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Pergola With Curtains And Lights

Exclusive Home Cabana Curtains

Back Yard Patio Pergola Curtains

Exclusive Home Indoor/Outdoor Cabana Curtains are some of the best-selling outdoor curtains. They are made from polyester fabric and have grommets on the header that are rust-proof.

These have a heavy canvas feel and are easy to spot clean. They come in sets of two panels, and you can choose from many different lengths and widths.

Southwest Lanai Style Pergola

The larger slats of this pergola are covered by thinner slats, providing more shade in the southwestern heat. The center of the pergola has a solid roof to protect diners at the dinner table, but the rest of the roof is open to avoid trapping heat. A ceiling fan above the table creates a breeze when one is needed.

Orchard Ambiance Thatched Pergola

The dining area of this pergola shelters under a thatched roof, but the thatch is supported by cables rather than slats. The cables extend beyond the thatch to support vines that grow up the posts at the front of the pergola, turning the pergola into a trellis. Bright lemon and lime colored accessories carry on the cheerful orchard theme.

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Island Bar Pergola Awning

If you entertain outdoors in the summer, create an outdoor bar for your guests. Using rough stone blocks of various sizes and colors creates a natural feel while a marble countertop provides contrast. The pergola-awning attaches to the house, and the bar is built around its supports. Add casual stools for seating.

Ryb Home Beige Pergola Curtains

Summer Home Tour 2016

Looking for a way to add some extra privacy and protection from the sun to your outdoor space? Then check out our RYB HOME Beige Pergola Curtains! Made of triple wave materials, these curtains are both heavy duty and soft, making them perfect for versatile use in a variety of outdoor settings.

Theyll also help block 85-95% of sunlight, providing you with much needed privacy and peace of mind. And if that wasnt enough, our thermal insulated curtains will also help balance summer heat and winter cold, all while adding an elegant touch to your home.

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Integrated Pergola Lighting Idea

Some pergolas, like this one created by Louvered Outdoors, feature fully integrated lighting, with the wiring hidden inside the framework of the structure. The resulting look is clean and professional. But, if an integrated pergola isnt in your budget, you can create a similar look by installing your own outdoor ceiling fan with a light, and these battery-operated motion-activated puck lights on the pergola ceiling.

What Is A Pergola

Pergolas shade owners from the suns harsh ultraviolet rays and enclosed styles can keep you dry during periods of heavy rain showers. Pergola is an Italian word with ancient origins and it’s derived from the Latin term pergola which references a latticework or trellis structure that supports climbing plants. They are distinguishable from gazebos because of their differing dimensions. A gazebo is a freestanding structure with open sides, a roof, and typically constructed in hexagonal or octagonal shapes. Pergolas are structures that consist of parallel columns that hold up an open roof or grid of beams, rafters, or lattice work. They are typically made of wood and can be detached or attached to a home.

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String Lights In The Corners

Image Source: Sansbury Electric

Sometimes, it is exciting to think out of the ordinary. Instead of putting all your efforts in lighting up the center of your patio, why not try hanging the string lights in the corners of your entire pergola. In that way, you can create a look that your entire patio is lit up and a good place for long conversations while having a cup of tea or coffee.

Tips And Things We Might Have Done Differently

How to Make a Slide-On Wire Hung Canopy (Pergola Canopy)

Lift the pergola and get that tarp under the corner column. Especially when teens are helping, enough said.

Stain a small section to test the stain if you dont care for stain surprises.

Here is a photo of the stain and awning.

The glass mini lights we used to light the ceiling are shown in the photo below. We used ten strings of 100 clear bulbs on green wire in 2 circuits/runs.

Notice that we gently looped the light strings around the ends of the cross boards instead of driving nails into the wood.

We draped the curtain lights as well. So far, theyve stayed in place. If we expect a wind storm in the future, well consider uninstalling and storing.

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Tropical Parlor Outdoor Pergola Set

The dark wood columns of this pergola suggest the dark wood entrance to a Victorian parlor. The blue and white tile flooring picks up the parlor idea and carries it into the outdoor living space, but the wicker furniture continues the garden feel. The blue and white pillows complete the setting, echoing the tiles colors without repeating the pattern.

Back Patio And String Lights

Image Source: Sansbury Electric

Oh, so you dont want to focus on illuminating the center patio, eh? Brilliant idea! Some people are somewhat shrugging off the idea of putting some string lights at the back patio since they only want to light up the center patio, but there is no harm in putting them at the back, right? Create a starry night when you hang the string lights in the back patio and wind down in this place for as long as you want to.

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Keeping String Lights Casual

Image Source: Sansbury Electric

This string light idea is very much ideal to beginners and for those who just want to keep everything simple. Say goodbye to a glamorous and pricey set up and go for a minimal and relaxing one. Just a simple draped string lights above the table shall do the trick! Plus, it will have your table set up take the center stage once your guests come in.

Revive A Pergola By Lighting It Up

Deck Decorating Ideas: Pergola, Lights and Cement Planters

In mid-May, our pergola was a sad sight. So faded and needing cleaning, we didnt enjoy our backyard nearly as much as we should. We saved money by restoring our tired pergola and outdoor furniture with power washing and staining.

Installing string and curtain lights made what was once mildly unwelcoming into a magical space.

Buying a new pergola would have been the easy way out of this problem. But we have teen boys. We wanted to show them that just a handful of hours and a gallon of stain could solve our problem without burdening our household budget.

I hope they remember this gentle lesson when they have homes.

Sorry, we dont have many before photos. We didnt realize when we started this project how much we would like it and how pleased wed be with the results.

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Exclusive Home Black Outdoor Pergola Curtains

Looking for a versatile way to dress up your living space? These Exclusive Home Black Outdoor pergola curtains can do the trick! Made from water repellent fabric, theyre perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

With light filtering opacity, they provide privacy while still allowing some natural light to shine through. So whether youre looking to add a touch of luxury to your patio or want to create an intimate nook in your living room, these curtains are sure to do the trick.

Dangling Or Curtain Pergola Lights

Pergola lights that hang vertically rather than horizontally snug to the pergola are a great option! They can add a layer of style that extends past the top of the pergola and toward the ground, compared to horizontally strung counterparts.

Contributing to the whimsical feel, you can find lights that vary in length from a couple of feet all the way to the floor, acting as a curtain that can be pulled aside or dangle freely.

Additionally, you will have options regarding colors, primarily between a bright white, nearly silvery look or a golden ember. These lights are often used as photo backdrops and for outdoor parties like weddings, but theres no reason not to welcome the elegance and style year-round! Your backyard can be as beautiful as you want it to be, and with these curtains and dangling pergola lights, youre one step closer.

Good for: Anyone and everyone that wants a touch of elegance and celebration but doesnt mind the dangling strings getting in the way of maneuvering at times.

Why you should try this: These strings add elegance to your backyard space year-round. Want to feel like youre on vacation every time you step outside? These lights are a great choice to get you there.

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Only 1 Power Outlet Needed

Another nice feature of these lights is that they have a linkable design. Each package includes an additional female plug so that you can get multiple packages and extend the light around your pergola or gazebo.

Another cool aspect of these curtain lights is that they come with 8 different modes. In addition to having a steady stream of light, you can also choose combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/ flash, slow fade and twinkle/flash.

The lights are indoor/outdoor lights, so they can be used outside. That said, the controller is not waterproof, so it should be used with weatherproof receptacle cover when used outdoors.

The Package Includes:

  • 1 SurLight Window Curtain Light
  • 1 Controller

Paradiso Dream Pergola With Daybed

DIY upgrades to outdoor gazebo to include power, TV, fan, lights and curtain hideaway

If youd like to sleep outside, day or night, this pergola creates the sheltered space you need. A thatched roof provides shade, and airy white tiebacks can be let down for privacy. For a magical space to enjoy the night, turn on the LED lights wrapped around the side and cross support at the front of the pergola.

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Remote Controlled Pergola Lights

Referring more to an amenity than a style, youll have the choice for most pergola light options to opt for a remote-controlled operation. This is not a necessity, but definitely something youll want to consider if youre looking for ease and potentially the ability to change colors throughout the year.

Additionally, you will be able to adjust the flicker patterns, glow intensity, and stop and start depending on the manufacturer. This means you wont need to unplug at the end of the night or manually climb to adjust something. Instead, it should all be done via the remote, a great luxury when trying to relax in your backyard oasis.

Good for: Those who lead busy lifestyles or do not have the physical ability to adjust their lights manually. Also, those who simply want the luxury of adjusting with the push of a button.

Why you should try this: Though not necessary, remote-controlled lights are a nice bonus that provides ease and has the capability to grow with your family by being easily accessible and adjustable.

How To Clean Pergola Curtains

Outdoor curtains for a pergola are exposed to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

If they are cotton or some polyester, they need to be washed on a frequent basis.

  • Make sure that you clean up any spills as they occur. Use a solution of detergent and water and spot clean as needed.
  • If you need to clean a larger section, soak a section of it in a solution with detergent and then brush with a soft bristled brush.
  • If your curtains need more intensive cleaning, look to see if your curtains allow you to put them in the washing machine. To make sure they last, use just cold water and hang them to dry rather than use an electric dryer.
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    What To Look For In Curtains For A Pergola

    Curtains on pergolas or gazebos need to be suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, interior curtains are not the best choice because they have not been created for outdoor use and will not be durable enough to last.

    There are many different types of outdoor pergola curtains. Here are some types of fabric that you should consider.

    Bali Blinds Slatted Pergola

    Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo Lighting â HomesFeed

    The slanted slats on this pergola create more cool, relaxing shade for hot, summer afternoons. The wood of the pergola matches the wood around the exterior of the house as well as the wood used for the seating and tables. The grays used for the flooring, cushions, pillows, and tiles in the table top also echo each other.

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    Botanical Promenade Pergola With Planter Implements

    Shade a sunlit pathway with a pergola that extends all or part of the way along its length. Planters filled with flowering plants fastened between supports cross the walkway overhead adding color and fragrance as well as shade. Hanging baskets, small trees, and plants in tall planters shade the sides of the path.

    Increased Protection From The Elements

    An added advantage of pergola curtains is that, along with the already protective aspects of the pergola itself – curtains that are on the heavier, thicker side can also help block out extreme wind, harsh UV rays and chilly breezes – allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. Even when the curtains are not drawn and simply bunched together, they add drama and sophistication to the space and make a patio area feel even more inviting.

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    Come And Light Up Your Pergola In The Most Glamorous Way You Can Ever Imagine

    Got your string lights unboxed because you still dont have the idea to put it in your pergola? Still wanting a stylish string lights set up and still dont know how to do it? Worry not, for we have certain pergola string light ideas that will definitely have your pergola amazing.

    For sure, these ideas will not only have your patio the most glamorous one, but it will definitely give a chilling ambiance to your guests while having a good conversation during the weekend.

    Below are some ideas you can apply while putting up your string lights in your patio or pergola.

    English Garden Latticed Pergola

    200 Backyard Patio Design Ideas 2022 Rooftop Garden Landscaping ideas House Exterior Pergola design

    Transplant yourself into the midst of a perfumed English garden with this airy pergola. The roof slats support a lattice with large openings while, as a backdrop, vines climb a trellis with smaller openings at the back. Adirondack chairs gather around a coffee table for conversation, tea, or a garden party.

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    Merchant Chic Eclectic Pergola

    This eclectic pergola features a roof of thatch-topped logs in place of slats. The furnishings include a twig table, contemporary seating and vases, two well-used tables a coffee table and a work table, a striped hallway runner, and two small mismatched rugs used as wall hangings that pick up the colors of the runner.

    Pergola Pendant Lighting Idea

    If you want the outdoor lighting to be the focal point of your pergola, consider two large statement pendants, like this stunning example from @l5group. The woven pendants are made from a weather-friendly resin that mimics the look of rattan. You get that beautiful coastal vibe without having to worry about damage from the outdoor elements.

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    Curtain Call: The Guide To Pergola Curtains

    If you find bliss in a morning cup of coffee or enjoy relaxing outside with a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day, theres a good chance youve built a pergola to create a tranquil outdoor space. However, there may be one element youve overlooked while perfecting your space.

    Pergola curtains give any outdoor structure a charming and elegant finishing reminiscent of a beach side resort.

    Benefits of Pergola Curtains

    Pergola curtains not only add an element of romantic style to your outdoor space but are also practical. The drapes can block harsh sunlight or chilly breezes, hide unpleasant views, create a flexible room, protect outdoor furniture from rain, and add privacy. These features help you enjoy the outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. Even when the curtains are not drawn and simply bunched together, they add drama and sophistication to the space and make an outdoor room feel more inviting.

    Types of Hardware and Fabrics

    Before you go ahead and start choosing the fabrics you prefer for your curtains, first determine which type of hardware youll use. Basically, there are two options: track or rod. Tracks are almost flush against the surface they mount to, while rods are typically hung below the beams so drapes can slide back and forth easily. If you are coordinating the drapes with a pergola canopy, tracks are the better option.

    Cost of Pergola Curtains
    Measuring Precautions

    Retractable Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

    Price List included

    The Perks Of A Pergola

    The 25+ best Pergola lighting ideas on Pinterest

    Short on shade, privacy, or drama in the backyard? Consider outfitting it with a pergola. These charming rectangular garden structures are generally made of wood and consist of end posts supporting a latticed roof of horizontally oriented beams topped by vertically oriented rafters. They generally measure from 12-by-12 to 16-by-24 feet and can be decorated and used in endless ways to suit your pastime passions and entertaining style. Here are 13 ideas to inspire an outdoor paradise using a pergola as the focal point.

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    Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern

    The rustic look of this pergola takes its style cues from the unfinished wood of summer vacation cabins. It provides a sheltered nook for an inviting conversation area. The woven textures add contrast and pattern while maintaining the neutral color scheme. The large cast iron lantern offers a striking and fitting focal point for the space.


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