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Backyard Deck And Patio Ideas

Contrast Light Grey Decking With Pastel Chairs

DIY Patio Makeover | Patio Ideas | Gorgeous Backyard Deck Transformation

‘Pastels are the perfect route to take outdoors, looking more dusty in the summer sun.’ say Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, co-founders of COAT Paints .

‘Why not embrace some killer pastel shades for the outside of our house with exterior paint? To really max up that kerb appeal, remember to contrast the color of your masonry paint with that of your front door or other accent.’

We love the use of lemon and mint to create this balmy summer decking idea.

Add An Accent Deck To A Garden Room Entrance

If you don’t want to fork out on a large area of decking, or only have small area to cover consider accent decking ideas.

This small decking idea is perfect for those who don’t want an all-or-nothing decked space and allows for versatility in your garden space.

Better still, if you are thinking of a garden room, it’ll add a stable surface for your children or guests to enter and exit from.

Upscale Patio Zen Garden

A patio should feel like an extension of your home just outdoors.

Enjoy a quiet night in outside with a cozy patio kitchen, with a built-in grill and broiler in brushed metal. These appliances are cleverly built into the concrete of the patio and positioned to reflect light from the fireplace. Adding to the zen effect are large statues and soft candle light. Crisp, light-neutral colored furniture and cushions create an even more calming, nature-loving feel to this setup.

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Create A Bohemian Scheme With Lots Of Texture

Free-spirited and fun, bohemian-esque deck space is perfect for those who like to sit back and relax in all seasons. Granted it gets a little chilly during late-night chats when sitting out alfresco, you’ll want lots of layers in the form of throws and cushions on your chairs and floor space.This pouf also acts as the perfect footrest too.

Best Under Deck Patio Ideas & Inspirations For You

10 Beautiful, Easy DIY Backyard Decks
  • Dine out. With a patio dining table and chairs, you can eat al fresco anytime, rain or shine. Go for a bigger makeover and install an outdoor kitchen, grill, or pizza oven, and youre just steps away from delicious eating.
  • Watch the big game. Your deck provides excellent protection for outdoor television and makes the screen easier to see. Invite friends over day or night for a big-game viewing party. Make it feel like a living room with comfy furnishings.
  • Create a poolside oasis. Whether you need to take a break from the sun or set out a cool picnic spread for guests, the shade under your deck provides a perfect getaway.
  • Store more. With a drainage system in place, you can safely create deck storage. A 2020 survey of homeowners revealed that more storage was a must-have. For a fraction of the cost of adding a garage or building a walk-in pantry, you can use the space beneath your second-level deck for added outdoor storage or beautiful outdoor living space.
  • Play more. Your under-deck space is perfect for a childrens playroom or hideout. Invest in some waterproof storage for toys and include child-sized seating. Youll never have to encourage your children to play outdoors again.
  • Design your own spa. Enclose your under-deck area as a screened-in porch and install a hot tub for an outdoor oasis youll enjoy anytime.
  • Make a book nook. Add a hammock or bed swing under the deck and enjoy your favorite read.
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    Where To Start When Composite Decking And Patios Are Combined

    When decking and patios are combined, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you build the deck first or the patio? And what should you consider when making your decision?

    The best way to decide which should be built first is to think about what you will use the space for. If you plan to use the deck for entertaining, it should be built first. This will allow you to have all of your guests over before moving them to the patio area for dining. If you plan to mostly use the patio area, build it first and then add a deck if needed.

    Another thing to consider is your budget. Decking materials tend to be more expensive than patio materials, so if youre on a tight budget, build the patio first. You can always add a deck later if you have the money.

    What Size Of Deck Do You Require

    If your deck is home to a dining or seating area, then putting your furniture in place can help you plan the size of the deck.

    Remember that, as well as space for the individual furniture pieces, individuals will need room to slide dining chairs away from a table, and to stand up and move away without either chairs or people tipping off the end of the deck.

    Likewise, allow room for circulation to and from the area without having to step off decking.

    A hot tub will need space for the tub itself but also to climb in and out comfortably from the deck, so also needs a generous area around it.

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    Create A Decked Pergola Design

    Whatever life throws at you, you can always rely on a sturdy pergola to provide shade, privacy and respite in your outdoor space. Perhaps you want to sunbathe with dignity, or enjoy a few drinks outside when the weather is less than optimal – your yard, your choice.

    But if you don’t want this arched structure in your garden to look uninspiring – don’t stress – it’s all in the styling. Here, Allie Wilson, of @allie_wilson_home found an affordable rug and festoons from Next , and styled with accessories from Dunelm. Her furniture was a quick win from Aldi’s infamous Special Buys aisle. And that Orla Kiely upholstered chair was made using fabric and a little help from her mother-in-law.

    Pool And Hot Tub Deck

    Decorate With Me | Outdoor Deck & Patio Refresh | Outdoor Decorating Ideas |

    Astronaut Images / Getty Images

    Create a cohesive space around a pool and hot tub with decking that is all at one level. In this space, the hot tub is sunken into the deck for a clean and uncluttered look. Plus, the deck’s shape conforms to the architecture of the house. It’s accessible from multiple rooms and flows seamlessly with the floors inside.

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    Patio And Deck Ideas With An Existing Deck

    Of course, a lot of these types of projects begin when a homeowner has an existing deck and wants to add a patio. Oftentimes, the project might also include a deck rebuild, particularly if it was originally built with pressure-treated lumber that is beginning to splinter, face, and generally show its age.

    For instance, in this landscape project, we rebuilt the homeowners two existing wood decks using WOLF Brand Decking, which is a low-maintenance wood-alternative that wont succumb to rot .

    With all of the great wood-alternative materials available these days, as well as beautiful aluminum railing options, many homeowners are interested in upgrading their deck as part of a total outdoor living project.

    Although its a case-by-case scenario, oftentimes, we are able to use the original deck frame and rebuild on top of it, basically providing a facelift with updated and more durable material for all surfaces, railings, and steps. However, many times homeowners simply desire a larger deck or a new layout, which of course is certainly a viable option to be explored with a landscape design expert.

    If a patio is being built directly underneath of an overhead deck, another important consideration is the addition of roofing material which collects and directs rainwater into a inconspicuous drainage system, keeping the patio area a dry space, rain or shine.

    Under Deck Patio With Hot Tub

    For anyone who enjoys a nice soak in a hot tub, setting one up on a patio under your deck could be an excellent choice. It allows you to keep the hot tub covered, making it more pleasant to use during inclement weather or colder times of the year. Plus, theres still enough room for a small dining or seating area.

    This patio also extends far beyond the deck above. As a result, it gives you room for a small firepit, allowing you to enjoy your yard in yet another way.

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    Is Decking Cheaper Than Paving

    When comparing the cost of decking and paving with concrete, there are several factors to consider and pros and cons to weigh. In general, decking does cost more but may be worth it when you sell your house. Decks average a 76% return on investment compared to indoor home renovations and the installation of a patio, according to

    Once a client approached me, he was very poor. He asked: How can I build a business? I told hottest presidents him to go into business and make it a rule to make 30 cold calls a day. If you dont, pay a fine and transfer the money to an orphanage. Every day he made thirty cold calls. In four years he became a multimillionaire. If a girl or a boy tries to meet five, six or seven times a day with people they like, then in a year they will not have problems in relationships. Although yes, cold calls are very unpleasant.

    As you consider all of the options for your deck and patio design, curate the outdoor living space of your dreams. Collect design ideas and make an inspiration board. Then, begin remodeling and enjoy your under-deck patio.

    Common Faqs About Installing Backyard Deck On A Budget

    45+ Amazing Backyard Patio Deck Design Ideas

    Q) What is the cheapest backyard deck to build?

    Wood decking is the cheapest backyard deck to build amoung all other deck ideas. If you are putting in a new deck, we have mentioned few ideas for your wood decking here.

    Q) What is the average backyard deck installation cost per square foot?

    Remember the price also varies based on the materials you used, sizes you pick, level built on, and any extra options like built-in seating or stairs. The average deck installation cost is about $2,000 to build a 10×10 foot backyard deck, $6,000 to build a 14×20 backyard deck, and $9,000 to build a 20×20 backyard deck.

    Q) How much does a 10×10 backyard deck cost?

    Homeowners are spending like minimum of $1,500 and maximum of $3,500 for installing a wooden backyard deck in 2021.

    Q) How much does a 12×12 backyard deck cost?

    Homeowners are spending like minimum of $2,160 and maximum of $5,040 for installing a wooden backyard deck in 2021. You can build you own deck to save money.

    Q) How much does a 20×20 backyard deck cost?

    The minimum cost to build a wooden backyard deck in 2021 is about $6,000 and maximum $14,000. Also it may varies depending on the extra decorations you do.


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    Set Up Your Own Gin Bar For Alfresco Drinks

    Whether you like a gin and tonic, whiskey on the rocks or a large glass of vino, drinking at home has a much different vibe than drinking at the bar. For one, you won’t have to pay over the odds for your liquor, there’s no queuing involved and you can be sure the music is to your taste.

    This design by couple Kayleigh and Luke has been made up as a rustic garden bar idea made from pallets, with an on-trend rattan dining set and grey tablescape and beer on tap for extra measure. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Boxer dog Frank makes a good bouncer.

    Use Mulch And Gravel To Prevent Plant Overgrowth

    If your deck or patio is not raised off the ground, there are smart ways to keep you from having to mow or weed around your deck. Better yet, these design tips can also help you create a beautiful oasis in your backyard. Areas around the deck that have been dug out and covered with landscape fabric can be used as a base layer for mulch. Adding an artificial gravel bed can also prevent unwanted plant takeovers. You can also mix different colors of gravel together to create an eye-catching pattern.

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    How To Decorate A Deck

    Deck decorating ideas are similar to those you’d use to design an interior living space. Start with a cohesive color scheme in mind, and bring in furniture that suits the size of your deck and your needs. A deck that’s meant for entertaining, for example, will need a loose grouping of comfortable seating, tables for drinks or snacks, and a rug to tie it all together. Make sure all deck decor and furniture are designed for outdoor use so they can withstand the elements.

    Create A Deck Dining Area

    TOP 10 OUTDOOR LIVING TRENDS 2021 | Backyard, Deck & Patio Decorating Ideas

    If outdoor dining is your deck’s main draw, dedicate one corner to alfresco meals. Choose a sturdy outdoor table with an umbrella if the spot receives a lot of sun. Outdoor benches, rather than chairs, offer flexible seating when you need to squeeze more people around the table. Enhance comfort with a few plush outdoor pillows.

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    Slim And Simple Patio

    With the deck above being a bit on the smaller side, slim and simple became the name of the game for the patio beneath. The flagstone flooring keeps the area feeling natural and neutral. The ceiling fans help ensure the patio stays comfortable during warmer weather.

    In the end, theres enough covered area for a dining table or potentially a hot tub. By extending the patio beyond the deck above, you can also create a seating area, giving you more functionality overall.

    Or Add Some Shaded Protection With A Coccoon

    Want to provide your kids with a fun seat on a decking idea – this colorful cacoon from Cuckooland is sure to turn some heads.

    Using a blend of cotton and polyester keeps the canvas soft to touch and its durable, mold, water and UV resistant outer will protect it from all the elements.

    When the weather is a little drizzly, the hanging seat folds down to a manageable size to help you transport it anywhere you like including holidays, back yards or in a bedroom.

    It’s also available in a double for a romantic glamping setup in the garden – but that doesn’t mean you have to share!

    While the Mango orange color is sold out, the fuchsia pink version gives us all the Coachella and Lollapalooza vibes.

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    Build Your Deck Idea Around Nature

    Isnt this just the perfect setting that Vicky Smith of @prettylittlevictorianreno has created in her garden?With a gorgeous marble effect garden table, exposed brick walls and the addition of a deck idea positioned under the beautiful Yosino cherry blossom tree, this setting is at its best in the springtime, making it a stunning and chilled spot to relax with a glass of rose. Though the Ivy has been cleared, Vicky is hoping for it to trail up the wall to give it a fairytale feel.

    To paint the fences, she used Lick Home masonry paint in White 04 , an off-white or soft linen with a hint of grey.

    ‘I thought I would try something other than Cuprinol for a change. Also note this is one coat of paint using a roller and a paint brush which is really good coverage. I figured I’d save the second coat for next year.’

    Poolside Under Deck Patio With Fireplace

    Backyard Deck Ideas: 23+ Simple Designs for a Cozy Outdoor Space

    If you have a ground-level pool, making use of the space under your deck is essential. With this option, theres a large seating area all focused around a fireplace. Plus, there are convenient amenities like a drink fridge, ensuring anyone enjoying the pool doesnt have to go inside to get a beverage.

    In this example, the space above the fireplace also has a television. Since the deck is larger, you can also build in speakers, allowing you to enjoy music, television, or movies all while sitting outside.

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    Repairing Wood Deck And Patio Combinations

    One of the biggest benefits of deck and patio combinations is that they can be repaired easily. If theres a problem with your wood deck, you can simply fix it without affecting the patio area. And if theres a problem with the patio, you can fix it without affecting the deck. This is a major advantage over single-use deck or patio spaces, which can be difficult and expensive to repair.

    There are also a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, always make sure that the two areas are properly coordinated. If one area is damaged, it should be fixed immediately to avoid looking mismatched or unfinished.

    Secondly, deck and patio combinations require different types of maintenance. Deck areas may need to be stained or sealed regularly, while patio areas may need to be resealed every few years. Its important to know what type of maintenance each area requires so that you can schedule it and keep your deck and patio looking their best.

    Combined Deck And Patio

    On the fence about whether to install a patio or build a deck? Sometimes you can do both. This relatively small outdoor space is separated into different areas by the deck and patio. The wooden deck is for dining and relaxing while the patio features several planters to create a garden oasis. The dual flooring adds layers of color, pattern, and texture to the whole space.

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