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How To Screen In Your Patio

It’s Your Call: Genius Or Cracked

How To Replace Patio Screen | Full Replacement Walkthrough with 5 EASY DIY STEPS!

Here is an interesting look for a patio. The designer has left a grass strip around each of the pavers. The resulting “crack” sets off the pavers nicely. Here’s the trade-off, though: This patio is hardly low-maintenance. Why give yourself more mowing work than you already have to do? But it’s your call.

Patio Enclosure Additions Costs

Solar panels – Add solar panels to the roof to benefit from the suns power and lower your utility bill. See our article on solar panels here.

Ceiling accessories – Wire items into the ceiling:

  • Recessed light fixtures $4$370
  • Hanging light fixtures $14$5,000
  • Ceiling fans $60$3,000
  • Heaters $90$770

Windows – You may want to go all out and install additional support frames and drywall, along with removable windows. You can buy these in glass, acrylic, or plastic, depending on how much heat/cold you want to keep in the enclosure and how much UV protection you want.

Misting system – Wrap a misting system around the roofs eaves. Complete kits are available that range from $16$30.

Natural light – A skylight or two with UV ray filters can keep the patio filled with natural light. $30$1,850

Drainage – Of all the additional options, especially if you live somewhere with heavy rainfall, consider the addition of gutters to direct rainfall away from the patio area. You can buy vinyl gutter kits with everything you need for $220$590, and your contractor can install them for $60$90/hour.

Plant Vines To Climb The Lattice Work

Look at this beautiful privacy screen shown above. Its a perfect fit for a brick clad home. It even has a planter box below where you can plant vines to climb the lattice work, to create even more privacy. The detailed DIY tutorial is easy to follow for impressive results. This is a perfect idea for anyone who has a townhouse that is closer to other houses in the neighborhood wanting a little more privacy.

The design uses a standard lattice panel and some additional wood planks that frame it inside the brick columns. Its easy on the eyes. And the best part is that you can paint the lattice in this privacy screen to match either the brick or the front door.

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How To Screen In An Existing Porch

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Enclosing an existing covered porch with screen simply requires you to build a stud wall or walls along the open sides to create surfaces for attaching the screen. The walls are constructed from pressure-treated 2x4s, which we primed and painted ahead of time.

Since most patios slope for drainage, the height of the studs may not be consistent, so measure each one separately. Stack the two horizontal 2x4s that will form for the top and bottom plates of the wall on the patio. Measure from the top of them to the beam and determine the height of each stud, at each location.

Because of its length, we build the long wall in two pieces with the seams in the top and bottom plates offset from each other. We build the walls on the ground so we can nail the studs to the plates from the top and bottom, so fewer nails are visible. Once we lift each wall into position it must adjusted so that the offset from the outside of the beam is consistent and the studs are all perfectly plumb, or vertical.

Now the wall can be secured to the beam and adjoining walls with nails. To secure the base plate to the concrete slab we use a powder-actuated nail gun. The weight of the beams above will be spread out over the length of this long wall so with it in place, we can lower the jack and remove the temporary post.

Once the screen door is installed in the door opening the room is complete. Watch the video for detailed instructions.

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How To Beautify Your Patio With Outdoor Retractable Screens

How to build your own patio screen â ...

Today almost every homeowner wishes to have a nice spacious patio in their yard. Homeowners love to benefit from the spaces on their property. Patios are a wonderful place to sit together for tea, spend quality time with the family, reminisce about the past, have a nice chat with friends, spend a romantic evening with the lover a patio suffices for all these precious moments. But these moments can become irritating if insects and the strong sun rays keep testing you. A great option to enclose and protect yourself and your guests from insects and the sun are retractable screens for your patio!

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Covered Patio Cost By Flooring

The patio floor or ground cover plays just as big a role in determining your final costs as the cover. Like the cover, you have a wide range of different materials and styles for the patio. You can coordinate your patio with the cover or mix-and-match to find a style and function that works for you.

Patio material is usually sold and installed by the square foot. Different materials have varying costs, both for the material and installation, depending on the pattern and your landscaping.

$18 – $24

The Top 4 Ways To Stop Squirrels From Climbing Your Downspouts

Make Your Own Squirrel Repellant

You can combine red pepper and petroleum jelly and spread it on the insides of your downspouts. This may help in detracting squirrels and making it slippier to climb.

However, it can be difficult to coat the insides of the downspout, especially if a squirrel has already established its den inside. You must also be very cautious of squirrels running out of downspouts and potentially

Use Mothballs

Mothballs are another alternative you can try to get rid of those squirrels. You can toss a few mothballs in the gutter and at the bottom of the downspout.

This method may be worth a try, but is only a temporary solution to the problem. Mothballs are also very toxic not only to humans but to other animals as well, so it is important to make sure pets, children, or other animals do not consume them.

Install Wire Mesh On Your Downspouts

Wire mesh can be installed on the entrances of your downspout to prevent them from coming in. It may be risky to do so, since squirrels can bolt out of the downspout and surprise you if youre unprepared.

Another major drawback is that it will be harder to clean out your downspout if the wire mesh causes debris to get stuck inside the downspout.

The best and safest option is to call a professional. Professional wildlife removal companies will be able to get rid of your squirrels with high success.

Unlike the other methods, professionals will be able to provide more permanent solutions to your squirrel problems.

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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Q: We live on a cul-de-sac on a wooded lot with a creek, and love the country living. There are families of deer, coyote, fox, beaver and all sorts of birds. The problem? Squirrels. One year, they ate through the top of a new sofa on our front veranda. They devour fresh pumpkins and routinely dig up and redistribute my bulbs. Recently, my husband installed new screens and a new ceiling to the screened porch on the back of our house, giving it a finished, beachy, outdoor-family-room feel . We discovered this week that a squirrel ripped through one of the screens and clawed or chewed its way into the ceiling. Our son caught it bringing in nesting materials and chased it out, but it keeps returning. What can we do to keep squirrels from tearing our screens and destroying our porch ceiling?


A: The easiest solution is to call a pest-control company to assess the situation and figure out remedies physical changes to block the squirrels entry, not just trapping, which is a temporary fix at best.

For your specific situation, Hurley suggests installing plexiglass over the surface where the squirrels are getting to your screens. Plexiglass is tough and slick, and because it is clear, it wont be very noticeable. A squirrel has to have framing to run down, he said. If you coat the beam theyre running down with plexiglass, it will prevent their claws from digging in.

Slow Things Down With A Running Bond

DIY / Screen in a Patio/ How to screen in Patio or Porch

The “running bond” is another brick pattern used in outdoor patio construction. In spite of its athletic-sounding name, this pattern strikes the eye as being smoother and has more of a soothing effect on the psyche than does the herringbone . That effect is perfect for the patio in this picture, a resting place in the middle of a garden.

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Benefits Of Retractable Screens

If youve decided to buy retractable screens for your patio or if you are considering it, learning the benefits of such a decision for your home, may help you make up your mind:

· Retractable screens draw back without slamming or pinching your fingers.

· They are easily installable in your new or existing home.

· Retractable screens are available at affordable costs with a variety of options.

· Motion sensors are a unique feature which you can opt for if needed.

· Most retractable screens have RTM series screen features which help in easily operating the screen.

· Fiberglass screens are available as an option, ensuring durability as well as many other benefits which you will reap by using fiberglass.

So, install a retractable screen for your patio and get the outdoorsy feeling that youve always wanted when the screens are raised, or the enclosed patio environment when the screens are in use. But either way, youll love the new protection without compromising on the quality and feel of the outdoors. If you never want to leave your patio again, it wont be surprising! These products are custom made and designed for your optimal use and convenience so that you are fully satisfied with the result!

This article was written by David Darga, on behalf of Rose Sun Window Coverings, a motorization specialist in Toronto that features motorized blinds and retractable screens.

Garrety Glass Can Construct The Screen Room Of Your Dreams

Since 2000, Garrety Glass has been completing home improvement projects and providing exceptional service to customers across central Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle your project, and our customer service is unparalleled. We offer free consultations, and our helpful staff will guide you through every step of the process while working to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to set up your consultation and get started with your dream screen room.

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The Ultimate Guide: How To Choose The Best Outdoor Patio Screen

For over 200 years, people have been using outdoor screening for porches, doors, and windows for one single purpose: to keep the bugs out! With the passage of time, many innovative ideas came along which transformed the way people installed the screening.

Todays products for outdoor screening offer more than just protection from unwanted insects and bugs. Decorative screens today are available in all sorts of sizes. These screens provide numerous benefits. For example, not only do they increase your privacy but the screens also skilfully hide unattractive elements in the home.

Continue reading to learn how to effectively choose and install the best outdoor screen for your patio.

First, begin by selecting a design for your outdoor patio cover. There are hundreds of outdoor patio screens on the market to pick, and, when it comes to style and designs, you have an incredible range of variety.

Here are some of the most commonly used designs for outdoor patio covers:

Aside from the regular window screens, there are certain kinds of windows that are made for special purposes. These screen offer stronger resistance to wear and tear but on the downside, they are not as delicate and graceful as youd want them to be.

Also, note that different types of screens have different cutting requirements. You should ensure on your end that you understand them fully.

Get a free in-home estimate today!

Patio Screen Enclosure Cost

How A Patio Extension Screen Enclosure Can Increase Your ...

While you can screen a covered patio, you can build a screen enclosure for the patio as well. This has an average cost of around $20 to $25 a square foot for the enclosure. In this case, you build a frame over the entire patio, which has some type of screen. Many screens provide shade when used on the upper portion, particularly if you choose an option designed to help filter light.

Screen enclosures can have doors added. This allows you to enter and exit the patio easily from the house or yard.

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Install A Cool Water Feature

A water feature can add great value to a patio. If you choose to have a fountain, the sound made by the cascading water is very soothing. Here are some fountain styles to consider:

  • Add color to your liking as a finishing touch for your patio project.chuckcollier/E+/Getty Images

    As a finishing touch, it is always fun to play around with color. The owner of the patio in this photo clearly has a thing for orange. Patio furniture is one thing plants are another. Working with plant colors is more complex, but here’s some help in choosing a landscape color scheme.

    Continue to 48 of 49 below.

  • Patio Enclosure Heating & Cooling Costs

    Ductless mini split – Consider installing a ductless mini splita small heating and cooling system with an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units . Hardware stores have them priced from $660$4,500.

    Portable unit – An alternative is a portable unit that can vent the air through a window, but some of these can take up a lot of valuable floor space. Youll need one thats

    • Less than 8001 BTU for 200sqft or less – $234$550
    • 800114001 BTU for 200sqft or larger – $280$700

    Insulation is a big deal for a fully enclosed patio. Add insulation to your roof and in your drywall, and choose weatherproofed/insulated windows.

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    How To Plan And Design The Screen Porch Of Your Dreams

    Designing a screen porch? Use these tips for planning the location, choosing materials, and decorating your new indoor-outdoor space.

    A custom-built screen porch gives you an outdoor living space you can enjoy almost year-round. It’s the ideal setting for a cool lemonade on a hot summer afternoon or a warm mug of coffee on a crisp autumn morning. Your screen porch can serve as a quiet, private spot to start your days and an insect-free entertaining space in the evenings.

    Depending on your climate and lifestyle, you might prefer a true screen room with no windows or a three-season room with windows that can open and close. Either version can be an attractive way to extend your living space. With careful planning and a few design tricks, you can create an ideal screen porch that bridges indoors and out. Use the following tips on planning and designing a screen porch to get started.

    How To Protect Your Patio From Squirrels

    How to install a patio screen

    After weeks of planning, youve finally bought the perfect patio furniture. Youre ready for days of lounging by the pool and outdoor entertaining. Sadly, pests like squirrels can ruin those perfect plans in a flash. From digging up your vegetable garden to chewing your patio furniture, squirrels can be a pain. They may seem innocent and fuzzy, but squirrels can reap havoc on your yard.

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    How To Enclose A Patio Cheaply And Make It More Useful

    posted on

    If you have a patio on your home that you only use occasionally because the weather often keeps you indoors, investing in enclosing that space may be worth the money for you.

    There are many different ways to enclose a patio, but some are significantly more expensive than others. Learning how to retain your space without spending more than necessary will help you get the results youre looking for.

    There are a few different options worth considering, but it will be up to you to choose the one that will help you accomplish your goals. Look at the most affordable options below, and decide on the one that fits your needs best.

    There are different types of patio enclosures, but its up to you to determine which is best for your needs.

    Grow Fragrant Flowers For The Sweet Smell Of Success

    Here is something that neither cactus nor barberry offer your patio: sweet fragrance. The latter is precisely what the owners of this patio have chosen. It is festooned with fragrant flowers. The wonderful smell coming from flowers such as Easter lilies adds to your quality of life on the patio. What floral smells attract you the most? Be certain to include some of them in your patio plantings.

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    Add The Screen Material

    Stretch the screen material across the face of a panel and then down on the sides. Keep the screen tight as you staple it down to the sides. Fiberglass screen is pliable, so you should be able to wrap it back, much like wrapping a package. Keep the screen tight and flat against all sides. Cut off excess with scissors.


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