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Choosing Between Different Size Pergola Kits And Their Benefits

Average Joe’s Pergola Depot

Since there are unlimited sizes of patios and landscapes, we have a size and style to fit most landscapes. Our full-size wood pergola kits are offered in over 90 standard sizes. Some of the most popular sizes are 10×16, 12×14, 13×13, 14×16, 18×18, and 20×20. You may need a smaller size to fit a downtown outdoor patio with limited space for your outdoor dining room. Maybe youre on a rooftop in a downtown area and want a cover for outdoor relaxation but dont have much patio space to accommodate a larger patio cover.

Medium size patios commonly found in suburban areas or small-town landscapes can make room for a wide variety of our standard sizes. Sprawling backyards with lots of acreages, waterfront access, have limitless options for pergolas. Custom sizes of attached pergolas or freestanding pergolas can be built for any size yard. Maybe you have a small space in your backyard next to your pool that youd like to cover so you can enjoy it even in the midday sun. Or you have multiple acres with a big open space that youd like to design a place to escape and relax away from the hustle and bustle.

Melbourne Pergola Kits For Open Design Pergola

A traditional modern design pergola, the Melbourne shares a quality solid style with our Sombrero and Big Kahuna wood pergolas, with 3-5 rafters depending on the beam length and no top slats. This creates a beautiful patio structure thats reasonably priced for many backyard budgets all with some flexibility for choosing an optional shade cover. Complete your backyard bundle and include one of our high-quality sail shades or retractable canopies. Choose from 90 standard sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 20×20 in freestanding or attached.

Pine Or Cedar Pergola Kit

Our standard style pergola kits are built using a choice of two classic wood types, Pressure Treated #1 Southern Yellow Pine or Western Red Rough Sawn Tight Knot Cedar. Either one is an excellent choice for a sturdy pergola that will last for many years. Both are highly resistant to decay and can withstand severe elements.

Thank you for visiting Pergola Depot! We are your source for affordable, quality, do it yourself pergola kits. Pergola Depot builds and sells quality, affordable, customizable, DIY pergola kits, serving the United States and Canada since 2008.

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Quality Affordable Cedar And Wood Pergola Kits

We manufacture the following quality wood pergola kits: attached cedar pergola kits, attached pine pergola kits, freestanding cedar pergola kits, freestanding pine pergola kits, timber frame pergola kits, and cedar planter box kits. Our attached pergola kits and freestanding pergola kits are available in our full size pergola styles including The Big Kahuna, The Sombrero, The Melbourne, and The Fedora.

Each pergola kits style provides a different amount of coverage for your outdoor space. The Brim is a trellis kit and can be standalone or paired with a full size pergola kit. The Visor is a wooden awning kit that enhances and provides shade above a window or door opening. Our cedar pergola kits, pine pergola kits, and cedar planter box kits all include step by step instructions to guide you through the assembly process.

The quality of our pergola designs rival composite, vinyl, or aluminum pergola kits, and are offered at a more affordable price point. If you like to keep up with popular landscape trends, todays modern landscapes featuring a wood pergola with a canopy are gaining in popularity over alternative materials used to build pergolas and other structures like a gazebo or pavilion.

Add Value To Your Home With Our Patio Pergola Kits

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If youre looking to increase the value of your property, investing in a wood pergola kit will surely add market value to your home. Across the nation, theres been a record amount of people spending their time living outdoors. So there hasnt been a better time to purchase a patio cover kit for your home. Weve spoken to many house buying industry experts. As a whole, there is an agreement that homeowners who invest in patio pergola kits see an increase in property valuation. Our ballpark estimate is a 50% 80% ROI for a complete backyard remodel.

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Questions You Need To Ask Before Building A Pergola

This post is aimed at helping others who are planning on building a pergola as part of an outdoor home renovation. I hope it answers some of the questions you may have.

Im going to break down the important things we considered when planning and building our pergola. And Ill also explain why we we ultimately decided to go with a pergola kit from Average Joes Pergola Depot versus the other options we considered. Ill also explain why I think that was the best decision for us.

Now onto those six important questions.

What material is best for a pergola?

Wood, composite, aluminum or fiberglass?

Who knew there were so many different options for pergolas.

I was drawn in by the promise of low maintenance. Composite pergolas come pre-finished, so you never have to paint them. However, composite pergolas arent zero maintenance. They can develop stain or mold, just like the siding on your house, and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them from becoming permanently discolored.

They also are expensive the quotes I received were about twice the price of wooden pergolas of similar size.

So, that brings us to wood, which we chose for our pergola.

Wood definitely is not maintenance free, but theres a reason why its the most commonly used material for decking, fences, pergolas and outdoor structures. Its moderately priced, sturdy and it has a long life span. Plus, it is relatively easy to repair.

What is your budget?

I could show you lots of spreadsheets!

DIY or hire someone?

Small Pergola Kits For Small Yards Or Outdoor Spaces

Our small pergola kits are offered in various styles. The Brim pergola kit and the Visor pergola kit can be used for borders or accents for your home or yard. Our full-size kits can be ordered in smaller sizes to fit smaller spaces while providing a lot or a little protection from the sun. City patio or small backyards will accommodate most of the smaller size Big Kahuna, Sombrero, and Fedora. These styles come in sizes such as 8×8, 9×11, 10×16, and many other sizes in between. Shown here are The Brim Pergola, The Visor Pergola, and two of our smaller Big Kahuna style pergolas, an 8×8 freestanding pergola kit, and a 10×16 freestanding pergola kit.

8×8 and 10×16 Big Kahuna Pergolas

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Fedora Pergola Kits For Light Patio Coverage

The Fedora patio cover kit is an open design pergola that is placed in a backyard garden to create a sitting area over an outdoor kitchen or patio. Much like the timeless hat the Fedora, this pergola design is simple yet stylish. We build the Fedora with 6×6 posts, double 2×8 beams, 2×8 rafters, 2×2 top slats, and stainless steel hardware. In this design, the rafters are un-notched and configured in 3 sets of 2 for sizes 8×8 to 15×15, or 4 sets of 2 for larger sizes. Standard size pergola kits for the Fedora are 8×8 all the way up to 20×20. All standard sizes that have rafters size 8-15 will include 8 top slats. All standard sizes with rafters 16-20 include 10 top slats.

Average Joe’s Pergola Review

How To Measure for a Pergola

Talk to us for more assistance…

Average Joe’s Pergola Depot

Pergola Depot: Quality, Affordable, Customizable, Easy To Assemble, Do It Yourself Pergola Kits. Thank you for visiting Average Joes Pergola Depot.

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2 reviews of Average Joe’s Pergola Depot. “We manufacture affordable, customizable, easy to assemble, do it yourself pergola kits for the average joe.

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Our kits are built with the “Average Joe” in mind. Affordable.Easy to Assemble. FreeAverage Joe’s Pergola Depot review. I am extremely happy with the

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Pergola Depot manufactures quality, affordable, customizable, easy to install pergola kits for the Average Joe.

Big Kahuna Pergola Kit as Seen on “Indoors Out” on DIY Network

Big Kahuna Pergola Kit As seen on “Indoors Out” on DIY Network 8×8-8×20 in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Average Joe’s Pergola Depot.

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Welcome to Average Joes Pergola Depot EBay store! We sell easy to assemble, affordable, do it yourself pergola kits that are priced with the average joe in

Pergola Depot | Pergola Depot manufactures quality, affordable, customizable, easy to install pergola kits for the Average Joe.

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The latest Tweets from Pergola Depot . affordable, customizable, easy to install pergola kits for the Average Joe. New Review on Houzz.

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Building A Pergola Be Sure To Ask These 6 Questions First

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As you may remember, we added an outdoor entertaining space to our backyard in late summer.

Weve enjoyed many relaxing evenings on our beautiful pergola-covered patio, but Im still in the process of finishing the space so I havent posted a tour yet. To be honest, were still looking for patio furniture, and Im still in the process of decorating. So, it may be awhile before I post the space reveal.

Except for the addition of some lawn chairs and a bench, it looks pretty much like it did on the day it was finished. Real life home makeovers dont happen at the speed of a reality show.

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But I did want to share this post that will be helpful if youre thinking of building a pergola to enhance your home and yard.

I did a lot of research, beyond just collecting inspiration photos, before we started our patio and pergola project. When embarking on any major home improvement, I think its important to do your research, consider all the options and talk to experts and other homeowners who may bring up issues and questions you never considered.

Large Pergola Kits For Large Spaces

If your backyard space can accommodate a larger pergola, you have the luxury of designing a completely separate room and add landscaping to enhance the area even more! A pool deck is a perfect place to add some patio coverage, so youll have a shady spot to enjoy refreshments. If you like to entertain and throwing backyard parties, a patio with a fire ring or an outdoor dining room can be the focal point of your landscape design. The sizes shown here are a 17×19 Sombrero Pergola, an 18×18 Big Kahuna Pergola, and 2 styles of 20×20 Big Kahuna Pergola Kits.

All of our pergolas big or small are suitable for year-round use. Choose a pergola that fits your lifestyle to cool off in the shade poolside, or to rest under and get cozy by the fire. Finding one that is the perfect style and quality for your yard that will last for many years is just as important as the size. Our pergolas are built to order and we continuously strive for the best quality kit we can produce. If youre price shopping and comparing, one thing youll notice is the standard type pergola Costco or other big box stores offer are not the same quality as a hand-cut prebuilt pergola kit such as ours. And the typical size pergola kits Costco, Lowes, or other large retailers have on display oftentimes arent offered in the custom configurations that we offer that are in demand for todays backyard.

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Big Kahuna Pergola Kits For Maximum Shade Coverage

The Big Kahuna is our signature kit that combines strength and style and provides maximum coverage. This sturdy, quality pergola is built using 6×6 posts, 2×8 double beams, 2×8 rafters and 2×2 top slats . Standard pergola sizes range in size from 8×8 up to 20×20.

The Big Kahuna term is associated with the meaning expert in an art or profession, oftentimes relating to surfing. Big Kahuna Pergola Kits name originates with the designer of the Big Kahuna and his passion for surfing big waves on the Florida coast where our pergolas come to life. That zeal continues through our pergola craftsmen who are passionate about building quality crafted pergola kits.

The Big Kahuna is engineered to withstand 160 MPH wind gusts. In designing all of our kits at our Florida-based beginnings, we had to make sure that our pergolas would be able to withstand extreme Florida-type weather situations all year round such as:

  • Hurricanes
  • Winter Drought Conditions

These elements can be detrimental to the life of the materials used on outdoor wood structure products. So, as you can see we have good reason to be sure that our pergolas were strongly designed with quality materials that could stand up to these harsh elements.

Pergola Kits Quick Facts:

Pergola for DIY Network Outdoor Bedroom Suite
  • Since 2008, Pergola Depot has provided thousands of customers coast to coast with stunning handcrafted pergola kits.
  • We offer a range of styles in over 90 sizes, in both freestanding and attached varieties, as well as custom sizes.
  • Our kits are easy to assemble and crafted from durable cedar or pine, built to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Our pergola kits are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

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How To Customize Our Pergola Kits

You can customize your chosen pergola and well build it for you based on your specifications. Anything from size and wood type, to how tall your pergola will be and whether or not youll want a pergola that you can attach to your home or other structure. You can also customize our pergolas with finishing touches such as end cut and post base trim.

The biggest difference between our best seller full-size pergolas is the number of rafters and top slats. This choice will determine how much coverage youll get from the pergola once its installed. If you already know you want maximum coverage, then you can start at the Big Kahuna page that shows all 90 sizes of Big Kahuna pergola kits. The Big Kahuna provides the most coverage offering more rafters and top slats than the Sombrero and Fedora.

The length of your posts will determine the height of your pergola, along with your post mounting method. For example, if you choose a 12×12 pergola kit in either the Big Kahuna pergola kit or the Sombrero pergola kit, youll have 3 post lengths to choose from: 8, 10, or 12. The post installation method you choose will determine the overall height. If youre installing on top of a concrete slab or footer will be slightly taller than if youre installing buried in a concrete footer.

The final selections youll make are for the shape of your end cuts and whether or not youd like post base trim.

Choices Of Wood Pergola Kits

You may have been researching the best wood types for outdoor structures to use for your patio cover. Along with compatibility with the climate in your area, weigh in on your personal preferences. Do you want a wood type that you can paint or stain right away when you receive your pergola, or can it wait few months? Do you prefer a more rustic look or smooth lines? Which types of pergola wood works best where you live? Do you have severe weather?

Most people answer yes due to dry climate, humid climate, high winds, harsh winters, extreme heat, or a combination of those. Thats why we chose two of the sturdiest wood types for our pergolas, so either choice you make will ensure you have a quality outdoor structure that will last for many years. We always use either western red rough sawn tight knot cedar or pressure treated #1 southern yellow pine lumber. Either choice ensures you will have a quality wood pergola. Something important to keep in mind while youre deciding. Do you want to stain or paint your pergola right away? If you cant wait, youll need to choose cedar. Pressure treated pine needs a couple of months for the treatment to dry before staining or painting.

Continue reading to learn about the features of our wood types to consider for your pergola.

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Western Red Rough Sawn Cedar Pergola Kits

Western Red Cedar has a rustic look with a beautiful light amber color. This wood type is used to build cedar pergola kits for locations where exposure to the elements is continually severe. Western cedars resistance to decay and sturdy qualities make it ideal for outdoor use. Its appealing fragrance adds another attractive feature to its qualities. Its close, even grain can be easily worked and finished smooth with little effort if you choose to do so. Western red cedar takes paints and stains very well and those can be applied as soon as your pergola kit arrives. Western red cedar contains no chemicals, is 100% natural, and is sustainably harvested in North America.

Medium Pergola Kits For Medium Yards Or Outdoor Spaces

Step Five, How To Install A Pergola Kit, Top Slats

Creating an outdoor sitting area, dining room, or retreat for your home or commercial business can be done with a medium-size pergola. Attach a pergola to the outside of your home and create an instant room. Or design a completely separate area where you can relax by a fire with family and friends. The sizes shown here are a 12×14 Big Kahuna Attached Pergola, a 13×13 Big Kahuna Pergola, and a 14×16 Big Kahuna Pergola.

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