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Outdoor Plug In Ceiling Fan For Gazebo

Best Gazebo Ceiling Fans With Plug

DIY Yardistry Gazebo Ceiling Fan – Full Wiring and Installation.

Sometimes commitment is overrated. Like when you need to cool down outside but dont want to spend the time or the money installing electricity in your gazebo. Thats where the best gazebo ceiling fan with a plug comes in.

Hardwiring a fan in your gazebo is very doable, but youll need either the skills to do it yourself or the money to hire a professional. And in the meantime, your hardtop gazebo needs extra airflow.

Weve chosen five excellent gazebo fans with a plug power source that can be mounted on the ceiling. Theyre wet-rated for outdoor use, and they each have a few distinguishing features.

In the end, weve also provided a few things to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan for your gazebo.

Dont have time to read? Heres a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name

Where Can You Put Fans Outdoors

Outdoor ceiling fans can be installed in sheltered outdoor areas to help move air when there isnt enough wind to keep things comfortable, such as a porch, or a greenhouse. They are useful near outdoor fireplaces in the spring and fall to help move heated air as well as disperse smoke and fumes. They add a personalized indoor look and style to any outdoor space.

Common outdoor installations for fans can include:

  • A wrap-around porch
  • Inside a pergola or gazebo
  • A veranda or Lanai
  • A sunroom or screened porch
  • Carports or parking areas

Outdoor-rated ceiling fans can also be used indoors. They are excellent additions to areas of the home with a higher moisture level, or seasonal temperature changes. A few places to install exterior ceiling fans inside the home are:

Outdoor Fans For Pergolas Vs Gazebos

Both gazebos and pergolas are outdoor structures that provide shade and extend the outdoor living space of a home. Whats the difference? Gazebos have a closed roof, where pergolas have a more open roof with beams and rafters. When shopping for a fan for your gazebo or pergola, look for designs with the appropriate weather rating, like our durably crafted WeatherMax® fans. These fans are designed and engineered to make sure your fan blades dont droop and the electrical elements are protected from moisture.

Here’s a basic overview of the differences between gazebo fans and pergola fans:

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Cool Airflow In The Heat

Stay cool in the summer heat with the power of a fan. Ceiling fans cool by whats called the wind chill effect, where the air brushing on your skin keeps you cool, much like the feeling of having an open window in a moving car. For the ultimate comfort in your outdoor living space, look for Hunter fans equipped with our innovative SureSpeed® technology. SureSpeed fans have an optimized motor and contoured, specially designed precision blades that move air more effectively than traditional flat blades. The result is more powerful air movement for more efficient cooling.

An Abundance Of Popular Styles

J &  D Mfg. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan  60in., 9,415 CFM, Model# CF60 ...

A ceiling fan is about more than cool air. Finding the perfect look and style for each space can create the ideal atmosphere in any room. However you’ve chosen to design your outdoor space, you’ll find fans that bring that design to life in our full inventory of best-selling styles:

Get the custom look you want by selecting the right size, finish, and lighting options, and you’ll be relaxing outdoors in no time. Finish revamping your oasis with Hunter’s innovative accessory options, such as remote controls and SIMPLEconnect Smart Home technology. Designed to provide greater convenience, each accessory is easy to install and can be paired with most Hunter fans for a user experience that’s fit for paradise. Find outdoor fans that fit your needs perfectly to bring comfort, style, and performance beyond the walls of your home. Shop Hunter’s premier outdoor ceiling fans today to add form and function to your home’s exterior and enjoy your open-air living areas even more.

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Ceiling Fan For Gazebo Or Pergola

Outdoor structures like a pergola, gazebo or lanai that are not fully covered require a Wet Rated Ceiling Fan. Wet rated fans can be exposed directly to rain and can even be washed off with a hose. If your structure is completely covered and you are confident the fan will never get wet, you can choose a Damp Rated Fan even though wet rated are best. Read more about how to install a fan under a pergola, lanai or gazebo below. Use these links to shop for the right type of fan for your outdoor structure.

Breeze Rating: 4.39 MPH

Outdoor Gazebo Ceiling Fan With Light In 2022

An outdoor Gazebo ceiling fan with light is a great way to extend your time out in the yard or on the deck, and one that looks good while doing it.

The steel blades of this three-bladed fan will help to sweep air down over the outdoor dining area, and a natural iron finish looks great in either an outdoor or indoor setting.The frosted glass dome-style light kit completes the overall design.

A ceiling fan is a good way to keep outdoor spaces cool without resorting to more expensive, harsh cooling systems. Though these fans have somewhat fallen out of favor in indoor spaces, outdoor fans can come in handy for outdoor spaces that need a bit of assistance when it comes to keeping cool and comfortable.

While any ceiling fan can be used in outdoor spaces , outdoor fans are specially designed to withstand the elements.

Theyre frequently made with rust-resistant blades and other components, theyre usually given a more weather-resistant outdoor finish, and outdoor fans are often made with metal fans instead of the plastic or wood that is more common for indoor fans.

These fans can be used in outdoor spaces, but they are also well suited to outdoor climates like coastal areas that are humid or rainy more frequently than dry and arid areas.

Most outdoor ceiling fans are designed with weather resistant materials to withstand outdoor conditions, so its important for homeowners to know what should and shouldnt be done when it comes to outdoor fans.


Energy efficiency

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What Is An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans are similar to the familiar indoor models that youre used to seeing in the office or family den, but they are specifically designed to withstand the different environments of a patio or garage. They will have features like all-weather fan blades made of ABS plastic or other durable materials, and waterproof, sealed motor casings. Many models offer steel construction, and specialized paint and metal finishes that can protect the fan parts and ensure cleaner operation over time.

Install The Electrical Box

Reviewing Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Gazebo & Patios – – USB/Electric/110v

After completing the wiring, you are now ready to install the electrical box. The methods of installing the electrical box differ depending on the structure and design of your gazebo.

If it features exposed beams, then you are quite lucky. You can directly mount the electrical box against the joists.

If not, then you need to install a support brace. You will fit this brace inside a hole on the part of the ceiling that you marked earlier. If you need to stretch it a bit, do so before mounting it to your gazebos rafters.

Make sure to read the instructions first before connecting the electrical box to your brace. The brace will then play a crucial role in securing your fan in place.

Also, you want to install the blades of the fan first before hooking the latter onto the brace.

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Get The Perfect Fan For Your Gazebo Today

Installing a gazebo fan increases the beauty of your outdoor extension. More importantly, it will help keep everyone feeling comfortable especially during hotter days. And if youre still hunting for a gazebo ceiling fan, then you came to the right place.

We offer an extensive lineup of quality outdoor ceiling fans. Check out our selection and find the perfect outdoor fan for your gazebo, such as this outdoor ceiling fan!

Vie Air Vie 18 Wall Mounted Fan

The good people at Vie Air did it again with the 18 wall-mounted model of the Vie fan. Like its larger cousin above, we cant get enough of its chic steel blade design and matte black grill. Its understated and balanced. Depending on the style of your gazebo, it will either blend in with your ceiling or be a pleasing conversation piece up above.

We love the pull chain operation. Simply pull to activate the fan and modify its three-blade speeds. The Vie 18 is ideal for smaller gazebos and patios that need additional airflow via tilting head and oscillating movement.


  • Wet rated for safe outdoor and indoor use


  • No product warranty

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Minka Aire Anywhere Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan

The Minke Aire Anywhere has one unique advantage over the other fans on our list: its powered by a plug but can also be hardwired to a junction box. So if your ultimate plan is to install electricity in your gazebo, you can still use the Minka Aire now while youre planning that weekend gazebo project down the road.

We love the look of this fan, mainly because youve got two finish options to choose from. Its sophisticated style makes it the perfect addition to a variety of hardtop gazebo designs.


  • Wet rated for outdoor or indoor use.
  • It can be powered with a plug or hardwired to a junction box
  • Oscillating movement with stationary option
  • Ultra-quiet setting
  • Brushed nickel or matte black finish


  • No cord storage cord is visible if powered with plug
  • Not mountable at the center of a tiered ceiling of a hardtop gazebo

Tips For Choosing The Right Style

Allen + roth Valdosta 20

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a wide range of styles to complement your home. You can choose from the more popular styles, such as and , , and . You can get even more style-specific with , , , or .

You don’t have to zero in on a specific trending style, though. It is equally rewarding to make your own decisions on the number of blades, size, and finishes you like to find the perfect outdoor ceiling fan for your space.

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Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan

Installing an outdoor ceiling fan on your porch, in a gazebo, or on a pergola can improve your entire outdoor experience. They’ll keep you cool when breezes just aren’t doing the job, chase away flying insects, and help you entertain, relax, and enjoy the outdoors during your favorite seasons.

Choosing the right ceiling fan is about more than just style, though. You have to consider:

  • The type of ceiling fan that’s right for your space.
  • UL listings that help you ensure safe operation.
  • Size, which affects how much wind a fan produces.
  • Style that complements your home.

Installation Details And Examples

Here are examples of how you can install a ceiling fan in an uncovered location such as a Pergola, Gazebo or Lanai. To install the fan properly, the canopy needs to be covered. The rest of the fan can be exposed directly to rain. In most cases, a box has been built with a junction box inside. This allows the fan canopy to mount flush to the bottom of the box. You can also mount the j-box to the bottom of a wide board and attach the canopy to the junction box, but there will be a gap between the j-box and fan canopy, but you cannot use this method for flush mount fans because the bracket needs to mount to a flat surface.

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Installing A Pergola Or Gazebo Fan

Installing an outdoor fan to a pergola or gazebo can be fairly simple and definitely worth your while. While portable fans may provide some relief, hanging a gazebo fan provides a more durable, powerful source of airflow. Unlike a portable fan thats battery-operated or plugs into an outlet, the versatile features of a gazebo or pergola fan are made to withstand damp or wet conditions, they just require proper installation. If you’re not comfortable working with electricity or you need to install a junction box where one doesnt already exist, contact a certified electrician for a professional installation.

Make the most out of every relaxing day spent outdoors in a gazebo or pergola with a ceiling fan from Hunter. There are styles that accentuate the design scheme or architecture of your outside space. Narrow down your choices by thinking about your existing décor, patterns, or color schemes. Then, consider the size of your space to determine whether you’ll benefit from installing one overhead ceiling fan or multiple fans throughout the area for maximum comfort.

Free Gazebo/pergola Fan Design Service

52″ Gazebo III Ceiling Fan Installation Guide

Email us pictures of your outdoor structure per the instructions below and one of our ceiling fan experts will recommend the best fans for your application. If your pictures are good enough, we may even create a mockup to show you how you fan might look .

  • Email pictures to:
  • Email Subject: Ceiling Fan Design Service.
  • Include at least one picture taken from a vantage point similar to the picture below.
  • Include your phone number so we can discuss your options
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    Outdoor Gazebo Ceiling Fans With Lights

    Outdoor gazebo ceiling fans with lights add more visibility in outdoor areas. These fan models are often equipped with LED light kits that offer extended lifespan and lower power consumption. In addition, they help ward off mosquitos, which can be a major issue in an outdoor space. Adding a ceiling fan with light to a gazebo will make it a better place to spend time. If you are looking for a calming atmosphere, an outdoor gazebo ceiling fan with light is a great choice.

    These fans are perfect for taller gazebos. The blades are completely enclosed in a frame, and they have an integrated LED light. They are quiet but put out excellent airflow. Moreover, you can install a longer down rod if your ceiling is low. A remote control is a handy feature, and it allows you to change the direction of the fan. This feature will improve comfort while reducing energy costs.

    The Muhja ceiling fan from Red Barrel Studio is perfect for taller gazebos. It has a lantern light kit that comes with a candelabra fixture and three incandescent bulbs. You can adjust the speed of this fan using the remote control, and it also has a manual reverse function. The unit also comes with a multi-year warranty. If your gazebo has a roofline, you can select a sloped ceiling kit.

    Types Of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    While the fan’s main purpose is to circulate air and create a refreshing breeze while you’re outdoors, finding one with the perfect design can make all the difference. From the installation height to the blade size, the right type of fan makes spending time on the porch or patio a much more attractive option for your family and friends.

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    Vie Air Vie Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan

    Despite the short length of the power cord , we still adore the Vie Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan from Vie Air for its extreme style. The three-blade design with tilting head and multiple fan speeds combine perfect function with a slick outdoor design.

    We love this fan for indoor use because it has a quiet setting with oscillation, which means it will quickly cool down any medium to large room without disturbing your afternoon nap. As long as you have an extension cord around, the Vie Air model is your ultra-cool cooling solution.


    • Quiet setting with oscillating movement
    • Tilting head with three fan speeds
    • Wet rated for safe outdoor and indoor use
    • Contemporary urban design
    • The length of the cord is only 4-feet

    S P O 2 7 N 6 S O I R 7 E D D L N 0 A V

    Portable Ceiling Fan Mini USB Tent Fans for Camping, Outdoor Hanging ...

    Outdoor hanging fan for gazebo. You are not incorrect seeing with this website. This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Thats why we focus on lightweight gazebo ceiling fans that weigh under 15 pounds.

    110V Portable Ceiling Fan Disumos 157 Mini Ceiling Fan Hanging Camping Tent Fans for Outdoor Gazebo Battery Powered Ceiling Fan Silent Design. Like when you need to cool down outside but dont want to spend the time or the money installing electricity in your gazeboThats where the best gazebo ceiling fan with plug comes in. If the design of the current house gazebo that was contemporary.

    The 20 fan provides up to 3030-CFM making it ideal for smaller rooms. Garden will be more beautiful if we assemble a gazebo along with it. Hardwiring a fan or light for that matter in your gazebo is very doable but youll need either the skills to do it yourself or.

    Some information about the outdoor hanging gazebo fan will probably be described here. Portable Ceiling Fan Mini USB Tent Fans for Camping Outdoor Hanging Gazebo Tents Ceiling Canopy Fan DC 5V Compatible Battery Power 41 out of 5 stars 1445 1799 17. Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans In 2020 For Patio Pergola Porch.

    Regular price 27999 Sale price 17787 Sale. Home Decorators Collection Calthorpe 20 In Portable Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan. Some info concerning the hanging fan for gazebo will likely be described here.

    34 out of 5 stars 67 1799 17. Free 4 day shipping Free 4 day shipping. Sometimes commitment is overrated.

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