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Mobile Homes With Front Porch

What Is The Right Size Of The Mobile Home Porch

Single Wide Mobile Home // Front Porch // Laying Laminate Plank Flooring

The right size for a mobile home porch can vary tremendously depending on your home style, your personal preferences, and any logistical limitations.

Most building experts suggest that a porch requires a minimum of six feet of depth. That allows easier access and room for chairs, potted plants, and other furniture.

Porch size depends on the location of the porch and the shape and size of the house. If you want, you can wrap around your house with an infinity porch, which might be desirable with 360-degree water views.

You might prefer a minimally sized porch for convenience in maintaining it.

Diving Into Porch Blueprints

Lets talk about whats got us here today. Porch blueprints. And since thats todays topic, what better place to begin than ?

In their own words, offers a variety of deck designs and plans for every type of housing configuration. Many of the deck plans include features to make your deck unique including arbors, pergolas, built-in benches and planter boxes. The best part? You cant beat free!

Will It Increase My Homes Value

Yes! We come across this question a lot. Despite mobile homes coming a long way throughout the last few decades and gaining more and more credibility as a stable and permanent place of residence, people are still skeptical over the possibility to increase their value. If you build a good quality porch thats attractive, it will undoubtedly raise the curb appeal and the value of your home.

However, there is a caveat. If you build the porch in a way that nullifies your homes HUD adherence, it will have the opposite effect. People want a house thats certified to be safe, and that stands up to the relevant standards. They also want a home they can finance. So, if youre going to increase your homes value, make sure you stay within the guidelines.

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Site Built Vs Manufactured Home Porches

There is a difference between manufactured home porches and site-built home porches. However, its this difference that can make building a porch for a manufactured home cheaper.

Nothing can be built onto a manufactured homes structure, meaning additions and porches must be built as a free-standing unit with its own footers and must move separately from the home. Learn more about building mobile home additions here.

Roofing Considerations For A New Porch

Great Front Porch Addition Ranch Remodeling Ideas (17

The roof of your new porch will impact your home significantly. Youll have to consider the rise and run of the roof and how it will be incorporated into the roof on the home. Most professionals suggest that porch roofs have a minimum 3/12 pitch, meaning the roof rises 3 for every 1 foot of length. This provides adequate rain and snow runoff.

Turning a Deck into a Porch Weight Support Differences

If you have a deck that you want to turn into a covered porch youll have to consider a few things. Ideally, the best scenario would have been building the roof when you built the deck because there are footing and weight considerations to take into account.

While its a great project, youll have to ensure that your deck can handle the added weight of the roof. Porches must support 80 lbs per square foot. Decks only need to support 55 lbs.

Heres what had to say:

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How Much Will It Cost

A good question indeed. We would be lying if we told you exactly what your mobile home porch would cost to build. It depends mostly on the size of the porch, at what prices you can get the materials, and how much of the labor you will be taking on yourself. Another significant factor is whether you will buy a prefabricated kit or build it from the ground up yourself.

Your porch will consist mostly of wood which is readily available and not too expensive. You should be able to get a close enough quote if you go to your local hardware store with the dimensions of your porch. A kit should cost you between $15-$30 per square foot while hiring a contractor could run up to $10,000. Just buying the materials and doing it yourself should cost around $2,000-$5,000 depending on what kind of porch you build.

Can You Buy Prebuilt Decks

Yes, you can buy a pre-built deck for your mobile home/manufactured home. Find a reliable pre-built deck dealer and get a customized deck for your home. The good news is the building process for most dealers can be completed within a day. Checkout our list of top 10 mobile home dealers in Michigan here.

Having said that, if you have a specific design in mind and want to make it a reality, a dealer will assist you in breaking everything down from the beginning and constructing the required deck out of a range of woods.

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Mobile Home Porch Design Ideas

When it comes to mobile home porches, the design ideas are truly endless, and they can be as simple or as complicated as a homeowner chooses. Heres a look at some popular porch designs:

Gable roof porch design:

These are simpler types of porch designs, which consist of a deck area outside of the front door and a gable roof, which is characterized by a roof with two sloping sides and gable at the end of each side

Flat roof porches:

If your mobile home has a flat roof, then a flat roof porch would likely be the best option for you. Flat roof porches are also ideal for mobile home units that dont have extensive roof clearances.

Porch/deck combination:

Another type of porch design is one that includes a gable roof porch and an adjacent deck. The deck portion would likely extend right off the porch itself.

Screened porch:

For those that want to extend the available living space of their mobile homes, a screened in porch is likely the answer. Whats nice about screened in porches is that such screens can also be added to an existing porch.

Freestanding porch:

If your mobile home is placed on a larger lot, a freestanding porch could be an attractive option. Freestanding porches are either a flat roof or gable roof porches that simply exist within the lot. In other words, they arent built adjacent to the mobile home.

Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas Thatll Create Curb Appeal In Spades


While about 20 million Americansor 6% of the populationlive in mobile homes, this affordable form of housing has long had a bit of an image problem. But it doesnt have to be that way! Like the bespectacled-but-beautiful girl in a teen movie, all your mobile home may need is a makeover. Check out these changes that can boost your homes curb appealand ultimately, its value.

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Porches Are An American Tradition

Porches are an American tradition. Many of us were practically raised on a front porch. I know I sure was! Aside from being a great gathering place for family and neighbors, porches have many other advantages extended living space and energy savings are two of the best.

I think every home needs a porch, especially manufactured homes. Add a covered porch to a factory-built home and you can make it look just like a traditional site-built home . Its a great way to add depth and dimension to a house which is the most important element in curb appeal.

If your home is high enough off the ground your options for roofing are broadened. You can design the roof to simply continue down from the homes roof pitch which is what they did.

This photo of the building process and was found on a great little blog called Butterfly Musings.

The single wide below was one of the first featured homes on Mobile Home Living. Its special to me because we bought our single wide without knowing the manufacturer so I began researching online and came across this home its an almost exact replica of our home! You can read more about this home here.

This single wide has a combination porch and deck that circles around the home. Its perfect because this home happens to be right beside a beautiful river and the view is awesome!

This next double wide manufactured home has a beautiful porch! Faux rock panels are used on the columns and it really makes a statement. This home was found on

Mobile Home Front Porch Ideas

For Accessibility

The door creates a bottle neck when entering your mobile home, and so can small steps and platforms! Its difficult to unlock the door when your hands are full of groceries, you have a kid pulling on your leg, and youre tightly squeezed from the lack of space. Expanding the space in front of your mobile home by adding a porch will make it easier to move, set things down, and get in and out.

Another way to make your mobile home more accessible is to have to points of entry for your porch. Build a set of stairs on each side of your mobile home front porch, make one entrance a ramp, or build a porch with no railings and simply have steps going around the perimeter.

To Level-up Your Storage

One benefit of a mobile home front porch is the extra storage it can create. You can store seasonal items that are not used under the porch. You can utilize porch space for even more storage.

As an example, you add a built-in shed on one corner of the front porch. If you would rather not have it permanently affixed to the porch itself, you could always buy an easy to assemble plastic shed. Use the shed to hold outdoor party supplies, lawn toys, gardening tools, etc.

For another example, instead of buying separate bins and chairs for seating on the porch, create built-in benches that double as storage bins. Not only would you have extra room to entertain guests, but you can also de-clutter your porch and keep things like cushions dry!

To Shoot the Breeze
For Party Time

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Understand What You Own: The Parts You Are Responsible For

Placing a mobile home in a park makes it clear that you are leasing the land and are, therefore, paying a lot rent rather than owning it . That said, mobile home parks often have rules and regulations that govern the community. For instance, the extent of the changes you can make to your mobile home may be limited.

In site-built homes, you have the freedom to make any kind of changes so long as it complies with the local building guidelines. However, when it comes to mobile homes, you and the park manager each have a specific role. You might discover that even landscaping is the park managers responsibility rather than your own .

So, before you begin your project, consider understanding your role as a resident in the community.

Design Is Another Important Factor For Manufactured Home Porch Costs

Pin by Dina on Front Porch

The difference between a porch and a deck is the roof. Porches have them, decks do not. Naturally, building a roofwill significantly increase costs.

The design you chose for your manufactured home porch will be the second biggest factor in porch cost.

If you choose to go with a simple lean-to roof and use metal roofing you can build a 10X10 porch for just a few hundred dollars. High-pitched gable roofs will require a lot more building materials and skilled labor which will cost more.

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Modular Homes With Porches

Whether youre relaxing with a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying the cool evening breeze while watching the sunset or spending quality time with your family, theres something about a porch that makes a house feel more like a home.

From a practical perspective, an attractive, well-crafted porch enhances a homes curb appeal and increases its value, which is a significant benefit if you ever decide to sell your home.

If youve ever dreamed of living in a home with a porch, Design. Build. Modular. can make your vision come true. Well work with you to create a custom modular home in CT or MA that you and your family will love. We can design and build modular homes with porches and patios that add fun and relaxation.

Planning A New Porch For Your Manufactured Home

Once youve chosen the perfect deck or porch design for your manufactured home youll need to start planning the build.

Simple deck designs can be built by experienced DIY enthusiasts. If youre knowledgeable of basic construction methods and comfortable with tools it should be a fairly straight-forward process. More complex builds are probably best left to the professionals.

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Look At These Gable Roof Ideas

Note in the photo below the additional columns adjacent to the home.Most mobile home porches must be self supporting include holding the roof in place.

Homeowners could easily install porch skirting to hide the porch piers in the photo below.This would give it a more finished look and possibly give you additional storage space.

Love the placement and width of the steps in the photo below.Wider staircase gives you a more open feel and makes your porch appear larger.It also provides space for potted plants or other decorative items.Mary and I would add custom vinyl lattice panels to hide the piers.You can choose from a wide variety of lattice panel designs or even create your own.They come in a variety of colors but we prefer black for porch skirting.

Note the exposed rafters on the gable roof below.You could opt to cover them with bead board or tongue and groove panels to give it a finished look.Add an outdoor ceiling fan for additional comfort.When considering porch designs for mobile homes also include amenities like fans, lights, and railing and column options too.

Tip: Porch Designs for Mobile Homes

If you live where the wind blows leaves and debris on your porch, considerinstalling a bottom rail no more than 4 inches above the porch decking.Extend your balusters slightly below or even with the bottom rail.Why? This will allow you to easily sweep the debris off your porch.Otherwise leaves and debris are stuck on your porch with nowhere to go – and hard to sweep away.

Customizing Your Modular Home With A Porch

Audio Program: Affordable Porches for Mobile Homes

Our broad assortment of flexible design choices gives you plenty of porch options:

  • Front porches: A modular home with a front porch creates a memorable first impression and is perfect for chatting with neighbors or just sitting back and watching the world go by.
  • Wraparound porch: Amodular home with a wraparound porch gives you extra living and entertaining space and adds a touch of downhome charm that increases its visual appeal.
  • Back porch: If you value your privacy, a modular home with a back porch or patio can serve as a peaceful, secluded oasis that offers an escape from street noise and neighborhood activities.

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Gable Roof Porch Design

A gable roof design is when two sides slope downward to the walls while the other walls extend from the eaves to the ridge peak. You can expect to pay from $2,200 to $13,500 or more for just a gable porch roof.

The height, pitch, materials, and square footage also affect prices. Gable roofs need additional framing support to resist high winds, but they provide superior drainage for rain, ice, and snow.

The More You Can Diy The Better

Labor is the third most important factor when pricing a new manufactured home porch.

Naturally, it will cheaper to build a porch if you can do the labor yourself.

You can save money by doing many of the tasks yourself. Demolishing and removing the old porch or steps yourself can save money. Picking up the rubbish after construction can save a bit of money as well. Even buying and delivering your own materials will save a bit on costs. Offering to be a helper during construction can also save money. It never hurts to ask.

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Manufactured & Mobile Homes

What Are Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes?

Manufactured homes once referred to as single-wide and double-wide mobile homes and mobile homes are factory-built houses engineered and constructed to the strict specifications of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developments federal building code.

With their highly customizable designs and wide array of floor plans ranging from 500 to 2,300 sq. ft., single- or multi-section manufactured homes offer affordable housing options, whatever your needs and tastes.

Manufactured home by Champion Homes


Champion has a long history of providing affordable alternatives to site-built and other types of housing. As one of the largest mobile home builders in the country, were able to negotiate low prices on building materials, including interior features and appliances, resulting in lower costs for our homebuyers.

Represents Quality

After more than six decades serving homebuyers, weve developed advanced engineering and construction methods to ensure energy efficient, quality-built manufactured homes and modular homes. Theyre built in a controlled factory environment, which means every part of the home from the front door to the bathroom sink is protected from weather-related damage, vandalism and other hazards.

Provides Many Other Advantages

If youre ready to move into a new home but arent willing to compromise on the amenities you want, Champion Homes can help.

What Makes A Great Manufactured Home

Awesome Best 10 Amazing Tiny House Design Ideas With Front Porch https ...

Manufactured homes appeal to people due to the fact that they can be built quickly. They have the same basic layout planned while still allowing the homeowners to pick and choose those special extras that allows them to customize it specifically to their needs. Normal traditional homes built from the foundation up can take months to almost a year to complete. A small manufactured home can take as little as 2 months to design and install.

Another great aspect is that these homes can be moved. If a spouse has to change jobs and move across the state or even across the country, the house can come with the family. A person only needs to have the land available to place the house as they can still have all the features and luxuries that they are accustomed too. Lastly, every manufactured home has to meet the stringent building and material guidelines set forth by U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency.

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