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How To Screen In Covered Patio

Additional Patio Enclosure Types And Costs

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Although it may be a large investment, enclosing the patio adds more livable space to your home. Some people turn their patios into sunrooms, while others merely add screens to protect from bugs. There’s also the option to completely enclose the room and use it as another regular space in your home. The goal is to have an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Here are some additional patio enclosure types and costs to consider:

Increase The Value Of Your Home Find Out Your Patio Cover Purchase Options

Whether you wish for a simple outdoor breakfast area, a small spot for your BBQ, or an open-concpet dining area to entertain, our Lumon patio covers are a great investment. We take your vision of your outdoors, and create it to keep your patio looking clean and crisp. Get in touch with us to discuss budget and pricing, our patio cover costs will vary on size. We recommend taking advantage of our free in-home consultation to give you the best price possible.

What Color Should The Bulbs Be

Whenever Im buying lightbulbs, whether for indoor or outdoor use, I always look for warm white. Regular lightbulbs will have this Lighting Facts diagram on the back of the box like the ones below. Youll always want your light color to be on the warm side of the spectrum.

Boxes of string lights may or may not have this diagram. But the point is that you want a warm glow with yellow/orange undertones, similar to the color of candlelight. Anything that says daylight or cool is going to have a blue cast like an alien spaceship. And Im guessing thats not the ambiance youre going for.

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Install A Nailing Board On The Floor

Use the cordless drill to drill four pilot holes through one of the 4-foot two-by-twos. Switch to a driver bit and drive the 2 1/2-inch screws through the two-by-two and into the face of the floor.

For a finished look, step back the board 1 1/2 inches from the leading edge of the flooring. This will allow the bottom edge of the screen panel to be flush with the outer edge of the flooring.

Stylish Covered Patio Ideas

Screen Porch and Stamped Concrete Patio in Charlotte
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The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A well-designed patio cover can enhance your outdoor living experience and increase the amount of time you spend outside. For any major outdoor structure, you’ll want to work with a professional, like an architect or landscape architect, to make sure your building complies with city codes and is engineered correctly. Other considerations before planning, designing and building a patio cover include:

  • Budget
  • Architectural style of your house
  • Materials you desire and what is available in your region
  • Location
  • Size and scale of patio and overhead
  • Orientation of the patio to the sun, like a hot west-oriented location or cold-northern

Take a look at 50 very different patio covers, certain to spark some ideas for your own project.

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Gable Patio Cover Cost

The cost of a gable roof or patio cover averages $2,200 to $13,500 for the roof. This makes the total cost range for the patio $3,928 to $18,900. Gable patio covers come in one of two ways. They can be attached to your home, at least on one end. They can also be freestanding pavilions, a type of structure with a roof but no walls. Depending on the height and material of the gable cover, it has a wide range of costs.

Use Old Screen Doors To Create An Outdoor Art Privacy Wall

This super adorable DIY tutorial shows you how to create your very own secrete outdoor tea room. The privacy wall within this idea is full of art, which is charming to look at and even better at protecting your privacy during this tea party.

This is a great idea to try with kids who will be inviting their friends over for parties and sleepovers. This is also a great idea to try with a book club, if you have the space, or even just a cute sitting area.

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Make A Patio Living Wall

Do you think a simple lattice screen is boring? So why not build a privacy screen that is also a living wall? Lattice panels are just perfect for it, and this DIY tutorial shows you exactly how to create your very own living wall privacy screen. This is a super cute idea that features plenty of living plants that will not only add extra privacy, but will add some more life to the patio, as well.

This is a more modern concept that helps you add some extra plant life to the patio without taking up too much space. Make sure all plant fixtures are fastened securely, as this tutorial suggests, to prevent damage to any falling plants.

Patio Privacy Screen Cost Factors

How to install a patio screen

Materials and labor make up a majority of your screened patio price, but there are a few other factors you should consider before screening in your patio. Keep all in mind before you embark on any screening project.

  • Screen Type: Aluminum costs more than fiberglass and high-quality screens cost more than low-quality screens. You can see the various screen types and their costs below.
  • Mason: Different patio contractors charge different amounts for labor. Your location, patio size, and specific project all affect their labor cost. As such, it pays to gather multiple quotes for any patio screening project.
  • Kneewall: A kneewall is located at the bottom of your patio. Some homeowners like screens all the way down the patio and others like a more solid wall at the bottom. Added support greatly comes in handy during heaving rainstorms. Kneewalls cost more than screens, but if youre looking to protect your patio or screened-in porch, you may want to consider kneewalls.
  • Existing Patio: The cost above assumes you already have a patio. If not, your total project cost just went up. The average price to install a patio is just under $3,000.
  • Existing Patio Cover: Most patios have existing covers, but others do not. If not, you should probably add one along with your new patio screens. After all, if youre paying to protect the sides of your patio, you might as well protect the top.
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    Patio Enclosure Flooring Costs

    Concrete floor – You may be completely happy with your poured concrete patio, but many homeowners prefer to upgrade the look with choices like concrete stenciling or pavers. Average concrete patio costs can vary from $2$7/sqft depending on your material of choice.

    Floating floor – If youd rather go with a floating wood or tile floor, expect to pay about $5/sqft for the purchase and installation. Be sure to add a moisture barrier between the concrete and your new floor, and fix any damage before you begin. Make sure water drainage is taken care of, or your patio could flood when you enclose it. Read more about hardwood flooring or tile installation on our other cost guide pages.

    Radiant Flooring – If youd love to have a warm patio floor in the colder months, think about installing radiant heating under the floors, in the walls, and in the ceiling. Radiant systems can be installed under most types of flooring.

    Water system – Using an open direct, closed, or indirect system, hot water heats the home via tubes connected to a water heater. Install tubing on your existing sub floor.

    Electrical system – Heating wires are preinstalled in the underlayment. Products like ThermoFloor can be used with laminate flooring with attached underlayment backing. Sixty square feet of mats of 240V is about $600.

    Indoor Enclosed Patio Covered How To Screen In An Existing Porch Todays Homeowner Layout Call This Number

    Outdoor Patio And Backyard Upadated : Next

    Sunroom furniture ideas now that youre prepared for your shopping adventure and headed in the right direction lets explore quality well constructed made from wicker or rattan is ideal sunrooms. Spruce up your with these helpful makeover ideas indoor porch furniture sunrooms enclosed sun decorating get more great for, sunroom ideas for an indoor patio article posted by shannon smith of burlap and lace she shares her here as part the style challenge series on home depot this is first weve featured a matter fact we sent outdoor furniture set choice naturally chose one.

    Image detail for pool enclosures screen patio rooms glass find this pin and more on by kay williams decks lanai cleaning service in lakewood ranch sarasota bradenton venice north port, inspiring examples of solariums sun rooms and indoor inside patio designs pools the design tips for swimming house plans pool ideas stunning pictures inspiration with minimalist dreamy hgtv, a tile lined swimming pool with its aquamarine colors provides striking visual contrasts against the white gable shaped enclosure and surrounding green lawn in this example from enclosures inc.

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    Cut Away The Overhang And Siding To Make Way For The Porch

    You’ll have to decide whether to cut a slot where the porch walls meet the siding. If your siding is stucco, brick or stone, you may want to butt the walls to the siding.

    Make a mark 1-5/8 in. out from the deck on both sides. Then make another mark 5-1/8 in. inside the first mark. Draw plumb lines up from these marks and cut a 5-1/8-in. slot through the siding but not the sheathing.;Set the saw blade just deep enough to cut through the siding only. Remove the siding. Waterproof the slot with No. 15 building paper.

    Diy Build Vs Hiring A Patio Pro

    Screen Enclosures for Patios & Pools

    With pre-made kits, you may be able to install it DIY. For complex designs or materials, hire a pro to build it properly. Hiring a patio enclosure professional near you saves you time and money. For the best results, arrange a paid consult with a professional to discuss your challenges and come up with a solution before tackling a job yourself.

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    How To Maximize The Value Of Your Screened

    This might vary depending on the weather where you live; however, HomeGuide suggests that the best time to add screening to your porch is during the colder or winter months. Contractors tend to be busier during the spring and summer, so earlier in the year, youll find more availability and some flexibility on prices.

    Moylan also recommends thinking about use and accessibility. For instance:

    • Consider where the porch should go: Unless youre adapting an existing porch or patio, consider having the porch close to the kitchen or living room, especially for entertaining.
    • Amp up your lighting: How does natural light affect your home during the day? Enclosing this space blocks a certain amount, so think about a skylight or glass panels in the roof, as well as how to light the room on cloudy days.
    • Hire someone reliable: Get at least three quotes from potential contractors before you begin, along with a breakdown of how they calculated their estimates. Also ask about their experience, whether theyll secure permits before starting work, if they have workers compensation and commercial general liability insurance, and how they handle disagreements with clients.

    The cost to add a screened-in porch might not be a breeze, but with your plans in order, your project will take shape before you know it.

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    Louvered Patio Cover Cost

    The cost of a louvered patio cover is between $4,320 and $20,700. This makes the total cost of a patio with a louvered roof between $6,048 and $26,100. Louvered roofs come in many configurations and materials. A roll-formed roof is the least expensive. This is a thinner type of slat material. An extruded roof is the most expensive. This is a more durable and longer-lasting roof option, but costs can approach $100 a square foot if you choose to include all the options.

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    Screen In Your Patio Completely

    The next step up from a simple overhang is a complete screened-in patio. This requires adding wooden framing around the patio, building a roof over the space, and creating a door that opens and closes.

    The framing is wrapped with durable screen material and then finished with trimming for a neat and tidy final look. Adding a good screened porch to your patio completely changes the look and feel of the space and makes it more enjoyable during the evening on warmer days.

    Youll love being in the area when mosquitoes and other pests are out and about, and you may find yourself using your patio much more often as a result.

    Screened-in spaces arent cheap, though, and will cost much more than simply adding an overhang would. If this is an option youre considering, be sure to talk with local contractors to learn what costs you should expect and consider all the different options available.

    Get The Right Screen For Your Enclosed Porch

    How To Replace Patio Screen

    The porch screen you choose can mean the difference of keeping bugs out or letting them sneak in, depending on the area you live in. The size of the screen, or mesh, you choose will determine what does, or doesnt, get through. Common screen mesh used on porches is 18 x 14, meaning 14 openings in one direction and 18 openings in the other direction per square inch. 20 x 20 mesh is slightly tighter and keeps out smaller bugs, like those pesky no-see-ums. Here are the most common screening materials:

    • Aluminum

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    Costs Of Screening In A Porch

    If you have a sturdy porch already, adding the screens and supports to enclose it is relatively simple: Depending on the cost of materials in your area, it should cost between $100 and $150 if you plan to do the work yourself. Enclosing or screening in an existing porch is much more affordable than building a brand new porch. If you do not have a porch or patio that can be screened in, you will have to build a brand new screened-in porch, which could cost as much as thousands of dollars, depending on what kind of porch you want.

    Additional Costs To Account For

    Dont forget costs for amenities, such as ceiling fans , as well as building permits and unforeseen repairs. For instance:

    Survey costs

    Many jurisdictions require that you submit a survey for your project along with an application for a building permit. A survey might start at about $450 and take two to eight weeks to complete, depending on the scope of the project and the season.


    Want an outdoor fireplace for chilly nights? Expect to add about $3,000 to your budget, roughly the same starting price for a hot tub. Scale back some of that cost by opting for portable heaters at about $100 to $500. Want an outdoor entertainment system? Youll likely need to pay for an electrician , plus the TV and other components.

    Unanticipated repairs

    If you cant build on an existing foundation, youll have to clear the land and prep the site, a cost that ranges from about $500 to $5,600. That might uncover other surprises.

    The blogger at Between Naps on the Porch removed her homes old deck and replaced it with an upstairs 14×18 screened-in porch with two adjacent decks. However, removing the old deck revealed damaged siding on the lower part of the house, which needed replacing and added to the cost.

    Coronavirus premium

    The price of some materials also has increased because of this demand and more construction. For instance, softwood lumber prices in February were about 112% higher than the previous year.

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    Screened In Patio Cost

    Unlike many other remodeling projects, screened patio costs have not fluctuated much. Furthermore, most remodeling prices range greatly based on materials, labor and various other factors. Screened in patios do not fall in this category.

    • At a minimum, screened-in patios cost $4.18/sf.
    • The average cost to screen in a patio is $5.28/sf.
    • At a maximum, screened-in patios cost $6.31/sf.
    • Most screen patios are roughly 200f. Therefore, on average, expect to spend $1,056 to screen in a patio.

    Note: This price assumes you have an existing patio in place.

    While the range is not vast, materials and labor can affect your final screened patio cost.

    Adding Patio String Lights To The Deck

    Pensacola Screen Rooms
    • Pin

    Happy Monday! ;Hope yall had a good weekend and are enjoying these last days of summer. It sure flew by this year, but I have to admit Im ready for cooler weather. ;Speaking of cooler weather, we got some really fun string lights up on the patio and deck and those are going to be so nice for the Fall season in our backyard.

    I havent updated you all since I finished staining the deck and it really turned out nice, so Ill show you all of that as well as what the deck looks like now with the addition of another rug and the new string lights. ;We are loving them! ;Fair warning, I took a zillion pics from all angles, so you could see exactly what it looks like out there, as well as some close ups of how the lights are attached. ;Youll probably remember the Treehouse post I did earlier in the Spring before the deck was stained, but I showed it all furnished with rugs and new cushions.

    Back story on the lights. ;I was contacted last year by a company here in Atlanta, Christmas Lights Etc. asking me if they could come and light up my backyard.


    Im sure youve noticed that string lights are all the rage now and so many people are adding them to their backyard and lots of companies sell them now. ;They have really grown in popularity the last 5 years or so.

    Notice the posts in the corners?

    The guys from Christmas Lights Etc. came out and secured the string lights and got them installed so nicely.

    Sweet Holly!

    These succulents are looking good out here too.

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