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How To Make A Patio Lounge Chair

Outdoor Ottomans And Accent Tables

DIY Patio Chair – How to Build a Outdoor Chair

Add even more comfort to your space with outdoor ottomans and accent tables. Want to make it easy for friends and family to lounge post-meal? Position an near the sofa or sectional. Think one that’s upholstered for a classic touch, or go more modern with another that features a metal frame. Either way, guests will love kicking up their feet while chatting with drink in hand. Additionally, remember to provide a convenient place for everyone to set down their things while moving about. For instance, an between two outdoor lounge chairs offers quick storage for books, sunglasses and sunscreen. If your goal is to make a statement, find one that features a lattice pattern, or comes in fun colors such as red, blue and yellow. Or, take a different approach with another that has a faceted construction. Outdoor side tables made of wood offer a classic touch.

What Size Cushion Fits The Lounger

The seat of the lounger measures 78 x 30, so we recommend a wide 27-28 cushion like this set. Any cushion narrower than 30 will fit you could also adjust the width of the DIY lounge chair to fit specific cushions, if you choose. Some of our lounge cushion picks:

DIY Lounge Chair, built by reader Maud 34 Creations

First Cut And Sand The Parts

Begin by cutting all the parts except G and H . If youre using cedar thats rough on one side, you need to cut each part so that the smooth side will face out. That means youll have left and right sides to parts A, D and E. In other words, for each pair of parts, make sure the angled cut goes one direction on one part, the other direction on the other. This will allow you to assemble the chair with the smooth face of the cedar facing out.

As youre cutting, label the parts with masking tape. Parts G and H are cut after the chair is assembled so you can get them to fit perfectly. In cedar, the length is likely to be about 19-3/4 in. instead of 20 in. Once pieces are cut, sand them. Generally, you dont need to sand finer than 120 grit. For cedar parts, sand only the smooth face.

1. Cut the parts. Making more than one chair means cutting a lot of pieces to the same length. A stop block lets you cut a bunch without measuring and marking each board.

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Choose The Right Outdoor Lounge Furniture For Rearrangeable Occasions

Just as pleasant weather and the need to change things up can take you outside, you can find patio lounge furniture that lets you shake things up based on the mood and the number of people youre entertaining.

From 2 seat, 3 seat and corner 3 seat and 4 seat modular outdoor sofas to outdoor loveseats and 2 to 4 seat indoor/outdoor sofas, there are options to keep you and your friends and family comfortable in whatever outdoor space you choose to enjoy. Find a love seat for plunking down together to watch the sunset on a cozy balcony, or add one to the mix of available outdoor patio lounge furniture. Outdoor sectionals allow you to create seating in the shape and size that suits any outdoor movie or game night.

Ways To Build A Diy Lounge Chair In 2021

How To Build A Simple DIY Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair

Published: Jul 30, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

Are you thinking of buying a lounge chair? Hold on, before you do that, I have a question for you. Have you considered making one by yourself? If no, you should definitely consider building one. With the simple projects included in this article, anyone can make a DIY lounge chair.

After hours of research, we were able to come up with 25 of the very best DIY lounge chair ideas that you can make from home. The making process might seem complicated, but trust me, you can do it.

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Materials Needed To Create A Diy Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair + Cost:

Quantity of 6 1 x 4 x 8 Wood / Cost = $22.00Quantity of 2 1 x 2 x 8 Wood / Cost = $2.00Quantity of 1 2 x 2 x 8 Wood / Cost = $2.00Quantity of 1 Box of 2 Inch Screws / Cost = $9.00Quantity of 1 Box of 1 1/4 Inch Screws / Cost = $9.00Total Cost = $44.00

CHAIR DIMENSIONS: The above image contains the DIY Lounge Chair Dimensions in inches.Here is a list of the wood cuts you need to make to complete this chair:

Here is a picture of our wood before we began our chair project.We purchased our wood at Home Depot for approx $25.00 total cost.

The quantity of wood needed for this project is listed below:6 1 x 4 x 8 Wood2 1 x 2 x 8 Wood1 2 x 2 x 8 Wood

Once we measured and cut all of our wood, we assembled the arm rests and the legs together.We used 2 wood screws on each side and also applied wood glue to hold it together.

Next we attached the wood to create the seat support boxes.This is the part of the chair that will be used for the seat.

Then we attached the 2 previous steps, the arm rests / legs are attached to the seat support boxes.We then attached the 5 seat boards to the seat support boxes.Note: Make sure the wood is sanded smooth in the sitting area to avoid injury when sitting.

Next we put the backs of the chairs together.It is recommended to add a 1/2 inch space in between each piece of wood.In the picture you can see we simply used a piece of wood to measure the 1/2 gap.

Build A Diy Chaise Lounge

This step-by-step visual tutorial will cover all the creative details about building a modern lounge chair and rock for your resting hours. This homemade chaise lounge is well tufted and is a total professional build. Here is what you can build for your make and sell the shop to earn higher profits. Moreover, building it at home will cost you much less also. Do try out this project right in your workshop.

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Outdoor Sofas And Sectionals

Love having friends and family over for backyard soirees? Provide everyone with a place to kick back and relax with and sectionals. Similar in appearance to their indoor counterparts, these weather-resistant items help create a cozy gathering space. Consider starting simple with a cushioned loveseat. Not only does it save space on smaller patios, it also leaves ample room for other furniturethink side tables, coffee tables and ottomans. Working with a more spacious outdoor area? Consider patio lounge furniture such as a instead. Configure your own by incorporating your favorite pieces, such as armless chairs, wedge chairs and chaise lounges, or take a different approach with a 3- or 4-piece one. Either way, be sure to add throw pillows to your setup, too. Plus, protect you and your furniture from the sun while you relax.

Lounge Comfortably On Smart Stylish Design Built For The Outdoors

How to Make a Patio Furniture Cover for a Chaise Lounge Chair

Choose modular outdoor sofas with a beautiful exterioravailable in brown or graythat gives the impression of woven wicker while having the hardiness of weather and sun resistant recycled polypropylene. Pop the lid on smart seating that doubles as efficient storage space. Clip and unclip seating units to fit any gathering or to send an ottoman away from the couch so you can really stretch out your feet.

Or go with an outdoor sectional with a base made of rustic acacia wood that is pretreated to resist the elements. Choose from comfy water repellant and fade resistant cushions with padded inlays available in green, red or black.

Need a place to get cozy? Add the look of rustic handicraft with a BONHOLMEN love seat made with hardy, pretreated eucalyptus. Sink into the accompanying white, dope-dyed cushions that are big on comfort while resisting sun and rain.

Cleanups are easy with patio lounge furniture with cushion covers that can be removed and washed and hardy exteriors that just need to be wiped clean with soapy water before being dried.

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How To Turn Tv Boxes Into Lounge Chair

This is made from cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, and a cutter. Outline the shape of the chair on a piece of a cardboard box, trace the shape and cut it out, make 10 of this shape and glue them together. You can make more copies if you’re not satisfied with the durability of the cardboard. Then make a long triangular piece for the seat of the lounge.

Outdoor Lounge Chair Plans

Building the legs

Build the legs for the lounge chair from 2×4 lumber. As you can easily notice in the diagram, you need to make a 3/4 deep notch to the top of the legs. Make multiple parallel cuts and remove the excess with a chisel. Smooth the recess with sandpaper.


First, build the frame of the chaise lounge chair. Therefore, build the sides from 1×4 lumber, the legs from 2×4 lumber and the supports from 1×2 lumber. In order to secure the legs to the frame, you should notch the top part with a circular saw.


Top Tip: Drill pilot holes trough the sides, countersink them and drive in 2 1/2 screws in the supports. Work on a level surface, making sure the corners are right-angled.

Installing the seat slats

The next step of the project is to attach the seat slats. In order to install the 1×3 boards into place, we recommend you to fit the 1×1 cleat first. Level the cleats using a hand level, drill pilot holes and insert 1 1/4 wood screws.

Afterwards, you should cut the 1×3 slats at the right size and secure them into place with 1 1/4 screws. Place the slats equally spaced, leaving about 1/2 between them. Dont forget to countersink the head of the screws.

Installing the cleats

Afterwards, you should install the cleats for the prop up, as in the free plans. First, install the bottom cleat, made of 1×2 lumber, using 2 screws. Secure the cleat to the frame of the lounge chair, as well as to front the legs.

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How To Make A Chaise Lounge

Get the ultimate professional instructions for building a modern wavy chaise lounge, which will be a total luxury to sit and rest upon. From cutting the wood parts to building the frame to complete the designs upholstering, you will get the instructions for all for sure. The design will surely be a mind-blowing addition to ones living room, and it will make a superb handmade gift for a friend also.

Diy Lounge Chair For $5

How To Build A Simple DIY Outdoor Patio Lounge Chair

This project is inexpensive and can be set up with just $5 and in less than 24hours. The materials needed include sandpaper, wood glue, plywood, tape measure, wood screws, jigsaw, table saw, and wood stain. Start by cutting all the pieces needed for the project then prep them and sand them down. After this, assemble the chair and join them with screws.

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Skills Tools & Lumber

This is a beginner to intermediate level project. If you have just a little experience with tools, you can do it. Youll need an orbital or a random-orbit sander, a 7/16-in. wrench, six clamps and a drill. You can cut parts with a circular saw and drive nails with a hammer, but youll get faster, nicer results with a miter saw, an air compressor and an 18-gauge brad nailer.

Ive built this design from both pine and cedar. Each pine chair will cost you about $60, cedar about $90. Cedar is a better choice if your chairs are going to spend much time out in the rain. You may find it hard to buy 1×3 cedar, so you may have to rip a 1×6 in half. Also note that rough cedar is usually thicker than 3/4 in., while pine boards come in the standard 3/4-in. thickness. When youre building the seat and back, keep those different thicknesses in mind .

Tips On How To Arrange Patio Furniture

When considering the best patio arrangement ideas for your space, its easy to get caught up in the but Im not a designer way of thinking. Preparing your deck or patio for hosting and dining simply comes down to a basic understanding of how to arrange patio furniture to best complement your home and lifestyle. Borrow a few tips and tricks from the pros and patio layout ideas will come naturally.

So why is patio setup so important? Your deck furniture layout dictates how you and your guests flow throughout the space, utilize the furniture and patio, and even how you view the property itself. It enhances views, inspires a sense of calm and balance and welcomes guests to enjoy an evening of relaxation.

When just getting started, consider these ten tips for how to arrange patio furniture with ease and style:

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How To Finish An Outdoor Wood Lounge Chair

Lightly sand the wood, then seal the wood for outdoor use. There are a variety of wood finishes for outdoor furniture, such as:

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Outdoor Wooden Lounge Chair

secret storage Patio Chair | DIY woodworking – how to make a patio chair

Learn here to build a chaise lounge in a magical way using only 3 tools. Building the entire model will cost you $100, and you will love having these swimming pool chairs installed around your outdoor swimming pool. You need 2x6s, 2x2s, 2x4s, 1x4s, and 1x2s to build the wooden chaise lounge. The very needed tools will be a drill, table saw, and miter saw. Finish your complete lounge chair designs with a luxurious mattress, and thats it.

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Kids Patio Chairs Build Plans

I have partnered with Kreg Jig and their new project plan site BuildSomething to bring you the free build plan for these easy DIY kids patio chairs.

The Kreg Jig makes these chairs super sturdy and super fast & easy to put together. You can have an army of little chairs in an afternoon .

And bonus, they are super inexpensive to make. For 4 chairs I only needed 2x2s, 1x3s and 2×4 boards. Add in a few Kreg screws and some outdoor paint and my patio chairs only cost $15 each.

And I have lots of leftover outdoor paint for the kids playhouse I am building next!

Build A Patio Chaise Lounge Chair Frame In 6 Steps

A patio chaise lounge chair is an intrinsic part of the wood patio furniture set-up. A patio chair might cost a fortune if you buy it from a showroom. You can instead build a patio chaise lounge chair at the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps to construct your patio chaise lounge chair.

The wood used in the chair would determine its durability. You can purchase wood from any wood supplier. Select Oak wood for its durable and sturdy nature.

Step 1 – Choose a Design

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

Use a saw to cut the pieces of wood that will be needed for the patio chaise lounge chair. Cut two 2 x 4 boards for the base of the chair around half a foot in length. The back-frame of the chair will also require two 2 x 4 boards, measuring around four inches in length. The pieces of wood that are used to provide a firm back-support should be around six inches in length. This will help to increase the overall size of the patio chair.

Step 3 – Cut the Dowel

You can then progress to the next step, which is cutting the dowel. The dowel is a cylindrical wooden rod, which is used to strengthen the joints. The dowel should be as long as the wood at the back of the chair. However, ensure that it is about four inches wide so that it matches the base boards. The same procedure should be repeated with the boards used for the seats.

Step 4 – Construct Support for the Backrest

Step 5 – Carve the Chair Legs

Step 6 – Assemble the Parts

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Diy Wood Lounge Patio Chair With Cushioned Seat And Back

Friends of ours bought a hot tub last year. They invited us over. It was everything we expected a great time. Kids and adults had a blast.

What they also had that they didnt say were some fabulous new patio chairs. Large, sturdy and super comfortable with a deep seat.

They were very much like the wood patio chair set out in this DIY tutorial. Eerily similar. I wonder if my buddy used this tutorial to build them.

Anyway, I liked the chairs so much I wanted to feature this build .

  • 2 in 1 Jig Saw
  • Multitool Oscillating tool


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