyone that wants the ease of a dual-purpose item.

However, it is important to look at the specification before you commit to buying one. There is a chance that the coverage or weight still isn’t ideal for the beach, or that the design and support pole isn’t suitable for your patio. It could end up being too much of a compromise when you try to kill two birds with one stone.

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Republic Umbrella Beach Canopy Umbrella

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Veuillez activer les témoins dans votre navigateur ou utiliser un navigateur Web plus récent. Vous pouvez aussi consulter la circulaire Walmart Canada en ligne sans témoins.

So Can A Patio Umbrella Be Used At The Beach

If you want to disregard the inconveniences brought by a patio umbrella, such as their heavy weight and difficulty to anchor them, you might be able to. However, you need to consider these two drawbacks carefully before choosing to do so.

Firstly, the portability of a patio umbrella is reduced because of its much larger size. They are preferably built for patios and not for moving to the beach and back; thus, their size is quite bulky. Also, consider all the other things you usually take with you to the beach, such as a cooler, blankets, and other supplies. A beach umbrella is lightweight, compact in size, and usually comes with a case that makes it easy to move around.

We also mentioned anchoring: a patio umbrella has a flat end pole, which will be close to impossible to place in the sand, especially if it is very hard. One option would be to get a weighted base to keep your umbrella standing upright, but this is adding even more effort, which most people will avoid. Another easy option is to go for a beach umbrella that comes with a screw or pointy end, making it very easy to insert into the sand.

Beach Umbrellas Vs Patio Umbrellas Materials

Aluminum is lightweight, which makes it easier to carry. It will also show ear long before it is likely to break. Wood is more decorative and may be a better choice for a patio umbrella. Plastic, fiberglass, or PVC frames and poles can be good choices aswell, as long as the diameter of the pole is at least an inch wide, and the plastic feels sturdy.

What Size & Shape Outdoor Umbrella Is Right

However, a good guideline is to first measure the area or table that you want to shade. Be sure to take into consideration the room needed to comfortably situate chairs. Then, add 2 to 2 1/2 feet to each side to determine the canopy diameter that provides just the right amount of shade. Review the reference table below for examples.

How To Anchor A Beach Umbrella In The Sand

As we mentioned above, there are a few different designs anchoring, so it all depends!

However, for anchors that get inserted into the sand, the process is usually something like:

  • Find your spot in the sand.
  • Wet down the sand in the area with some water.
  • Either twist or use weight to get your stake started into the sand.
  • If a corkscrew design, continue to twist as far as you can without breaking the anchor.
  • If a stake design, push the stake in using your own body weight as far as it will go into the sand.
  • If necessary, use a mallet to tap it further into the sand.
  • The anchor should be as deep as possible, especially on windy or gusty days.
  • Weak plastic anchors can snap while getting installed, which is a huge negative. Who wants to go shopping for another anchor while you’re already at the beach, with all your stuff with you?

    The anchors we are looking at today are all quite sturdy, and you should not have that issue.


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