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How To Stop Birds From Pooping On My Patio

Get Rid Of Birds Pooping With Decoys

How do I keep birds from pooping on my patio?

Birds these days have become far too smart for scarecrows. Plus, how terrible would your otherwise beautiful lawn look with an ugly scarecrow in the middle of it? You can buy some lawn or patio ornaments such as owls, snakes and other predator-looking animals. You can even get some toy animals that make random sounds and movements. This can scare the birds off your patio and prevent them from pooping on your beautiful deck.

Invest In Some Wind Chimes

This solution is both elegant and pleasant-sounding. Birds are scared of loud noises, so hanging wind chimes around your porch will deter them from entering the area.

You can find cheap wind chimes at most stores or online. You can also make your own out of recycled materials.

To use this method, simply hang the wind chimes around your porch or patio. Make sure to hang them in a spot where they will get hit by the wind rather than tucked behind a corner.

Scare The Birds With A Plastic Owl

If all the methods listed above fail to work, this one certainly wont.

As you already know, a bird will be nesting and making a home out of your porch because shell see it as a safe space. The species youre most likely to see near your home include mourning doves, starlings, blackbirds, crows, sparrows, and pigeons. What do these have in common? Theyre all scared of predator birds, and thats something you can and should use to your advantage.

To put a stop to bird droppings ruining your porch, buy a plastic owl with haunting eyes. Its among the best bird deterrents a person can get for his home and something that works just like a scarecrow in a cornfield would. Place this plastic owl somewhere near your porch, like for example on a branch of a nearby tree. You can also put it on the fence or even on the roof ledge.

Once a bird sees this fake predator so close to your home, whether its a plastic owl or a hawk, it will undoubtedly stay away from the area. However, theres a catch for the scare to work as long as possible, youll need to place the owl in a different place every day. This is particularly important if crows often come to your porch these birds are very intelligent and capable of detecting a decoy in case it doesnt change positions.

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Why Are Birds Flocking To Your Deck

Birds travel in groups for a variety of reasons. This means that if they choose to make your decking their new hangout spot, they arent going to arrive alone. Even though you didnt personally invite them, you may have inadvertently placed things in your outdoor space that make it more attractive to your new avian friends.

Some of these additions are more obvious than others. Listed below are just some of the things that could be contributing to the problem:

  • Water Features: You may have originally installed them as purely decorative, but a bird will simply see it as its new favorite bath.
  • Bird Feeders: They can add a lot of character to a garden, but they are bound to attract attention. Removing food sources for birds will help keep them away.
  • Large Shrubs: Perfect for building nestsif your deck is surrounded by foliage, it might be contributing to your bird problem.

It is hard to say for sure why birds may love your deck so much, but they can present a real problem. No one wants to spend all their time power washing their deck every time they want to use it.

With that in mind, check out our top tips on how to keep birds away from your property.

How To Stop Birds From Nesting On Your Balcony

How to keep birds off of balcony railing?

If youre one of those people who dread the sound of cawing birds in the morning, then you might want to consider installing some type of bird netting on your balcony.

This easy and affordable solution is not only effective at preventing birds from nesting on your property, but it can also keep them from pooping and peeing all over your place.

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Install Reflective Bird Reflectors

You might not enjoy looking at reflective bird reflectors. Nonetheless, you cannot underestimate their effectiveness in scaring off birds. They are also a cheap option to get the job done as effectively as any other sophisticated tool.

So how do you use them? Its also pretty easy. Install the bird reflectors on the trees or perches in your homestead where birds are likely to roost.

They feature an image of a predator birds eyes. Therefore, when a bird looks at the reflectors, it will be scared off. The trick is further enhanced by their swaying nature when the wind blows. They will move from side to side, and this resembles the movement of the predator bird.

Remember, they are also cheap, and with a low budget, you can get a set of Bird B Gone Reflective Scare Bird Diverter. Hence, dont let the birds keep nagging you when you can easily scare them off. You will spend only a little cash. Reflective bird reflectors are accessible at your local store or online.

All In One Bird Pest Service

As a licensed bird pest control specialist, the very first thing we do is a thorough inspection of the property. After highlighting entry points, perching and nesting sites, we work out the best method to ensure your patio is a poop-free zone. However bad the infestation is, we have the know-how to sort it out for you.

Height is no problem. We use a cherry picker or boom lift to reach and secure an effective solution.

We dont just get rid of the birds. We always use specialist cleaning equipment and products to clean and disinfect the area ready for you to use again.

We offer a 24/7 service. Every job is guaranteed, and we dont cut corners.

The products we use are of the highest standards and comply with health and safety regulations. Having seventeen years of experience, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality service.

So if youre wondering how do I keep birds from pooping on my patio, give us a call for a no-obligation quote at a price you can afford.

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How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Porch

Birds are lovely creatures, but pooping on preserved balconies isnt good. Youve to look for some serious solutions to keep them away from your porch. This article will tell you about the different ways to stop birds from pooping on your porch. We hope you find the solution that works right for you.

Bird Proof Transparent Repellent

How to stop birds from visiting patio and pooping all over the place.

Product description

Looking for a more discreet solution to pesky bird problems? Bird Proof Gel might be the magic solution for you.


  • Can be hung anywhere on your patio


  • A completely humane way to scare off birds as compared to other methods
  • A 3-in-1 sound, light, and predator shaped product
  • Produces random motions to scare birds


  • Has to be placed in a strategic location for it to work successfully

The sound, motion, and light can be produced by the product only if it is placed in natural sunlight and in a windy location. If placed strategically, the product will work wonders.

A 3-in-1 holographic product the Owl repellent works like magic to scare away all species of birds off your patio! on Amazon.

Okay, lets say it is too late and there is poop all over your patio. Do not despair, there are many easy solutions that will help you clean those nasty bird poop stains.

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Near The Patio Hang Reflective Objects

Birds should be hesitant to approach the patio if you hang reflecting things near it. What makes this so effective in scaring birds away?

Shiny, reflecting things seem to be able to deceive birds. When birds view reflected things, their ability to fly is harmed because they are unable to comprehend the reflections.

They will avoid reflecting things, which is an excellent technique to keep birds away from certain areas. This strategy will come in handy no matter where in the yard youre attempting to keep birds away from.

When it comes to hanging reflective things, you have a few alternatives. Some folks may purchase reflective tape since it is simple to place in numerous locations.

The tape is also referred to as reflective bird scare tape. Its not expensive, and its certainly worth acquiring if youre looking for something reflecting to put near the patio.

You might also utilize stuff you already have at home. You may, for example, frighten the birds by hanging old CDs and DVDs near the patio.

This method is only useful if you have a large number of old CD-Rs that you will never use. Its still a possibility for those looking for a purpose for goods that are gathering dust in their homes.

Mirrors and other similar items might also be used. You might also put reflecting wind chimes around the patio area to add some visual interest.

Effective Methods Of Repelling Birds From Your Patio

So, how to keep birds from pooping on your porch? Easy.

There are seamless solutions to this problem, and you dont need to spend a lot of money to achieve a good result. We will present a couple of methods that are proven to be effective in repelling birds.

You have an option to follow one strategy or try them all. The good news is these methods allow you to say goodbye to cleaning after bird poop. So hop on, and lets get started.

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Dont Contaminate Your Neighbors

Many people may have a patio or balcony in a shared space or in a multi-family building such as an apartment. Especially if your patio is above the ground floor, its important not to wash the droppings off your patio by hose or bucket of water.

This creates runoff that can carry diseases to your neighbors balconies and put them at risk.

What Type Of Birds Am I Dealing With

How Do I Get Rid of Birds on My Porch?  Backyard Certified

The fifth and final consideration is the type of birds youre dealing with. Some of these methods are more effective for certain types of birds than others.

For example, if youre adjusting colors on your porch to deter birds, youll want to choose a color that is less likely to attract the type of bird youre dealing with.

If youre using a physical barrier like bird spikes, youll want to make sure theyre the right size for the birds youre dealing with.

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How To Remove Bird Poop From Wooden Patio

  • You will need to put on a pair of protective rubber gloves before you begin the process.
  • If you find any hardened bird poop on your wooden patio, use a scraper to remove as much of it as you can.
  • Fill up a bucket with hot water and pour some liquid dishwashing soap into it. Mix it up well to create a soapy solution.
  • Pour some club soda over the bird poop as this will loosen up any solid residue. However, donât keep this for too long as it may damage the wood. Work quickly from this point onwards.
  • Dip a brush into this soapy solution and use it to scrub the bird poop from your wooden patio. Be sure to use firm, circular motions, however, do not scrub it too hard as you donât want to scratch the wood surface.
  • Take your garden hose and rinse off the area to remove the loosened bird poop residue from your wooden patio.
  • How To Keep Birds From Pooping On My Porch: 14 Ways

    I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link on this page. Read the full disclosure policy here

    Birds are beautiful creatures and its nice to have them around in the spring and summer. However, no one enjoys having bird poop on their porch!

    In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to keep birds from pooping on your porch. Well also provide some interesting facts about these pesky critters.

    Lets get started!

  • Final Thoughts: How to Prevent Birds From Pooping on Porch
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    Hang Mirrors On Your Front Porch

    Hanging mirrors on your front porch is a great way to deter birds. Birds are naturally scared of their own reflection, so they will stay away from an area that has mirrors.

    You can find cheap mirrors at most dollar stores or online. You can also find plexiglass mirrors if youre worried about glass breaking.

    To use this method, simply hang a few small mirrors around your porch or patio. You can also place them on your front door so that birds are scared away as soon as they approach.

    This is a good solution if you want something thats affordable and easy to install. You can also make a cute design element out of the mirrors by hanging them in a pattern.

    How To Keep Birds From Pooping On The Dock

    No More Bird Poops – EASY DIY Birds Deterrent Repellent Prevention For Porch Deck Balcony

    Are you done with birds messing up your private dock with their non-ending poops? If yes, then you need to apply some sort of remedy quickly.

    Here are a few bird deterrents and tips that will keep birds away from your dock. Have a look:

    • Firstly, keep your dock clean. If birds are frequently landing on your dock, chances are there is something attractive. The things birds may find attractive include food, water, and nesting material. Hence if your dock or its surroundings have any of these, consider getting into a cleaning spree right now.
    • Next, cover your dock with bird netting or fish lining.
    • Hang bird scare eye or scare balloons across the dock.
    • Install an ultrasonic bird deterrent on the dock. Consider installing more of them, depending upon how big the dock is.

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    Simple Ways To Keep Bird Poop Off Your Deck

    Birds are lovely creatures except when they are turning your deck into their bathroom! I have spent some time researching the best ways to keep birds from turning your wood deck into an eyesore. Bird poop is tedious to remove from your deck and can ruin your relaxation time spent there. In this post, I will give you my most effective methods of keeping birds away from your deck.

    So how do I keep birds from pooping on my deck? Here are a few of my helpful tips to get you started in having a bird poop-free deck.

  • Remove things from your yard that attract birds.
  • Put shiny, moving objects in your yard.
  • Trim back your shrubs and trees.
  • Put fake or decoy birds in your yard.
  • Get a special sound system to deter birds from coming into your yard.
  • Get an awning over your deck.
  • Use certain scents to repel birds.
  • Equip your yard with a special electric shock track.
  • These helpful tips will ensure that birds will no longer be attracted to your yard as a pooping ground. In this post, we will go into further detail as to how you can use each of these methods in your yard. Each method mentioned is useful. However, as we go into further detail you will discover which method is right for you and your outdoor area. Certain tips are easier than others to implement.

    Starlings / Blackbirds / Grackles

    Starlings are invasive in the U.S. but can be a nuisance even on their home turf. They can form huge flocks which can be incredibly noisy. If one shows up in your yard, there is a good chance more will follow. Even small groups can eat up all your bird seed, bully smaller birds and leave droppings all over.

    Best deterrents for the black birds: Starlings / Blackbirds / Grackles

    • Often, they come looking for food. They prefer ground seed, platform and hopper feeders. So stick to mesh or tube feeders with small perches, and downward facing suet cages.
    • Sonic blast a large flock with electronic noise machines
    • Owl decoys

    See our article here on keeping them out of your bird feeders.

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    What Are The Health Risks Of Bird Droppings

    Breathing dust or water droplets containing contaminated bird droppings can lead to several diseases, including a flu-like illness called psittacosis. Salmonella a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhoea may also be present in some bird droppings. If you are cleaning up or come into contact with droppings,

    How To Improve The Effectiveness Of A Fake Owl

    How to keep birds off of balcony railing?

    However, there are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your plastic owl.

    According to Sciencing, placing the owl in a natural setting is likely to be more effective. As owls dont like to be seen, it’s more realistic for other birds.

    In addition, moving your owl every day will also help create the allure of a real owl. Go out and give it a go! What do you have to lose?

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    Place A Fake Owl In Your Yard

    One of the most popular methods for keeping birds away from an outdoor space is to place a fake owl there. This can be effective because birds see owls as predators and will stay clear of the area. You can find fake owls at most home improvement stores or online. Something like this


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