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How To Shrink Wrap Patio Furniture

Shrink Wrapping A Pontoon:

How to Shrink Wrap Patio Furniture / Dr. Shrink, Inc.

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At last you have the advantage of making one contact for all of your;premium shrink wrap supplies! Dr. Shrink is the global leader in shrink wrap, and it doesnt stop at just the products to make it possible. Our extensive How-To library is always growing as we strive to bring you the best resources for shrink wrap applications across all industries of shrink wrap.

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Throughout the years, Dr. Shrink has grown from a small operation in Northern Michigan to a global shrink wrap giant. Dr. Shrink, Inc. was started in 1992 with its goal since day one being to provide customers with the advantage of having one supplier for all your premium shrink wrap and installation more about us


Using Moving Shrink Wrap

If youre not packaging the furniture for winter, then youre likely preparing it for a move. In this case, you can use shrink wrap without heat.;

For this method, you will need a roll of moving shrink wrap . This is commonly available in rolls with one or two handles at one end. Its similar to the plastic used to preserve food items in a fridge, except that its much thicker.;

You can expect to pay around $25-$50, depending on the length of role you need. Make sure you get what will be enough that will go round the furniture.

Before using the wrap, first, cover the bundle by placing a blanket over it. This will greatly help in preventing scratches and tampering.;

Note: You can ignore this if you already placed the blanket as described in step two. Otherwise, you can wrap each piece of furniture individually.

Now, get your moving film, peel off the edge, and stick it on any flat surface at the top or bottom of the furniture. For any move, we usually recommend wrapping each item individually, although this might take more time. You can also wrap multiple items together when needed.;;

Once you stick one side of the wrap to the surface, grab the roll handle and release the firm as you work it around the furniture. Drape it right, especially at the edge of the furniture.;

When youre done, cut off the film using scissors or your hands; then press it down so that it clings to the film underneath.;

To Stack Or Not To Stack

You have one more choice to make before you begin on your shrink wrap outdoor furniture DIY adventure. Do you want to shrink wrap each item individually, or would you rather stack them and wrap them as a unit? This depends on the size and weight of your furniture, where you plan to store it, and whether you have help moving your items.;

If you plan to wrap your furniture where youll be storing it, or have help moving your items, stacking them on top of each other will save you storage space and time. However, if youre moving your furniture on your own, it might not be feasible to wrap it in a giant stack.;

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Our Shrink Wrapping Services

NJ Shrink Wrapping provides Shrink Wrapping and outdoor patio furniture wrapping in NJ. We service the following areas in NJ:

Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, Howell, Middletown, Jackson, Edison, Woodbridge, Hamilton, Toms River, Clifton, Old Bridge, Franklin, Wayne, Irvington, Parsippany, Bloomfield, NJ. Also serving all other areas of NJ.;And we are now also providing outdoor patio furniture wrapping in Staten Island.

We specialize in furniture covers and can winterize your backyard.

When it comes time to put away your outdoor furniture let NJ Shrink Wrapping protect your investment and keep your furniture looking new.

Shrink wrap is a polyethylene which has UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal which is much tighter than the one you can make with a tarp and ropes. ;Not only does shrink wrapping keep the weather out of your belongings, it also prevents the stretching and tearing tarps commonly display after a few months in the elements.

Why You Should Shrink

Shrink Wrap
  • Leaves, snow, and animals will get under a tarp and make their home with your gear for the winter, causing damage and dirtying your items
  • Water will pool on your tarp and if not removed, make a lovely attraction for birds and bugs, which means more mess for you to deal with in the spring
  • The ropes you use to tie down your tarp will press against your gear and cause indentations or abrasions when the wind kicks up
  • Who wants to hear tarps flapping around in the middle of a cold winter night? Not you!

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How Do You Unshrink Shrink Wrap

To unshrink shrink wrap, simply cut the wrapping away. Its really that simple!

You will need scissors, a trash can, and obviously, your fingers.

  • Grab any part of the shrink wrap with your hand. Apply caution, especially if you have a delicate item wrapped inside.
  • Using a finger, press the wrap firmly until it breaks, and you can touch the other side of the film.;
  • Now, start peeling the shrink wrap as you walk around the furniture.;
  • If youre not able to break the wrap with the finger, use scissors. First, locate the sharpest edge of the scissors, then use it to poke the wrap. Please be gentle while using the scissors to avoid cutting a part of your furniture.;
  • Once you get the scissors blade beneath the film, start cutting through the shrink wrap.;
  • When youre done, throw the waste into a trash can. Dont leave it lying around as it can be harmful to pets and children.

This removal technique should be straightforward, but even if you dont see it that way, it will eventually get easier with time.;

How To Apply Shrink Wrap To Outside Furniture

Arranging Your Furniture for Wrapping

Shrink wrap can refer to the rolls of film that are used to secure furniture for moving purposes or the industrial sheeting used to protect boats and other large items from the cold winter months as the weather worsens. Regardless of the type of wrap youre using, you can shrink wrap your outdoor furniture items separately, or stack them together and wrap them as a bundle.

If youre using the industrial shrink wrap designed for outdoor storage, make sure that you keep a fire extinguisher nearby and wear heat-resistant gloves, since you use a heat gun to literally shrink the wrap and tighten it to your furniture youre storing outside.

Clear the area outside where youre going to work. Your patio or yard are excellent places to work. You can do this on a porch if you have enough space, but you need room to walk around your furniture and apply your shrink wrap. Clear an area to work and give yourself at least 1015 feet to move. Remove any outdoor rugs, flower pots, or garden fixtures that may get in the way.

If youre using a roll of shrink film to package your furniture for moving, you dont need to use a heat gun. That means you can do this inside if you prefer. You still need plenty of room to work, though.

If you are working outside and youre using industrial shrink wrap, dont do this on a windy day. It will be too difficult to heat the wrap without risking a fire.

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Tampering & Shrink Wrapping Outdoor Furniture

Once the shrink wrap has been applied, it will hold its shape and create a reliable seal, which means you’ll quickly notice any tampering. This is one of the primary reasons several food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies use shrink wrap on their products. However, when you shrink wrap your outdoor furniture, you’ll gain an additional peace of mind knowing your investment hasn’t been tampered with.

Precautions When Shrink Wrapping Outdoor Furniture

How to Shrink Wrap Patio Furniture Dr Shrink, Inc

Shrink Wrapping is a process that often requires heat, so its important to take care and caution.;

If you are wrapping your furniture for outdoor storage, then you will most likely be using industrial shrink wrap. This usually requires the use of a heat gun to seal the film and seam overlap.;

For this purpose, you will need to wear your gloves and keep a fire extinguisher very close. Ideally, the gloves should be heat-resistant, or you might end up burning yourself.;

It is worth noting that shrink wrap gets very sticky when heated, regardless of the surface to which it is applied. However, sustaining the heat for a long time can result in a fire.;

Windy weather can also cause fire easily as the heat gun will be more difficult to control. This is why you should choose a non-windy day for the job.

In the course of heating, if you detect fire or smoke, stop and examine the wrap carefully to make sure everything is ok. Dont joke with your safety!

Also, to avoid wasting the shrink wrap, start wrapping from the bottom or top of the furniture and not the middle.;

Leaving your outdoor furniture at the mercy of the winter cold can be overwhelmingly disastrous. This applies to all fittings irrespective of their material.;

Wood furniture can get water-logged and deteriorate, plastic can stain with mold and mildew, metal can rust, and natural fibers like rattan and bamboo can be demolished. Thus water is not something to take lightly.;

Till then, happy wrapping!

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For Each Item Or Piece Of Furniture Youre Shrink Wrapping Follow These 7 Steps

1. Clean the item with a dust rag or damp cloth. If wet, make sure its dry before wrapping.

2. Remove any parts that are easy to detach, such as chair legs. Youll wrap them separately so theyll be easier to move and less likely to get damaged.

3. If youre wrapping leather/wooden furniture, cover it with paper padding.

4. If the item or piece of furniture has sharp corners, use foam or cardboard to cover the edges before wrapping them. Otherwise, the corners could damage the wall or other items.

5. Start wrapping. For large furniture, youll need to hold the roll;of plastic as you walk around the piece. Let the plastic unwrap against the furniture. For the first walk around, you might need someone to hold the plastic against the furniture, so it doesnt fall down. After the first round, the plastic should stick to itself and stay in place.

6. Once the item or furniture is completely wrapped, tear the shrink wrap against the furniture.

7. Move on to the next item!

If you have leftover shrink wrap after preparing your items to load onto the moving truck, consider using extra shrink wrap on jars and bottles of liquid. The plastic will prevent messy spills, should the lid come loose or something breaks.

You dont even have to wrap the entire bottle or jar. Just remove the lid, wrap the top, and secure the lid tightly.

Knowing how to shrink wrap furniture and awkward items can make the difference between a move thats stressful, and one thats smooth and simple.

Can You Shrink Wrap A Couch

Packing tape is tightly wrapped around the base and top of the couch to secure the blankets in place. Additionally, we suggest shrink wrapping the entire sofa for an added layer of protection. Shrink wrap helps keep out moisture and dirt that could damage your sofa during the move. Your Couch is Good to Go!

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Indoors Garage Or Shed

If you have the space to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a lightweight cover to keep it protected from water leaks and dust. You should always try to bring in plastic furniture if you live in an area that frequently faces freezing weather. Plastic will get brittle during long exposure to cold temperatures.

While it may take an afternoon or two to winterize patio furniture, its well worth it. Keeping it clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use will prolong the life of your furniture so you can rest easy during the winter months knowing your outdoor investments are safe and sound.

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Shrink Wrap Outdoor Furniture

Shrink Wrap

Theres nothing quite like enjoying lawn and patio furniture in the balmy spring and summer months of Winnipeg Manitoba. It creates an intimate stadium setting for days and nights with family and friends spent BBQing, lawn bowling, and backyard bubble blowing with the little ones. Its where you enjoy a good book or cocktail after a long day or week of work. Its where you kick back under the night sky, eying for failing stars from which you will make your most cherished wish.

Theres only one problem.

Its Winnipeg, and that means once the autumn arrives and the leaves turn color the weather turns against you and your beloved outdoor furniture. The thought of packing and unpacking it up each and every year has homeowners giving second thought to building the backyard oasis theyve always dreamed of, which is a shame. Your property should be as enjoyable outside as it is within. But leaving your outdoor furniture outdoors and unprotected through all four seasons in our neck of the country is simply not an option. So how to you enjoy the best of both worlds? Theres only one way – professional shrink wrap.

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How Do You Winterize Patio Furniture

How Do You Prepare Outdoor Furniture For Winter? Prepare outdoor furniture for winter by giving it a good cleaning. Use dish soap and water for wicker, iron, or plastic furniture , or a wood furniture cleaner on wood. Once your furniture is clean, choose a protective cover that properly fits your furniture piece.

How Do You Tarp Outdoor Furniture For The Winter

Put It Under Wraps. One of the most important aspects of keeping your patio furniture protected during the winter is to either store it or put a tarp over it. Some high-end furniture manufacturers create custom-made outdoor covers for their pieces. You can place the pieces in a storage shed or secure a tarp over them.

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Protect Your Outdoor Furniture In The Winter Months With Shrink Wrap

When it comes time to put away the outdoor furniture, Mr. Shrinkwrap can help you protect your investment from harmful UV rays and keep your furniture looking clean with outdoor shrink wrap Products and;Services. Our On-Site Service Crew can shrink wrap tables, chairs, outdoor kitchens, gazebos or any other outdoor amenties that need protection from weathering in the elements. We are happy to provide on-site shrink wrap services at your;home or dry storage location throughout the tri-state area of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland.

New Jersey Shrink Wrap Knowledge

Hennys 30 Second Web Shrink wrap patio furniture long island

;;I’m sure you have seen the White Shiny;plastic cover;on boats before! Living at the Jersey Shore we are practically surrounded by them. And more recently the Blue Shrink Wrap has become very popular as it maintains heat to help shed Ice and Snow during winter months. But have you ever wished;there was a way to protect your;Lawn Furniture, the Pool Pump, a Fire Pit, maybe you have a Fountain,;Pool Slide, or even your Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen? Well guess what there is a tried and tested way to protect ANYTHING from the Weather Elements! And its called Shrink Wrap! Its been around for decades in the marine industry and;is now making headway in every industry including Residential Homes, Commercial Property, Military Equipment, Automobile Preservation, Storage, Transport, Amusement;Parks and so many other great applications.;

Is all Shrink Wrap built the same? Shrink Wrap comes in many sizes, thicknesses and types of material so it can be applied properly to any application. A;leaky roof;can be covered with our 7 or 8 Mil Standard Shrink Wrap ;or to cover electronics;with our VCI shrink wrap to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, fire retardant;wrap perfect for cargo and pallets;is also available and it will extinguish itself in just 4 seconds after flame is removed. So no matter what you need to preserve Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap has you covered!;

Back Yard Furniture Wrap
Jet Engine

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Wrap It Up Kit & Training Video Series

The Wrap It Up Kit provides a turnkey system to shrink wrap and protect personal items including boats, RVs, lawn and garden equipment, patio furniture and much more. Become part of the worlds leading shrink wrap family. All of our film is manufactured with 100% virgin resin, contains maximum UV inhibitors and is proudly made in America.

Protect Your Items From The Sun With Shrink Wrapping

Ned Stevens utilizes 100% virgin shrink wrap with maximum UV inhibitors, which protects the items wrapped from the sun’s harmful rays. Without UV protection, the items wrapped will lose their original color and texture, while fading;and experiencing material degradation.

The UV inhibitors in our shrink wrap will extend the life of your belongings and increase the return on investment. You can protect your outdoor furniture, boats, or material made from:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Fabrics

We never use shrink wrapping materials manufactured with composite components. Our shrink wrap can withstand the severe temperatures and weather of the fall and winter without being degraded by the sun.

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Shrink Wrapping Is Convenient

The one factor that separates shrink wrapping from every other form of protection is it can conform to anything and any size. Do any of your outdoor valuables have motors, wiring or electrical components? ;Shrink wrapping those types of items will prevent moisture exposure.

We’ve even shrink wrapped outdoor swing sets for the winter to prevent corrosion and other damage. Simply put, our outdoor furniture shrink wrapping service is the perfect one-size-fits-all solution to conveniently protect your investment. ;;


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