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How To Mix And Match Patio Furniture

Tips For Mixing And Matching Outdoor Furniture Styles

Backyard Makeover: Transform Your Patio With Pops of Color & Space-Maximizing Outdoor Furniture

What is it about decorating, redecorating or remodeling that is so satisfying to watch? It may be the beauty of the process in which you are upgrading something, or giving a space a completely new life, vibe and atmosphere.

Also, it may be about being creative, having fun, mixing styles, materials, accessories and bigger pieces, until you create a space that personifies you as a person and shows who you are, and what are the prefers of the owner or owners.

When it comes to designing a home, it is important to mention that although the majority of effort goes into interior design and the inside of any property, it is fair to say that almost the same energy, time and effort goes into designing the outdoor space.

What makes a better peaceful oasis than a beautiful backyard, patio or a pool habana? Recent surveys show that people appreciate having a place outside their home where they can sit, read a book, socialize with their friends, dine or if nothing, take an extra breath of fresh air.

This is why its so important to design a space that will make you calm, relaxed, and that would allow you to enjoy spending your time outdoors.

However, decorating your outdoor space consists of many different parts of the process. Whether you own a spacious garden where you can play with plants, and different d├ęcor elements or you only have a small patio to show your creative side, some things are fundamental.

Play Up A Classic Style With A New Twist

Pair your low, glass-covered Japanese-inspired dining table with rice paper lamps. Choose a chest of drawers or a buffet with classic Asian artwork on inlaid panels. Then hang modern framed photographs of Japanese street scenes on the wall. Accent the room with bright plush rugs and chic square-style dinner plates.

Should Outdoor Furniture Match

Most of us are concerned about the impression we give to those invited into our homes. You want your decor to reflect your personal style and also present a well-thought look. That impression extends to our outdoor spaces as well. This has likely led you to ask yourself the question, Should outdoor furniture match? Weve done some research and have some information for you.

Outdoor furniture doesnt necessarily have to match. However, the furniture chosen should create a cohesive look with corresponding colors and styles. There should be a common theme to tie all the furniture together. Your area should be streamlined and lively, without being overcrowded or too sparse.

Now that weve established every piece of outdoor furniture neednt necessarily match lets discuss the options available to you and how to achieve the look. Well go over some additional questions you might have as well.

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Does Furniture Need Matching

Whats the difference between matching and coordinating? Plenty. Furniture that matches is all in the same style, wood, fabric or finish. There may be many different finishes and fabrics involved you may even combine new pieces with pieces you already have on hand. Coordinating pieces do not need to match .

Make It Pretty & Plush

DIY Projects and Ideas

When you think of the outdoors, soft and sumptuous probably arent the first words that come to mind. Thanks to modern upgrades, time spent outdoors is far from roughing it. By adding just a few throw pillows to your seating, youve fulfilled the task of personalized style and cozy comfort all in one smooth swoop. And by adding an outdoor floor rug, your feet will be greeted by feel-good fabric instead of hard tile or concrete.

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Use Transitions In Space

Another thing you can do to create a more natural blend when you mix and match is to use space transitions. For example, you can use a set of greenery, an area rug, outdoor fireplace, or half wall to create a separation of spaces. You then put your primary furniture style in one space and your secondary in the other.

Wait a minute! you cry! Wont that just break up the styles instead of mixing and matching them? The answer is no. The reason why is that youll still employ the same overall color scheme for the entire patio area. The colors will unify the various styles youve chosen to use.

Dont Forget Layout And Functionality

Remember the fresh greenery we just mentioned? Theres no reason it has to be merely decorative. Many plants are also helpful in repelling insects, and others like lavender can provide smells that have a calming effect. That could be wonderful if your goal is to create a relaxing space on your patio.

Finally, remember to plan ahead when it comes to the furniture layout. You might want to use your patio in different ways at different times. Say you want to have an evening where family and friends gather to relax and dine outside on the patio and then relax as the sun goes down. You can rearrange your layout to include a dining table. Alternatively, you might want a romantic evening where its just you and your significant other. A comfy hammock for two or an outdoor sofa might be your patios centerpiece.

The bottom line is that its a good idea to have several different layouts in mind that youve planned in advance. Have fun mixing and matching!

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My Mix And Match Patio Furniture Tips

  • have fun with it
  • coordinate the colors with the rest of your house and decor
  • dont be afraid of mixing would or metal finishes
  • watch out for the scale, you dont want the table to swallow up the chairs or vice versa
  • and dont be afraid to mix styles

Im also planning on making some new pieces to hang on the fence by the pool and purchased some different types of synthetic string to make a more durable outdoor macrame piece to hang up as well. Some testing needs to be done first though.

  • Save

Find out how to make the tassel umbrella! I love the look.

Bring The Indoors Out

5 Tips To Arranging Your Patio Furniture

One of the quickest ways to elevate your patio space is with furniture pieces that combine the elegance of indoor furniture with the durability of outdoor furniture. The stylish patio seating boasts details traditionally found indoors, including tailored slipcovers and cane detailing. Forget about matching sets when it comes to creating a cohesive arrangement, its all about the mix!

Get the Look:Summer Classics StyleMaker and Interior Designer, mixed our Havana Lounge Chairs with the Baldwin Upholstered Lounge Chairs to create a high-end designer look to this Houston Patio space.

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Effective Ways To Mix And Match Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture can look remarkably chic without having to match. In fact, some of the most fantastic layouts mix and match patio furniture like crazy! You know why? Because it offers you the chance to show off your personality.

Not only that, but many people cant afford the high price of going out and purchasing a pre-packaged patio furniture collection. The great news is that you dont have to spend tons of money on getting matching sets for your patio to look out of this world.

It turns out that there are a number of alternatives. Whether youre mixing and matching wicker and teak outdoor furniture or a combo of other materials and colors entirely, there are effective ways to mix and match patio furniture. Check out our ideas below!

Balance Out Materials & Textures

Wood, aluminum or wicker? All these materials stand up to harsh outdoor elements, so you cant go wrong with these choices. The one faux pas that is possible, is throwing too many materials into the mix. If you choose resin wicker chairs, a wood or aluminum table will look fine. What you want to avoid is a wicker chair, aluminum frame sofa and a natural wood table all grouped together. Just as how mixing too many colors can look sloppy or unplanned, mixing too many materials and textures can have the same effect.

See how our Ashley Insider successfully mixes a metallic gold metal end table and lights with resin wicker furniture.

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Add Ceramic Or Concrete Garden Stools

Adding concrete or ceramic garden stools to your patio decor is a great way to add in additional materials. It also provides extra seating for guests or kids, and they make great end tables to plop down a drink.

I tend to want to see 2-3 garden stools in an outdoor space either tucked in as end tables or as extra seating that can be pulled up around the coffee table. Because they are smaller and round, you can use them in a place that is normally a walkway on the patio without causing too much interruption to the traffic flow.

How Do You Mix And Match Outdoor Patio Furniture

mix and match patio furniture tips

Many people have two areas on their patio one with a table and chairs for dining and one with deep seating for relaxing. Even though the two areas may be several feet away from each other, they are usually within sight of each other. To make these two areas complement each other, you can arrange the patio furniture by material, layout, style, or color.

In design, theres something called the Rule of Three. When something is repeated three times not twice or four times, go figure then the human brain makes a connection between the things. The brain considers the three similar things as a group.

Designers say to use the Rule of Three to help draw together mixed and matched patio furniture.

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What Is The Most Relaxing Bedroom Color

Start feeling more zen with 15 of the most calming bedroom color ideas. Lush Lavender. The flower itself is the perfect shade of purple with a light blue tone perfectly regal and relaxing, but not overwhelming. Tranquil White. Blue Gray . Sea Blue . Pastel Purple . Dusty Pink. Neutral Beige. Sage Green .

Arrange By Design Style

Most people have a style they like more than others: modern, traditional, midmod, farmhouse, salvage-chic, or southwestern. Group the design styles into your two areas, dining, and deep seating.

For example, put all your farmhouse pieces in the dining area and all your southwestern ones in the deep seating. Then, draw them together with colors.

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Its All About Balance

A room should never feel overdone, and the best way to make sure that this doesnt happen is to take a step back and reflect on each space. Its easy to get carried away when working with so many things going on in a mix-and-match scheme. Using solid colors to counter patterns or neutral shades to counter accents is a great practice to accomplish this.

Follow A Time Period Theme

Easy and Affordable Updates for Your Patio Furniture

If the focal point of your living room is an antique lamp that belonged to your great-grandmother, pair it with an end table that resembles the same time period. Hang paintings that showcase scenes from days gone by. Mix in a few modern focal points for variety. Add a chaise lounge covered in crushed velvet. Position tall ceramic floor pots with floral arrangements in the corners for a colorful touch.

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Its All In The Materials

When it comes to mixing and matching your furniture, its all about different textures, colors and materials. Whether you want to have a modern and minimalistic patio or you want to make it more natural and make sure it fits in the environment, you should consider mixing different materials from aluminum to different colors and types of wood.

Finally, there are many plastic furniture pieces that are perfect for making your patio more modern. They are also great if you wanna add a pop of color to your small oasis. However, when you choose furniture pieces, you should choose the materials that are durable, since they will be outside, and they should withstand different weather conditions.

You can also play with concrete, whether those are accessories that you made by yourself or youve bought them. If you choose chairs that are made of aluminum, it doesnt mean you shouldnt choose a wooden table for example quite the opposite.

This is exactly what you should do! A good starting point however, is to choose top 3 or top 5 materials you wanna go with, since too much of everything is never a good thing. to find some good ideas for your outdoor space.

How To Mix And Match Furniture Styles The Right Way

No matter how big or small the space in your home is, styling it with appropriate furniture can be a tedious and tricky proposition.

With so many styles, colors, and themes to choose from, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Add personal preferences into the mix, and youll realize how home design and decor can be a seriously daunting task.

Well, the good news is that the concept of mixing and matching furniture is becoming a style of its own. Put together various pieces of different styles and time periods, and youll be able to create an overall look thats intriguing and refreshingly unique. Another benefit of the emergence of the mix-and-match style is that you no longer have to worry about purchasing an entirely new furniture suite.

Homes that layer in different furniture styles are dynamic and interesting. Although the versatility brought about is certainly welcomed, the trick is to ensure that everything ties together cohesively at the end. The most eye-pleasing spaces seek some common ground, where everything finds a way to get along. It doesnt leave you questioning Here are TEN ways to mix aesthetics without getting a raised eyebrow:

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How Do You Make Wicker Furniture Look Modern

You can change the look of worn-out wicker furniture with some paint. There are lots of spray paints that will work find them in your local hardware or hobby store. Be sure to buy exterior paint.

First, power wash your old wicker furniture. Set the pieces out in the middle of your lawn. Clean all the grime, leaves and paint chips off. If you need to, use a brush to get in between the weave. If the piece has oily or greasy stuff on it, use some mild dishwashing soap to clean it off. Paint wont stick to grease.

Then, leave the wicker furniture to dry in the sun. Check out the wicker piece. If there are pieces that have broken off and are sticking out, you may be able to repair them with glue. Trim pieces off with an Exacto knife if they cant be repaired.

Let the wicker pieces dry.

Prepare a place to spray paint. Pick a sunny, dry day without wind. Then, lay out a big sheet of plastic on your driveway, garage floor or the middle of your lawn. Test spray a small, hidden area of the wicker to be sure you like the color.

Then, get some tunes on and spray the entire piece. Wicker has lots of texture so you may need several coats. Finish with some spray sealant.

To update the wicker look, add a pillow or cushion with a modern pattern.

Teak Furniture: The Pros

Mix and Match Patio Dining Chair in Dark Brown

Teak is an extremely dense form of hardwood that has exceptionally durable properties. This beautiful wood grows natively in regions like India and Southeast Asia. Not only is teak wood strong, but its also quite beautiful to look at, adding a sophisticated component to your patio. When teak is freshly cut or sanded, it produces a gorgeous golden-toned, honey hue that is slightly oily to the touch. Thats because teak contains natural protective oils that are infused into the wood, protecting it from things like destructive pests, fungus and rot, and water damage. As your teak outdoor sofa or chair sits outside over time, the wood color may start to fade. Thankfully, you can maintain the rich and beautiful color of your new teak wood furniture by applying a sealer to it annually. Otherwise, another pro of choosing teak vs wicker is that its extremely easy to care for and to maintain. Because teak is dense and strong, it wont get knocked over, even in strong winds.

Many consumers praise teak wood furniture due to its natural beauty and a long-standing reputation for being a high-quality choice. This means that youll get a high-end furniture item that is often considered top of the line. When your teak furniture is well taken care of, it can last for decades to come. Buying new furniture is a big investment, so its important that you choose pieces you know youll enjoy in the future. In fact, your teak furniture might even outlast you or your home!

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Match Colors And Patterns

Accent a sage green sofa with a wingback chair in a complementary sand or taupe color. Add a throw blanket to the back of a wooden chair that reflects the same shades of earth-tone colors. Top the coffee table with a glass bowl full of natural potpourri made of a mix of pinecones and dried flowers in varying tones of green.

For more tips on mixing patterns, check out Mixing Patterns 101.

How Much Patio Furniture Do You Need

To decide how much patio furniture you need, there are a handful of factors to consider. First, know how much space you have to dedicate to your patio furniture. When measuring, ensure you leave adequate space for movement.

Second, decide on what will be the primary function of the space. Will you be entertaining a lot, or is the space primarily for your immediate family? Will you be hosting meals in your outdoor space or just using it to relax? These questions must be answered when decided how much patio furniture is needed.

If space will just be used casually and not for full meals, a few chairs and an end table would likely be sufficient. If you plan on using the space for meals, a dining table and chairs are a must.

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