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Pergola With Electric Retractable Roof

Diffirent Installing Way For Louver Pergola

Pergola Roof – Motorized Retractable Awning

Aluminum Louver Pergola Factory Sample


Waterproof Louver Roof System Kits Outdoor Gazebo Garden Bioclimatic Aluminium Pergola

Framework Main Beam: Extruded from 6063 Solid and Robust Aluminum Construction

Internal Guttering: Complete with Gutter and Corner Spout for Downpipe

Louvres Blade Size:202mm Aerofoil Available, Waterproof Effective Design

Blade End Caps: Highly Durable Stainless Steel #304, Coated Match Blade Colors

Other Components: SS Grade 304 Screws, Bushes, Washers, Aluminum Pivot Pin

Typical Finishes: Durable Powder Coated or PVDF Coating for Exterior Application

Packing: Each pcs/Carton

Colors Options: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey or RAL 9016 Traffic White or Customized Color

Control method1. Simple manual control by a gearbox.2. Motor control by Wireless Remote, dm awning with strong-arm can be designed by French Somfy Motor, peaceful and environmental protection.

Q1.Whats your system made of?
Aluminum Retractable Roof is made of powder-coated aluminum structure
Q2. Whats your delivery time?
Usually 20-25 days upon receipt of 30% deposit.
Q3.Whats your payment term?
T/T 30% deposit, then T/T 70% balance before loading.
Q4.Whats your Minimum Order Quantity?
Our MOQ is 1 pcs in Aluno standard size.
Q5.Can you offer a free sample?
We provide samples but not free.
Q6.How it will hold up in my climate?
Hurricane-force winds.
Q7.What is your product warranty?
We offer 3-5 years warranty on the structure and fabric

Additional Information For Pergola Covers

For the exact specifications and to look at options, visit our description section on our Choose your awning page. Whether you are interested in a freestanding cover to protect your patio or a set of retractable patio awnings connected to your home or building, we have what you are looking for. Our products are proprietary and exclusive, so come to us for pergola covers that you will enjoy for years to come.

Whether you want to spruce up your business, residential home, commercial property, or institutional building, is the premier source for all your retractable patio cover needs. We not only offer the increased outdoor accessibility that comes with reliable patio shade, but also unique and stylish upgrades to your property. or 628-2424 worldwide for more information. We are eager to help you, and we provide professional installation services for the convenience of our customers all over the world.

Advantages Over Other Louvered Roofs

The Louvered Roof System we offer was invented from the ground up, thinking completely outside the box highlighting these 14 features.

  • Deepest and largest volume gutter on the market with 2 levels of LED light shelves.
  • 6x 6 heavy duty extruded aluminum posts which also can serve as down spouts.
  • 2x 8 heavy duty extruded aluminum beams for longer spans between posts.
  • 150 ° louver opening to catch more sun or adjust for shade as needed.
  • Beautiful, Designer heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter .
  • Easier and quicker installation with innovative louver spring pins.
  • Gutter screen ready for keeping leafs from clogging gutters.
  • Double skin insulated louvers which reduce the heat transfer to bottom.
  • 4 structural girders inside the tectonic arch louver and 2 vertical stabilizers outside the louver resulting in the longest span and strongest snow load capacity in the industry!
  • Beautiful, flat, tongue-and-groove finished ceiling look when Louvers are closed.
  • Bumper/gasket to resist leaks and give quite operation when closing Louvers.
  • Low friction ball bearings on each end of the louvers for much longer product life instead of metal to metal pins grinding and squeaking.
  • IP-67 motor for any climate with 18 second travel each way for pinpoint shade.
  • Remote controlled and/or hardwired switch motor operation, as well as an in-home wall remote .
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    Electric Awning Aluminum Pergola Pvc Retractable Roof With Led Lights



    Retractable Roof System from AlunoTec is a great way to provide all year round weather protection from the elements, with the option of retractable roof and sides screen creating a totally enclosed area.

    Available in many design options, the retractable roof has a fully retractable canopy cover, which at the touch of a button can be extended to provide shelter, or retracted to take advantage of the good weather. Due to the high tension PVC fabric, the canopy offers a flat surface that guarantees the discharge of rain water.


    Retractable Roof System from AlunoTec is a great way to provide all year round weather protection from the elements, with the option of retractable roof and sides screen creating a totally enclosed area.

    Available in many design options, the retractable roof has a fully retractable canopy cover, which at the touch of a button can be extended to provide shelter, or retracted to take advantage of the good weather. Due to the high tension PVC fabric, the canopy offers a flat surface that guarantees the discharge of rain water.

    Maximum Width

    Pergola Retractable Fabric Roof Awning

    Electric Awning Aluminum Pergola PVC Retractable Roof With Led Lights ...

    All our PERGOLA® retractable roof awning models provides you with a unique level of control over nature. These motorized or manual pergola systems allows you to utilize your patio to its full potential the way it is meant to be. As a restauranteur you can maximize the use of your patio and revenue without loosing the use of the patio on inclement days. For the homeowner you can expand the luxury of your backyard experience. Our Pergola® awnings are quickly becoming fashionable bringing your outdoor living dreams to life. They are designed for small to large spaces, freestanding or wall mounted, and available in a number of innovative aluminum and wood designs. We invite you to discover how a custom made Pergola® awning can add value to your home or business.

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    Is Maintaining A Motorized Pergola Difficult

    Maintaining a louvered roof structure is as simple as using it regularly and scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection. As the louvers are opened and closed, the moving parts will self-lubricate and keep it in great working order. The installing contractor will also be able to provide yearly cleaning and inspection of your pergola.

    Key Retractable Roofs Features

    • The PVC fabric is durable and waterproof requiring minimal maintenance.
    • The Malibu Awning is the only retractable awning that has been engineered to withstand wind speeds up to 90km/hr .
    • A stacking retractable solution offering great protection against the elements.
    • Gutters can be installed to collect rain water and channelled down a drain pipe.
    • It can cover large areas in a practical, elegant manner.
    • Can be installed flat or tilted.
    • Motorised operation and remote control.
    • 7-year quality guarantee.

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    Choose A Qualified Local Installer For Your Motorized Pergola Near You

    When installing a pergola, be sure to choose a qualified builder with local expertise, and a track record in pergola projects. Contact Azenco today to find a local dealer you can count on to bring your R-Blade Pergola dreams to life. We provide hands-on training for our dealers to ensure that your pergola is installed properly, and in accordance with local requirements. Additionally, an experienced installer will also make sure your pergola is erected to best suit the layout of your home. For instance, ensuring the louvers are positioned in the optimal direction for the predominant direction of sun in your area, and opening away from the house to make sure you see sun and sky when they open rather than shingles and siding.

    In this article, we provided an overview of the different types of products that can shade your patio or deck. We also described what a pergola is and how one with an automatic louvered patio cover offers the most flexibility for your outdoor space, providing protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. As the manufacturer of the R-Blade high-quality motorized louvered roof pergola, we detailed its features and explained what makes it stand out from other motorized louvered pergolas on the market.

    An Ideal Day Beneath Your Automatic Louvered Pergola

    Electric Adjustable Pergola PVC Waterproof Retractable Roof Outdoor With Remote Control System

    The intuitive smart features built into our R-Blade Pergola will truly make the most of your outdoor living space. Just imagine spending a full day under your R-Blade pergola. Start the morning with the roof fully open as you enjoy the soft morning light with a cup of coffee. As the sun creeps higher, you adjust the louvers for partial shade. Once the sun peaks, you completely close the louvers to block out the most heat-intensive rays of the day. After lunch, you hear theres going to be rain, but you stay reclined in your chaise knowing the integrated R-Blade rain sensor will detect the first drop and close the roof. As the rain intensifies, the insulated dual-walled louvers dampen the noise of the raindrops, and channel the water away while you stay perfectly dry. Now, sneak a look at your neighbor rushing into the rainstorm to keep their patio umbrella from flying away or to crank in their retractable awning. When the rain subsides, the evening falls and built-in LED lights come up as the insect screens lower for a pest-free dinner. After dessert, you feel a chill coming on, and with a flip of the infrared heater, the night carries on in pure comfort. As you head to bed for the night, you spot the neighbors out lashing down their sunshade and you remember the forecast called for an overnight storm as you drift off to sleep knowing the R-Blades wind sensor will open the roof to protect your investment even in hurricane-force winds.

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    Retractable Pergola Covers & Awnings

    We are an international manufacturer, distributor, and installer of residential retractable patio and deck pergola covers. At, we offer a myriad of options that can not only protect you from the harsh elements but can also inject a fresh aesthetic into an otherwise dull outdoor space.

    What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant Water Repellent And Waterproof

    Water-resistant – This offers the lowest level of water protection. If a retractable awning fabric resists water, its usually because the fabric itself is acting as a barrier between you and a very light shower. Tightly woven fabrics will offer a very small degree of water resistance, as it takes some time for the water to seep through the material. It is not impervious to water penetration but can stand a very limited exposure to precipitation. However, with the addition of a coating or impregnation, you can make a retractable awning fabric water repellent.

    Water repellent – a step up from water resistance and offers a medium level of water protection. This means that water cant easily penetrate the material . It beads on the outside instead. However, as soon as you apply pressure like the skies suddenly opening and releasing a whole load of heavy rain, rainwater starts to seep in through the coating, the fabric, and onto your patio or deck.

    Waterproof – A waterproof material or product is one that is completely impervious to water penetration and offers the highest level of water protection including heavy rain. No water can get in or out of the product or material or around the edges. A waterproof material or product is able to provide sustained protection from water. does not offer water-resistant fabric. We only offer water repellent fabrics on our folding lateral arm awnings and waterproof fabrics on all* of our retractable roof pergolas.

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    Why Retractable Awnings Reviews

    Retractable Awnings Reviews will help you find the best retractable products for residential and commercial properties in the US and Canada.

    Retractable Awnings Reviews offers the most honest and unbiased information regarding retractable products on the internet. It is the go-to resource for regular customers like you looking for accurate, up-to-date information and objective reviews of available retractable products online. Such products include awnings, pergola canopies, patio awnings, drop awning screens, free-standing awnings, side awnings, and screens.

    The Biggest Difference Between A Fixed Roof Pergola And One With A Motorized Louvered Roof

    Electric Awning Aluminum Pergola PVC Retractable Roof With Led Lights ...

    A pergola with a permanent roof creates full-time shaded areas, while an auto pergola roof creates more flexibility in your outdoor space because you can open the louvers to control the sun penetration. Its great for days when you want to limit sun exposure but still let light in. Motorized louvers can also be controlled with smart sensors which intuitively close the roof at the first sign of rain, without you lifting a finger.

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    What Are Pergola Covers For Decks Patios And Porches

    A patio covering can be specifically designed to serve both practical functionality and stylish decorative enhancements. Essentially, our patio shades are a rigid waterproof hanging exterior attached to a house, attached to a deck, or freestanding awning frame, anchored by posts that can be engineered to withstand over 175 mph winds depending on the model and size. Most are also able to withstand heavy rains, even hail, which means if a storm rumbles ashore, you can rely on your patio awning. Since we realize the significance of versatile, durable products, we offer a wide range of styles to select, colors, and fabrics to select. A patio pergola can serve a variety of functions that will not only protect the area from harsh weather elements but will beautify the outdoor space as a whole.

    A Pergola For Any Style Of Home

    No matter what kind of outdoor living space you add to your home, you want to make sure it complements the dwellings architecture. Avoiding structures that look out of place with your home style is best for your home value, and will make your outdoor space more impressive to guests. Azenco pergolas are fully customized to fit seamlessly into your homes architecture whether classic, modern or contemporary. Deciding which type of pergola to install is the first step. Selecting between a fixed-roof and adjustable motorized louvered pergola roof pergola will really be based on how you expect to use your new living space.

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    Control All Your Equipment With Just A Click

    With its built-in sensors, our motorized system adapts the position of the slats on your pergola according to the weather conditions. Whether it’s snow, strong winds or ice, your pergola stays protected!

    Our customized systems will allow you to enjoy your pergola to the fullest whatever the season. Somfy recommends you complement your pergola with connected heating and lightingto create a cozy atmosphere!

    A remote control or smartphone is all it takes to control your pergola’s adjustable slats, the screen, lighting and heating. Everything is just one click away!

    Suitable For Any Type Of Pergola

    The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

    Italian style pergola

    An Italian style pergola has taut canvas which remains perfectly taut at all times for optimal sun protection, and is rain and wind-resistant.

    Spanish style pergola

    A Spanish style pergola has no tension on the canvas which provides sun protection. The canvas folds in harmonica form. It has a PVC layer protecting against both sun and rain.

    Adjustable slats canvas

    A bioclimatic pergola has tilting slats which provide sun protection and is rain and wind-resistant. The patio cover consists of tilting blades, which can be adjusted to your light requirements on the patio.

    Tilting and rectractable slats

    This bioclimatic pergola has adjustable and retractable slats. This system allows to open the roof completely but also provides sun protection and is rain and wind-resistant.

    Rail guided system

    A rail guided system is a taut fabric pergola that remains taught while opening. This system protects the fabric against external elements when closed and provides sun protection when open.

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    Waterproof Pergola Electric Gazebo 6m Retractable Awning For Patio

    Waterproof PVC, 850g per square meter, 0.6mm thickness
    Aluminum Post 102mm x 102mm/102mm x 150mm
    Aluminum Rail
    120mm x 85mm/150mm x 180mm
    Big Crossbar Profile
    1 Channel or 5 Channel
    Linear Strip LED Lights
    Maximum width of Side Screen 5m

    1.What’s your system made of?Aluminum Retractable Roof is made of powder coated aluminum structure with Waterproof PVC Fabric.2. What’s your delivery time?Usually 20-25 days upon receipt of 30% deposit.3.How it will hold up in my climate?Retractable Patio Awning has been specifically engineered to withstand hurricane force winds . It’s durable and can outcompete most of the competitors on the market today!4.What is your product warranty?We offer 3-5 years warranty on the structure and fabric, along with a 1-year warranty on the electronics.5.What types of features can I add to the awning?We also offer an Linear Strip LED Lights system, the heater, side screen, an automatic wind/rain sensor that will automatically close the roof when it starts raining. If you have any further ideas we encourage you to share them with us.



    Why Should I Choose You To Find My Motorized Retractable Pergola Canopy Company

    I have over 40 years of experience manufacturing retractable awning products, distributing and installing them. I have a professional outlook on the market, the products advantages and disadvantages. Retractable Awning Reviews creates educational blog posts and includes customer reviews to help you select a suitable motorized retractable pergola canopy. for you.

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    Remote Controlled Louvered Pergola

    The R-Blade includes a remote that opens and closes the louvers on demand. You also have the option to upgrade to a smart sensor array for true set-it-and-forget-it management of your pergola configuration. Your installer can program the R-Blades integrated sensor system to automatically close the roof at the first sign of rain and open in high winds to prevent damage. In case of freezing conditions, the R-Blades temperature sensor signals the roof to open to avoid potentially-damaging snow and ice buildup.

    Why A Louvered Roof Pergola System

    Gazebo With Electric Retractable Roof

    As outdoor living has become more popular, products have been developed making spending time outside more enjoyable. Many traditional outdoor living products excel in one area while lacking in others. Traditional pergolas are functional but not all-weather, covered porches are durable but block too much light. The motorized louvered roof was designed to allow for shade when you need it, protection from the elements or refreshing airflow while providing great durability. We offer a system boasting 14 unique features producing a best-in-class product. The Louvered Roof Pergola is strong and durable because of rust-proof extruded aluminum yet beautiful and elegant because of the integrated assembly with the tongue-and-groove ceiling design. The product is manufactured in the USA with a 10-year limited warranty on the structure, and a 5-year limited warranty on the electronics. With unique features and beautiful design, were confident youll love your new motorized Louvered Roof Pergola and the premium outdoor living experience it provides.

    Curious about cost? Ask for your free professional in-home consultation! All our offerings are customizable to fit your unique needs, featuring unsurpassed quality and design, world-class motors, and the most standard features in the industry! Call now or fill out a consultation request today to get the most out of your outdoor living area!

    Have a specific question about our Louvered Roof Systems? Read our FAQs here.

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