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Problems With Screened In Porches

Costs Of A Screened Porch Or Sunroom Addition

Build Your Own Screened in Porch | A to Z

Sunrooms are by far the more expensive option. The cost of a sunroom addition varies greatly depending on the square footage, materials used and house specifications. Walker estimates the lowest price would be around $20,000. However, costs add up quickly. Says Ang: A proper sunroom with full insulation, foundation and roof can run up to $60,000.

A screened porch will also vary in price, but even the high end of the range is much less than a sunroom. Typically, its between $3,500 and $7,500, Walker says. If the porch and roof are already in place, Ang says a screened porch can be built for as little as $2,000.

Permitting is another cost to keep in mind. Some municipalities require building permits for screening a porch, but you might be off the hook if youre just adding screens to an existing structure. Sunrooms have harder permitting because it is basically building a separate room with insulated walls and glass windows, Walker says.

Building a sunroom addition is much more involved than enclosing a porch. You may need multiple building permits depending on the scope of the project.

Finally, consider the miscellaneous costs after construction is complete. How will you furnish the space? How will it affect your utility bills? A sunroom can have heat, air conditioning, electricity and even plumbing, which Ang recommends for plant lovers to make watering easier.

No 16// Create Privacy In Other Ways

Want the best of both worlds? There are so many ways to create privacy, keep critters out, and protect yourself from the heat besides a permanent screen. Check out these patio shades that roll down at the push of a button. Like the idea?

Overall, screened-in or not, these are ideas you wish you thought of. for privacy and style. A beautiful porch space with or without screens has its perks!

If you dont know where to start or just want a partner in design, thats what our virtual design service is all about. The experts on the design team at brick& batten are full of ideas. Stop dreaming of all the changes you want to make, and lets get started!

Your Porch Needs More Shade

In addition to split bamboo or wood matchstick blinds, there are durable fabrics well-suited for porch curtains. Choose weather-resistant fabrics, like solution-dyed acrylics or woven vinyl-coated polyester, which resist fading. And don’t forget about plantings. Your surrounding landscaping can often provide natural shade for your porch.

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Sunroom Vs Screened Porch

Sunrooms and screened porches differ most in the way theyre constructed and insulated. While screened porches are often simple enclosures built on top of an existing patio or porch, sunrooms are true extensions of the home.

While a sunroom may be somewhat less insulated than the rest of a house, says Leonard Ang, CEO of iPropertyManagement, its still sitting on the same foundation, under the same roof, and has essentially the same walls as the rest of the house .

A screened porch doesnt offer the same level of protection from the elements. Essentially, Ang says, its a porch that has been walled off. It will usually not have a proper floor built over a foundation and will often have little or no insulation.

Many screened porches have windows or removable panels along with screens. Thats why screened porches are often called three-season porches. They offer enough shelter for fall and spring. But even when the screens are covered, theyre not really usable in really cold winters.

The Ultimate Guide To Screened

Pin on Screen in porch

Indoor-outdoor living at its finest.

When mesh screens became available in the 1880s, the screened-in porch was bornand with it, an ideal spot for outdoor living with indoor comforts. Finally, a place to watch the sun set on a late June evening and admire fall foliage with a blanket and a cup of tea as the seasons change. And the best part? You could do it all without mosquitos buzzing in your ears. Think of it as a sunroom with a breeze, or a patio without direct exposure to the elements. A well-designed enclosure is somewhere youll actually want to hang out and a place to take pause, says general contractor and designer Meredith Still. So we talked to the pros to learn how to create the breezy yet modern bonus room of your dreams.

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What Are Sunroom Kits

Prefabricated sunroom kits are a more affordable option for experienced DIYers, though theyre lower quality.

These kits have fewer options for customization, and they lack the seamless look and feel of a traditional sunroom addition. Theyre simply attached to your homes exterior wall so the siding is visible from within the sunroom. An existing exterior or patio door usually becomes the entrance to the sunroom.

Sunroom kits walk the line between a fully-built sunroom and a screen porch, Ang says. In general, they have much more in common with screen porches than sunrooms. Since theyre less likely to be heated or well-insulated, many sunroom kits are best suited as three-season rooms.

Walker advises caution when ordering a DIY sunroom kit. Unless you know exactly what youre dealing with, you may get something you didnt want and lots of gray hairs along the way, he says. Consulting with a professional will help you find the right fit, whether that be a fully-built sunroom, a screened porch or a sunroom kit.

Are They Coming From Underneath

If youre using traditional decking, youll have 1/8 or 1/4 gaps between the boards, a perfect entryway for bugs. A screen under the deck can easily be added during the construction process by laying the fabric down on top of the joists before placing the deck boards on top. Another option is to install individual screen panels between the joists.

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How To Change A Porch To A Screened

A screened-in porch is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding annoyances, such as insects. If your porch has a good roof, you can even enjoy the outdoors in bad weather. Constructing a screened-in porch is a project you can do yourself without too much difficulty. If you already have a porch, particularly one with a plain wooden floor, you already have one of the major components needed for your new screened-in porch.

How To Choose Between A Sunroom And A Screened Porch

How to Screen In A Porch-DIY Network

EricVega/Getty Images

While the main difference between a sunroom and screened porch is that fourth season, there are other things to consider before building a sunroom addition. The location of your home, goal of the space, permits required, utility cost, usable time and overall construction cost will all factor into your decision.

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You Can Keep Things Easy

If you havent yet started the process of having your screened porch built, then the first thing you should know about screened porch maintenance is that the decisions you make now will have a big impact on how much work youll have to do to keep it in good condition over the years. The amount of maintenance a screened porch requires depends on factors like the materials you choose to use and the quality of construction.

If youd prefer a low-maintenance porch, choosing the right contractor to build your screened porch who can advise on the best materials to use can save you a lot of future time and trouble.

Cost Depending On Material Type

The overall cost of installation and maintenance will depend on the material with which you build your screened-in porch. The materials you can use for your porch in order of their descending costs are copper mesh, brass, stainless steel, bronze, vinyl-coated polyester, aluminum mesh, and fiberglass mesh.

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The Sneaky Spot: The Soffit Area

This area is the underside of your roof located under the gutter. If you have a vented soffit, it can allow bugs in through those holes. This problem can be fixed by screening soffit areas around your deck.

If you try or check all these issues and you are still having bug problems, it might be time to bring in a professional. Just go in knowing these four possibilities, and you will be better informed and ready to deal with them. Design Builders is happy to speak with you anytime.

How Do You Block The Sun On A Screened Porch


Look at it like this, what you want to do is block the heat but not the view. The best thing you could install is solar screen shades which are roller shades made with screen fabric. The outdoor screen blocks UV rays but not the view. The screens are available in different weave patterns. How it works is the tighter the weave the less sunlight will enter the space, but youll also sacrifice your view.

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These Enclosed Spaces Let You Enjoy The Outdoors With More Time And Comfort

Outdoor living spaces featured some of the hottest home improvements of the last few years, and the trend isnt likely to stop soon. As people spend more time at home, they want a comfortable way to enjoy their outdoor space. But what happens when weather conditions make a patio inhospitable?

An enclosure, such as a sunroom or three-season porch, offers the best of both worlds. Sunlight, outdoor views and fresh air without the bugs, temperature and humidity. Perfect.

Wondering how to choose between a sunroom vs. screened porch? Heres the scoop.

On This Page

Open Or Screened Porches

Porches can add a lot of charm and coziness to a home, whether they’re in the front or the back of the house. A porch is inviting to guests and a great place for everyone to hang out. Often considered an extension of the home’s living space, the porch is where we spend our lazy summer afternoons, enjoy dinner alfresco or curl up in a cozy chair to sit and watch nature. Whether formal or more rustic in decor, the porch is meant for leisure and relaxation.

But when considering screened porches vs. open porches, which one is best? Both open porches and screened porches have their benefits and downsides, and it’s important to consider all of these pros and cons before you decide. The trends for porch styles have changed over the years, with open porches more popular some years and screened porches more desirable other years. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose which one will be better for your situation. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of screened porches and open porches so you can choose the right porch for your home.

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Gardeners Checklist: Week Of October 6 2022

Autumn has arrived, and the frosts are approaching. Ron Kujawski helps you get ahead of winter, breaking down the most efficient ways to manage fall wastes, how to protect your wooden gardening stakes from harboring spores, how to minimize die-back in your lavender bush, and, perhaps most importantly, how not to kill your beloved houseplants.

Summary Of Screened In Porch

Sunspace WeatherMaster Windows & Doors

I hope this blog aimed to give you a detailed idea of the pros and cons of a screened-in porch, as this design feature is in the trends nowadays. A screened-in porch is going to require good amounts of cleaning and it might not come into use all year round. With all of this information, you will hopefully be able to make a better decision!

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Screen Porch With Potted Plants

Screened in porches were made for rattan furniture and potted plants. If you have an existing porch, all you need to do is give it a furniture makeover.

You might think that since your screened porch is already outside, you dont need to add greenery. However, your space will benefit from a potted plant or two.

Inside Out: The Screen Porch Rediscovered

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IN the 1890’s, with the introduction of wire mesh screening, the screen porch became America’s summertime living room. On steamy evenings it was the center of country life – the only place in the house to go to enjoy a passing breeze without being bothered by swarms of bugs.

But for years air-conditioning seemed to have taken the place of the screen porch. Architects gave their clients only two choices: Either be inside looking out through large windows or outside on decks and patios. There was nothing in between.

The rediscovery of the screen porch, then, is a pleasant inevitability. It is doubly valuable as a space that is outdoors yet protected from some of the elements and as a way to avoid the high cost of air-conditioning.

The screen porch has grown up both in size and in architectural importance. No longer is it simply tacked on to the end of a house as an afterthought the way it was in so many turn-of-the-century dwellings. Instead, architects of drastically different styles and tastes agree that the screen porch, though strictly a seasonal space, should be as impressive as any other room.

”The screen porch is not only a wonderful spatial element, but it provides another opportunity to add a public room,” Charles Gwathmey said.

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Your Porch Always Feels Too Hot Or Too Cold

If your porch is built on a concrete slab, consider electric radiant heat to warm your porch floor. Ceiling fans for cooling and a fireplace for warmth are two other options that do double-duty as decorative features for your porch. David says they created removable custom glass panels to fit over a client’s porch screens for the cold winter months.

How To Choose The Right Porch

These problems can be dealt with utilizing canopies or awnings. These ...

There is no right or wrong answer to what type of porch is best. It will depend on your situation, house plan, preferences and priorities. Think about how you will use your porch to determine what style will work for your home and family. If it’s difficult to decide which type of porch is better for you, there are also some ways to get the best of both.

Some homeowners choose an open porch in the front of the house and a screened porch in the back. This layout offers the best features of both types of porches and adds extra outdoor living spaces to the home. Or perhaps a wraparound porch would work best with your home’s style, and you can choose to enclose just part of the porch with screens and leave the rest open. Another solution is to use sliding doors and windows that can be closed to keep out the elements and opened when you want more fresh air or better views.

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What Weve Learned About Our Screened

For one thing, its our favorite room.

When we first built our house, it was designed to be a post and beam summer cottage, and it was small very small about 1,100 square feet. But the signature room was undoubtedly our screened-in porch. What made it unique was that the screened-in wall was arced, essentially a semicircle.

The entire house at the time consisted of a bedroom upstairs that looked out on a beautiful arced deck, an open first floor with a kitchen and dining room, and, of course, the screened-in porch. Since there was just the one bedroom, by default the screened-in porch became the guest room.

There was just one problem. When it rained, the water on the deck above would flow over to one corner, and then drain down to the porch below. And believe me, at times that could amount to a substantial amount of water. I remember going downstairs one morning after a storm to greet friends who had spent the night in our guest bedroom, and they looked like they had been camping in the Everglades.

My solution was to drill holes in the floor to drain the water scuppers, if you will. An inelegant solution at best, but over time, the floors must have settled in such a way that the flooding seemed to disappear. Which was a great relief, because aside from the water problem, the screened-in porch had become the best room in our house. The porch faces out on the gardens in the backyard. In the spring, the two large acacia dogwoods are luminescent.

Delight In Outdoor Dining

A screened porch is the ideal setting for al fresco mealsespecially if it extends off the kitchen. If not, consider locating a vented grill on the porch, choosing a model with counter space on either side for food prep. In addition to a table and chairs, include a hutch to hold the dishes, glasses, and silverware youll use regularly in the space.

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All Park And No Bite: How A Screened Porch Is A Timeless Solution To An Age

For designer Ritch Holben, a screened porch is the most-requested feature in nearly every home he designs.

Spring is on the way. The leaves are popping, flowers bursting and outdoor living is on our minds. But, along with the enticement to get outside and breath in that freshly perfumed air come some unwanted guests toodaytime flies and evening mosquitoes are the worst, and pop-up showers can put a damper on your plans to enjoy the best nature has to offer. The answer to solve all these problems for many a Berkshire homeowner is simplethe screened porch.

Over my past 20+ years as an architectural designer in the Berkshires, Ive found a screened porch is probably the most-requested feature in nearly every home I design. Whether an independent addition, a broader renovation or new construction, the importance of providing a space thats both open and airy while avoiding the undesirable elements is always a good investment.


  • Scale and Rooflines. How does the porch relate to the look and style of your house, and how will the water drain off in those summer downpours? Generous overhangs go a long way in keeping rain out, but sometimes gutters are required.

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