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Ideas For Gazebos Backyard

Trip To The Playhouse

How to Decorate a Gazebo

If youre a fan of playhouses for kids, heres your chance to create something as cute in your own yard!

The folks who designed this white gazebo did a great job of balancing the right amount of cheer and elegance. The stripped rail enclosure implies both privacy and coziness, while the pointed roof emphasizes the classic vibe.

An Extension To The Home Gazebo

Build your outdoor living space directly off the house. It will not only extend the homes living space but would also shield it from direct sunlight and keep the interior cool and comfortable.

To make the home-extended gazebo the right place for evening teas or for just sitting, incorporate a sofa set with a table.

Pool Area With Swing Bed At Night

The swing-bed pergola allows the homeowners to sit back and enjoy their backyard. Palm trees were added to give the yard a resort-vibe. Touches of home can be seen in the columns, which mimic the front porch, and dainty white picket fences on either side. See another view of the yard in the next slide.

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Elegant Garden Gazebo Getaway

Across this bridge, on the other side of the water feature and among the hanging plants, is an elegant and high end gazebo. This gazebo is a wonderful example of how well a gazebo can fit in with landscaping and yard design.

Tropical Landscape by Clovis Landscape Architects & Landscape DesignersRedwood Garden Bridges

What Are Gazebos Made Of

The Top 80 Best Gazebo Ideas

Gazebos are typically made of wood, vinyl, or steel. A single gazebo can be constructed with the same material throughout or it can include different materials for different elements and parts. For example, a mostly western red cedar gazebo can also have a metal or thatched roof and steel railings. Gazebos are also commonly adorned with lattices and other decorative features like cupolas and weathervanes.

Every gazebo project is made differently and will require different materials based on design and structure needs. For example, a Victorian gazebo is likely made of wrought iron or other similar metals. Likewise, if youre looking for a considerable amount of shade or shelter from the elements, youll want an enclosed gazebo which may or may not include windows or skylights.

There are many other components when it comes to building a gazebo, too. From shingles to floor joists and the concrete slab or deck underneath it, there are many types of gazebo materials involved in its construction.

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Create A New Space For A Gazebo

Even though we suggested using a gazebo over an existing structure, it doesnt mean you cant create a whole new backyard space for it. You can learn how to create the right base for a gazebo in this blog post.

You can use your newly-created outdoor gazebo space for a variety of purposes, or just to get away from everyone inside your house. For example, a gazebo can cover a kids play area, or be used as a retreat for reading, a Zen den, a quiet space for yoga, or a simple garden getaway.

Diy Gazebo Design And Decorating Ideas For Any Backyard

Gazebos make us think of that magical Sound of Music scene where Leisl and Rolf sing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” but you don’t have to go to Austria to create a haven from storms and sun alike. Better yet, you can save some money and build your own gazebo, DIY style. Whether you are envisioning a classic octagonal design or a more modern Bali-style retreat, we have inspiration for just the right gazebo for your backyard, large or small. Once it’s built, you can outfit your gazebo for with a table and chairs for al fresco dinner parties or patio furniture for hosting gatherings or sibling lounging yourself with a good book, and a light fixture or ceiling fan, plants and curtains can make it all the more cozy to enjoy and complement the landscape around it. Your gazebo could also be home to a grill, outdoor kitchen, or hot tub.

Not sure if you want to build a gazebo or a pergola? Keep in mind pergolas have cross beams on top that let in light and other weather elements, while gazebos have a roof that keep those elements out.

And now for 15 designs to get you dreaming, planning, and hammering. Come storm or sun, the backyard party will go on in style with your new gazebo!

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To Host A Dinner Party

Why eat indoors when you and your guests can enjoy a quiet dinner in your gazebo? The mosquito netting will keep everyone protected if its a buggy night, and still allow everyone to enjoy the backyard. Also, should it get breezy or chilly, the curtains can be drawn closed. Closing the curtains can also make your gazebo a more intimate setting.

Hard Top Gazebo Vs Soft Top Gazebo

Timber Frame Style Pavilion Gazebo for Backyard or Patio – post and beam

So, you know you want a gazebo, but you are trying to understand the difference between the two options hardtop and soft-top? Well, worry not because we have you covered! Hardtop gazebos are generally made with aluminum, metal, or baked enamel in order to help protect it from the extreme weather conditions. When it rains, the moisture doesnt affect the structure, and when it snows, once again, moisture is not a problem. Soft tops on the other hand are a little different, instead, the rain will dull, and fade the top of the gazebo, and snow could potentially take down the entire structure. When it comes to which of the two is better, the hardtop takes the cake for a variety of reasons.

Hardtop gazebos have a much sleeker design, as soft tops are somewhat flimsy, essentially just a lazy mans tent. Hardtops typically come with a nice, polished finish, creating a much cleaner look. However, soft tops are significantly cheaper than hardtops, so take this into consideration when making your purchase.

If you dont get a lot of extreme weather conditions, and/or are looking to spend less, then go with the soft top. But when it comes to which of the two is more durable, and better at withstanding strong winds, there is no question that hardtops are the far better choice.

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Add A Wet Bar And Wine Cooler

If outdoor entertaining is your goal, then adding a wet bar with a sink and wine cooler is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor gazebo. With an outdoor wet bar, you can have friends and family over for drinks and events without having to step inside your primary home. It will also make it easier to host parties and gatherings outdoors when the weather heats up.

Add Curtains For Privacy

If your gazebo faces another home or you simply want the option to add a bit more privacy, try adding curtains in each of the corners. Given that most gazebos are open air on the sides, having curtains will give you a sense of privacy. Theyre also sure to add a bit of design pizzazz to your gazebos appearance. Make sure to choose curtains that are weatherproof and can withstand the elements.

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A Beach Paradise Gazebo

A gazebo doesnt always have to be in your backyard. You can build it in the middle of the ocean too!

This small, cottage-like structure was built just at the edge of the sea so that you can enjoy the waves, uninterrupted. The strong lumber posts along with a wooden deck and hay-covered roof give the structure a very natural yet alluring vibe.

The long wood-constructed pathway makes it easy to reach the gazebo in case the waves reach the shore.

Patio Gazebos Enjoy Your Summer Like Never Before

Awesome Gazebo Backyard Ideas

Patio Gazebos are a great place to spend an evening with those closest to us. Summer has already come and you are looking for a nice place in the backyard to spend time with family and friends. There are many uses for a backyard patio gazebo from Lancaster County Backyard, but here are just a few of them.

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Looking For The Best Gazebo Designs For Backyards

Youve come to the right Blog! We have the best Gazebo Designs for Backyards. With Gazebos of every description, youre sure to find a just-right-for-our-family outdoor structure. After all, our gazebo designs are created after collaborating with homeowners just like You!

Everyone knows Outdoor Living Rooms are trending! And why not use your backyard landscape for living in? Entertaining and relaxing outside is what its all about. Long gone are the days that landscapes were viewed from inside windows. Yards are livable spaces. Add an extra room to your home-life a few steps out the back door. Enjoy these gazebo designs for backyards!

A Sleek And Modern Gazebo

If your backyard has a more modern aesthetic, and everything is sleek and elegant, your gazebo can match this perfectly.

There are plenty of modern-style gazebos that are made from more high-quality materials, in order to give that refined and clean look.

These can often be paired with all sorts of accessories, and they look their best when they are placed on a solid ground floor within your backyard.

Some people prefer some marble stones, for example! You could also elevate the gazebo by placing it on a big podium or stand, and have some steps leading up to it, for an even more impressive end result!

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How To Secure A Gazebo From Wind

One of the main concerns people have is figuring out how to properly secure your gazebo so that the wind doesnt whisk it away. Being that it is a temporary structure it is also more prone to damage caused by weather, particularly windy weather conditions. Therefore, it is paramount that you keep your gazebo secure from wind, as to avoid any potential damage caused to you, or the gazebo.

One of the more common ways to secure a gazebo is by using leg weights, rope and pegs, anchoring kits, polypropylene straps, and threaded rods. Although an important point to mention is that it will depend entirely on the surface your gazebo is on, as depending on whether its on grass, wood, or concrete, this could change how to secure it properly.

How Much Wind Can A Gazebo Withstand

80 ideas for beautiful gazebos for a family holiday in a country house!

Depending on the type of gazebo that you install, the amount of wind that it can withstand is going to vary. For any gazebo owner, wind can easily become enemy #1 and is one of the most complained about factors amongst new buyers. Depending on the size, and the quality of the gazebo, most heavy-duty gazebos can withstand up to 30 to 35 miles per hour of wind when properly secured.

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Pair Logs With Stones

Another neat aspect of working with tree logs is that you can blend in different materials to create a unique look. You can add other elements of nature, such as rocks, to make your own garden oasis.

In this gorgeous gazebo, they used logs of different sizes to keep the theme going. But they also paired the logs with stone flooring and a rocky fireplace to seem even more rustic. I really like the drapes, as they contrast with the rough design, giving it a soft touch.

Hang String Lights Around The Gazebo

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, string lights are a must on our list of gazebo ideas. After all, without good lighting, how will you be able to sit outside and enjoy your gazebo at night? Hanging string lights around your gazebo and/or on the ceiling is one of the best ways to provide lighting at night and set the mood for entertainment. If string lights arent your thing, try hanging a chandelier in the center of the ceiling or an outdoor fan with a light.

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Can You Use A Patio Heater In A Gazebo

Yes, you can use a Patio Heater in a Gazebo. There are a few safety tips you are going to want to keep in mind when using a Patio Heater in a Gazebo. Never use a Patio Heater that has an open flame, this could potentially cause damage to the Gazebo or bodily harm to you. Whether your Gazebo is wood or vinyl, be sure to not place the Patio Heater too close to the walls or ceiling of the structure. Feel free to enjoy your Patio Gazebo during the winter months, but make sure you are always doing it safely.

Add Sides To Your Gazebo For An Indoor/outdoor Experience

30+ Stylish Gazebo Design Ideas For Your Backyard â TRENDECORS

Are you the type that feels the cold? Worried about winds ruining your outdoor relaxation? You can easily overcome this by adding slats or sides to your gazebo, or going all out and building wooden walls for complete protection. However, youll need to be careful that any extra additions you make dont invalidate your gazebo warranty or guarantee.

If youre just looking for privacy and shade, good alternative options to building solid walls include hanging drapes and mosquito netting where necessary.

Still thinking about that last trip to Cabo where you got a massage on the beach? Why not bring a little vacation mode to your own space by transforming your gazebo into a high-end treatment hideaway where you can sip piña coladas and plan your next getaway.

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Watch The Kids From The Patio Gazebo In Your Backyard

A backyard patio also provides a comfortable place to watch the kids play in the backyard. We all know that children need space to run around but they also love when mom and dad are around to watch their fun. A backyard space for mom and dad to relax while the kids play nearby will encourage the little ones run off their energy just before bedtime. They, as well as mom and dad will sleep better because of it!

Do I Need A Permit To Have A Gazebo In My Backyard

This depends on the type of gazebo that you are planning on having in your backyard, and on the specific laws and rules within your local region. A normal gazebo, generally speaking, does not require any sort of permit.

However, if you are building a more permanent gazebo, it might be deemed a permanent construction within your backyard, in which case you might have to request legal permission.

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What Should I Consider Before Building A Gazebo In My Yard

Still on the fence about whether or not to add a gazebo to your yard? Here are several questions to consider when making your decision.

  • Can you DIY or will you need to hire a pro?
  • What is your budget?
  • Will it help to sell your home and/or increase its value in the future?
  • Will you use it and enjoy it often?
  • What kind of structure and materials do you wish to use?

After carefully considering estimated costs, your return on investment, your budget and your own needs, you should have a clear-cut answer to this question.

The Wonderful Versatility Of A Backyard Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

As you can see, there are many types of backyard gazebos you can choose from, and so many ways they can be used. Theyre a simple way to add character, style, and function to your home. These structures also offer an excellent shade solution at an affordable price. To learn more about ShelterLogic Groups backyard gazebo offerings, click the button below.

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Is Wood Or Metal Better For My Gazebo

Both metal and wood can be a long-lasting and durable material. Both can also corrode and decay quickly if you choose the wrong type. A wrought iron gazebo will be heavy, but sturdy and durable. At the same time, an aluminum one might get picked up in the wind. When building a wooden gazebo, it should be either hardwood or treated wood.

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Matching Summerhouse Near Pool

If you have a large property near the ocean, deck it up by adding two identical summerhouses for your leisure. Constructed with alluring round pillars and a bright red tiles roof, these gazebos are built right opposite each other to provide visual interest to your yard.

Incorporate a few cane sofas in these summerhouses to enjoy the scene comfortably.

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Narrow Backyard Into Rustic Modern Gazebo

The Shrivers had a narrow strip of yard with a fence seemingly too close to build anything. Also, a huge side lawn. That is where a design pro comes in handy. This Gazebo plus Pergola effect added an extended living room for total enjoyment of the space. Complete with gas fireplace, TV screen, and lighting, it becomes plain-old-cozy. Turning the side yard into a putting green created-fun-for-all and bonus, maintenance became a breeze. We like the clean lines of the rustic-modern style as well. This once unused space . . . is transformed.

Earthy Thatched Roof Gazebo

70 Different Design Ideas for Patio Gazebo

Bring in a very earth, raw vibe to your yard with this extraordinary thatched roof gazebo. Its hexagonal shape along with the tree pillars and thatched top works too well in the outdoor and gives a very into the wild feel.

Also, as this outhouse features a vented roof, you wont feel the heat easily.

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