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How To Make Your Patio More Private

Create An Area Of Seclusion


Perhaps it is too difficult or unappealing to make the entire yard private. In which case a small secluded space is a much more viable option. Using the methods mentioned above, such as partitions, tall plants, and curtains, you can create a small private getaway to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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If you are interested in using a fountain for white noise, we carry a variety of outdoor water fountains. Such as the Copper Vines Outdoor Floor Fountain.

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Add In The Sound Of Water

Worried that your neighbors may be listening in on your backyard conversations? Why not add in the sounds of running water. You could add in a fountain or add in a pond, even just a gentle trickle of water can provide enough sound to block out your neighbors. Again like the tree youre also getting a great aesthetic bonus as well.

Or Give Your Deck A Single Wall

With just a few feet separating these two homes, privacy was a necessary consideration for the back deck that serves as both an outdoor dining space and living room. A slatted wall creates total privacy and provides additional lighting thanks to a trio of red gooseneck barn fixtures. Take a tour of this backyard, below.

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Backyard Fence Gate Ideas

Dont forget your gate!

Fence gates are a great place to show creativity and style by utilizing variations of the fence you install.

Ornamental iron, creative wood designs and combinations of materials are just a few ways you can enhance your backyard privacy fence with a stylish gate.

If youre on a budget and cant afford to replace your entire fence, installing a short fence front with a new yard gate can give your home a fresh look.

A gate framed with metal is beautiful and will help prevent sagging, wear and other issues that plague typical wood fence gates.

Easy Ways To Make Your Backyard Private

3 Ways to Make Your Deck More Private

Your yard is an important part of your home you use it for hosting parties, spending a quiet evening after work and even for attracting wildlife. In any case, most homeowners like to maintain backyard and front yard privacy. So today we will be discussing some inexpensive backyard privacy ideas and landscaping options to block neighbors out.

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Final Thoughts On Increasing Privacy In Your Backyard

Ensuring privacy is an important part of creating functional outdoor living spaces that you, your family and your guests will find appealing and can fully enjoy.

If you choose to add structures, such as fences, gazebos or an enclosed patio, be sure to check with your local governing body or homeowners association before you start construction.

Some backyard improvement projects may require permits, and some community organizations may have regulations that place limits on the structures you can build on your property.

It is also important to balance your need for privacy with your need to keep your property secure.

This means while you are blocking your neighbors view of your patio, be sure that you are not also creating hiding spots for burglars or making it easier for them to enter your home unseen.

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Implement Simple Measures For Big Results

The little things can often go a long way toward solving a privacy problem. For example, if you live near a public trail, a simple No Trespassing sign may get your message across loud and clear to keep others out of your space.

If your neighbor has a dog that barks incessantly, approach them first to discuss a solution before calling the city to complain. Sometimes, people dont realize how their actions affect others. A gentle nudge may be all you need to do.

Also, consider the outdoor furniture you have on your patio or deck. A winged bench set or chair can foster a sense of privacy without making any major landscape changes.

It all goes back to identifying what you want to fix about your yard and finding ways to make things happen.

Finally, when considering how to make my backyard more private, remember that it is a work-in-progress. Tweak anything that isnt providing a solution.

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Add Stenciled Wood Planks

What an awesome idea to spice up your basic lattice privacy fence. Apply stenciled designs to wood boards and then attach boards to the fence.

The creator of this cool and original idea decided to cross the design over two boards, to unify the boards. The result is an artsy privacy wall. See how she did it here.

Grow With This Cedar Vertical Garden

Easy tips for creating privacy in your backyard

This backyard privacy idea is practical and beautiful if you like to garden. With the Yard Craft two-sided vertical garden you can grow your vegetables and herbs up and down instead of spread out. This vertical planter has two growing sides, one to be shaded for those plants that thrive with little to no sunlight. This easy-to-assemble planter is ideal for any gardener who likes more privacy in their space.

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Add A Solid Screen Garden Sign

This is a pretty simple DIY project for a solid screen garden sign that doubles as the perfect privacy wall. Better yet, this will help keep out unwanted pests into the garden such as dogs that can dig up vegetables or rabbits who will gobble everything up.

This is also a more artsy concept since you can add some interesting decor along the fence. Get really crafty and add some chalkboard paint for a little fun. See the tutorial.

Paint Panels Green For A Camouflage Effect

A sage-green hue makes this tall fence blend into its surroundings

For a pared-back privacy solution, try painting your slatted fence panels or trellis in a muted sage green. This hue will help tall screens camouflage amongst surrounding greenery, and prevent them from being overbearing even on a smaller space. Add climbing plants to soften the look further, and pair with matching furniture for a tied-together look.

Of course, you could go the other way entirely and make your fence a focal point with a bold, bright colour. Either way, take a look at our best exterior wood paint for suggestions.

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How To Make Your Yard Private

“When in a garden or on a patio, you want to feel that you’re in an intimate space in a room not exposed as if you’re in the middle of the driveway or street,” says Risa Edelstein, president of the Ecological Landscaping Association.

That’s not so easy when your back yard looks out on your neighbor’s hot tub, your tranquility is constantly interrupted by road noise or your house sits in a new development with scant tree canopy. Here are some strategies for creating more privacy:

Fences. Privacy settings for fences range from private to semi-private to rather public . A topper made of lattice or circle cut-outs makes a solid fence feel less oppressive.

When considering materials, keep in mind the maintenance involved. Wood typically needs to be resealed, stained or painted every few years. Low maintenance options include powder-coated aluminum, vinyl and composite, all available in neutral shades of white, brown, black and green. Check local zoning regulations to ensure you have proper permits and do not exceed height restrictions, which are often lower for parts of the yard visible from the street.

Diy Deck Privacy Fence

21 Patio Privacy Ideas to Make Your Yard More Private

If you enjoy spending time on your deck but the neighborhood pest seems to pop over every time you step outside, this privacy fence project is for you. Convert a deck railing into a handsome privacy screen to block nosy neighbors, unsightly views, wind and noise. Its easy to build and will fit most decks. And itll make your deck a more comfortable, welcoming place. Well show you how to do it.

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Create A Secret Garden

Use tall screens to create cosy nooks

Adapt an existing area of your garden to make a hidden retreat. Hurdle panels in willow or hazel can be used to make a private area, while masking an ugly wall and creating added height. Bamboo fencing is a budget alternative.

Consider screening off the bottom of the garden, or another section, using the same method. Add a comfortable chair, some cosy throws, cushions and one of our best fire pits for the ultimate relaxation station.

Garden Privacy Ideas: 15 Ways To Create A Private Outdoor Space

These garden privacy ideas will transform your plot into a personal retreat, because everybody needs a little solitude sometimes

ByFiona Cumberpatchpublished 1 February 21

Need some garden privacy ideas to help you create a hideaway? Having a peaceful, private space to call your own may feel like a tall order if you live in a built-up, busy area. But, the great news is there are lots of ways to gain privacy in your plot, from nurturing a divider made of climbing plants or adding an ornamental screen, to building a stylish barrier.

With a little know-how, your recreation of our garden design ideas can easily feel sheltered, secure and tucked away from the neighbours. ‘With more of us spending time at home than ever before, creating escapism in the form of a private outdoor space is a great way to create a little sanctuary at home,’ says Sophie Birkert, founder of Screen With Envy.

Whether you have a small courtyard that’s overlooked on all sides, a suburban plot with only a small fence between you and your neighbours, or even space that you want to screen off from the house, our ideas will show you how easy it is to create your own private space. Read on to find out more.

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Get Crafty With Fabric

In the absence of space to plant trees or the ability to install a fence, hang attractive tapestries, fabric wall coverings, or curtains to add privacy and bring a cozy feel to your outdoor space.

Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen will need to be brought inside in advance of any storms that come through your area, and they may fade or begin to disintegrate after weeks of sunlight exposure.

If youd rather not have to worry about checking the weather forecast, look for outdoor fabrics that will withstand seasons of rain and sun.

Expect More From Your Fence

Garden privacy – how to make your garden feel more private

The modern backyard fence should enhance the look and feel of its surroundings, while providing security and privacy.

In the past, fence options were limited, but with modern materials design options for the backyard fence are almost limitless.

Once youve built your dream fence one that offers privacy, beauty, security and style consider ways to use your fence for more than just a barrier around your property.

Here are a few backyard fence decorating ideas to help your fence better fit your personality:

  • Hanging potted plants from posts or rails
  • Adding landscape lighting inside or outside the fence
  • Adding hangers for outdoor tools or ladder storage
  • Installing lattice on top of your fence
  • Using smaller fences for partial barriers to separate yard sections

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Find A More Private Patio

Whether your apartment is in a bustling city or a tranquil suburb, cultivating a private oasis to relax in is sure to elevate your space. While these backyard patio privacy ideas can help, if youre genuinely looking for an apartment upgrade, ApartmentSearch has your back. Before your next move, use our advanced filtering options to sort apartments by rent price, square footage, and amenities, and find the perfect space, with an ideal patio, to boot!

What Can I Put Up Instead Of A Fence

23 cheap but effective garden fence ideas

  • Woven bamboo connects to solid walls with ease.
  • Natural fencing with plants works well for a softer barrier.
  • Solid fencing can be cheaper if you use reclaimed wood.
  • Freestanding bamboo can be cut to any size.
  • Cheap pre-made panels can be improved with a coat of paint.

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Go Versatile With A Colourful Divider

These stylish dividers will create a subtle screen between areas on your patio, or the plot or balcony next door. Made of woven cord in colours inspired by the Venetian islands, they offer a contemporary pop of brightness to your space.

Whats more, they can be used inside as well as out. And, due to their light weight, they can be easily moved to suit your needs. A fantastic choice for those smaller plots that need just a little something to feel less exposed.

Put Up A Simple Lattice Fence

12 Clever Ways to Make Your Patio More Private

All this project takes are a few wooden posts or boards, depending on how sturdy you want your fence to be, and enough lattice to cover them. Before putting the fence together, you can also easily paint or stain the lattice to complement the color of your house or yard furnishings. If your style leans more toward a traditional privacy fence, this DIY idea is about as simpleand inexpensiveas it gets.

Average Costs:

  • $14-$20 per lattice panel.
  • $11-$25 per post.

Does your backyard need a little TLC? Check out our DIY landscaping how-tos to get the lushest lawn in the neighborhood. Got your own ideas for creating backyard privacy? Share them in the comments!

*All average costs are rough estimates. Exact totals will vary based on the specific materials you use and where you purchase them.

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Use Bifold Door As A Privacy Screen

Similarly to the previous shutters idea, you can use a bifold door room divider to make your privacy screen. And this DIY tutorial shows you exactly how a three-panel bifold room divider was turned into a privacy screen. To make it last longer in the outdoors, you could use a metal bifold door with anti-rust finish.

This is a great design idea because its a super simple purchase that will really add privacy and some decor element to your patio. Its also a lot easier on the eyes than just a patio wall since the slats add extra light into the patio.

Can You Create More Privacy In A Garden Cheaply

Choosing simple ways to increase privacy like planting and DIY can make this job really budget-friendly and nonetheless effective. The experts at Gardening Express say that aside from DIY solutions, ‘Another alternative is wire garden fencing, as it is a quick to install and unbelievably cheap. Growing climbing plants like a colorful clematis or ivy up the wire will create a private space and a great place to nature spot.’

So it can be done. Always start by assessing where you really need privacy and consider both temporary and permanent options to suit your needs and gardens orientation. This will make it a lot easier to find a happy medium, which is pocket-friendly, too.

And remember that unless you want to zone off your entire garden for which you will need to check what’s allowed beforehand you will be able to get more privacy in other less dramatic and very clever ways.

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Backyard Privacy Ideas That Are Actually Stylish

Turn your outdoor space into your own personal retreat.

With many of us spending more time than ever in our backyards this summerand planning elaborate at-home staycations rather than vacationswe may have noticed some things we’d like to change about our outdoor spaces. At the top of many wishlists: more privacy. Especially since our neighbors also happen to be hanging out at home this summer, backyard privacy is a must. But because hedges, trees, and other plantable forms of privacy might take several years to grow tall enough and permanent fences are a big commitment, we rounded up some backyard privacy ideas that are easy to install right away. These barriers strike the right balance between subtle and effective, so you can enjoy your yard in peace, without sending the wrong message to your neighbors. Plus, they’ll match seamlessly with your outdoor decor.

Create Outdoor Privacy With Curtains

Garden privacy screens – new ideas and clever ways to make your garden private!

This DIY tutorial features outdoor curtains that act as privacy screens. This is a pretty cheap design concept that will set you back only about $100 to execute correctly. Of course, you may be able to find cheaper curtains where you live.

This is a really elegant idea that the owners came up with to gain privacy from the house that sits high above. The curtains also add an interesting decor facet to the patio.

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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Source: HGTV

Robert Frost said it first. Sometimes, a fence is still the ideal way to define your yard and keep it yours alone. Weve used them for years, so dont be afraid of them now. There are some really trendy, stylish options out there, so chainlink or wood doesnt have to be your answer. Recycled material and metal varieties exist. Check them out!

Construct A Patio Privacy Screen

Theres a time and place to fraternize with the neighbors, and that time isnt necessarily when youre trying to kick back and enjoy a little quiet time on the patio. We built an airy, attractive screen that serves as the perfect solution to achieving a little outdoor privacy for homes a bit too close to the neighbors. Plus, its unique look will enhance any yard.

While it may look like a big project to tackle, most of the work involves cutting boards to length and screwing them together. It measures 12 ft. long and 7 ft. tall at its highest point, but its easy to adapt it to your yard. All the steps you need to construct this handsome outdoor privacy screen are here.

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