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How To Set Up Patio String Lights

Tools And Materials You’ll Need

The proper tools and materials not only make the job quicker and easier, but also prevent injuries. Depending on the method you choose, you’ll need:

  • Pencil – Make marks to help plan your lighting layout.
  • Tape Measure – Take accurate measurements to hang your lights pleasingly.
  • Hammer & Nails – Pound in nails to hang the lights from.
  • Drill & Screws – Screw in screws to to hang the lights from.
  • Metal Hooks – These are a nifty and somewhat attractive alternative to nails or screws for hanging.


In addition to these tools and materials, the “create your own supports” method requires the following additional materials.

  • Posts – Wooden, hollow metal, or PVC pipe works best.
  • Buckets – Heavy-duty buckets act as a base for each pole so you don’t have to dig into the ground.
  • Hardware – Add hardware to easily secure the lights.


Remember to be careful when using any and all power tools, even just a simple power drill, as these can easily cause injures when used incorrectly.

Screw The Screw Eye Hooks Into Place

Hanging string lights without the use of nails is my preference. Screw hooks are more durable!

We opted to put up screw hooks to fasten the lights into place every 4 to 5 bulbs. Our home sits up fairly high and gets A LOT of strong wind gusts.  So, I was concerned the bulbs could potentially break if they were not secured well.

There have been several storms since we’ve put our lights up and this appears to work well for our location.

PRO TIP: Use a drill to start the hole prior to screwing in the screw hooks. Makes the process a lot easier!

I highly recommend getting the heavy duty lights.  They are made to withstand the elements! With most commercial grade string lights, the bulbs are spaced every 24 inches. At the top of every bulb there is a molded loop to making hanging easier.

This leads me to the next step.

Measure The Space To Determine How Many Lights You Will Need

There are so many options for the configurations of the string lights.  Do what works for you and your space. We changed our minds several times, but in the end, we just went with what made the most sense for our deck.

If you have a challenging layout, you might find criss crossing your lights helps to pull the look together. In my opinion, draping the string lights always adds a pretty touch.

Since my sister gifted the lights to us, I knew we had a total of 48 feet of cord to work with .  In some ways, being “limited” made it easier as we knew exactly the length we were working with.

Ensure a plugin/electrical outlet is conveniently located to the starting point of your string lights when you are determining your configuration.

Hanging Lights With Wire

Whether it’s an outdoor patio, pergola structure, open yard, or tree-filled glade, outdoor string lights will add magic. But in order to ensure longevity , I think the best way is to use support wire.

Using support wires isn’t required. If you want to drape them through the trees, that’s ok, too!. But it does relieves stress on the electrical wire and allows you to keep the lights taught above your head and all hanging the right direction.

It is especially useful if you have long stretches of lights, like all the way across the yard or a clearing. In short, using wire to hang outdoor lights gives more stability and a cleaner look.

You could purchase stainless steel wire and eye hooks from your local hardware store, but I found it simpler to purchase at the same time that we ordered . We used three of them for ~320 ft of strung lights.

Whats The Best Way To Hang Outdoor String Lights

Top Outdoor String Lights for the Holidays

The answer, of course, is “It depends.” But never fear! We’re about to go through 10 different ways to hang outdoor string lights.

The best option for you will come down to what’s around your outdoor space to secure the lights to, whether you need to install your own posts, and whether you plan to leave the lights up year-round or take them down for the colder months.

How To Hang String Lights On A Covered Patio Or Deck

If you have a roof over your outdoor living space, setting up your string lights should be pretty simple. The nice thing with a covered space is the roof will provide some protection to the lights, and keep them from blowing around in the wind.

You might even be able to leave your lights up year-round. These are the inexpensive lights we hung over my parents’ beach house deck, and they’ve been up for 4 years without incident.

How To Hang Outdoor String Lights: A Step

For an outdoor space that’s sparkling with charm, create a glowing overhead galaxy of string lights. Energy efficient, affordable, and easy to install, patio string lights can make a huge impact with just a little bit of planning and preparation. Even better, learning how to hang outdoor patio string lights can be completed in one afternoon!

How To Attach String Lights To A House Or Building

For most houses and buildings, you should be able to simply drill a pilot hole and screw in a cup hook. You’ll want to be sure you aren’t compromising your siding.

My house has HardiePlank siding and we were able to screw the hooks directly into it. They’ve been in place for three years now without any problems.

When you’re just planning to drape the smaller inexpensive lights like I did on my front porch , you can use smaller cup hooks, or even try .

Quick Tips For Hanging Outdoor String Lights

Spring is here and beautiful summer nights are just around the corner! Today, I wanted to share some really easy quick tips and layout ideas for hanging outdoor string lights.  I’m also sharing my favorite sources for lights and things you’ll need to consider when purchasing outdoor string lights, bistro lights or cafe lights.

Over the years, I have designed outdoor lighting layouts for outdoor events, client spaces and in my own outdoor space and it can be very challenging. I have learned so much over the years what works and what doesn’t work and you’ll find all of my tips below.

Why Do String Lights Look Yellow

Lightbulbs give off light that’s measured with a spectrum on the Kelvin scale. You’ll hear it referred to as the “light temperature”. This refers to the shade and not the actual temperature of the light. Most string lights are meant to provide mood lighting, so they fall in the 2,000 to 4,000 range on the scale. This is soft yellow-tinted light that’s perfect for creating ambiance. You may find some string lights that are bit brighter in the 4,000 to 6,000 range: This is a white light and better for performing tasks.

Hammock Or Hammock Chair

The best backyard hammocks make your outdoor area even more relaxing. A comfortable hammock chair is yet another option. The Mock ONE is my personal favorite backyard hammock thanks to its built-in hammock stand, comfortable lay, and incredibly portability. Of course, normal patio furniture will also get the job done.

How To Hang String Lights On A Deck

We’ve been using our deck space so much more this summer now that we can spend our evenings out here, even when the sun sets and it gets dark. Thanks to this pretty string lights overhead, we’ve created a really beautiful ambience and glow on our deck that keeps up out here until late every night.

Can you see the wooden stake on the top right hand side of our deck? That’s a string light pole and it’s all you need to hang deck string lights! If like us, you don’t have a sort of overhead structure like a gazebo to hang lights from, then this easy DIY will be something you’ll love. In only 30 minutes, you’ll have those pretty string lights draped over your deck or patio and you can start to enjoy them!

Patio String Lighting Ideas For Around The Pool And Spa

30 Outdoor Patio LED & Bistro String Lights Ideas ...

A dark pool or spa area is unsafe. Whether you plan to use your pool at night or not, string lights can illuminate the area and make it a safer place. You only need enough light to see where you’re going, so a few strings placed high over the area should do the trick. 

Get creative in how you hang your lights. You could create several rows, crisscross them, create a perimeter, or have several strings radiating out from a single point to create a fan effect. Make sure you hang them high enough over your pool that they won’t get splashed. You should always use lights that are rated for outdoor, which means they’ll be waterproof. However, your pool water has chemicals, and if your string lights get routinely splashed, those chemicals can corrode your string lights.

How To Hang String Lights Outside

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Let’s start with a few tips for hanging outdoor string lights. First of all, if you’re planning to hang multiple strings and criss-cross them you might find it easier to do this if you remove the bulbs first. Before you actually start hanging the strings however you should look around identify any trees and existing surfaces that you can secure them to. You should also take into consideration the power source. Try not to overthink this process. Usually the simplest solution is also the best. Check out for more useful tips.

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If there are no trees that you can attach the string lights to or if you want to arrange them in a specific pattern then you could secure them to a series of posts which you can put in place for this very purpose. You can add some wooden posts all around your patio or deck and hang planters on them so they look pretty during the day and string lights for a lovely ambiance at night. Check out to find out how to build and install the posts.

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A covered deck or patio provides you with the perfect setup for hanging string lights. All you need is some screw eyes/ hooks, D ring clips and of course the string lights which should be suited for outdoor use so go with a heavy-duty design. First you measure the space, then you screw the eye hooks into place and then you connect the string lights using D ring clips. You can find more details about this entire process on .

Choosing The Right Brand

After learning the best ways to hang string light bulbs, you will need to choose the right brand for your house. Some brands are appropriate for temporal hanging during events while others are appropriate for permanent fixing. Therefore, you should purchase the best string lights that fit your needs.

The most common string light brands are:

1. Bistro lights

These lights consist of glass bulbs that give off a yellow glow. They are ideal for outdoor lighting. They are ideal ambiance lights that offer a pleasing night experience with warm overhead light.

2. Twinkle lights

They are available in both plastic and glass bulbs which is efficient in energy production; although, they give off cool blue light.

3. Edison bulbs

They are a pseudo-vintage type of string bulbs that are of higher end. They have an orange filament that gives out a warm glow with a timely ambiance. However, they are expensive to replace.

How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

Hanging outdoor string lights is a great way to add some extra ambiance and create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard. But, it can be a little tricky if you haven’t done it before.

We’ll show you how to hang your outdoor string lights on your outdoor patio and cover everything from choosing the right lighting all the way up to hanging them.

Table of Contents

Coaxial Staples Work Best

Coaxial staples are the best things to use if you are securing lights to wood like the side of your home or trees.

As you can see above, the cord is secured by the staple opening.

You can buy Coaxial staples at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.. in various sizes. Just check the size of your string light cord to get the right size.

How To Hang Outdoor String Lights From Diy Posts: Secure Post With Tape

Place the planter on level ground and use a level on one side to make the post plumb. Add painter’s tape across the planter on all four sides of the post to hold it in position. Allow the concrete to harden according to the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding.

Arrange the planters in a rectangle no more than 10′ apart.

Strong Hanging Hardware Is Your Friend

Imagine an invisible tug-of-war. Most patio string light configurations hang from two opposing points and both of these points are pulling against one another. If you are hanging your lights from a solid object consider heavy duty hanging hardware to make sure your lights stay up. If you are not mounting your lights to an existing object but rather are using a pole or multiple poles, make sure the pole are anchored sufficiently to handle the natural tension of the light string.

Attach Lights To Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Weatherproof Outlet

This may be one of my favorite things about the outdoor lights!

If you are going through the trouble to hang outdoor string lights you will definitely want to add an outdoor remote control outlet so you have the convenience of turning your lights on from inside your home.

We hang our remote controls by our deck door. It makes it super easy to turn on the lights when we are looking for a little ambiance. If something is convenient, you are sure to use it more!

Mens Skin Care Scaries

DIY Patio Decor: String Lights on Planter Posts

What steers many men away from skin care is the process of choosing multiple products from a seemingly endless catalogue of options. Many of them are expensive and nobody is sure which ones are actually necessary to get the job done.

It’s a lot to handle, especially for a guy with very little free time.

Making time for skin health, however, is a good investment. Many problems that sprout up on a man’s mug, such as acne, wrinkles, or spots, can be remedied with the proper routine.

The men who make the switch from hand soap to face washes, scrubs, and creams find themselves showered in compliments on their rejuvenated, younger, and refreshed looking skin.

In other words, if you’re a rookie in men’s skin care in need of guidance, we’ve partnered with Tiege Hanley to break down the basics. 

How To Hang String Lights In The Backyard Without Trees

It is a common thing to hang outdoor string lights on trees in the backyard. However, if your backyard has no trees, then you will need to look for alternative ways on how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees.

Here are some tips on how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees.

Whats The Best Type Of String Lights

Bottom line, . They’re LED, heavy-duty, and will last for many years. If you want to keep your lights up year-round, intend to use them for several years in a row, or are using them for some kind of commercial application, these are your best bet.

I’ve had these high-quality lights over my patio for the past four years, and never had any problems with them. I will note that I take them down for the winter months, since we get freezing temperatures and some serious wind storms here in Seattle.

Tiege Hanley Level 1: Covering Skin Care For Men Basics

This provides a complete system for you to get started. The Level 1 version of the Tiege Hanley Skin Care System gets you going without feeling like you’ve left something out.

It’s got the daily cleanser we talked about to help clean and prep your skin, an exfoliating scrub to get rid of bacteria, and AM/PM moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Dont Ruin Your New Set Of Lights

That’s 2,000 watts plugged into the wall, which exceeds the capacity for most standard stringers and household sockets. Let’s assume that the most amazing vintage bulb has found you and you immediately fall in love with it. It’s a work of art. It’s also 40 watts per bulb and you need 50 of these bulbs for your new patio light stringer. One problem: your fuses blow every time you plug the lights in or worse, your stringer can’t handle the load. You can rewire your house to accommodate this. Or, you can plan to buy strings and bulbs that are meant to work within their electrical safety limits.

How Do You Hang Edison Lights Under Covered Patio Deck

To hang Edison lights under a covered patio, you’ll need to have hooks or screw eyes that are drilled underneath the ceiling of the covered patio or deck. Next, use silicon to do preventative shielding for water damage. Hang the string lights without the bulbs. Once the string lights are hung up, add the bulbs on along with an extension cord and automatic timer.

Hanging The String Lights

Begin the string at an outlet. Our outlet was professionally installed by our builder and is located near a corner, just outside our door. We ran an extension cord up to the roof behind the inside corner trim of our vinyl siding. Keep the connection point under the overhang, so it is not exposed to the weather. We also wrapped it in electrical tape.

Using a zip tie, we secured the lighting to the gutter hanger. Use care not to over tighten the zip tie and pinch the wire. I will use two zip ties next year for added safety.

As an extra backup and to secure extra wire, we also used gutter hanger clips.

Then we strung it out to the first 2X2 and again secured the string to the hook on the 2X2 with another zip tie. Here is another picture of the layout we used.

Then, back to a middle gutter hanger and out to the corner of the deck. Next, out to the other 2X2 and back into the center of the gutter. Note: We did not attach it to the same gutter hanger on the way back. This spreads out the weight on the gutter.

The process of hanging the lights, including installing the 2X2’s only took about an hour and a half. This did not include planning the design, staining the wood or purchasing the supplies.

I will post a quick update at the end of the season, to let you know how they held up.

How To Hang Patio Lights

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Kelli Harvey

Turn your dark, unused outdoor spaces into a nighttime oasis with the help of patio lights! Hanging patio lights across the backyard, deck or inside of an outdoor structure like a gazebo or pergola is a perfect way to add ambient landscape lighting for every day use, parties and outdoor events. Scroll down a little to start at the beginning or click on one of the links below this text to skip straight to the patio lights topic you’re looking for!

With a little planning, patio string lights have the unique ability to make any outdoor space more exciting. We made this guide for anyone looking to get started.

Hanging Patio Lights Guide

How to Hang Patio Lights

The installation process can vary depending on where and how you decide to hang your patio lights. To get you started, we’ve created a list of the basic steps, supplies you might need and methods to use.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Hooks- these could be screw-in hooks or another variety.
  • Zip ties

Hanging Patio String Lights Basic Steps

  • Draw a rough sketch with measurements
  • Assemble your poles if applicable
  • Hang your first patio light string with the male plug closest to your outlet.
  • Plug your patio lights in and enjoy the ambiance!
  • Where To Hang Patio Lights

    • Across the backyard or deck
    • Attached to Trees

    DIY Patio Light Pole

    Step 2: Mount Screw Hooks

    DIY Outdoor Patio String Lights Landscape Lighting Guru

    Start your installation by placing screw hooks at the mounting points you’ve picked on each end of the space. Be sure to mount the screw hooks to something sturdy such as under the eaves of a building, a large tree or some other solid structure. Many people hang strings in a zigzag pattern across an open space; if you’re doing this, plan for each “zig” or “zag” to be a single cable connected at each end to a screw hook . In other words, while the string light can be continuously looped back and forth across an open space, it is easiest to individually cut each cable guide wire for each span.

    Step 3: Connect & Tighten Cable

    With the screw hooks in place, you’re ready to start hanging the cable. Connect the snap hook* on the cable guide wire to the screw hook at one end of the span .

    Run the unfinished end of the cable to the other screw hook, loop it through and then loop the cable guide wire back through another cable clip . The cable clip allows you to adjust the length and tautness of the wire. After reaching the right length/tautness, you can cut off any excess wire extending from the cable clip.

    Alternatively, you could also use a turnbuckle to more easily get the tautness you want in the guide wire .

    If you are making a zigzag or other pattern and need to change direction at a sharper angle then the guide wire naturally bends, you can opt to stop and start your guide wire by cutting the guide wire and using additional cable clips to make the intersection .

    *Note that our 30-, 60- and 110-foot cable guide wires have a snap hook on one end and the other end is unfinished with an included cable clip to customize the length. Our 350-foot bulk reel guide wire is unfinished on both ends for more flexibility and you can buy the number of cable clips you need.

    Start By Identifying Trees/side Of Home To Secure Lights

    I always start by looking for trees and the side of homes as I start a layout plan to avoid having to install posts. Sometimes there is no other option but to have posts installed.  It really helps to draw a quick sketch of your space on paper and make an “X” at trees and areas that you could secure the lights.

    You’ll also need to factor in power sources. The lights that I use from Home Depot allow for up to five strings to be connected, which is 60 ft. So 60 ft. is a lot of length to begin and wrap around a tree and come back and usually enough for me to one need one power source.

    How To Work With Multiple Strands

    If you need to cover a large area or provide a small area with dense coverage, you can often connect multiple strands for extra length. Connectable string lights have male and female plugs for quick installation. Check your manual to find out how many strands connect to a single outlet. If your fixtures support additional connections, you may be able to work with three or four strands on a single continuous line.

    It doesn’t take long to set up party lights and, if you plot your work first, you can create all sorts of appealing patterns. Whether you need permanent outdoor lighting or a fun accent for special events, there are plenty of ways to use string lights outside your home.*Legal Notice: Destination Lighting content is for information only. It is strongly recommended that you consult a professional before attempting any lighting or wiring projects. The company is not liable for misuse of its content.


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