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Small Backyard Small Patio Ideas

Build In A Dining Bench

Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

If your family is the type to eat every meal outdoors once the warm weather arrives, you’ll need a sturdy and spacious spot to do so. The problem? When it comes to a small backyard, every inch must do double duty. To make the most of a dining nook for dinnerand make it functional the rest of the timeconsider adding a built-in bench as Laura Sima did . The table can be moved out of the way when not in use, while the bench will provide extra seating and a natural barrier for the patio.

Make It A Patio For Two

A simple patio by Lichten Architects gives residents a quiet place to relax outdoors.

A patio can be designed for just two people, Lichten notes. Make the petite enclave cozy with two chairs and a table to put down your libation of choice. Small size doesnt have to be a limitationsetting up your space for just two people can help create a feeling of intimacy.

Consider Adding An Accent Wall

Here are some great ideas for accent walls!

  • Use colorful tile to give your accent wall a fresh and exotic feel. Try different patterns!
  • Why not create an accent wall of gentle ivy?
  • Exposed brick makes a lovely and modern accent wall that looks chic and is low maintenance.
  • Create some visual interest by making your accent wall the pop of bright color that will take your patio to the next level!

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Considering A Small Backyard Covered Patio

To start well go to a project because the Shrivers were dead-set on having us build an attached-structure to the house believing it was the solution to a covered patio for a small landscape. I recommended a detached-structure to make sure enough light was part of the new outdoor living area encouraging them to consider a detached structure with a fireplace wall for privacy on the border of the fence. For code, it had to be 5 feet away from the fence, but it allowed us to push out while maximizing space in this small area.

We also added other features the golf green along the side yard, the barbeque & the bar making a dual destination with the dining table. The breezeway pergola feels like an attached structure while allowing the light to seemingly enlarge the structure.

Mix & Match Patio Design Styles

20+ Small Patio Designs, Ideas

Photo via @betterhomesandgardens

Your backyard patio is an extension of your home, so your exteriors design is just as important as your interior! There are plenty of patio styles to choose from, and much like various home styles, you can combine them to make your outdoor living space uniquely your own. Since most backyard patios use weather-proof or natural materials, traditional, rustic, or farmhouse exterior design ideas could be the best way to go. However, dont be afraid to incorporate Mid-Century Modern, industrial, or modern exterior features. Mix modern and vintage pieces, use sleek lines, or try out bold color palettes to give your outdoor patio a unique look.

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Focus On Color And Design

If you have a small backyard, you need to focus much more on elements that reflect your personal style. Thus, you can draw attention from the smallness of your garden to the harmony in its design.

For example, in the outdoor design above, green is also used on the cushion covers to blend in with the plants surrounding the courtyard. The flowers in the foreground are emphasized with purple cushions. In addition, a visual feast was created by surrounding the entire area with a dense plant texture. The smallness of the space, on the other hand, has visually fallen into the background with the use of all these cool colors and textures in harmony.

Create Some Subtle Privacy

If you live up close and personal to your neighbors, you might feel like the elusive enclave of your dreams is just thata dream. The good news: Privacy is totally a possibility, and it can be stylish, too. For her deck, blogger Rachel Hoback of Sprucing Up Mamahood made a cedar slat wall, a half-wall, and a pergola to help insulate her family’s chill zone from the rest of the neighborhood. The result is a space that feels private and intimate, yet the design doesn’t block too much sunshine or a gentle summer breeze.

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Growing Veggies In Our Tiny Backyard

We also planted a hydrangea bush out in the corner of the yard and moved around several plants as we figured out where everything did the best. I moved several potted veggies down from the top deck.

It gets slightly better sun up there, but theres no hose, so watering was annoying. It also sometimes leaked down onto the bottom deck, which was both annoying and yucky. The big pots have yellow tomatoes, baby eggplant, and red cherry tomatoes.

Everything in my garden was doing absolutely fantastic. Much to my surprise, everything I planted from seed sprouted and flourished. Until the Japanese beetles discovered my goodies.

They destroyed my green beans, which I had to pull out. Right now I am fighting a war against them on my snap peas, basil, and lima beans. Everything else theyve seemed to leave alone.

Ive picked a few rounds of lettuce, kale, and spinach already, and Ive planted more. Cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and baby eggplant are on the cusp of being picked. The bell peppers are only doing okay. Im not giving up on them yet, but they arent thriving.

Small Patio With Colorful Painted Pavers

Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

If you have a small patio, you might think you cant do much with it. But with a bit of creativity, you can turn your small patio into a stylish and functional space.

One way to make your small patio stand out is to add color. You can do this by painting the pavers or using colorful outdoor furniture and accessories.

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Prep Your Patio For Backyard Entertainment

Photo via @newhomesource

Get ready to throw fun backyard parties with friends and family in your outdoor living space with entertainment tech-like patio speakers, which usually come in wired and Bluetooth options and can be camouflaged as rocks or in lanterns. Invest in an outdoor TV for a fun movie night or a game day backyard tailgate or homegate. Plus, you can also include some fun backyard ideas for kids, like installing a projector screen or buying a portable one with a projector for a backyard drive-in movie experience. Or, create a fun outdoor game room, complete with things like a pool table, ping pong table, and yard games like ladder golf and more!

Ready to create your backyard patio? Extra Space Storage offers great self storage options that can help you during the construction processor provide extra patio furniture storage during the off-season. Find a storage facility near you!

Small Concrete Patio With Diy Cinder Block Bench

If youre looking for small patio ideas, check out this one. It features a small concrete patio with a DIY cinder block bench. The bench provides both seating and storage, and the bright colors add a fun pop of color to the space. The cinder block bench is easy to build and can be completed in just a few hours.

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Coastal Inspired Front Entry With Potted Plants

A small patio can be the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. If youre looking for ways to spruce up your small patio, check out this coastal-inspired front entry idea with potted plants. Adding some greenery to your deck will create a relaxing oasis, and you can quickly move the potted plants around to find the perfect spot.

Backyard Makeover And Smaller Patio Design Ideas

Try These Small Patio Ideas To Embrace The Exterior Of Your Home

Honestly, a small space is bland and unattractive in its raw form. One of the reasons people use it is because its durable. Over time as your patio ages, you may feel the need to remove it and get it hauled away. The removal process will also cost you money.

So instead of removing the concrete patio, you can try out the following to make your patio more attractive:

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Small Patio Lighting Ideas

Brighten up your outdoor space with strands of charming string lights. Choose metallic string lights with large exposed bulbs for a contemporary look or lantern-style string lights for a classic accent. Having string lights in your arsenal of small backyard patio ideas arsenal will draw eyes upward and create the feel of a bigger environment. If you’re unable to hang lights, use outdoor lanterns to accessorize and light up the space.

Small Patio Ideas That Enhance Even Tiny Outdoor Spaces

A tiny outdoor space may seem impossible to decorate, but with the help of some outside-the-box small patio ideas, its clear that theres actually plenty you can do to make the most of your small outdoor space. A patio makeover doesnt have to be a challenge, or a competition with greenery in fact, with the right design, it can bridge the gap between your interior and exterior living spaces. You already know that an outdoor living room is a savvy investment. Patios should be outdoor rooms, says New York architect Kevin Lichten. So scale, as in an indoor room, is the critical feature, along with material choices. Meaning: A petite patio will look nicer with small bricks or river-run pebbles. Save the bigger bluestone pavers for a grander outside space. Implementing decorating idea such as a bevy of string lights, sleek outdoor furniture, or bringing in a firepit or outdoor rug as a much needed focal point can truly make a statement. You might not want to go back indoors after you read about ADs 47 small patio ideas that work equally well in the backyard as the front yard.

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Mexican Inspired Small Front Patio Entrance

If you have a small patio, courtyard, or balcony, theres no reason why you cant make it into a stylish and inviting space. You can transform even the tiniest outdoor area into a beautiful alfresco retreat with a bit of creativity.

One of the easiest ways to add style to a small patio is with color. Painted walls, patterned tiles, and colorful flower pots help inject personality and life into the area.

Plants are also a great way to add interest to a small space. Potted plants, hanging baskets, and climbers can all be used to create a green oasis, even in the smallest of patios.

Unique Small Backyard With A Concrete Paver Trendy Patio And Vertical Garden

Small Landscape Design Ideas (15 Secrets)

This is a perfect example of a small yet trendy backyard. It appears that the designer managed to optimize every corner of this backyard and turn it into a usable area.

In the middle of this small backyard, which serves as a focal point, there seems to be an artificial turf that is extended to the wall, creating a vertical space perfect for a unique backdrop.

Unique small backyard with a concrete paver trendy patio and vertical garden.

The seating area is placed in the corner. Instead of a set of tables with chairs, this patio features a built-in bench in an L-shape.

The patio is also completed with artificial turf combined with concrete and pebbles. Right on its side, there is a huge vase with an outdoor plant, completed with a raised base and surrounded by pebbles.

What makes this patio unique is the vertical garden on the back wall. It looks flawless paired with the brown wall surround.

Apart from its unique and cozy look, this concrete paver trendy backyard is also completed with a grill. This way, this backyard is also functional as well as stylish. Across the seating area, there are floating planter boxes accentuating the area.

This is an ideal patio for you who love the eclectic design and want to enjoy some BBQ time with your family and friends.

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Pools For Small Backyard Patios

Just because you have a small patio doesnt mean you cant have a pool or hot tub. Consider adding a small pool to your yard and creating a poolside patio. Your pool could be a wading style thats perfect for cooling off in the hot summer months. A few feet deep with plenty of built-in seating would be perfect.

If you have a small patio but a large yard, then you could have a full-sized pool. Turn your small patio into an outdoor shower. Mount a shower head to the exterior of your home and make sure the water flows away from your house. You could even add a bamboo privacy screen to give the shower a bit more structure.

What Plants Should You Plant In A Container Garden To Add Greenery In A Small Backyard

Ideally, vegetables are suited for growing in a container these include eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, green onions, beans, squash, radishes, lettuce, and parsley. More specifically, pole beans and cucumbers do pretty well in this type of gardening but note that they also require a considerable amount of space because of their vining growth.

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Low Cost Small Backyard Patio Ideas

You dont have to hire a contractor to come in and transform your small patio. You can DIY the project and have a low-cost backyard makeover. With minimal investment, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

If you have a concrete patio, try covering it in Astroturf. The fake grass will look lush green year-round, hide the ugly concrete, and create a comfortable base for your outdoor living space. Other popular small patio ideas are to paint, tile, or stain your concrete. Then you can lay an outdoor rug down and give the space a living room feel.

If you dont have concrete, then consider using pea gravel. You can tear out the bits of grass, level the ground, lay down landscape fabric, and then spread out the gravel. Its simple, modern, and easy to care for.

The Right Lighting For Your Small Backyard

50+ Cozy Small Patio on Backyard Design Ideas

Image Source: sunset.com

You don’t need a big backyard or more space for a magical patio. Hanging outdoor lights above outdoor dining or the sitting area will create the ultimate mood. With the right lighting, even your small city patio can take you elsewhere. String lights above rustic patio furniture layered with cozy fluffy pillows and sheepskin throw all set beside a fire pit- quite the dream.

Perusing through lighting small backyard ideas will help you make the best call that suits your space. Other than string lights, you can coordinate your throw pillows with your outdoor garden and hang a timeless pendant light that polishes things off. Plus, you can always swap out your pillows or outdoor rug as an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your yard every season.

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Elongated Picnic Table With Hanging Lights

Perfect for guests, this is a super simple patio design that can easily be set up and taken down if you dont want it as a permanent fixture! Ladder chandelier optional but its a beautiful addition to the outdoor space, dont you think?

Heres another beautiful patio complete with furniture and hanging lights.

If you cant do this

Nordic Inspired Pallet Furniture With Rusty Firepit

Patio created this beautiful, small patio design with Nordic-inspired pallet furniture. The centerpiece of this patio is the stunning rusty firepit that makes it perfect for chilly evenings. This design also features a small dining area and a cozy seating area. This is the perfect patio for a small space or backyard makeover.

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Apartment Small Patio Ideas

Apartment residents often look for tiny patio ideas. Select pieces that have two purposes, such as a bench with hidden storage. Or, take another simple approach with a small table with chairs that can be folded and put away when not in use.

See something that catches you eye when looking for small patio ideas? Find products fast with image search in The Home Depot Mobile App. Snap a picture of an item you like and well show you similar products.

Ever Advanced Oversized Xl Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair

Low Cost Backyard Ideas


  • The Ever Advanced outdoor chair is oversized and comfortable to fit big and heavy individuals that weigh up to 350 pounds.
  • The outdoor chair has an ergonomic design, its very comfortable, and it can recline up to 170 degrees.
  • The seat and the back are padded. It has a high back and adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows.
  • Easy to assemble, set up, and move around your patio. Also suitable to use in your yard, on the balcony, but the pool or even at camping
  • It has a holding tray with a cup holder


  • A bit hard to operate

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Choose Light & Bright Colors For Patio Decorations

Photo via @carries_colourful_casa

A great place to start when considering your backyard patio design is color. Theres certainly no one right or wrong color palette to choose for patio decor, but using a range of pastels, a bold statement color, or a clean white spread provides countless design options while keeping the area light and inviting. You can incorporate this patio design idea with a colorful outdoor patio rug, outdoor cushions, throws, or a well-placed patio accent chair.


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