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How To Measure For Patio Cushions

Measuring Standard Furniture For Replacement Cushions

How to Measure for Replacement Patio Cushions

Chair With Tufted Chair Cushion

Hundreds of thousands of people every spring decide to order replacement furniture cushions for their patio furniture. Some find it relatively easy to do while others find it a daunting task. Its not that difficult to figure out what to do if you know a few things about your furniture. Below are some helpful hints in identifying what you need to know to order replacement cushions for standard furniture.

How To Measure For Replacement Cushions

We get lots of questions about finding the right size and fit, so here are some quick tips for measuring when its time to replace the cushions on your patio furniture. Youll need to measure your existing cushions for size, so lay them out on a flat surface and grab your measuring tape. Remember, dont measure from seam to seam, but rather from edge to edge.

Measuring For Hinged Cushions

The four main measurements that you need for your custom Hinged cushions are:

  • Width: Measured from left to right
  • Height: Measured from top to center hinged
  • Depth: Bottom to center hinged
  • Thickness: This measurement is to customers discretion.

Same goes for cushions that have a cross stitch in the back rest measurement is taken from top to the center of the back rest cross stitch.

  • Width: Measured from left to right facing your furniture.
  • Depth: Measured from Front to back facing your furniture.
  • Thickness: This measurement is to customers discretion.

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Unconventional Shaped Deep Seating Cushions

If you have furniture that was uniquely designed and conventional shaped cushions wont work, you will have to make a paper template of the cushion shape and give it to your cushion maker to ensure your cushions are made to fit and look good for a long time. In particular, some deep seating furniture have T or L Shaped sections or bolster arm rests. These types of specialty shapes would be considered non-standard cushion design and developing templates for the cushion maker are the most popular way to have these types of cushions made. If at all possible, provide your cushion maker an image of your furniture so they have a better idea of the type of furniture they are making cushions for. Alternatively, you can provide your cushion maker with one of each type of your old cushions rather than making templates. This alternative may be more expensive if you have to ship your cushions to the cushion maker.

Measure Patio Cushion Seat Thickness

How to Measure Replacement Patio Cushions â Sunniland ...

Measure the thickness of your patio chair or chaise boxed style cushion. The boxed style replacement cushions we offer on the web site already have a predetermined thickness. was started with the goal of being your go-to resource for all things related to quickly enhance your backyard and front yard.In addition to helping users to transform their outdoor space with the garden of their dreams without having to spend a lot of money and time, we share up-to-date product reviews of patio and yard furniture, theircleaningand maintenance, smart lawn designs, DIY plans,grills and BBQ, outdoor games for kids as well as adults, and get helpful tips and ideas to make it perfect for your needs.Our articles and tips have helped more than 300,000 readers to date.During our research, we like to use sites likepopular mechanics,,,, to gather knowledge and help you find the most reliable and trustworthy information.For product research, in addition to first-hand use of several of the products, we use the thousands of credible reviews from sites like,,, , and the, as well as our years of experience in reviewing outdoor furniture and landscaping ideas.

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Measuring Your Chair To Make A Cushion

In this example I have a small chair that is used for eating in an outdoor setting. Some of things you need to consider are who will use the piece, and how it will be used. In our case this is a chair that you will sit up straight in and not be lounging in. A tall person for example would want a chair that sat much higher than a short person might be comfortable in. An average seat height with your finished cushion is 17 to 19. Keeping this in mind can help you decide how thick you want your cushion to sit. The one I am using here will be a 3 thick cushion.

Now that youve got the height you want lets measure to figure out our fabric needs. Using the actual chair you can measure across the width of your seat, ours is 18W. If your chair is tapered so that the back is narrower you need to measure that as well. In our case it is a consistent 18W across the front as well as the back. Next you want to measure the depth of the chair from front to back, ours is 14.5 Deep. These measurements will be our finished cushion size, 3H X 18W X 14.5D. Now we can determine our cuts.

How To Measure Your Patio Cushions For Replacement

Your outdoor cushions have given you years of service, but now theyre old, mildewed, torn or just notsalvageable by cleaning. Dont throw your patio cushions out just yet! Heres how to measure cushions so youcan order your brand new cushions to be the same size.

Lay the cushion down on a flat surface.

  • Measure the width of the cushion from one side to another.
  • Measure the complete length of the cushion from the top to the bottom.
  • Measure the depth of the seat . Then measurethe seat back . The sum of these two measurementsshould equal measurement #2.
  • Finally, measure the thickness. Bear in mind that after many years of use, some cushionstend to flatten out. Buttons also reduce cushion thickness. Generally, wrought iron and woodfurniture cushions are 2-3 thick, aluminum furniture cushions are 3-5 thick, PVCfurniture cushions are 4-5 thick, and deep seating cushions are about 5 thick.
  • For odd-shaped cushions or pads, watch this shortvideo

    Measuring Instructions for Rectangular Seat Pads

    Lay the pad down on a flat surface.

  • Measure the width of the pad from one side to another.
  • Measure the depth of the pad .
  • Finally, measure the thickness. Bear in mind that after many years of use, some cushionstend to flatten out. Buttons also reduce cushion thickness. Generally, wrought iron and woodfurniture cushions are 2-3 thick, aluminum furniture cushions are 3-5 thick, PVCfurniture cushions are 4-5 thick, and deep seating cushions are about 5 thick.
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    How To Measure A Seat For A Cushion

    Whether it’s for a patio chair, bar stool or other seat, your custom seat cushions will be made to your dimensions. Follow these steps to ensure a proper fit for your custom cushion.

    Sometimes, over the years well-worn cushions become misshapen. It is strongly recommended that you measure your existing piece of furniture or space. DO NOT measure the old cushion.

    How To Measure For Sofa Or Loveseat Replacement Cushions

    Calculating Fabric Needed for Recovering Patio Cushions
  • Measure the length of the seat cushion at the center from the top to the bottom.
  • Measure the width of the back of the seat cushion from end to end.
  • Measure the width of the front of the seat cushion from end to end.
  • Now youre ready to choose your replacement cushions.

    Dont forget to check out our Outdoor Cushion Care Guide to help lengthen the life of your outdoor cushions.For more outdoor space inspiration, check out these posts below:

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    Dining Chair Cushions Bench Cushions Ottomans

    If your old cushion has piping, do not include it in your measurements. All measurements should be inside the piping from seam to seam.

  • WIDTH: measure the middle of the cushion from side to side, seam to seam.

  • DEPTH: measure the middle of the cushion from front to back, seam to seam.

  • THICKNESS: measure the thickness of the cushion seam to seam.

  • Build Your Custom Cushions

    For our DIY customers to assist in calculating cushion fabric yardage to purchase from us or purchase professionally made completed quality cushions made in our factory, Clearwater FL, USA. We have thousands of fabric choices for residential and contract use.

    Before you purchase Sunbrella® or other decor fabric and DIY your cushions, consider a complete professionally manufactured Sunbrella fabric or other high-quality fabric completed cushion or fabric cushion cover. Are you in need of cushions for your chair, chaise, lounge, bench, or other outdoor/indoor furniture? Maybe your old poolside sling furniture is in need of rehabilitation, or you simply want upgraded fabric or firmer cushions. Whatever the case, we custom-create quality fabric cushions that will go perfectly with whatever furniture you have, regardless of the size, style, or situation.

    Call or contact us today for a free estimate.

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    How To Measure A Chair For A Replacement Cushion:

  • Measure the seat width by placing a rigid tape measure across the seat from left to right. We recommend adding an inch to your measurement to ensure your cushion fits snugly.
  • Measure the seat depth by measuring the chair from front to back. Again, we’d add an inch here to allow a bit of cushion to hang over the edge for comfort.
  • If you would like a back cushion for your chair, start by measuring the back width from left to right.
  • Measure the back height from the top of the chair down to the top of the seat. IMPORTANT – Be sure to subtract the thickness of your cushion from your back height or else your cushion will extend beyond the top of your chair.
  • Shop All Replacement Chair Cushions

    How Do You Measure Patio Furniture For Cushions

    Replacement Patio Cushions Clearance

    How do you measure patio furniture for cushions? Whether youve got a brand new patio, or just fancy giving your outdoor space a refresh for the new season, getting the right measurements for your patio furniture is essential.

    Why its so important to measure for your patio cushions

    Getting the fit spot on means your cushions will be super comfy for you and your guests. There will be no annoying slip and slide as you try to relax, and no annoying pressure points to cause excess wear. Whether youre going for custom cushions or choosing a great off the peg model, getting the right fit is the key to being sure your patio cushions will be a perfect partner for your outdoor furniture.

    How do you measure patio furniture for cushions? A step by step guide:

    1. Make sure you know what shape youre working with

    We offer a huge variety of outdoor cushions and the first step when measuring is to know what type of cushion youre looking for. Do need something for a sun lounger or daybed? Perhaps a bench seat or simple chair cushion? Perhaps you just need a new set of bolster cushions to bring a new look to your existing patio set? Understanding what type of shape you have will help you find how to do your measurements.

    2. Measure the width for the cushions

    3. Measure the depth for your cushions

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    Additional Outdoor Cushion Sizing Tips

    • It is important to remember that when measuring for replacement outdoor cushions, the furniture itself is what should be measured. Older patio furniture cushions are not a good indicator of what size you need as they tend to become misshapen over time or were possibly never the correct size.
    • Only use a rigid tape measure – tailor’s tape will not measure as accurately.
    • If you do not see the size cushions you need from our Outdoor Replacement Cushions, call one of our patio furniture experts at 877-743-2269 with your dimensions ready, and we can order you a set of custom patio cushions.

    Our customer service reps are real people offering great service, backed by 8 weeks of hands-on training with all of our products.

    Founded in Baton Rouge in 1998, BBQGuys is proud to call South Louisiana home .

    If you can dream it, we can design it. Our outdoor kitchen design experts have helped thousands of customers transform their backyards at no extra cost.

    Mike Hackleys true passion is innovation, which is why he can often be found in the warehouse testing original products with our R& D team.

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    Measuring Foam For Cushions

    Well weve figured out the fabric now what about the foam? There are many ways to look at the foam sizes. Some people like to make the boxing a 1/2 shorter, ie: 4 foam for a 3 1/2 finished boxing. This gives a very tight fit and looks nice. You can also have your foam the same thickness as your finished boxing and wrap it with Dacron to give a more rounded edge look which is nice as well. Others cut their foam the same as your top and bottom fabric cuts which is also a nice look. Be careful with this last option if you have a situation where the frame the cushion is going into is solid, like a window seat with sides, as it might not sit quite right.

    So now you can take any piece that you might have and determine what size your cushion needs to be! If youre interested in a full tutorial on making cushions please check out our online upholstery classes membership site for video tutorials on fabricating different style cushions.

    Thanks for reading my blog and please SHARE it with your social media friends,

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    How To Measure For Chaise Lounge Replacement Cushions

    If you have a trifolding cushion, see step 2. If your cushion consists of a seat back and leg rest, skip step 2.

  • Measure the length of back portion from the top to the first fold.
  • Measure the length of the seat portion from top fold to bottom fold .
  • Measure the length of the leg rest portion from the fold to the end.
  • Measure the width of the seat by measuring edge to edge.
  • How To Measure For Chair Seat & Back Replacement Cushions

    Wicker Patio Furniture Replacment Cushions
  • Measure the length of the seat cushion from the front to the back.
  • Measure the width of the seat cushion from one side to the other. Measure in three places and take the smallest measurement .
  • Measure length of the back cushion from top to bottom.
  • Measure the width of the back cushion from one edge to the other.
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    How Do I Measure For My Cushion

    I often get asked how do I measure for my cushions? So today I decided to put the answer in a blog post. Once you have the piece of furniture you want to make a cushion for its easy to determine the size of your finished cushion. Using measurements right from the chair we can decide our yardage and the cut piece sizes you will need. So lets get started.

    Cutting Out My Fabric Sizes For My Cushions

    Using your measurements from above you can now determine how much fabric you will need to buy, for one cushion I will need 25 of 54 W fabric for the main part of my cushion and a minimum of 1 yard for cording. I use a 1/2 seam allowance when sewing cushions so I need to add that to my cut measurement sizes . In this example I will be needing to cut the following pieces:

    • Boxing strip 4H X 54W )
    • Top and bottom 19W X 15.5D
    • Zipper boxing 2 1/2H X 25W
    • Cording 170 enough to go around top and bottom of cushion plus about 10 to make joints.

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    How You Should Measure Your Chair

    Before you measure your bench or chair, youll, of course, need measuring tape! We recommend a firm tape instead of a flexible measuring tape so youll get more accurate results for the height, depth, and width.

    Now, its important to measure your patio furniturenot just your old cushions. This is because, over time, a cushion can lose some of its filling , and the fabric might stretch. So if you measure an old, worn-out cushion, this may give you a size that wont fit your furniture. In short, measuring your patio pieces s your best course of action.

    If you’re ready to get started, check out this video featuring Toni, one of our patio cushion and decor experts. You can also read on for a more detailed description of measuring each dimension.

    How To Measure The Frame

    Montlake Standard Patio Chair Cover

    Deep seating seat cushions sit in a frame typically with suspension straps. The size of the cushions will generally be larger than the suspension frame itself. The cushion must fit snugly against the back and side rests and not stick out beyond the front edge of the seat frame.

    Measure across the front edge of the seat frame between the arm supports for the overall width measurement. For chairs, lovseats and sofas, measure the depth from the center front edge of the seat to the back rest.

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    Which New Cushion For Outdoor Chairs Will Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

    • How to Decorate Team

    If your outdoor space needs some TLC after months of battling the rain, snow, and cold, a great place to start is with outdoor seating cushions. Replacement cushions are a wonderful way to update existing furniture and add in refreshing color. With our large assortment of outdoor seating cushions, we want to make sure you make the best decision when it comes to updating to new ones. Follow along for our tips on how to choose the right outdoor cushions for your space.


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