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Outdoor Furniture With Fire Pits

Grab A Drink And Head Into The Backyard

Porch & Patio – Outdoor Furniture, Fire Pits and Patio Furniture in Connecticut

new furniture such as a new rattan sofa set or patio set will create the perfect environment for friends and family to gather.

There are two types of outdoor furniture sets: Patio table sets and furniture sets. Both of these sets have their particular functionality, and either one or both would be a perfect addition to your space.

Patio tables

Patio table sets are an excellent investment if you love dining outside. These patio dining sets come in a wide variety of materials, styles, and colors and would be perfect for those who love to have an outdoor tabletop area to eat, drink and spend time with friends.

Furniture sets

If you are looking for less of a place to eat and more of a place to gather, then a furniture set is perfect. Furniture sets are an excellent choice when you want to use your outdoor space for parties and other social gatherings.

Furniture sets have multiple layouts, from loveseats and coffee tables to chaise loungers with ottomans. No matter what type of furniture set you choose, make sure that you adorn your set with outdoor decor like pillows or rugs to complete the look!

Outdoor design tips

While your outdoor furniture set should be the statement piece of your space, it still needs to be dressed up with accessories to make it shine.

Use outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs can help define your space and make it feel more like an extension of your indoor living room. Rugs also help protect your patio furniture from scratches or stains.

Add greenery


Best Patio Fire Pit Furniture

When spring and summer hit, there are some great fire pit patio sets to choose from to create an inviting outdoor conversation space.

We think the Valentina Patio Fire Pit Conversation Set is one of the best one on the market.

It functions as a fire table. It crosses over for both home and workspace. And it sports an ultra-modern look.

The Valentina set is a little pricier than the others on this list, but we believe the extra cost is worth it. It wins all the categories.

We also recommend the Summerhaven Patio Firepit Chat Set for new homeowners, and the Bowbridge Steel Fire Pit Seating Set because of its adaptability as a fire pit and outdoor dining table.

In any case, you would do well with any of the five choices above.

But if you want to truly make a statement with your outdoor décor, then take a closer look at the Valentina 7-piece patio fire pit set by Noble House. Youll be glad you did.

Lastly, check out these fantastic smokeless fire pits for something a little more portable and less permanent.

Winston Outdoor Fire Pits

If youre looking for a way to add some extra warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space, a Winston fire pit is the perfect solution! These beautiful fire pits are made of durable polywood, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to match any décor. Theyre also easy to assemble, so you can start enjoying them right away!

Here are just a few reasons why Winston fire pits are the perfect addition to your outdoor space:

  • Theyre beautiful! The sleek design and variety of colors will complement any outdoor setting.
  • Theyre durable! Made of polywood, theyll withstand the elements and last for years to come.
  • Theyre easy to assemble! No need for special tools or expertise, you can have your fire pit up and running in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Add a Winston fire pit to your outdoor space today and enjoy the warmth and ambiance it brings! You wont be disappointed!

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The Best Fire Pits And Tables To Complete Your Outdoor Space

Cozy up during chilly nights with a fire pit that’s ideal for backyard bonfires. On the patio, deck or beyond, outdoor fire tables serve as stylish centerpieces for the space. Their sleek dimensions make them a good that maximizes your outdoor floor space. Plus, gas fire pits allow you to spend outdoor time with friends and family long after the heat of summer fades away. Looking to host a with loved ones? Set a round fire pit in the center of your backyard space surrounded by multiple . Arrange or decks, and create a welcoming atmosphere by adorning the outdoor furniture with throw blankets and decorative pillows. As guests enter the patio, offer them a signature cocktail or mocktail, such as a hot toddy or hot chocolate. Once they’ve settled into their chairs, get the party started by distributing campfire forks and marshmallows. Have graham crackers and chocolates arranged on serving platters nearby for a fun night of classic s’mores. Firepit tables also make winter gatherings possible. Just make sure that everyone has a warm beverage and cozy blanket to keep them from getting too cold.

How To Protect Outdoor Fire Pit Furniture

Belham Living Monticello All

Clean It Regularly

Take some time to wipe down your outdoor furniture with warm water and mild dish soap. Since they are water-resistant, dont be afraid to use your garden hose to wash away grime and any leftover soap.

Use A Fabric Protectant

Cushions and pillows will get dirty outside, so make sure they have a protector that will allow you to wash them with soap and water to get off any dirt and dust.

Use Velcro Or Ties

You dont want your pillows or cushions to fly into the yard on a breezy summer afternoon. To avoid this, create ways to keep them attached to the furniture. A hidden piece of Velcro works wonders. Or tie them in a bow to the back of the chair/couch.

Keep In The shade

The longer your patio furniture is in the sun, the more likely it will fade. Try to locate your furniture in a space that gets at least some shade during the hot afternoons.

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Outers New Fire Pit Is The Perfect Complement To Its Outdoor Seating

The fire pit does triple duty as a table, space heater and outdoor grill.

As far as outdoor furniture brands go, Outer is one of the best. The direct-to-consumer brand is making some of the nicest and most functional outdoor seating around, doing so with ease of delivery and fair prices. Now, Outer’s latest venture is a fire pit, and if you have the space to kick it, it’s worth every penny.

The new fire pit is a three-in-one outdoor tool that functions as a table, space heater and outdoor cooking space. It does all of this in a glassfibre reinforced concrete cement that isn’t only sleek but better for the environment it takes less energy to produce the material, while also resulting in less off-gassing. The fire pit lights quickly and efficiently, and it’s configured to be used with a propane gas tank.

Outer’s fire pit uses stone spheres, which not only look cool, but also keep the fire pit’s plane centralized, while radiating heat outwards to provide heat for those sitting around the pit. And for those looking to use their fire pit as a cooking tool, the fire pit has a built-in cast-iron grill to keep yourself and guests entertained and fed. If there were any question if the fire pit could be good for cooking outside, Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone helped to unveil Outer’s fire pit while demonstrating its ability to make a decent meal.

Price: $3,900+

Noble House Valentina 7

Noble House has created one of the best outdoor conversation sets with fire pit on the market with this seven-piece modern beauty.

Not only can families sit around this fire table, with four club chairs and a couch, but businesses can install one on their patios for brainstorming sessions or coffee breaks.

The Valentina propane fire pit table set straddles an industrial and ultra-modern look and feel. Use accent pillows to add some whimsy to this fire pit table set and start solving the worlds problems.


  • 7 pieces including full couch
  • Slate grey looks great for home or office
  • Low platform fire table doesnt impede conversation


Wicker patio furniture with fire pit sets doesnt come much better for new homeowners or those just starting out than this firepit table with chairs.

The wooden chairs are in the Adirondack style with all-weather gray synthetic wicker.

The wood grains of the chairs match the fire pit to create a united farmhouse look and feel. When the weather turns chilly, simply stack and cover the chairs and wait for the warm months to return.


  • Low price point good for young couples and new homeowners
  • Galvanized steel construction provides rust resistance
  • Has the look and feel of summer


  • Assembly required on seats and fire pit

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Types Of Fire Pit Conversation Sets

The set you buy will likely go with the fire pit you buy.

They can be circular, square, or rectangular. The fire pit can stand two to four feet tall and should allow each person to see everyone else around the table. If you bought them as a unit, they should look cohesive.

A patio table with fire pit should provide a 360-degree view of the fire and allow everyone around it to get some warmth from the flames.

The chairs, loveseats, and couches should be lightweight and portable to take advantage of natural light as it moves.

The cushions should be made of material that will dry quickly and resist fading.

Propane Fire Pits Vs Wood

Belham Living Silba 7 Piece Envirostone Fire Pit Patio Dining Set – Product Review Video

When selecting a fire pit for your outdoor space, one of the most important decisions to make is between propane fire pits and wood-burning ones. Those that use propane have multiple gas jets that create warm and inviting flames. For some designs, the propane tank itself is concealed in a lidded cover that works double duty as a convenient side table. If gas fire pits aren’t hands-on enough for you, opt instead for a classic wood-burning fire pit. Fire bowls enclose the logs and help the wood burn safely and stylishly. Fire pit sets with spark screens and poker tools similar to your indoor assure that you have the necessary tools to start impressive fires. Consider stone fire bowls as well as metal designs when choosing one for your space.

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Fire Tables Offer Geometric Appeal

In addition to versatile round fire pits, rectangular fire pits and tables are also smart to consider for your patio or backyard. The crisp corners of square fire pits offer a modern touch to the space, and low or high designs mesh with surrounding furniture and decor. To create a glimmering ambience around your table fire pit, hang string lights above the gathering area, and place candles in hurricane lanterns scattered artfully throughout the backyard and patio. Then, arrange space-efficient around the fireplace so everyone can enjoy the flames’ warmth. looks especially chic with the clean lines of the fire table. Complete the look with an end table that holds , snacks and more. When not in use, protect the portable fire pit with an outdoor cover for years of enjoyment.

Solo Stove Introduces A New Tabletop Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great addition to a backyard or even a camping trip. It gives you a place to gather, sets the mood and provides warmth. However, individuals who live in an urban area might not have room for a full-size fire pit. A compact model that safely functions in a limited space, such as on a picnic table, is ideal for someone who doesnt have a backyard.

Solo Stove is a trusted name in fire pits. The company is known for its innovative and highly efficient products. The latest model is called the Mesa, and its specifically designed for use on an outdoor table. This compact, smokeless fire pit employs the companys signature 360-degree airflow technology, and it can be used with small pieces of wood or pellets.

This sounded like an excellent addition to the companys line, but we were curious if the Solo Stove Mesa lived up to the high bar other Solo Stove models have set. We tested the new tabletop fire pit, and this is what we found.

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Should You Get The Solo Stove Mesa

While this isnt the type of fire pit that will warm you on a crisp night, its a nearly flawless product that delivers everything it promises. If you live in an urban area where there isnt a lot of outdoor space or if you want a portable tabletop fire pit that you can take anywhere, theres simply no better option available than the Solo Stove Mesa.

Selection Criteria Best Patio Fire Pits Of 2022


Best Patio Fire Pits can be a very effective tool for your home, and they’re becoming more popular as people become aware of their benefits. However, choosing the Best Patio Fire Pits can still be challenging, with thousands of models available.

TedTools’ expert team of reviewers has put together a simple buying guide so you can be sure to get the best possible value for your money.

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Harbor Bay Highland Point Black 5

Home Depots house brand has developed an attractive, relaxing gas fire pit patio set that comes with a 50,000 BTU gas fire pit and four chairs.

Its a casually elegant approach to outdoor living. The chairs are made of high-quality aluminum. They come in slate gray that matches the color of the fire pit.

Each buyer is given the choice of 16 slipcover options to go over the seat and back cushions to further accent any backyard décor. Each slipcover contains fade and stain-resistant acrylic materials and comes with a three-year warranty.

The fire pit is built from eco-friendly materials engineered to withstand even the harshest outdoor environments. Its crafted to look like stone, without needing to be maintained like stone.


  • Large and deep fire pit will provide warmth for several feet
  • Aluminum chairs will last for years
  • Seats and back cushions provide comfort and support
  • 3-year warranty protects against cushion stains and fades


Hampton Bay created this two-way outdoor dining table with a fire pit, which makes it great for almost any occasion.

When not using the fire assembly, simply use the fire pit lid to create a full-size circular table for meals or snacks.

In addition, this fire pit table set comes with four swivel chairs that add a level of fun to the proceedings.


  • Fire pit lid creates a full table
  • 2-year frame warranty and 3-year cushion warranty


  • Black frame absorbs summer heat

Make Your Patio An Extension Of Your Home

Once you’ve considered all of these factors and settled on the perfect outdoor patio set for you – try to infuse your unique style into the space. Some tips on how to add new styles and trends of outdoor furniture to your backyard living space include:

Wall art: Don’t be afraid to hang art! outside It’s a great way to add personality to your outdoor space. Just make sure that the artwork is weather-resistant.

Pillows and cushions: Adding outdoor pillows and cushions is easy to introduce new colors and patterns to your patio set. And, they’ll make your outdoor furniture more comfortable to lounge on!

Plants: Incorporating plants into your outdoor living space will create a natural oasis for you and your family to enjoy. Try placing large pots with palm trees or ferns around the perimeter of your patio set.

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Noble House Cape Coral 5

Noble House has replaced a simple patio set with fire pit with an elongated fire pit table with chairs and a loveseat.

The propane fire table sets provide warmth and glows from a lower angle.

Your guests can lounge by the inviting fire for conversation or reading. So, the first one to the loveseat can lay out next to the propane fire pit with a good book. Or a couple can cozy up to it together under a blanket.

The chairs and loveseat are aluminum, while the cushion pieces are made of water-resistant polyester and come in an elegant khaki.


  • Fabric warranty is just 90 days

Solo Stove Mesa Benefits

DIY Patio Gas Fire Pit Table

The Mesa is lightweight, portable, features a durable design and burns with extreme efficiency. Theres barely any smoke once the fire gets started, and it provides a surprising amount of heat for such a tiny unit. We love that you now have color choices when purchasing, plus the convenience of burning wood or pellets. It cleans without effort and makes a fun addition to any backyard, patio or porch space.

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How Much Space Do You Need

Fire pits are usually about four to five feet across, although fire tables can be seven or eight feet long.

Manufacturers say it is required to give your fire pit another cushion of four to five feet on all sides to be completely safe. That should be plenty for the setup of your chairs and couches as well.

Testing The Solo Stove Mesa

Our tester has extensive experience with outdoor products such as fire pits. They were a scout and their family camped out often while growing up. Now that our tester is an adult, they frequently host outdoor events. Besides being familiar with a more traditional bowl-shaped fire pit, our tester has used a number of Solo Stoves products and had a positive experience with each.

When using the Mesa, our tester paid attention to ease of setup, portability, stability and how easy the fire pit was to clean.

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