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How To Keep Patio Curtains From Blowing In The Wind

How Do You Hang Outdoor Curtains With Rope

How to operate your new patio curtains by Southern Patio Enclosures


  • Insert drill bit into drill and pre-drill a hole to fit the screw eye into.
  • Cut rope length to appropriate length.
  • Then, feed the sisal rope through the rod pocket of the panel.
  • Tie rope off onto screw eye with 2 tight knots.
  • Insert screw into pre-drilled hole.
  • Installing The Curtain Roads Or Rail Just Towards The Ground Level

    Always try to build that curtain rod on the floor and then just slide the curtains right onto the rod or rail. For that, you have to use the bottom hem of the outdoor curtain fabrics.

    • If you want, you can add the grommets to hem at regular intervals to affix to the said road and then create that perfect classier look.
    • With the help of a curtain rod, which is attached to the floor at minimum clearance, you get the chance to reduce any form of a tripping hazard. So, it will ensure safety while enjoying the outside atmosphere.

    How Do I Anchor My Outdoor Curtain To The Ground

    This seems like an obvious solution but you then need to ask yourself do you want a sail or an outdoor curtain? There are suggestions out there suggesting to anchor your outdoor curtain with a grommet and a stake to the ground. If you anchor your outdoor drape to the ground with a grommet, the answer is obvious, you will have a sail and resistance to the wind which will wear and tear on your fabric and destroy your outdoor curtain decreasing it’s longevity which should be several years. Many of our wind-resistant outdoor curtains are now going on fifteen years or more.

    This now leads to our third question…

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    Tie The Curtains To The Railing

    If your curtains are close enough to the railing and aren’t used regularly, or when it’s windy, close your outdoor curtains and tie them to the porch railing or deck railing.

    The above are the 6 practical ways. I noticed that many articles mentioned wind slits, which imitates the application of billboards to cut a small vertical slit on the outdoor curtain.

    I think this method is controversial. For one thing, you damaged your curtains by making small cuts in the fabric of the curtains, and how you could make sure the wind would not rip the curtains through that little opening?

    How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing In The Wind

    How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing In Wind

    Outdoor curtains look fantastic and are an incredible way of dressing those beautiful patios and backyard doors. Learn how to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind to keep them from swinging around too much, especially during windy occasions.

    Fortunately, it is nothing that a few weights, cable ties, magnets, and decorative ribbons cant handle. All you need is to let your creativity run wild and hold them down using either weights or tie them back with ribbons and many more.

    Let us look at a few viable options that we can work with to keep those pesky wind turbulences from blowing our curtains around. Keep it looking professional, relaxed, and chic using the right tools and common household materials.

  • Final word
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    The Value Of Washer To Consider

    There is no need to invest a lot of money on the outdoor curtain weight any longer when you have big washers to the rescue. You might have them somewhere in the garage and so start looking for them. You can use these to weigh the outdoor curtain or even secure the outdoor carpet right at its place.

    • All you have to do is sew these washers in the bottom seam of the curtain or just let them hang from the edges, working out as an embellishment.
    • Just make sure to use the M12 to the M20 sized washers, which are proven to be the best options for the outdoor curtains to focus on.
    • If the washers get bigger in size, they are going to be heavier and stronger wind might then defy them.

    Wedge The Curtains Between Heavy Furniture

    Wedging your outdoor curtains between heavy pieces of furniture, or other heavy objects, like large potted plants or trees, can prevent them from blowing around when its windy. While this isnt a permanent solution, it can work if you need a quick solution and you have plenty of heavy outdoor furniture available.

    It involves placing two rows of heavy furniture on either side of your outdoor curtains. Try and arrange the furniture so that it secures the curtains and doesnt allow them to move.

    If you want to use the furniture outside the curtains, you wont be protected from the sun and wind, but anyone sitting on the other side will enjoy good protection, even when the wind is very gusty.

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    Go In With The Decorative Hem Weights

    If you want, you can try to attach the cute weights at around 1-foot intervals towards the bottom of the curtain. The main goal is to hold it down. The insect weight, which is located right below, will clip on without any problem and will add one garden feel to the outdoor space. So, try to focus on these points now, and you will enjoy the values like never before!

    How To Hang Curtains With A Rod

    Clear Plastic Vinyl Patio Curtains & Walls

    A classic curtain rod is the easiest method if your patio or pergola has wood columns or posts to allow you to drill into it. Make sure you pick an outdoor curtain rod, which will be more durable than indoor rods and treated to be fade and rust-resistant. To create a cohesive outdoor space, match the rod style and color to your outdoor door handles and patio furniture.

    You can also use curtain rods that work through tension, but these will only work if your drapery is lightweight. If you want to hang outdoor curtains without drilling holes, tension rods are the way to go. This method is especially helpful for patios with columns made of stone or brick.

    You can also use ceiling-mounted hardware for brick or stone patio walls. These will screw into your patio ceiling or beams and extend down with a loop to put the curtain rod or wire through.

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    How To Prevent Outdoor Curtains From Blowing In Wind And Securing Them Well

    Nina Smith 14/06/2021House, How to

    Is this a regular problem when you try to sit outside on a windy morning? You are sitting on your porch, and suddenly the harsh wind just blows the curtain up on your face! Well, most people have the same problem with their outdoor curtain and end up not investing much in these options. Are summer breezes blowing these big curtains into your lap when you are trying to relax on the patio? Well, there are some ways in which you can contain curtains to enjoy some favorite afternoon time with family or friends.

    How Do You Keep Outdoor Shades From Blowing

    6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

  • 1 Weigh the Curtains Down. One of the most popular methods for keeping outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind is to weight them down.
  • 2 Cables and Dog Ties.
  • 3 Buy Heavier Curtains.
  • 5 Try to Block the Wind.
  • 6 Tie Them to Your Railing.
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    Thoughts On Outdoor Curtains Which Wont Take Your Eye Out When The Wind Blows

  • Hello,Is there a video regarding putting vertical slits in the fabric & how its attached to the rod?Our patio curtains are 84 x95,Thank you

  • The video has not been replaced, wish it had, but so far no.Its not a magical solution, its just simply how fabric and wind react.If you think of the banners tied across roads, promoting the local rodeo, for example, you will see there are vertical or U-shaped slits in the fabric which allow the wind to pass through. Thats the key. You cant stop the wind, you have to accommodate it.Vertical slits in the panels and a heading which is not straight across the top allows the wind easier passage.And tie the drapery back when not in use.

  • Bonniesays:

    Please Help keep my curtains from blowing in cold windy days. Let me know when this magical solution/product is available or when the video is back up. Thanks.

  • I just saw your article on Outdoor Curtains Which Wont Take Your Eye Out When the Wind Blows.Is there an actual video or instruction on how to do the slits and hanging of the outdoor drapes? Please, I am desperate for a solution.Thank you.

  • sarahsays:

    Hi,Please explain your idea as the video is unavailable and the web link to Melissa doesnt work. Maybe just a quick description of the finished idea would suffice.Thanks so much

  • Sew A Heavy And Decorative Cord Along The Hem

    How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

    If youre concerned about how your curtains will look after youve tried to prevent them from blowing around, consider sewing a heavy, decorative cord along the hem. This gives you the best of both worlds as it adds much-needed weight to the curtains bottom and adds some creativity and beauty to the curtains.

    Visit your local fabric or home decor store to browse their selection of heavy cording and pick one thatll complement your curtains nicely. If you cant find a heavyweight cord you like, you could always make your own by selecting a few lengths of decorative roping that you want and feel would match your curtains well.

    Twist the individual pieces of rope together to make a single, heavy-duty cord.

    If its too difficult to sew the heavy cord onto your curtains, you could attach it with some fabric glue, which is widely available at most big fabric or department stores.

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    Use Decorative Curtain Tie

    The primary function of decorative curtain tie-backs is to keep curtains out of the way and help them look attractive when theyre open by cinching them in the middle. Curtain tie-backs are normally made from decorative rope, ribbon, or metal.

    Metal ones are typically fastened onto the wall, while rope tie-backs are loose.

    If you already use curtain tie-backs for your outdoor curtains, experimenting with them to see if they can help prevent them from billowing in the wind can be a great idea.

    Of course, you still want the outdoor curtains to perform their primary function of protecting your guests from the outdoor elements. You could, therefore, consider tying them back, loosening some fabric from the top half of the tie-back, and arranging them so that they can provide some protection.

    Your outdoor curtains wont provide as much protection as they would if they were completely open, but at least they wont blow around, and youll be partially protected.

    In The Words Of Bob Dylan The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind But In This Case The Wind Is Actually The Problem

    Exterior Sheerweave Solar Shade

    Q: We recently purchased and installed nine Exterior Solar Shades with cassette valence systems. They are inside mount shades with removable porch screens on the outside. They have inserted metal rods in the bottom hem which is providing some weight however, they blow into the room even with light breezes. We would like to have some sort of a clip to fasten the rod to the sill to hold them down or possibly a clip mounted on the window casing which would hold the ends of the metal rod when the shade is rolled down. Any suggestions or hardware available? Bob P.

    A: Hi Bob, great question. First of all, congratulations on your new Exterior Shades. No doubt your home is already better insulated and cooler! For your problem, I consulted Ann W., a Design Consultant here at Ann has over 15 years experience in the window treatment industry and has come across this problem before.

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    How To Hang Curtains On Your Deck Or Balcony

    An open-air deck or balcony creates comfort in both small and large spaces. However, hanging outdoor drapes can be a challenge if you lack outdoor support beams. As long as your deck or balcony has a short fence or wall, you can build a custom setup.

    First, find a wooden beam that is tall enough to carry the length of curtains you want. Paint the wood a bright color using outdoor paint for an eclectic vibe, or stain it to match the rest of your deck for a more traditional look.

    Screw the wooden beams at either end of your deck or balcony. Attach eye hooks near the top of each post . Slide your curtains onto an outdoor curtain rod or conduit tubing and then slide the rod into the eye hooks. Make sure the rod is long enough, so it doesnt slip out of the eye hooks.

    If you dont want to screw posts into your deck walls or dont have deck walls, you can easily create standalone posts with concrete and a bucket. Gather the following supplies:

    • 5-gallon buckets

    Try To Weigh Down The Hem

    NICETOWN Outdoor Patio Curtains Windproof waterproof Double Grommets

    In this regard, you are asked to thread the small gauge chain through the proper gems of the curtains. It will help in keeping the entire curtain hanging down in a smooth manner and avoid the sections, which are blowing in the wind. On the other hand, you can try to fill the gem with pebbles or sand for a similar effect.

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    Tie Outdoor Curtains To The Ground

    Tarp Grabbers and cup hooks! Attach tarp grabbers to the bottom of curtains, insert cup hooks into the ground, and then tie two of them together with a small rope.

    Another similar method is to run a cable through the bottom hem and then fix it with the dog ties or dog chain stakes, and then insert the dog chain stakes into the ground.

    No doubt you can buy dog ties or dog chain stakes at a pet store.

    Wind The Curtains Around Heavy Pot Plants

    This method of securing curtains so that they dont blow around in the wind is a little different. If you urgently need a good solution, you dont want to buy anything, or youre on a strict budget, you may want to try winding your curtains around heavy potted plants.

    Itll work if you already have a few large plants or trees that have been potted in large and heavy containers. Since theyre very heavy, these pot plants will make excellent anchors for your outdoor curtains.

    Youll need to wind the curtains around the plants so that the curtains still provide sun protection to your guests but that theyre also securely fastened to the plant. You can do this by tying a gentle knot around the plant.

    If the curtains are long enough, you could secure the edge of the bottom hem underneath the pot.

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    Use Wire To Hang Curtains

    Using wire to hang the curtains can be inexpensive. Get some heavy-gauge steel wire cable, eye hooks, and wall anchors.

  • Attach an eye hook and a wall anchor to one end of the wire to a nearby column or post.
  • Thread the curtain onto the wire.
  • Keep the wire taut and secure it with an eye hook and wall anchor at the opposite end. If stretching across a large space, consider adding an eye hook and wall anchor in the middle of the structure and thread the wire through to avoid any sag in the middle.
  • Why Should You Consider Vertical Blinds For Large Windows And Doors In Your House

    Outdoor Curtains Which Won

    Vertical blinds are best suited for covering windows and doors that have a large surface area. This is probably the reason why vertical blinds are so widely used to dress up sliding glass doors. These blinds have wider and thicker slats that not only provide better coverage but also are more effective in preventing heat transfer. You get good light control and blackout performance along with these benefits.

    Since these large windows and doors may be movable such as the sliding glass doors, you will need a window treatment solution that can move with the door or the window. You surely wouldnt want to have to unmount the blinds every time you want to open the door or the window. Vertical blinds take care of this issue as you can mount them directly on the window or the door frame. The movable parts of the door or the window are in no way obstructed by the blinds and you get a seamless experience.

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    Outdoor Curtains And The Wind

    Outdoor Curtains, we all love them, but how do we keep them from blowing in the wind?

    Before we dive into that question, you might be asking yourself… why do I even want outdoor curtains? Yes, they are beautiful but what problems do they solve other than looking like a coastal resort?

    The answer is… outdoor curtains do provide a lot of function. What are the functions? Sun and mosquito control, as well as privacy. Most importantly, they provide family fun as well. How is that? Wait for it…

    Outdoor Curtains can function as an outdoor movie screen for family fun! What a fun childhood memory to watch you favorite movies outside on a screen while in the pool on a tube! For the author of this Blog post, it is a place for Water Aerobics instruction as well. Let’s face it, a computer screen by the side of the pool does not cut it. Take a look at our video here

    So, what do you do about the wind and outdoor drapes? From our non-customers, this is our most asked question. Unfortunately, if you have a regular outdoor curtain the only option you have is to seriously tie the curtain back in several places with rope and not decoratively- with fullness, as seen in the picture with a tieback meant for draperies.

    If you have to tie your outdoor curtain up, this defeats the purpose wouldn’t you agree? How many of us want the white sheer outdoor curtain blowing softly blowing in the wind? To tie it back would obviously defeat the purpose.

    So, then our next question is…


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